Marxist senator Dodson calls Aboriginal Christians “a type of virus”

Tongan missionary Ana Makahununiu has struck a chord with the indigenous people of the Kimberley, getting them off alcohol and drugs and finding freedom from the bondage of animist religion, much to the disgust of Senator Pat Dodson (below), a campaigner for Aboriginal separatism. Pictures: ABC News

AUSTRALIANS of all creeds and colours should be thankful for an obscure Tongan woman whose Aboriginal congregations in the Kimberley are throwing away and even burning “spiritually significant” objects of their culture.

The young Tongan preacher Ana Makahununiu arrived in the Kimberley in 2015 and has upset the likes of Marxist priest and WA Labor Senator Pat Dodson, and others like him who are in the process of cynically and “legally” dividing Australia according to race.

Dodson and his fellow Marxist fanatic and senator Lydia Thorpe, while claiming to be the great protectors of indigenous culture, are nowhere to be seen in Alice Springs where Aboriginal people are decimated by grog, child sexual abuse, youth crime and family breakdown – despite the money thrown at them by governments.

Many Aboriginal Australians have known for much longer than the cultural Marxists would dare to admit that their answers do not lie in their traditional culture and “being connected to the land”. They know it lies in the Christian religion that lifted other cultures worldwide out of domination by tribal spiritism and animism.

Dodson, a grandaddy of the Marxist land rights movement going back decades, has the gall to denigrate the activities of Ana Makahununiu, who is leading a Christian revival in the Kimberleys. Dodson called the movement “a type of virus that has really got no credibility.” “If they really understood the gospel then the gospel is about liberation.”

Dodson called the destruction of traditional culture “an act of bastardry”. “It’s about the lowest act you could perform in trying to indicate to a fellow human being that you have total disdain for anything they represent,” he told the ABC. In fact the Kimberley people weren’t told by missionaries to burn “sacred objects”, the local people did it willingly.

But Dodson’s gospel is not the biblical gospel. It’s Marxist “liberation theology”, well known to South Americans where Marxist-Jesuit priests have run rampant for many years, agitating for all the pet causes of the new left. The current Pope Francis, a notorious globalist, is one of them.

The fact is many Aborigines, since the days of European settlement, accepted Christianity, regardless of whether they were mistreated, killed in armed confrontations with settlers or taken from their families by the colonial church and state.

As one Kimberley woman Olive Knight told the ABC: “The spiritism that I grew up with, it was so restrictive, there was lots of fear, retribution all the time. Would it be better to live in a culture that … there’s nothing but fear and retribution, or go to someone who’s loving, a loving God?”

But for Dodson and his comrades the answer is to leverage billions of dollars off Australian governments to fund their own separatist shadow state, which is the long-term aim of the Aboriginal activists converted to the cult of Marxism by academics and their fellow travellers in the Australian Communist Party. The long-term strategy was documented back in the early 1980s by former CPA organiser Geoff McDonald in his books Red Over Black and The Evidence (Veritas).

A key step along the way is the Labor Party’s proposed body called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, essentially a tool for the UN backed Marxists to push ahead with the creation of their indigenous state or states within Australia.

Already settlements worth billions of dollars are flowing into Aboriginal coffers, such as the $1.3 billion out-of-court settlement signed in 2018 and being paid in tranches by the government of Western Australia to the Noongar people, who claim “spiritual links” to the entire southwest of the state including Perth.

A perpetual trust called the Noongar Boodja Trust is raking in a handout of $600 million over 12 years ($50m a year) for the trust to manage up to 320,000 hectares of land for “development and cultural purposes” while the Noongar Land Fund is getting up to $47 million over 10 years.

Also in this indigenous bureaucratic network are six Noongar Regional Corporations and a Central Services Corporation that are receiving a handy $10 million a year for 12 years. The corporations will “coordinate policy with government and other agencies, as well as manage land and promote culture”. It’s jobs for the boys or at least the young Aboriginal boys and girls smart enough to snag a certificate in something or a degree or two.

The top layer of this bureaucracy is the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC), which represented six claimant groups in the original deal. These land councils across Australia are flexing their muscles and making all sorts of demands against other Australians, such as removing access to to Uluru rock, rock climbing sites in western Victoria and access to famous spots such as Mt Warning in northern NSW. These organisations shout “racism” whenever they are questioned or challenged but practice racism themselves.

In 2019 the chief executive of the Kimberley Land Council, Nolan Hunter, warned there would be thousands of compensation cases to come. The movement is basically extorting governments, mining companies and others with the threat of endless court cases if they don’t settle out of court with “realistic offers”.

“What it would actually cost a government to litigate could be in the millions and billions across Australia,” Hunter told the ABC. “You’re far better to respond to those groups that want to settle. But with something that is reflective of a good agreement because to go to litigation will cost even more.”

The question might be asked, where do these various indigenous groups get endless millions of dollars themselves to fund perpetual legal actions? Largely from governments and mining royalties or even the growing network of Aboriginal businesses such as KRED Enterprises in the Kimberley, run by the Ambooriny Burru Charitable Foundation, a tax-free income operation with an offshoot legal firm Arma Legal, formerly KRED Legal.

How ironic that these groups endlessly beating the “Aboriginal culture” drum are quite happy to adopt European corporate culture running on the generosity of governments and taxpayers. Dobson and Thorpe don’t care and would laugh it off because for them it’s nothing more than payback for the alleged “illegal invasion” of white settlers some 230 years ago. Neither do Marxists care if they are called out as hypocrites or liars. It’s all part of the game for this cult whose ultimate objective is power and control.

The 2019 ABC report noted that compensation claims for land had to be “deemed eligible” such the Timber Creek case where only 6 per cent or 127 hectares of their native title land was compensated. At that time native title has been determined over some 280 million hectares of land and waters nationally.

But law firm MinterEllison noted that if the Timber Creek award of $20,000 per hectare was applied to just 1 per cent of Australia’s total determined native title area, it would lead to an overall compensation figure of $56 billion. But if 5 per cent of land was deemed eligible, that would climb to $280 billion.

So the indigenist-Marxist managers of land and culture now have Australian governments over a barrel. Don’t do what they say and they’ll have the entire global media, the UN and every anti-racist, indigenist NGO in the world condemning the “white invaders”. It’s the same game plan playing out in New Zealand and Canada.

One might wonder if the indigenous corporations will one day invite the blue helmets in to “keep the peace”. Or will it be the People’s Liberation Army of China? After all, those fellow commie-capitalists would only be too willing to carve out some nice chunks of Aussie land and property for the party officials.

The awful truth is that such a drastic scenario is possible. Nothing has changed in the objectives of the Marxists who think and act long-term in their objective to break up strong, capitalist, nation-states developed in the western constitutional tradition and to subjugate them to regional and global bodies like the UN or European Union, dominated by unelected technocrats.

Geoff McDonald wrote in Red Over Black in 1982. “A conference of the Federation of Aboriginal Land Councils in Alice Spring on November 27, 1981, gave a full airing of the Marxist objective of a sovereign Aboriginal nation. No-one had heard of the Federation of Aboriginal Land Councils until the Alice Springs meeting. It was a self-appointed organisation falsely claiming to represent the Aboriginals. The radical activist of the North Queensland Land Council, Mr Mick Miller and the controversial Father Pat Dobson (Dodson) were reported to be the organisers.”

Senator Dodson today is chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and is actively campaigning for “the Voice”. But the bearded senator is silent on how this so-called “Voice” is going to help things in places like Alice Springs, where the degeneration of the Aboriginal community has shocked Australia.

Note the three sentences that Anthony Albanese could propose to be added to the constitution as a “starting point” for dialogue alongside the yes/no question:

  • There shall be a body, to be called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice may make representations to parliament and the executive government on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • The parliament shall, subject to this constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers and procedures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

“These draft provisions can be seen as the next step in the discussion about constitutional change,” Albanese says. “This may not be the final form of words – but I think it’s how we can get to a final form of words.” This is an open door for the neo-Marxists to use constitutional power to eventually declare a separate Aboriginal state, run by them.

The Uluru “statement from the heart” asserts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ sovereignty regardless of whether such a concept existed in Aboriginal lore, stating: “Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tribes were the first sovereign Nations of the Australian continent and its adjacent islands, and possessed it under our own laws and customs …

“This sovereignty is a spiritual notion: the ancestral tie between the land, or ‘mother nature’, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who were born therefrom, remain attached thereto, and must one day return thither to be united with our ancestors. This link is the basis of the ownership of the soil, or better, of sovereignty. It has never been ceded or extinguished, and co-exists with the sovereignty of the Crown.”

So the activists claim they want sovereignty (self rule) as the concept exists under English legal tradition. But they redefine it to claim it is a “spiritual notion” involving a “special relationship” with the land and ancestors with whom they “must one day return thither to be united”.

The Aboriginal Christians in the Kimberleys have a starkly different take on “spiritual ancestors” and the “reconciliation” as spouted by Dodson.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Christianity is Judaism for the Goyim.
    Without Judaism there wouldn’t be Christianity.

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  2. J Madison… if you repeated that claptrap to any of the Christian full-blood Aborigines in Arnhem Land, where they actually still have their culture, languages and law, they would describe you as wungan bowapmerri… barking mad. Have you still not twigged that Aborigines always tell you what you want to hear. This is because they want to avoid conflict and they want you to be happy, and they are very good at reading dumbarse whitefellers like a book.

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  3. D Johnston… Here is where I part company with academics. They firmly believe that if you present somebody with incontrovertible evidence and undeniable logic, they will become rational. It ain’t never gonna happen with fundamentalist Christians. Their bigotry and sense of exceptionalism makes them impervious. With 61% of Americans fundamentalist Christians it’s not surprising that they consider themselves to be exceptional and they follow the Christian model of blindness to their own horrific record of murder, assassination, torture, hegemony, and genocide. That attitude will die when they die. Such is life LOL.

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  4. Tony Ryan needs to get your head out of the sand or wherever it is and talk to a very old full blood Aboriginal Christian from Cape York , Wompii Kettle about what “traditional culture” ammounted to.

    Fear of the demons, fear of the neighbouring tribe killing you and eating. This well respected man shafted the media and their black communist/ Jesuit run Northern Land Council dummies, a lot of truths at a large public meeting years ago.

    He explained about the permanent fear or the other tribes killing his people and each other, which he said Aboriginal people should thank the white Government for freeing them from. So much for the “First Nations” BS. He said that “traditional land rights was a fiction made up by trouble makers trying to create division.
    He said that the only traditional land a tribe owned was where you could hide from the Arakoon “killer tribe” (his words) until they found you again.
    He went on to say that aboriginal people were finally freed from the fear of the demonic spirits by the Christian missionaries. Another idea hated by Mr Ryan and all other Freemasons and assorted Christ haters.
    Finally he stated that aboriginal people have to thank their white brothers, who died in the thousands to keep the Japanese from invading Australia.

    He said that he had no doubt that had they been successful his people would not have been helped and given the gospel, but would have met with bullets or slavery. That is the real invasion day that all Australians should never forget. The white lawyers and woke politicians present at that meeting were struck silent.


  5. Not one of those activities ever took place. If any of that happened in Queensland that is because traditional culture died out a century ago. But I am reconciled to the acknowledgement that determinedly ignorant people will never let go of their beliefs.

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  6. Hi Bliskit. My observations were not meant as any superior self righteous attack upon you or anyone else.

    All of fallen humanity considers itself righteous in its own eyes. Me included, but Freemasonry and hardened atheists constantly and probably unknown to themselves, constantly flaunt their “goodness” in the face of God and the rest of us.

    If you read Martin Luther’s explanation of the First Commandment, you would never to make statements like, ” Christians are such hypocrites, and I keep the rules better and I don’t even believe there is a God” and similar self serving variants of that fine sophistry.

    As Luther who was the father of The Reformation shows, none of us gets past God’s meaning of the First Commandment,
    so there is no point going any further. We all
    fail at that point. Hence justification is by Faith alone, by Grace Alone, through Christ’s atoning Sacrifice Alone.

    The great Aussie religion of claiming to be better than the Christian hypocrites, or I am a better person, even though I don’t even believe that God exists, than all these “God botherers”. Don’t cut it. We are all hypocrites, the meaning of the word is Actor.
    We pretend to a goodness that frankly doesn’t exist. God judges us by our motives and actions. We are screwed!

    Our motives are never pure. Although to do the good is desirable and necessary for the survival of our family our community our Nation and indeed the world, it is NEVER justifying goodness by God’s standard.

    Separate Civil Religion from Christ’s Church.
    Don’t ever talk of Roman Catholicism as being Christian. Christ himself exposed it’s political ascendacy as being 666 the name of the Anti Christ. The “number of it’s Name.” Or the title it gave to itself. VICARVIS FILI DEI. Numerical value 666.

    The Church of England had Freemasonry rot out its soul. It prostituted itself to serve Empire and King instead of Christ alone. Many others have betrayed Our Lord for filthy lucre, but still the Gospel is proclaimed.

    Luther said ” that the miracle of all history, was that God’s saving message of Christ, survived, not because of the Church, but In Spite of it”. Didn’t make him a lot of friends in high places, but it is true.

    Just a bit of advice for all pious atheists, don’t ever say things that will make you ashamed later. Before Jesus rescued me from the abyss, I said many things that I regret. Just saying!

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  7. Parts of the Torres Strait are being plagued right now by sorcerers from PNG and a lot of people live in fear of tribal issues and whatever else. The black community of Napranum a few years ago was a hotbed of similar problems including witch craft that led to some living in fear for no reason until a couple of Christian elders intervened and sorted it out. Editor


  8. God bless Ana Makahununiu. Christ is the answer for blacks and all Australians.

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  9. J Madison. I am pretty sure my comment was not patting myself on the back as you eluded to. Just simply passing what I thought was an innocent comment considering the level of discussion going on within this thread. Now it appears to me there are some here who do not believe in any GOD, Jesus, etc, (fine) yet if you read here often enough there are many who totally believe in SATAN. Where did SATAN come from? I read about him/her (whatever gender) in the bible as a young child, older and adult. Maybe he doesn’t exist either.
    Maybe there is just 1 million people or whatever in this world who are truly evil (minus the d), maybe because they either believe in and follow the devil or maybe because they are just horrible human beings.

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  10. aapkoning, you are so right: “One Law for the Jew and nothing for the Goyim… The Goyim is always wrong and guilty.”

    The Jews always keep on crapping about their victimhood and anti-Semitism, while nobody is talking about the Jewish hatred and contempt for the Goyim. The Goyim clearly being the victim by the actions of the Jews, who control Banking, media, Big Pharma, governments, etc.
    Not to mention the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution when they murdered 66 million Russians according to Solzhenitsyn.
    They now control the WEF, UN, WHO, etc., and now want to impose THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER ON US and are killing and injuring us by the millions with their “vaccines”.

    The word anti-Semitism is, of course, a misnomer.

    From the Encyclopedia Britannica:
    Semite, name given in the 19th century to a member of any people who speak one of the Semitic languages, a family of languages spoken primarily in parts of western Asia and Africa. The term therefore came to include Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, Hebrews, some Ethiopians (including the Amhara and the Tigrayans), and Aramaean tribes.

    Just look at how Palestinians, Semites, have been treated by the Chosen Ones, their land stolen from them. Just look at what the Chosen Ones did to Iraqis and Syrians, Semites. The Jews had the US and NATO destroy those countries and Balkanise them to one day create their wet dream of Eretz Israel. The land from the Nile to the Euphrates as promised by Mr. Yahweh to Abraham.
    Both are fictional characters, but the Jews are masters turning fiction into fact.
    Just look at the Bible, the Jew Book, full of fiction, but taken as fact by the gullible Goyim.

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  11. “Han Barkmeyer, I now realize more people know about “The Vikings were a proud people, but became stupid once they became Christians.” This made my day. So very few people know about the history of The Vikings.”

    Hilarious, AAP. I have a Viking full band tattoo on my arm, which commemorates the three woven truths Ironically, in some Aboriginal painting there is a similar concept but it never gets seen because it is buried with the body at funerals. I had planned to ink the two together but the money is always needed elsewhere.

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  12. “Taking these people out of cannibalism, ritual rape by the elders of young girls to bring them into womanhood and all the fear of the demons they were forced to live under was the work of the real missionaries both white and black.”

    Where do you get this stuff from? No wonder you are so incoherent, with all these insane beliefs fluttering around in your head.

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  13. tonyryan43, Good one, but many do not put that into practice, resulting in might get bloated bank accounts and turn financially rich… Money is valued by many people worldwide just, notice all those that have Penetrated the various governments…
    And broke the 10 commandments…


  14. Blisskitt, Quote: “Whether you believe in GOD (any) or not, the ten commandments are pretty simple human decencies to live by, don’t you think?”
    No because one Law for the Jews and nothing for all the others.

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  15. One Law for the Jew, and nothing for the Goyim…The Goyim is always wrong and guilty.
    Sorry, this should have been before, but disappeared here again:
    “Dirty laundry”. Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, October 14, 2000
    Nachum Goldberg is not a man one could hide in a crowd. With his long black coat, big black hat, bushy grey beard, and wire-rimmed glasses, he would stand out on any street. And at the ANZ Bank in Chapel Street, Prahran, the staff had plenty of opportunities to notice him.


  16. Han Barkmeyer, “Your last sentence explains it nice and easy,” Like tonyryan43, Quote: “I’ve said it before, keep your beliefs to yourself.” Looks like I (Aapkoning) must be really bad, don’t believe anything. Period…! For me, from a very early age, it was very simple.
    No believing for me, too many lies to belief. It is yes or no, it makes sense or not. Hmm Hmm “Commonsense – is not very common…”
    Too, much BS in the world, Lying-cheating-and stealing-killing is all allowed by the Jew book, but the Goyim no – because the Goyim had another set of rules. One law for the Jew – and nothing for the Goyim. “Damn bloody Spivs…”
    Have a very good look here:

    “Blast from the past: Sydney MH, Saturday, October 14, 2000
    “THREE members of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, who admitted involvement in a $42 million international money-laundering scheme, have escaped going to jail mainly because of their religious beliefs.” AGAIN WHAT DID I WRITE: “One law for the Jew – and nothing for the Goyim. “Damn bloody Spivs…”
    “Article below from the Sydney Morning Herald.”
    One Law for the Jew and: “Jail not kosher for three in $42m laundering scheme.” I tell you the JEWS cannot HIDE.


  17. lindesymonds, this is interesting:

    Charles Giuliani at the 7 minute mark talks about the Australian Aborigines’ experience with Yahu The Devil.

    At the 8 minute mark Giuliani talks about the Mexican Codex. In the year 1487 some 80,400 prisoners of war were sacrificed by the Aztecs. Mass human sacrifice was not uncommon among the Aztecs, but where did this practice come from?

    Giuliani, a former devout Christian, has degrees in History, Theology and Education.

    The Jesuits were vital collaborators in the Roman Inquisition.
    The first Jesuits were crypto Jews.
    IGNATIUS LOYOLA, THE FOUNDER OF THE JESUIT ORDER, himself was a crypto Jew of the Occult Cabala.

    “I think we should all know by now how infiltration, parasitism, subversion and destruction works.” Jews have indeed perfected the art to a tee

    A crypto Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion and outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish practices.

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  18. tonyryan43, Indeed, Quote: “Christianity breeds war, & And as if the world had not had enough of religious wars, we now have the green religion to cope with, with the same destructive evangelism based on ignorance and lies. Unquote.
    I’m asking myself do people have a memory and do they use that info? Thanks for your comments…


  19. Han Barkmeyer, I did not know you have been hiding under a piece of bark. (Sick)…
    Pity I did not see you, I was among the Apen…


  20. Han Barkmeyer, I now realize more people know about “The Vikings were a proud people, but became stupid once they became Christians.” This made my day. So very few people know about the history of The Vikings.


  21. Our friends Bliskit and Tony Ryan should read Martin Luther’s explanation of The Ten Commandments in his Large Catechism before they develop RSI of the shoulder from patting themselves on the back, for keeping these rules for all human conduct.

    Tony, Christians aren’t “good” people, just the glad recipients of unurned and undeserved Grace for Christ’s sake. The Church should be called Sinners Anonymous just like AA.

    You seem to constantly confuse Civil Religion which the British state and many others, used rather shamelessly to manage a empire, with the real Church.

    If a minister or priest( a title expressly forbidden in the New Testament) also belonged to a Masonic Lodge, just who did he serve. Christ said that no man could serve two masters. Obviously the demons.

    So whatever evil he brought upon those in his care should be laid where it belongs.
    Infiltration of the real Church has always been a reality. Don’t give us the Noble Savage rubbish. That bringing poor demon oppressed people to the light of the Gospel and thus changing their wonderful “culture” is somehow destroying them.

    Taking these people out of cannibalism, ritual rape by the elders of young girls to bring them into womanhood and all the fear of the demons they were forced to live under was the work of the real missionaries both white and black.

    Marxist hate, enforced backwardness, booze, and the successful prevention of full assimilation are tools of the demonic to further destroy these people. Real Christians stand in the way of Dodson and his ilk, and he recognises that.

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  22. From the Sydney Morning Herald last night, FYI. (Interesting it is written stating what Albo WILL SAY today in a speech in Canberra).

    Albanese says critics of the Voice to parliament ‘trying to start a culture war’

    By Anthony Galloway • February 04, 2023 – 10.30pm

    The entire article:

    “The prime minister says social media users are already pushing misinformation about the Voice, “drumming up outrage, trying to start a culture war”.
    Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will link the growing international wave of misinformation to the campaign against the Indigenous Voice to parliament, saying he is optimistic Australians will look past a confected culture war and support the referendum.
    In an attempt to discredit his critics, Albanese will on Sunday claim that democracy is under threat, saying that Australia needs to heed the lessons from events such as the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, and the recent riots in Brazil.
    “Democracy can never be taken for granted. It needs to be nourished, protected, cared for, treated with respect,” he will say in a speech to the Chifley Research Centre conference in Canberra.
    Albanese will say that people on social media are already pushing misinformation about the Voice, “drumming up outrage, trying to start a culture war”.
    “That’s an inevitable consequence of trying to achieve change,” he said. “There are always those who want to create confusion and provoke division, to try and stall progress.”
    But Albanese will say big moments like this year’s referendum are also an “opportunity for our people to show their best qualities: their generosity, their sense of fairness, their optimism for the future”.
    “That’s why I’m optimistic for the success of the referendum – because I’ve always been optimistic about the character of the Australian people.”
    A recent poll for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald showed Australians’ support for an Indigenous Voice to parliament is far from unanimous, and has fallen from 53 to 47 per cent. The Resolve Political Monitor survey found 60 per cent of voters would back the Voice if forced to answer only Yes or No in a choice akin to a referendum, down from 64 per cent over four months.
    The speech comes ahead of federal parliament returning for the year on Monday, with the government to introduce a suite of legislation including a boost to paid parental leave and a bill to implement the recommendations of the Bell inquiry into Scott Morrison’s secret ministries scandal.
    A bill to help essential workers and vulnerable Australians find housing through a $10 billion fund will also be introduced to parliament in the coming fortnight, according to multiple government sources.
    The government will introduce legislation to parliament in March setting up the referendum on the Voice, after it receives the final recommendations from an Indigenous working group advising it on the wording of the referendum question and the constitutional amendment.
    The government aims to pass the legislation by June, with a public vote to be set sometime between September and December.
    After pressuring the government for weeks over a “lack of detail” on the Voice, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton is expected to use the return of parliament to switch to cost-of-living issues such as power prices and interest rates.
    Albanese has over the past week changed his approach to responding to the calls for more detail, conceding that many of the questions will be a matter for parliament after the public vote.
    Previously he was referring to a 250-page report by Indigenous academics Marcia Langton and Tom Calma, which the government has not adopted as its policy.
    In his speech on Sunday, Albanese will say it is important to focus on the two principles of “recognition” and “consultation” – not the mechanics of how the Voice will operate.
    “The mechanics of the Voice won’t be written into the Constitution,” the prime minister will say.
    Citing the example of the Constitution giving the power to the Commonwealth to make laws for the defence of the country, Albanese will point out that the founding document “doesn’t spell out the size of the ADF, or where it should be based or what sort of defence hardware we should have”.
    Following the lead of the people who drafted the Constitution, Albanese will say the government must be prepared to put its faith in the judgment of the Australian people.
    “They believed in the Constitution’s pivotal role in our democracy. But they didn’t imagine it was perfect, complete, the final word set in stone,” he will say.
    “That’s why they included specific and detailed provision for altering it.
    “Yes, they set the bar high: a majority of voters and a majority of states. But the architects of our federation understood that democracy is dynamic, not static.”
    Building on the 1967 referendum, which recognised Indigenous Australians as being part of the population, Albanese will say this year’s referendum would be an opportunity “not to remove something negative, but to add something positive”.
    Labor senator and Aboriginal elder Pat Dodson on Saturday warned Australians won’t get another chance at reconciliation for another generation if the proposed Indigenous Voice to parliament fails, urging Dutton to back the referendum.
    Dodson said he had previously committed to not attacking opponents of the Voice because “they are entitled to their opinions, as wrongheaded as they might be” but “let me tell you, with so much nonsense and mischief being peddled out there – there have been times where it’s been hard to hold my tongue”.
    “There are some out there who are pressing for more detail,” Dodson said. “They will never get enough … Our political process is in the parliament, and that’s where the detail is always settled and proposed. So don’t get distracted by the call for more detail.”

    Here is link via apple news.


  23. @tonyryan43. Wars, genocides, human sacrificial systems, slave empires have been going on a lot longer than Christianity, European colonial conquests and the colonial nations they created, missionaries and your list of iniquities. Oh. And I almost forgot. The Inquisition which was conducted on Catholics to find the Jews pretending to be Catholics in order to infiltrate both Church and state. I think we should all know by now how infiltration, parasitism, subversion and destruction works.


  24. We have yet to hear from Dodson on the subject of Alice Springs and the rampages of crime, looting, mayhem and assault to which that community is being subjected. Drugs and alcohol are important factors but they are only factors. The supply both legal and illegal is definitely part of the picture.

    What stands out to me in this picture is that if police are overwhelmed or covertly stood down then the rampages on the civic life of the town and its communities will continue. Unless, the community itself arms itself, sets the watch and undertakes defense of persons and property these rampages will continue.

    And in situations like this, if we do not see the community itself undertake the defense of its own civic life, then it is being prevented from doing so.

    This is where it gets interesting, because in a situation like this, what we are really looking at is entitlement to crime and the proceeds of crime. And the police which are unable and / or stood down from the enforcement of law upon the criminal element are perfectly able and enabled to enforce rules, dicta, mandates or whatever on the population that defends itself. Now the police spring into action. Those persons will be arrested and or punished severely with due process. The process of the court being the punishment. And they will lose home and litigation in defending criminal charges.

    Thus, the real class and racial enemies of the Revolution and the Marxist state are severely dealt with. The ABC has helpfully identified them for us in their coverage of Alice Springs.

    This is a Revolutionary sistema and it must be leveraged by both action and inaction by agencies of the state.

    The logical consequence of this is the death of a community or town in its civic life because the goods and services of the community can not be produced and transacted. And that was the entire point of the exercise.


  25. Bliscitt… I can’t argue with that. In fact, I have been guided by the ten commandments all of my life. It’s the Christians that transgress against them. Now you see where I am coming from.

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  26. Christianity perhaps taught some “to turn the other cheek”, or bury it under the carpet, because of the fear of judgement from others. However, what about those who espouse to be non GOD believers, and also “turn the other cheek”. It is not just christians, it is humanity. People don’t wish to confront the truth, they try to hide it from their consciousness, because otherwise they have to do something about it. That means not only admitting they have been lied to but potentially they have contributed to untruths themselves, or worse. Being honest these days is denounced as either conspiracy or some phobic illness. Whether you believe in GOD (any) or not, the ten commandments are pretty simple human decencies to live by, don’t you think?
    Regardless of where they came from.


  27. I think ‘spiritual ancestors’ tradition is the key to the animus and hostility between the animist, serpent religions, their shamanism and Christianity that has come down the centuries. And it is coming to a head through the UNDRIP initiatives. This is because the Christian Bible clearly states for all to hear and know: the secret doctrine that the uninitiated are not supposed to know.

    As everyone should know by now, the serpent megaliths, archeo-astronomy, earth works etc are a global phenomenon. And various indigenous, today “first nation”, people claim to have built them – even those which could not be constructed today by any technology we know, any technology that anyone knows. Think Tiahuanaco and the Inca – a bronze age people. So how do you build those andacite anti-seismic structures, some blocks weighing in at 1,000s of tons, which come in at 9 on the Mohs Scale with diamond being 10? See where this is going?

    The archeology of these sites is now a major interest in Biblical archeology in relation to the Genesis account which explains all the data. That doesn’t make it true, but as a model it explains all the data and related phenomena that are now news events: unidentified aerial vehicles of the Pentagon Report, abductions, stolen pregnancies of specific bloodline peoples, the records about these phenomena which ancient people left on the rocks etc. And the relatively modern discovery of the hybrid serpent race itself: starting with the Nephilim giants, Fallen Angel technology and their global, ante-Deluvian civilization.

    Here is the clash with the L A Marzulli on this subject and his Genesis 3 and 6 ideas about the Octagon in Ohio (Newark) and the Serpent Mound (Peebles).

    Who Really Built the Octagon


  28. J Madison, you seem to have a lot of trouble with comprehension. I wrote that the Bible lessons at Primary and High School made me an atheist at age 13.
    I knew nothing about Socialism at age 13.
    And you, obviously, know SFA about Socialism.

    “The common denominator is the hatred and rejection of Christ.”

    I do not hate Christ as he never existed. He like Abraham, Moses and all the other characters from the Jew Book are just fictional characters.
    Exodus never happened, just like all the other fictional stories in the Bible, the Jew Book. Yahweh, the Jewish God, is also a fictional character, an invention of the Jewish people. It shows their Superiority Complex and their Satanic Mindset wanting to control the world.

    Christianity was a clever Jewish ploy to bring the Goyim worldwide under the Jewish spell of Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and above all: The Fear of God. That is the Jewish God, Mr. Yahweh, also known as SATAN. Who created Satan if not Mr. Yahweh himself, the “Almighty God”?…

    There are now almost 2.4 billion Christians in the world, strong supporters of Israel. With the Christian-Zionists in America the most fanatical supporters of Israel. All thanks to Jewish-Christianity.

    Christianity taught the Goyim “to turn the other cheek”, while:
    Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God
    Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed.
    Sanhedrin 57a. When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

    The Jews not only created Christianity, they also created Islam.
    Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the 3 Abrahamic religions, do worship the same God. That is the Jewish God, Yahweh, (Allah to Islam).
    Christianity emerged out of Judaism in the first century and Islam in the 7th.

    The word Torah is mentioned 18 times in the Quran in 16 verses.
    Jesus is the most mentioned person in the Quran by reference; 25 times by the name Isa, third-person 48 times, first-person 35 times, and the rest as titles and attributes.
    The Torah and the Gospel are integral to the Quran.

    Keep on believing the BS Jew Book and a follower of Christ, but don’t impose your Jew religion on others.

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  29. Tony Ryan has the same socialist problem at Barkmeyer. You can get the person out of socialism but you can’t get the socialism out of them. Socialism is Satanism. The common denominator is the hatred and rejection of Christ.

    Firstly I say to both of you, Jews crucified Christ. Jesus publicly called the Jews, “children of Satan”. The truth is that the World is locked in a mortal conflict between evil and good. Between the kingdom of Satan and the kingdom of Christ. Just which side of this conflict are you two on?

    The theology you both spout is copybook gnosticism as espoused by the masonic/ Jesuit Order of the Rosy Cross. Denial of the Divinity of Christ and claiming that God is the author of both good and evil. Just like Adam and Eve after their fall.

    Both said it was God’s fault. Eve said it was the “serpent you created”. Adams excuse was ” the woman You gave me caused me to sin”. Satan wants to avoid responsibility so he has his followers also blame God “the monster” for the consequences of his own evil.
    Nothing has changed.

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  30. I wanna know where this ‘national cabinet’ came from? Are they illegal, non-elected nwo or wef minions?

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  31. It seems obvious to me that if lindesymonds had his way, the whole world would be forced to embrace Christianity or be killed. They even killed Christians whose beliefs differed slightly. Christianity breeds war. This is what Christians did in Mexico, central America, South America, parts of India, and Africa. America’s Mike Pompeo wants to do it all over again.

    Christians are oblivious to the enforced ignorance, repression, torture and genocides they inflicted on millions of innocent humans for 2000 years.

    That is the problem with believers, they ignore evidence and logic and permit no inconvenient facts to penetrate their cast-iron wall of bigotry and hate. Their belief is right and all other beliefs are wrong. Moreover, they believe they have the right to inflict these beliefs on others.

    And as if the world had not had enough of religious wars, we now have the green religion to cope with, with the same destructive evangelism based on ignorance and lies.

    I’ve said it before, keep your beliefs to yourself.

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  32. All Australians should follow Ana’s lead and call upon Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and King. The Lord will restore His Church and he will restore nations that belong to Him. In the NT, nations is ‘ethne’ and a nation/s can certainly form a state which legislates on the basis of Christ Law. A good example of this would be Westminster – the foundation being laid by St Edward the Confessor, King of England.

    Acting Pope ‘call me Jorge’ Francis is a big new world orderly and has signed the Vatican up to all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. He has forbidden the traditional mass and last year he was busy in Khazakstan with the Imams trying to put together a new religion of inclusivity and fraternity with the Muslims. ChrisLam looms.

    No mention, of course, of the only the Name by which men can be saved. The Name above all Names will be sanitized in the new world order religion.

    Catholics should BEWARE and Be Aware of the diocesan push to workshop this Marxist crap into the parish life.


  33. J Madison:
    “Well enough to get Mr Barkmeyer to come out from the piece of bark he lurks under waiting to pour out a sad twisted anti Christian socialist diatribe.”

    The Bible lessons at Primary and High School made an atheist at age 13.
    Using common sense, which is not so common amongst the masses infected by the Jew Christianity Virus.

    I was a Communist, a very active Trotskyite, until I realised that, just like Christianity, Communism was created by the Jews. Rabbi Stephen Wise: “Some call it Communism, but I call it what it is: Judaism!”

    “To solidify their power at that time they need the population to be disarmed, which has been a Marxist hobby horse for ever…”
    What utter crap you are spouting, J Madison.

    As if a well-armed population would make any difference to them. Just look at the American population, armed to the teeth, many with a military background, but will they start an uprising, a revolution?…
    Hell, no, because they are all SHEEP.
    Thanks to the Jewish twins of Christianity and Cultural Marxism.
    It is all about mind control.

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  34. Thank Tony for this interesting information and comment.

    Australia has no constitution and no law. Since Australia became a sovereign nation over a century ago a covert cabal of insider elitists have pretended our British colonial constitution still applies. It doesn’t. Australians need to undertake a proper constitutional creation process to produce a Constitution accepted by all Australians in a properly conducted Constitutional Convention and national approval process. All Australians need to consider and endorse a sovereign national Constitution.

    Our current national dystopia is due to endless repetition of disinformation by governments, the MSM and our educational and cultural institutions.
    Our unelected ruling elite has concocted a series of pretend federal, state and local governments designed to increasingly centralise power into fewer and fewer hands. Those pseudo democratic governance arrangements have unlawfully imposed myriad laws and a multitude of taxes, licence fees and charges on the general population. Those taxes, fees and charges constitute unlawful extortion. Worse yet, those laws are only enforced against the general population and not against the elite and its senior political, judicial, bureaucratic, corporate and cultural minions; except in egregious cases that cannot be whitewashed or concealed.

    Our covert rulers have also unlawfully granted exclusive free licences to private corporations to create and emit about 97% of the currency we use to exchange goods and services. Giving private banks the exclusive right to emit currency and fraudulently call it money and using the judiciary and Police to enforce exclusive use of that currency by Australians, is a crime that has created poverty scarcity and want in a nation that used to be among the richest on earth. See eg: What a Government Can Do With Its Own Bank –

    The policy of our pretend governments to unconscionably subsidise and elevate the rights of the 2-3% of our population who claim some aboriginal DNA should be the final straw that wakes up Australians to the need to become involved in our governance so that they organise themselves to remove our criminal elitist usurpers from power. IF Australians don’t wish to do that they deserve what they get in the same way that those who accept medical rape because doctors and government officials tell them they should, can be said to accept the consequences.

    As Australia has no lawful constitution, pretending to amend it for any reason including to give a special “ Voice” to those claiming some Aboriginal DNA is absurd. Every ensouled Australian is a sovereign human being. Attempting to give special treatment to Aboriginals is divisive and undemocratic.

    Attempting to legislate to give special treatment to Aboriginals is a recipe for destruction of the nation. Every special interest ethnic group in this multi-cultural nation could use it as a precedent justifying the seeking of similar privileges. For instance, the progeny of the Irish convicts who were enslaved by British aristocrats and forced to build the physical foundations of this nation’s current prosperity account for more than 3% of the national population. Why shouldn’t they get together and modestly and graciously request reconciliation via having a “Voice”for their special interests in Australia’s governance? And so on.

    The narrative that Aboriginals are ‘noble savages’ with a superior culture and morality is absurd. While it is true that Talmudic influences have substantially corrupted and degraded the teachings of Christ Jesus, never-the-less the vestiges of his message were responsible for the superior civilisation that developed in Europe and formed the backbone of the Australian nation.

    The truth about the primitive nature of Aboriginal culture here is obvious despite attempts by governments and Talmudic activists to pretend otherwise. See eg: Australian History: Settlers and Aboriginals part one

    Moreover, the libel that the British governance of the Australian colonies prior to Australia becoming a sovereign nation after WWI was genocidal is totally unsupported by the facts. British governors generally treated aboriginals and whites equally where possible. See eg: Australian History: Settlers and Convicts part two –
    Peace and Blessings,

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  35. Lindsey has it pretty well covered. Well enough to get Mr Barkmeyer to come out from the piece of bark he lurks under waiting to pour out a sad twisted anti Christian socialist diatribe.
    He is clearly a comrade with Pat Dodson.
    Dodson and the gutless woke brigade supporting “the voice”. None have a clue about the consequences of their hate or guilt filled power grab.
    Doesn’t Dodson and his commo mates ever wonder where the money will come from to support the Aboriginal industry and all its little private enrichment stunts.

    After these parasites have bankrupted the white taxpaying sector with their endless demands, who will pay? The reality is that Australia will collapse just like South Africa into chaos. Just what the Marxists/ Jew bankers and masonic satanists always wanted.
    To solidify their power at that time they need the population to be disarmed, which has been a Marxist hobby horse for ever, and to have the United Communist Nations to have at its disposal a “peace keeping force” preferably Chinese to “restore” democracy.
    A nuclear exchange in Europe or a US China conflict might create problems. Time will tell.

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  36. God is the only Saviour and the Jesuit Pope? He should be excommunicated for crimes against humanity. Ed

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  37. I have seen first hand the destructive kava and its health consequences at Nhulunby and Gove and among Yolngu people at
    Yirrkala and outstations where I worked for some time. It is now creeping into Torres Strait communities and so far it is legal just like Yirrkala. We must get it banned before there are any addiction problems. And Tony is a committed Christian who understands the Bible very well and Dodson is a communist by his words and actions. Editor

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  38. Neville Thompson

    Pat is absolutely correct in what he is saying for this christian woman to be comin along and trying to brainwash the blackfella’s into wiping their spiritual customs right out of their minds like the mongrel christian missionaries did when they first became guardians for them ,when the stupid government abolished each tribe and compressed many tribes into church missionary concentration camps where the blackfella’s were described as heathens and were treated as such by the christian church that forbid them to live their traditional ways in food gathering and their spiritual enlightenment

    Forget all about this money you think the blackfellas you think are putting their hands out for and think to yourself what you be wanting from the government that would bring true meaning to reconciliation that would bring us all together that we all be treated the same .

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  39. I witnessed the impact of missionaries in the north at first hand. Their two positive functions were (1) protecting Aborigines from the Queensland and British genocide parties that rode in and shot men, women, children, and babies.
    (2) The Methodists established schools and respected the culture, the only change they made being a successful request that the people bury the dead instead of lodging them in ironwood logs or in caves.

    All other missionaries were destructive religious fanatics who were cruel to children and banned use of local languages. I documented much of this for the Commonwealth Government. Their legacy is the very dysfunctionality some respondents here despise.

    The Pacific islanders who have moved in recently, introduced kava (1977), which destroyed families and careers and killed my best friend. More recently they make their money selling drugs, including ice. The Pacific missionaries of today are 100% destructive. I want them kicked out of the NT.

    Tony M. Why do you write so volubly on a subject you clearly know nothing about? Surely you could direct your talents to a subject with which you have some familiarity.

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    Like a true Marxist, Dodson is chewing on his own liver. Marxists hate themselves because, as humans, they’re created in God’s image. Because they hate themselves they hate everything else that’s good because it comes from God. Marxists hate Jesus because Jesus is God and offers salvation as a result of what he did on the cross. Dodson calls Aboriginal Christians a type of virus because he hates Christianity and can’s stand the fact that Jesus’ salvation sets people free regardless of who or what they represent or what they have done. But as long as there’s life there’s the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ for Mr Dodson. Acts 4:12 (ESV) says: “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

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  41. I do not know why my replies to comments disappear……

    Does this “distraction” really need or deserve to be gathering momentum of any perpetual motion?;

    I think not; And here are my thoughts……

    The Corporation AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT (and the previous Fraudulent COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA) has already declared it’s hand in having an Oath to a Foreign, Fictional Corporate entity named the QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA and the Fraudulent book created with “authority” from said Fictional Corporate Entity (QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA) called The Australian (green book) Constitution; This is the Only “Constitution” they can (i hate the term) LEGALLY change; The LEGAL realm is where they claim to have “authority”so that is where they must stay;

    Now that AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT have declared these things to be True in Their LEGAL realm, they can not, LEGALLY let alone Lawfully, return to The Constitution Of The Commonwealth Of Australia (1900UK) or Chapter 12 (1901); There is also the matter of the Corporate/Admiralty Blue Ensign they have claimed as the Flag of the Corporate Entity AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT;

    There is the Maxim of: One Can Not serve Two Masters;

    AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is locked into the trap they set for themselves and there is no escape;

    Whereas The People have got this covered

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  42. lyndesymonds:
    “The Christian faith has lifted everyone out of paganism, tribal wars, blood sacrifices and gross spiritual bondage.”

    REALLY?… The Bible, the Jew Book, is full of stories of Yahweh commanding his Chosen People to genocide Amalek, their eternal enemy. Blood sacrifices galore like Yahweh telling Abraham to kill his son Isaac for him, etc.

    Jesus, the Jewish King, said He was the Good Shepherd, and He predicted that His flock would be greatly expanded: “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd” (John 10:16).

    YES, that is what Christianity has done. Turned people, Goyim, into SHEEP, worshipping Yahweh, the God of Israel.

    As Pope Francis said: “Inside every Christian is a Jew.”
    Christianity was/is a Jewish psyop, it conquered the world for them.
    Tongan missionary Ana Makahununiu is living proof of that. I bet you that she is also saying: ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL TILL THE DAY I DIE.

    I was in Norway in 2013 and overheard a conversation. A man saying: “The Vikings were a proud people, but became stupid once they became Christians.” I couldn’t agree with him more.

    The Jews created Christianity: A DEADLY VIRUS FOR THE GOYIM.

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  43. Sure do. Dobson has his copy. Ed


  44. Do these postings get out to people like Senators in the Federal Parliament?


    Eon Radley


  45. Please watch attached video as it explains in depth what will be done to the unvaccinated in the re-education camps :


  46. Dodson the Marxist thinks that Aboriginal people just sprang up from holes in the ground? Give us a break.

    The Christian faith has lifted everyone out of paganism, tribal wars, blood sacrifices and gross spiritual bondage. For the Aboriginal people, it really is their turn. The gods of the pagan nations are “devils”. Ps 96:5 (LXX and DRV) The KJV has “idols”. Take your pick.

    And a post script for post modern, post Christian nations who forsake Christ the King. Lose the holy faith in Jesus Christ: back you go to Ba al and Molech and what not, only worse – ruled by the Synagogue of Satan and their Communist Revolution.


  47. Ana you are a light shinning in the darkness, Light ,shines and displaces darkness may it reveal all corruption and wickedness and bring an open shame on those responsible, and may judgement be applied. God bless you Ana


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