Wagners trying to recruit US soldiers to defeat NWO

By Alexandra Bruce

This latest video from Greg Reese succinctly describes the 200-year subterfuge campaign that has destroyed the US Government from within and how a Russian paramilitary company, the Wagner Group has put out a recruitment advertisement, appealing to patriotic American soldiers to join forces with the only country on the planet that is currently fighting the New World Order: Russia.

The destruction of America from within has been going on for over 200 years.

Seven years after the American Revolution, the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 established the King of England as the Prince-Elector of the United States and America continued paying debts to the Crown.

During the War of 1812, the British torched the White House.

The Act of 1871 created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia, allowing it to operate with its own laws, outside of the US Constitution, creating the Corporation of the United States and a new city-state for the Old World Order, with its financial capital in the City of London, its religious capital in Vatican City and its military capital in the District of Columbia.

These city-states have their own sovereignty.

In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act gave full control of America’s wealth to a private corporation beholden to the City of London.

During the Nuremburg Trials, only 19 were found guilty, while hundreds of Nazi war criminals were given jobs in the United States Military-Industrial Complex.

If you were to search online for just about any Middle Eastern country in the 1950s, you will see what the region looked like, before the British Petroleum, the CIA and the Mossad turned it into a Hellhole of radical Islamic rule.

Placing psychotic puppets in power, the Old World Order then used it as a catalyst for the War Against Terror, which was then used to destabilize the region and create the catalyst for mass-migration into Europe and America.

Many Americans refuse to recognize the endless crimes against humanity being committed by our own government. And so, by default they blindly support it – even when the American government is caught funding bioweapons labs around the Russian border. Many Americans turn a blind eye.

And so now, the majority of the world stands with Russia and see America as the main threat against humanity.

A new video produced by Russia’s Wagner private military is now recruiting Americans to join them in their fight against the United States, pointing out how the United States has become a force of evil and is no longer what our Forefathers intended it to be.

If Americans were as righteous as we think we are, then we would not stand for such a corrupt government wreaking havoc on the rest of the world in our name.

Instead, most of us are content fighting each other and turning a blind eye.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “Sorry to steal your thunder”, what thunder ED?

    To stand as ONE is the only remedy against organized division. Those who feel it is more important NOT to look at certain horrors starring into their faces or decide NOT to open their eyes or continuously look elsewhere should not stand at all!


  2. https://fitzinfo.net/forum/topic/fighter-of-russias-pmc-wagner-who-died-in-ukraine-turned-out-to-be-leader-of-pivzavodskaya-organized-crime-group/#postid-814

    PMC Wagner is a Kremlin proxy army. Probably many links to Russian organised crie. Americans should steer clear of it and plan to defend the heartland states in the war that is coming.


  3. Don’t know haven’t seen it? You must be joking or you don’t read the hundreds of comments it seems about anti-semetism.
    Sorry to steal your thunder. Ed


  4. What happened to the post “Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia”? Too “anti semitic” for CN?


  5. She merely transcribed the video. Don’t shoot the messenger or there will be no news. Ed

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  6. “In the last century, the United States purchased Alaska from Russia. In the XXI century, the US will buy the entire Siberia, including the Siberian territory between the Yenisei river to the West and the Pacific Ocean in the East and the border of China, between the Arctic Ocean in the North and Mongolia and North Korea in the south. These lands are two times higher than the territory of the United States. Acre of land will be purchased for as low as $1,000, and for the entire Siberia, the US will pay $3 trillion over 20 years. Annual payments will be $200 million, half of which will be spent on the purchase of goods in the United States. Siberians would have to submit to foreign influence, while the US looks nicer than the Asian neighbors. In the end, Vladivostok is closer to Los Angeles than to Moscow …

    But money is most important. Money do everything. Money are power. Money are force. Man with money has weapons, most advanced weapons, and the army of mercenaries. Money owns media, which is fooling the billions of human cattle. Money bribe the people we need. Money eliminate those who do not submit to us. Money bomb those resisting us – Iraqis, Serbs, and, in the future – Russians.

    Capital and taking power decide everything. We practice our skills in the accumulation of capital and the seizure of power for more than three millennia, and no one will defeat us in this. You [cattle] do not have money. You [cattle] do not have power. And you [cattle] will not ever have money and power. We will not give money and power to you!

    We will not allow any nationalism to evolve. And we will destroy by fire and sword all those nationalist movements that seek to lead people out of our dictate …

    Instead, we will insure the full prosperity of our nationalism – Zionism, and, more precisely: Jewish fascism, which, in its secrecy and power, is super-fascism. It is not for nothing that in 1975, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which defined Zionism as the most blatant “form of racism and racial discrimination”, but repealed this resolution in 1992, because of our triumphant march across the planet. We have made UN a weapon for our goals of seizing power over “all kingdoms and nations.

    We will work to ensure that the governments of the Slavic countries would contain as little as possible of the indigenous peoples who will be replaced by our Jewish elite.


    As for the history, there is nothing to say. We will give our own history to the cattle, and show that the entire human evolution was moving towards the recognition of the God’s chosen nation of Jews to be masters over the entire world.

    We will create the conditions for life for criminals better than for working cattle. We will be releasing criminals from prisons, so that there will be more murders, robberies, instability. Amnesty will apply only to thieves and murderers — in short, all but those convicted for “inciting ethnic hatred”, which is, in fact, the law against antisemitism. We will sow fear among people. Cattle will fear for their lives, which will be worth nothing. They will fear for the workplace that could be taken away at any moment. They will fear for the future of their … We shall govern by fear.



  7. Wow, now that’s a twist one would not have forseen not too long ago! Imagine that, Americans fighting for Russia and against NATO, being killed by American weapons supplied to the Nazi’s in Ukraine, and trained to use [and used by] by fellow Americans! The plot certainly thickens, and this one beats even the sending of a nations armed forces to supress another country and they sending theirs to suppress your citizens [sound familiar?]!


  8. Alexandra Bruce certainly does not speak for the Christian and nationalist 1790 First Act / 2A American population of the Red States which has been fighting and opposing the Empire of the City and the different branches of its Revolution: Communism and Zionism for over 200 years.

    She reminds me of the 2017 April Fool’s Day spoof the Russian Foreign Ministry put on its phone lines around the world.

    “You have reached the Russian Embassy. Your call is important to us.

    To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent : press 1.
    To use the services of Russian hackers : press 2.
    To request election interference : press 3.”

    To hear the Novorussiye Party Line: press 4. We press 4 and get Alexandra and ‘Uncle Vova, We’re With You!’

    The 1790 First Act Americans are staying out of ZOG wars for regime change to KGB/FSB oversight of Muslim Regimes in the Middle East and Central Europe. Like all Western nations their business is with their own ZOG. What they are doing is reflected in the sale of firearms and ammo.


  9. If the Wagnerians are successful in their recruitment drive, the Western troops can at least be assured of a steady supply of ammunition. Unlike their Ukrainian opposition.

    North Korea has openly admitted, that it is supplying arms to the Wagnerians. But what this really indicates is that North Korea has now publicly shown its hand in support of the solidifying Eurasian alliance.


    In addition to this, NK is also sending large groups of workers to the Donbass.

    The Go pieces are manoeuvring for 2024-25.


  10. Russia is not fighting the NWO. The Soviet Union currently styling itself ‘the Russian Federation’ is building the Eurasian Empire of Empires as the geo-political centre of the real NWO : Eurasia. They are leading the 4IR by all metrics.


  11. ‘Russia’s “Wagner” private military is now recruiting Americans to join’


    “Mozart” as the “holy commie opposition” and balance of Western WORLD PEACE (cough/cough) is recruiting “hobby mercenaries” from Europe and the rest of the world – just to have a balanced show on world stage.

    Those who CAN NOT see (the script book and traditional handwriting on the wall of ALL wars) can now listen to masterly symphonies, just like in Hollywood’s Vietnam apocalypse with Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen.

    Mercenaries (military) and prostitutes (politicians) – the 2 oldest professions in the world. Both rent their bodies to be abused (or killed) for money. Though the military apes have – for centuries -pointed their weapons ALWAYS in the WRONG direction.


  12. The American Military and retired personal should be uniting and overthrowing the traitors that are within their own country, and ending this shit show, not joining as mercenary’s with Russia where they would be used as cannon fodder for the N.W.O. the aussie defense forces should do the same, enough is enough, but the command structure are all yes men and soy boys in my opinion


  13. While we can appreciate armed forces INTENTIONS to “serve their country” – that’s not what they’re REALLY doing, despite all their romantic delusions.

    Instead, they’re REALLY being used by the genocidal psychopaths and monsters who’ve hijacked our fake “governments” to ENFORCE the agendas of the ELITES.

    It has nothing to do with “serving your country”, and it has EVERYTHING to do with committing war crimes and genocide against anyone and everyone who refuses to surrender to a diabolically evil cabal who think they own the entire planet.

    The same pattern of control and tyranny is right now playing out WITHIN just about every Western nation on Earth – hence the private Gestapo armies of arsehole thugs beating up and assaulting defenceless, peaceful law-abiding citizens.

    The American platitude of “Thank you for your service” has really worn a bit thin, after all these years of slaughtering millions of innocent civilians and arbitrarily invading and destroying entire countries that were never any threat at all to the USA.

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  14. Ron Vickers-Dalton

    What about Azov army are they the ones killing & bombing there own people funded by WEF

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  15. Yes, America has a corporate government-which was set up by Abraham Lincoln, who was a BAR Association attorney incapable of sitting tint he true, lawful American Congress of the time, because lawyers were barred from being in government-a very wise prohibition.
    That “US GOVERNMENTCORPROATION’s only lawful role is to provide, as Anna says: “19 enumerated services.”
    If one goes to Anna’s website and reads everything she has written about Lincoln-articles like: http://annavonreitz.com/lincolntherat.pdf you will learn a lot about Lincoln.
    The link to information about Anna’s “Some Assembly Required”, a book written for Donald trump, can be seen here:

    Click to access someassembly.pdf

    Anna will tell you, emphatically, that the US government corporation is actually a British Territorial government, not a lawful American government, the clue here being the Knighthoods bestowed on people like Colin Powell.


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