Every country reading the same Covid script

By Lymdesy Symonds

Ever wonder why the CHO blah, blah blah and the CoVID Regime blah, blah, blah on the Big Jew msm sounds the same in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ The exact same words, even the exact same expression and inflection on the exact same words. This has, of course, given rise to the Conspiracy Theory they are all BOTs reading their CoVID Correctness from the same script.

Kind of like a simultaneous BBC WTC-7 Effect on all channels of the English speaking world.

But wait there’s more. What Ho! The digital CHO. It is a script. Specifically it is the World Health Organization’s “Vaccine Crisis Communications Manual”.

I will be quoting from the 2022 edition.

Before they launched Operation CoVID through their ‘multi-lateral partners’ like the WEF, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, the World Bank etc, the United [Communist] Nations foresaw a phase of Operation CoVID when there would be “events that may [ may??!!!] erode the public’s trust in vaccines and the authorities that deliver them”. Nooo.

So what is a CoVID Regime and mere franchisee to do? What are the Media CHOs going to say? How do we corral the doctors and get the health system in line? Of course the Communist Bloc nations are way ahead of the game here because they have already built their Semashko health systems. Vlad and Xi for example, will not need to have their WHO Communication Manual beside their beds for instant reference.

But the Western CoVID Regimes subverting and reconstructing what remains of the Western jurisprudence, they will need to colour by numbers. They need to know: How to conduct public relations with a population targeted for genocide? This is a subject they don’t exactly cover in CHO school. How does the UN CoVID Regime maintain CoVID Correctness when a critical mass of sheeple realize: IT IS THE VAXX.

This is the kind of stuff the WEFies have to workshop at Davos.

Helpfully, the WHO [led by a Gook Ethiopian Communist Terrorist] supplies its CoVID Regimes with a manual. In addition to ‘support’ , the Communications Manual has a section on “how to best prepare for a potential crisis and provides some insights into conduction of of post crisis assessments.”

Yes. Fellow CoVIDians. There will be a crisis. A lot of sheeple are going to wake up to the vaxx genocide and the bioweapon and they will attempt to rescue and awaken the other muttonheads. The proverbial will hit the fan. Never fear. Get those poncy CHOs out there on the Big Jew msm. Tell that Chant entity to shave her moosh. Roll out those Regime approved poster identities. Get some mouthy Blacks to rap those cowed and stupid Whites about how raaaaacist they are for not getting their boosters. Muster up some Drag Queens and trannies to lecture the cis-genders and homophobes on equal love and social responsibilities. Get on the blower to that Chucky Schumer bot Musk to cancel Catturd2’s Twitter account and bring back those tik toking medics. Get the Satan worshippers out there to remind the churches and satanphobes how they all closed during the lockdowns and how the temple of Satan remained open. Trust the Plan. Sacrifice the required number of children to Bauphomet [No that bit isn’t actually in the Communications Manual. But it goes without saying. On second thought better scratch the Satan worshippers]

“For the response phase of the genocide you are conducting, step by step guidance” is provided by WHO on “How to Manage the Communication Aspects of YOUR vaccine crisis.” [[NB best read aloud with friends while enjoying your favourite recreational substance]

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Another reason why China recently converted its U.S. dollars into gold, was because of Xi’s meeting with MBS. The meeting was based upon the Saudis gradual dropping of the petro-dollar in favour of the emerging petro-yuan.

    China’s newly acquired gold reserves are intended to provide the Shanghai Gold Exchange with the required liquidity to facilitate the associated currency conversions for the petro-yuan.

    Israel is keenly watching these developments, whilst the West destroys itself.


  2. Correct observation. As usual, Israel will be sitting on the sidelines. It has no need in being an ‘active participant.’

    The unmentioned nations are monitoring the developing situation, before committing one way or another.

    Interestingly enough, Israel has been getting rather chummy with Riyadh lately. The sheikhs have been dropping their old mates in Washington, whilst cultivating new friendships in Beijing. Just look at the godlike treatment MBS gave to Xi a couple of weeks back!.

    I’m sure the Middle East has plenty to laugh about at the moment. That’s for sure.


  3. Dr said – “As of today, the two ‘confirmed alliances’ of active participants are as follows.

    Alliance I. [Allies]… America, Canada, UK, Europe, Ukraine, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

    Alliance II. [Axis]… Russia, Belarus, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria and Iran.”

    1. I prefer “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” (and this time around – we’re the “Bad Guys”).

    2. I don’t see Israel mentioned anywhere in there. Doesn’t every World War need a genocidal “Master Race”?

    3. Mercifully, this story has a happy ending – ie, the “Bad Guys” lose, and lose real BAD. And basically collapse into third-world shit-holes for an extended period of time. BTW, the casualties this time will be ASTRONOMICAL, because the psycopaths running the show SPECIFICALLY want to exterminate 90% of Earth’s population – that’s the whole point of the planned war. We’re not talking hundreds of millions, we’re talking BILLIONS.

    4. Howsabout we just cut to the chase and send all the pollies and beauracrats to the front lines? I can’t see ANY downside AT ALL to that approach. I’d even PAY to see Putin and sleepy Joe in hand-to-hand combat – although that would admittedly be a VERY short engagement. And I’m quite sure Kiwis would break into nationwide celebrations when Ardern is blown into tiny little bits – but she’d still be just as ugly as a pit-bull terrier’s backside. Ditto Canadians with Freeland and Castro. As for Australians, expect a unanimous sigh of relief as a huge menagerie of walking shit stains permanently revert to their natural state on the battlefield.

    5. Maybe we could circumvent the scheduled exercise entirely if someone would just drop a 100 Megaton nuke on Davos right about now. Davos. In Switzerland. Now.

    6. No-one asked me. Why wasn’t I asked? Seriously.


  4. As of today, the two ‘confirmed alliances’ of active participants are as follows.

    Alliance I. [Allies].

    America, Canada, UK, Europe, Ukraine, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

    Alliance II. [Axis].

    Russia, Belarus, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria and Iran.

    As is obvious to most, NATO’s western and eastern bridgeheads are Ukraine and Taiwan respectively. Here’s a reminder of previous World War casualty tolls.

    WWI death toll: – 40 million [plus 20 million in immediate post-war years, Spanish flu, etc].

    WWII death toll: – 80 million [double WWI].

    WWIII death toll: – 160 million? [double WWII?].

    Possibly another thinning of the herd on the horizon.

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  5. aapkoning said – “And Pat, do you think the MSM watchers/readers suddenly will see the light?”

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…

    As for anyone who swallows the “Judeo-Christian” BS – hardly. With apologies to Jesus for stealing his material, this all looks like a classic case of “the blind leading the blind”. Some imagery from The Life of Brian comes to mind.

    For my part, I take Israeli soldiers and snipers hunting and shooting unarmed Palestinian children, mothers and babies, for sport – with the full support and protection of their government – as indicative of the character of the Israeli nation. These people are not human – they are monsters, demonic in mindset and behaviour. Something that the idiot “Bible Belt” evangelists would rather burn alive than ever admit to.

    And just FWIW, for those promoting “Judeo-Christian” values, that philosophy defies logical reconciliation, much like a self-loathing death-wish. FACT – the Judaists REJECT Jesus as the Christ, they are still WAITING for their “Christ” to turn up in glory to come raise the Jewish nation to rule over all the Earth and kill and enslave the rest of us (the Goyim).

    For any thinking Christian with two brain cells to rub together, that would be the Antichrist.

    Anyone claiming to be a “Judeo-Christian” is by DEFINITION an anti-Christian, seeing as how they embrace the very ideology that REJECTS Jesus Christ and hungers for the arrival of the Antichrist. IMO that also classifies them either as f*cking IDIOTS or wolves in sheep’s clothing.


  6. jo: “Chosen lamb or mutton? Free will or Judeo-Christian tradition? What will it be?”

    Depends on what the “good” shepherds serve us. lol Gotta luv ya, jo, you’re always on the ball.


  7. Dr: “As was pointed out last summer: 2023 would be a major year … ”

    Yep, first we had the moral decline and social debauchery of the Roaring 20s, then a Global Economic Depression of the wretched 30s (together with enhanced fascist totalitarian population control laws) and then follow the Mass Destruction and Depopulation of the World War of the 40s.

    Who said history doesn’t repeat itself? This time it will repeat itself but on STEROIDS! We’ve done the 20s, we’re well under way with ECONOMIC COLLAPSE OF the 30s and the 40s will quickly follow. The “West” is not being massively armed for no reason. The MSM narratives included. We even have the anti German like 1933 international sanctions against Russia this time!

    Gotta luv the script writers, they run out of ideas and simply remake the same old Hollywood horror movies for the hapless sheeple who flock head first to the ticket office.

    It’s a guaranteed box office success for the Mammon’s Little Helpers Cult every time! This time round it will be the mother of all blockbusters, we can bet on that.


  8. Pat from Vic, Who has always been pushing the so-called Nazi regime? — (Don’t KNOW, well good old Churchill could tell, he started and pushed for many wars — Hmm.) Your Quote: “Jewish community” seems to have no qualms at all over the Australian government sending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in cash and military aid to the openly Nazi regime in Ukraine – they’re the ones who crucify Christians and burn them alive and post the videos on the web for all the world to see.
    And Pat, do you think the MSM watchers/readers suddenly will see the light?
    More to the point, From all angles, you can see clearly that the: “Jewish community”
    worldwide are pushing for the Goyim extermination — (often called) depopulation…
    The Jew knows they have the power from almost every angle. Banks/Military complex/CIA/NSA/FBI/Most governments worldwide/Big Pharma/The Vatican/your local politician, you know the names, etc…

    The Goyim is being Holocausted.

    Experts estimate 20 million are already dead due to COVID Vaccination & over 2 billion injured.

    Here is a link just in case some readers did not know: https://expose-news.com/2022/10/01/20milllion-dead-covid-vaccination/?subscribe=success#subscribe-blog-1


  9. David, Judeo-Christian tradition? What would that be?

    “Truth seldom goes without a scratched face, for men love her not.” Charles Spurgeon

    You already answered your own question David. Turning money changing tables into hallowed altars and have the flock signed up to supply “eternal sacrifices of all sorts” to the (undercover) tribe because “God” and the holy book (of LAW) has said so. Chosen lamb or mutton? Free will or Judeo-Christian tradition? What will it be?

    “You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn


  10. As was pointed out last summer: 2023 would be a major year, and especially the first quarter. So here we are.

    To those paying attention to the wider geo-political chess moves, the past two weeks of Jan 2023, have witnessed a flurry of notable and interconnected activity, resulting with the following actions already put into effect.

    Development 1.

    China has just increased the mass selling of its U.S. debt, and bought three hundred tons of gold.

    This scenario often implies a pre-emptive defensive strategy in anticipation of war: in this case, – war with America.

    By disposing of it’s U.S. Government debt (dollars), Washington can no longer seize China’s financial assets: as it did with Russia and other countries.

    China’s recent selling and buying is a subtle ‘canary in the coal mine’ warning.

    Development 2.

    Italy, and pacifist Sweden have just reintroduced military conscription. Germany and others are currently reconsidering its reintroduction: – why now I wonder?.

    America says its will accept non-vaxxed conscripts: – why now?

    This month, other countries like Taiwan, have just extended their terms of military conscription: – again why now?

    Development 3.

    Russia has just ordered its Black Sea Fleet at Novorossiysk to head to sea. This includes at least three submarines and a large landing ship.

    Prior to this, the hypersonic Zircon armed frigate, ‘Admiral Gorchov,’ was instructed to relocate to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

    Last month, Canada ordered its navy into the Pacific.

    Development 4.

    Major friendship meeting and partnership agreement between Russia and North Korea.

    America secures new naval leases in the Philippines and other Asia-Pacific locations.

    Taiwan’s army officers have just been sent to the ‘NATO Defense College’ in Rome.

    Growing European coalition agreeing to send heavy ‘Challenger II’ and ‘Leopard II’ tanks to the Russia-Belarus border [obviously manned by NATO troops]. Suppliers include Britain, Poland, Germany, Finland, France, etc.

    Poland agrees to host German troops on its territory [January 10].

    Development 5.

    Russia installs a new Commander-in-Chief of its Ukrainian campaign: General Valery Gerasimov.

    According to the Kremlin, this change over rests upon Russia’s necessary coordination of a ‘much larger’ military force, and an ‘increased scale’ of future military operations, ostensibly related to Moscow’s anticipation of large scale NATO involvement, and presumably, a much larger front.

    Russian troops and heavy armaments now accumulating in Belarus.


    The present situation is highly reminiscent of the preamble and mobilisations of WWI.
    Everything is on schedule.

    Postscript: NATO has been using Ukraine to test and exhaust Russia’s military capabilities, which Russia fully understands.
    Up til now, Russia has refused to commit its most up to date military hardware. Instead, it has been getting rid of its ‘old stock’ of outdated weaponry. From an economic point of view, this is entirely logical and the right thing to do.

    The next few weeks should be interesting and news worthy.

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  11. Judeo-Christian tradition? What would that be? A 15th century merger of the Talmud and the New Testament? The Money Changers and Jesus working a deal between themselves?

    So what happened to the tables in the temples? They got turned into altars?


  12. tonyryan43 said – “And their main support base is American Christians… because they are so ignorant and stupid.”

    Can’t argue with that. Saying “Judeo-Christian” is like saying “I’m a double agent and I’m really working for the other side to kill you”. In every respect, much like some species of Judas Goat leading the sheep to the slaughter.

    The Christians are supposedly the ones who took up their staffs and followed Christ, while the Judaists are the ones who brutally MURDERED Him by getting the Romans to torture and crucify Him.

    How have these lying scheming double-dealing lowlife snakes now somehow infested the American “Bible Belt” (and TBH, bona-fide Christian communities across musch of the world)?

    And now the American Bible-Bashers want us all to sing Kumbaya together?

    You only have to see a few videos showing the Israeli treatment of Palestinians (Muslims and Christians alike) to understand that we are dealing with utterly evil genocidal psycopaths here – they DO regard themselves as the “Master Race”, after all, and correct me if I’m wrong, but such mindsets never seem to end well for anyone involved.

    “Judeo-Christian” my arse!

    By the way, very interesting that the Sydney “Jewish community” has kicked up a fuss over the current Premier wearing a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party in his younger days, but the same “Jewish community” seems to have no qualms at all over the Australian government sending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in cash and military aid to the openly Nazi regime in Ukraine – they’re the ones who crucify Christians and burn them alive and post the videos on the web for all the world to see.

    Seems the “Jewish community” is very selective about where they direct their “outrage”. Psycopathic Nazi regimes are apparently OK by them, so long as they’re murdering lots of Goyim – just like that nasty little Nazi regime presently ruling Israel.

    Did I mention? “Judeo-Christian” my arse!

    tonyryan43 also said – “Frankly, I am not sure which comes first, the chicken or the egg…”

    If you subscribe to the Darwinian THEORY of evolution – then it was the egg.
    If not – then the odds start to favour the chicken.
    In any case – probably best to just ask the chickens (after all, they were there).

    tonyryan43 further said – “As somebody once said, one belief is as good as another…”

    … if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

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  13. Every leader of Israel has endorsed that goal, of enslaving or killing all Goyim. And their main support base is American Christians… because they are so ignorant and stupid. Frankly, I am not sure which comes first, the chicken or the egg, as in… is it because they are Americans, or because they are Christians? Personally, I think both.

    This is the price of BELIEF. As somebody once said, one belief is as good as another, but neither Christians nor Ashkenazim believe this. They are “exceptional”. They are “different”. God is on their side. Yet neither side seems to understand that although they are mutually supporting, each wants the destruction of the other.

    I think we should all just sit back and watch them destroy each other.

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  14. Yes things (Actions and re-actions) are already happening as expected… When will the GOYIM wake-up? Goyim means “Cattle”following the Jew. Video to follow…Hope you can handle the blood the screaming and shaking of the Cattle = Goyim…


  15. Are we going to WAKE UP?
    “CRUELTY. & Much more…Wake up…To the Real world….”

    Very good video YOU ARE AMALEK – PART ONE: https://odysee.com/@Domerilo:0/You-Are-AMALEK-FinaL:d

    Amalek is part in Western Europe, and the 5 eyes nations…
    USA, NZ, UK, Canada, Australia.

    Watch this clip from the 47th minute onwards. As an animal lover how can I not hate the F*CKING JEWS, with their KOSHER CRUELTY TOWARDS THE GOYIM AND ANIMALS. THEY ARE THE SAME TO THE F*CKING JEWS.


    When will the Goyim realise that the F*cking Jews are now HOLOCAUSTING THE GOYIM WITH THEIR VACCINES ?
    They want to eradicate not millions but BILLIONS OF GOYIM. WHEN… WHEN… WILL THE GOYIM WAKE UP ?…
    One comment: “Many think they understand what’s going on. Please let me tell you something … 95% don’t have a clue, and that’s by design. The head of the snake and the massive power behind the Ukraine War to Covid, everything before, in-between and beyond is one specific group. It’s always been them, for the last thousand years. They are and have always been a pariah on humanity. So many things that don’t make sense with our world at the moment, are connected and scripted. It’s to enrich them and pave a path for their global domination while diluting and ultimately eliminating the White European bloodline. The New World Order is their construct. The Kalergi Plan is in full swing. I’m proving what few have the courage to say.”


  16. Maybe they missed reading this part of the script? What are the odds that so many obvious “omissions” might be accidental? Or that the MSM is deaf AND dumb AND blind!

    “Explosive Increase in Cardiac Symptoms After Second Injection”

    Adolescent COVID-19 Vaccination Results in Cardiotoxicity and ECG Changes Prompting Concern



    New Analysis Shows Studies of COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Hid Critical Safety Signal



  17. tonyryan43, understand your comments and work on various changes. Thanks, cannot reject what you are saying. For me, like so many, The defecation has hit the rotary oscillator(s). To be polite, it really means: The Shit is hitting the Fan(s)…
    Resulting lots in of Crap on the walls and floors…

    Not only close but also worldwide. When will the Goyim wake up?

    “Confidential Pfizer and Government Documents confirm ADE, VAED, and AIDS due to COVID-19 Vaccination have led to Millions “Dying Suddenly” & still counting.”


    More information is arriving from overseas by the minute, however, I know,
    (from ex-medical personnel) that here in Oz, with one of the highest vaxxed populations in the world, we have the same problems. — If not worse?


  18. “Coincidence Theory” (2.00) makes clear that ‘Coincidences’ are central to the script ! Everything can be explained away !


  19. AAP… Judging by statistics, every single family in the western world has either been divided by the mRNA mandate or, when the cumulative impact of spike proteins affects brains and hearts, or when turbo-charged cancers erupt, every family will experience premature death of one or more members.

    Where resisters have been rejected by their families, I recommend you widen the gulf and move elsewhere because if you don’t, they will actively blame you for not warning them and then you, in what is well-recognised as survival guilt, will blame yourself for not doing enough.

    Just walk away and retain your sanity. History will understand.

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  20. Sad to hear mate. Hang in there. Ed


  21. aapkoning said – “What is it that the MOB don’t control ???”


  22. Thanks — ED — for telling me, were not able “Catch up, and make any contribution at that period.” Family disputes re this Covid-Crap. This Crap is splitting up many couples and families…


  23. AAP… Holy shit. This is one time the use of the term bombshell is justified. I know the CIA and DEA were owned by the Rockefellers, and it comes as no surprise that their democide was run by the Pentagon.

    As you say, we need to cut off the head. And then the medusa secondaries.


  24. daviddd2 said – “lol FFS, lindesymonds, get it right, lol. There is NO COMMUNIST REVOLUTION in the offing! Merely an attempt at the seizure of global totalitarian control by the global Plutocrats. The rest of your story is sound, but your conclusion is unrealistic and ideologically tarnished.”

    This statement is correct.

    If we really want to split hairs, the psycopathic Globalists are about the most extreme example of fascists in recorded human history (at least, that we know about). All of our governments have been comprehensively captured, and are marching IN LOCKSTEP with their Globalist masters.

    Fascism – the subversion of government to serve corporate (ie, big money) interests. We will own nothing, and we will be happy. They will own EVERYTHING, and they’ll be even HAPPIER. And they will enslave, torture, kill and butcher us just for kicks – FOREVER. As f*cking genocidal psycopath and Klaus Schwab’s favourite bum-boy Yuval Noah Harari declared on live video – “Free will? That’s OVER!”. He’s also the one who declared that “Humans are now hackable animals!”.

    Did any of us – ANYONE – vote for this, or give our informed consent in any way?

    It hardly bears mentioning, but guess where the common folk sit in this heirarchy? Hint – livestock exists ONLY to be exploited, consumed or exterminated by corporate “stakeholders”. To these genocidal Globalist fascist psycopathic arseholes, the common folk are just bugs to be squashed underfoot – and that’s exactly what they are now doing.

    Human dignity has no place whatsoever in this idealogical framework (which is why “human dignity” has been EXPLICITLY DELETED from the WHO’s upcoming proposed amendments to the World Health Regulations – consider the implications of that FACT).

    There IS a silver lining to all of this. Martin Armstrong’s AI program Socrates says that these Luciferian pieces of shit will ultimately FAIL – but expect bucketloads of collateral damage, and the complete collapse of various nation states, before then.

    In the immediate term – brace yourself for creepy Bill’s next deadly “pandemic”, due sometime later this year, along with renewed government efforts to force-inject EVERYONE with mRNA bioweapons.


  25. Hi aap we have already published the ”bombshel revelation” the the DoD controls the Covid jab. Here it is from 2 weeks ago:
    Regards Ed


  26. “At the end of the day, we can only act on evidence. To do otherwise is to expose our resistance to defeat.”

    Indeed, but tilting at windmills nevertheless can be a quixotic, gratifying experience.


  27. lindesymonds

    In the early 1990s, many of my European clients on my Kakadu Safaris, realising I had planned an expose book, then titled ‘Rethink’, pointed me to evidence that conflicted with my conclusions. This information flowed from 5000 young graduates and career-minded, intensely motivated, professionals, whose sources were the Bundestag, leading German corporations, Swiss banks, NASA and its European equivalent, and hundreds of learning and research institutes. These were people who referred their colleagues on to me for more specialised information. Some of these were from the hierarchy of English and Australian military and even from the US.

    Getting wind of it, Cambridge University Press wrote to me requesting the manuscript, saying that nobody had written such a book in more than a century. By 2007, they denied any knowledge of the invitation.

    Nevertheless, serendipity placed me in a virtual university where I was learning at ultra-high-speed for eight years. My customers were my lecturers. Thus, when at last I was able to settle down to serious research and documentation in 1998, I had a plethora of sources that simply cannot be deliberately collated. Moreover, all were cross-referenced with ease.

    One of the high-placed contributors sent me the smuggled two copies of the Rothschild history and projects, which was a massive eye-opener. I also happened to be on the spot when several pivotal events took place.

    The short of this is that I traced the formation of the globalist alliance from 1815 to today. Many extremely knowledgeable people helped me. I also had inside information about the Jesuits and their role, plus the CIA. The Masons were visible from time to time but played no significant role other than their leadership being used, ambition proving to be the prime leverage.

    The Communists were non-starters, and I say that as an anti-Vietnam War activist who infiltrated the Communist Party in order to learn their incredibly revolutionary techniques which, by the way, is the reason NZ left that war more than a year ahead of Australia. The London School of Economics, the Tavistock Institute, and the Rhodes Foundation actually ran the ‘Communist ” component in UK, which by that time was moribund elsewhere… a fact that was painfully evident during the Almost French Revolution of 1968. It was the Communists that betrayed it.

    There is no shred of evidence pointing to any other group than the Zionist investment bankers alliance as being the initiators of the globalist programmes, although they have dozens of different organisational faces. The single most powerful Zionist today is Rupert Murdoch.

    I also backtracked events to record the personnel and money trails and the outcome of these exercises merely confirmed the original conclusions. At the end of the day, we can only act on evidence. To do otherwise is to expose our resistance to defeat.

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  28. tonyryan43: “I look at the same world scenario and see those ‘seeking power centralisation, with them at the top’, using every ideology, religion, and racial difference to garner support, whilst exploiting popular fears, irrational or legitimate.”

    Bingo! None of the “power centralisers” is ideologically desperate for a classless global communist society. It just doesn’t fit with the prophesy of global supremacy and global rule from the prophesied world capital of Jerusalem. lol


  29. lindesymonds: “After the Supreme Soviet was dissolved 1993, the United [Communist] Nations became the base of the Revolution in its Fourth Position which is the geo-political integration of Eurasia as the centre of its world soviet.”

    lol FFS, lindesymonds, get it right, lol. There is NO COMMUNIST REVOLUTION in the offing! Merely an attempt at the seizure of global totalitarian control by the global Plutocrats. The rest of your story is sound, but your conclusion is unrealistic and ideologically tarnished.

    The PLUTOCRATS are not going to divest themselves of their assets and transfer them to any form of any “global COMMUNIST state or government”.

    You cannot have communism if THE PLUTOCRATS OWN AND CONTROL the MEANS OF PRODUCTION (land, labour and capital) and the GOVERNMENT !

    That’s not communism, that’s a RICH MAN’S WORLD, something diametrically opposed to communism. lol

    Communism has served its purpose, every central bank IN THE WORLD is now in PRIVATE HANDS AND UNDER PRIVATE CONTROL. It’s no longer needed and a NEW totalitarian model is being developed. And it’s definitely not looking good for the “diktatorship of the proletariat”. lol

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  30. @TonyRyan43. The Owners are the International Judenstaat. Its Revolutionary Network of assets is Masonic and essentially sectarian.

    The Owners of Monopoly Capital have their sovereignty in their Babylonian Sexigesimal System – money. “Our sovereignty is in money as in all else.” And with it they have bought, captured and infiltrated every other sovereignty. Their financial arm is their central banking cartel with its foundation in the Corporation of the City of London and its apex in the BIS. Their imperial vector was the British Empire, now it is DC, Moscow, the Vatican, Bei Jing, EUSSR, the UN and its multi-lateral partners, stakeholders. Their military is supplied by the Western ZOGs and the Communist Bloc.

    The Owners own the Revolution inaugurated 1789 in France. This is the permanent, world-wide Revolution which dialectically has two branches – Communism and Zionism. Their political elite and governing class are both. The Zionists assist the Communists and vice versa.

    After the Supreme Soviet was dissolved 1993, the United [Communist] Nations became the base of the Revolution in its Fourth Position which is the geo-political integration of Eurasia as the centre of its world soviet. This is to be the order of the trans-human 4IR goy plantation. Eurasia is to be the centre of it with Moscow the centre of the 4IR.

    The Western ZOGs and Israel are the Zionist branch of the Revolution. And both The ZOGs and the Communist Bloc are being positioned for World War III.

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  31. 100%, tonyryan43…


  32. Nice one perfect, tonyryan43. You have to start with the HEAD, “Like Medusa”, Slain by Perseus.
    Simple fact is the HEAD need to go, YES INCLUDING ALL SNAKES, have to go.
    Weapons of war need to be better than currently used, from the Kabbala…
    Study your history. Sorry to write this, but if we don not learn from history, we are going to make ever Bigger mistakes…
    For the last comment I just have a look here:
    A BOMBSHELL new report claims [yet to be confirmed, GR] that the Department of Defense – meaning the Pentagon – controlled the COVID-19 Program from the very beginning.
    “If true, it means that everything we were told was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process.”
    Our guest today is a former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization Sasha Latypova and she shows what she has researched.

    Must watch 17-minutevideo: 

    They are talking about the Pentagon, but who is in control of the Pentagon if not the JEWS !!! (Sorry you are not allowed to say this in Europe.)
    The MOB also control the FBI CIA NSA FDA, CDC, Big Pharma, etc.
    MOST if not all BANKS, the Federal Reserve…
    What is it that the MOB don’t control ???  BlackRock/Vanguard?

    “They do not control the people that are NOT vaccinated…”
    Australia’s NSW 97% has at least been VAXXED up… You know the drill, just go to your
    By the way, health nsw — better name is death nsw…
    Many more files available, just keep on begging for more boosters.
    “When will people REVOLT?” When we have no Children left?


  33. Daviddd… You spotted the enemy’s signature… the typical fanatical incapacity to be subtle. He just had to chuck in the Holocaust. That’s the problem with politicians, they can never keep their mouths shut. From such indiscretions, ordinary members of the public commence to realise that Zionism is the driver of the global power takeover. It does not take long for such comprehension to become infectious and, suddenly, achieve tipping point.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. What I read in this article was, if you are stuck in 1950’s terror of the Red Peril, and see Reds Under Beds every time some power group attempts global dominance; here is what you do:

    Line up all your favourite enemies and ascribe the most fitting aspect of evil to each. And there you have it, A PLOT. ‘Exterminate your enemies’ is all that is needed to win.

    I look at the same world scenario and see those ‘seeking power centralisation, with them at the top’, using every ideology, religion, and racial difference to garner support, whilst exploiting popular fears, irrational or legitimate.

    Marx and his fellow Zionists exploited all of these and today, are continuing to do so knowing full well that this preoccupation will prevent you from (a) targeting the actual enemy, and (b) comprehending resolution.

    All of the trappings of the NWO attack are purely a means to an end. The objective is global power…. one elite alliance seeking total domination, and behind all of this, one individual secretly aspiring to be the dominant alpha.

    This is the driver behind democide, actually meaning “a half billion slaves is all we need”. The primary weapon is the media. The media is key. And all global media is in the hands of only seven entities, all of these subservient to one man, Rupert Murdoch.

    The media controls all elections, which means the media controls all politicians and their controllers. Thus they all talk with one voice. We only know what world leaders and their opposition have to say, by what is reported in the media. The media controls the entire narrative. The media also controls what the vast majority of citizens think; which includes guiding the means of resistance up blind alleys.

    Most of you now know that the United Nations was designed by Nelson Rockefeller, the HQ of which stands on Rockefeller land in NY. What most appear to be unaware of is that in 1970, David Rockefeller assumed the NWO mantle. In 1973, he sponsored Australian Rupert Murdoch to become an American citizen so that he could take over the entire Zionist tax avoidance and media industries. What this meant was that he had anointed Rupert as his successor, which indeed he became in March 2017.

    Rupert then linked all elements of the NWO to become the fully coordinated covid scamdemic/ AGW / currency destruction advance on all nations.

    If you are an aspiring general, you would realise that the first step in rescuing humanity is to eliminate the enemy’s leader and communication coordinator.

    But no, you instead have to fire futile shots at everyone you have ever hated. Not the way to win a war.

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  35. “Tory MP for Northwest Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen has compared the crime against humanity / genocide of the Pfizer and Moderna injections to [moment of silence please] : The Holocaust.”

    Hmmm, sounds like the honourable member may have committed an unforgiveable breach of copyright law. No doubt he will be condemned from pillar to pillar.


  36. The only laws which the Germans broke at Auschwitz – were the ‘laws of physics.’ How else can the holohoax be explained?

    As for the House of Commons vaccine criminals, no problem, – King Charles the Turd says he will knight them.


    Like his predecessor George III, – another demonstrably insane monarch.

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  37. lindesymonds said – “Tory MP for Northwest Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen has compared the crime against humanity / genocide of the Pfizer and Moderna injections to [moment of silence please] : The Holocaust. Yes. Boys and Girls and Fellow CoVIDians. The Holocaust.”

    Speaking truth to (fake) power.

    Reality is (whether or not one subscribes to the Holocaust narrative) the Corona Chan atrocity is already ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE worse than any alleged WWIII genocide.

    And BTW, creepy Bill’s NEXT fake “pandemic” presaged by “Catastrophic Contagion” promises to push the global genocide into OVERDRIVE.

    The upcoming fake “pandemic” which has ALREADY been rehearsed by creepy Bill’s “Catastrophic Contagion” exercise, and which will supposedly target CHILDREN, is a major reason for the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) frantic push for its proposed AMENDMENTS to the World Health Regulations which will hand COMPLETE CONTROL of the planet’s 192 nations to the WHO. This is the WEF’s desired One World Government, accomplished via a WHO dictatorship.


    They need COMPLETE CONTROL of all Earth’s nations in time for creepy Bill’s NEXT fake “pandemic” so they can FORCE INJECTIONS into every man, woman and child on Earth. That’s what’s going on right now. It’s all about the INJECTIONS. To kill everyone, or otherwise STERILISE and ENSLAVE any survivors.

    It’s ALREADY UNDERWAY, but creepy Bill and Klaus are determined to push it TO THE MAX. They never back down, they only DOUBLE DOWN. Clench your butt cheeks and gird your loins, and get ready for what’s coming.

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  38. Newsflash. OH NO! The ultimate doo-doo on the floor of august institution.

    Tory MP for Northwest Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen has compared the crime against humanity / genocide of the Pfizer and Moderna injections to [moment of silence please] : The Holocaust. Yes. Boys and Girls and Fellow CoVIDians. The Holocaust.

    British Citizen, Rishi Sunak, current WTF of the UK, has curried his drawers. And he has raised the hue and cry of ‘utterly unacceptable’ against Andrew Bridgen for his Twitter Rant and his ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ claims in the Commons Chamber. According to British Citizen Rishi, Andrew (a hero of England) may have ‘blood on his hands’. Politicians, Jewish Groups and Medical Experts are outraged. The Tories have suspended the rogue MP on the say-so of Rishi. All agree, Andrew has screwed the pooch.

    But to England and England’s blood – On a chariot of fire, Andrew Bridgen of Northwest Leicestershire, will be flying St. George’s Cross.


  39. What or who is CHO?


  40. The doc makes for INCREDIBLE reading.


  41. Their agenda is depopulation big time.


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