‘Voice’ is a $235 million reincarnation of the corrupt ATSIC bureaucracy – ‘…a sick federal government…’

from Peta Credlin


For political ideology that serves no beneficial purpose to the 3.2% of aborigines or to the 86.8% majority of people.

It will not solve any of the problems in aboriginal communities or of many aboriginals in cities of total disrespect for people’s property, theft and violence — it will do absolutely nothing to reduce the terrible violence in aboriginal communities, the rape of women and children, the terrible domestic violence, the bashings, robberies, and murder — the health problems from poor lifestyle, bad diet, substance abuse, alcohol, unemployment, education and failing to learn decent family and community values with respect for rules and law in their community.

It is the re-birthing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) (1990–2005) was the Australian Government body through which Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders were formally involved in the processes of government affecting their lives, established under the Hawke government in 1990. It was an expensive disaster that failed hopelessly, it appears its only success was making some members very wealthy? It was disbanded as a useless disastrous waste of resources and money.

‘The Voice’ is almost identical to the failed Labor Party theoretical ideological program ATSIC that was going to solve all these aboriginal problems, after 15 years of wasting of millions and total failure it was disbanded. Here we go again with a repeat re-run of ATSIC: The ALP Hawke government gave us great eloquent assurances and guarantees of what a great system and benefit it would be — sound very familiar. It was disbanded as a total failure, now the blinkered ALP Ideology want to waste our monies once again on a re-emergence of the previous failed disaster.

The Voice: Would just be a bigger and more authoritarian powerful version of the already totally failed, discredited, useless and defunct ATSIC. Only this time when it totally stuffs-up with massive waste of public funds and rorts, you cannot get rid of it as it is locked into the constitution.

There is always plenty of time to regret bad decisions.

NOW they want to establish the same instrument into the constitution, where in a few years of likely repeated uselessness, and massive waste of resources and millions of dollars — They will be stuck with it forever — Unless they have another $235 million-dollar referendum to remove it.

Better to learn from history and reject the referendum — Interesting how history repeats itself, unless you work hard to prevent it.

When in doubt — don’t.

Vote in haste and regret at leisure — while billions of your money is being wasted creating dictatorial structures and land claims at 62.7% of the total lands mass are swallowing Australia.

This $235 million expenditure is a total unnecessary waste of your taxpayer’s money that would serve more people and be better spent on hospitals to solve the crisis of ambulances ramping at hospitals across Australia that are causing unnecessary deaths where people die because they cannot get an ambulance waiting many hours and die before it arrives

It is a very sick government who would sooner waste limited monies on political ideology than on saving people’s lives.

Remember the only difference between a wise man and a fool, is the wise man learns from his mistakes — the fools repeat them like this re-establishment of ATSIC under a different title locked into the constitution.

Granting an unequal and undemocratic voice that gives additional access to government of one group over another always accelerates into authoritarian rule — look at the history of communism in every country — that is how it started.

Do not let it start here.

‘IF’ the Voice is passed — A new huge government department will be created with a permanent secretary, undersecretary, and myriad of highly paid staff, researchers, accountants, legal advisers — who in turn will do the usual bureaucratic procedure of calling in very expensive experts costing million, to cover for their lack of knowledge, showing they should not have been appointed in the first place — they will then establish department offices across Australia, with duplicated senior staff and support services costing many millions.

It is a sure thing the staff will not be tertiary qualified aboriginal people with black skin and 65% aboriginal DNA, who are being displaced by the dominant white indigenous invaders of predominant European DNA like Captain James Cook. They need to remember if it were not for Captain Cook and the first fleet — They would not be here.

Once embedded in the Constitution, such an internal ‘sovereign nation’ will be impossible to dismantle, this is the threat and the message all Australians must hear.

It will not be able to disbanded for incompetence and waste of millions of your taxpayer’s monies and resources like ATSIC.

You will be stuck with a parasitic organization dragging millions away from your family’s urgent health and education needs — Lack of adequate medical services and hospital construction is already 20 years behind the community needs basis with more migrants arriving.

Repetitive government funding failures has produced the disgraceful Ambulance ramping where lines of Ambulances are outside hospital emergency departments with patients waiting up to eight hours for medical attention and admission, regularly costing lives caused by the current chronic shortage of health funding and incompetent management by governments.

The needless cost of $235 million for the referendum would be better spent on Hospital construction for ‘ALL THE PEOPLE’ not just the benefit of a few — The many millions to set up bureaucratic departments for one group of 3.2% of people — would be better spent on the urgent need for more new hospitals that will serve everyone.

Editor: From what we have learned after years of research and association with Aboriginal people the elitists want every white Australian to pay them property rent forevermore. This is why state Labor governments have surreptitiously removed all parchment land deeds without a peep from the LNP. Please not the Secretary of Queensland State Cabinet when it was decided to remove all parchment deeds was none other than Kevin Rudd. Homeowners no longer have a secure title and the electronic title can easily be transferred to the burgeoning Aboriginal estate without landowner’s knowledge. In fact we could be too late.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Every past Labor Prime Minister has had to have “an aboriginal”
    moment for which to be remembered. They have all failed like
    the Voice will fail



    Remember Michael Mansell?

    Anyway he pushed for an independent Aboriginal Provisional Government by creating an Aboriginal Passport around 1988, that was recognised as legit by Libya’s Gaddafi, so he jetted off to pay him a visit.

    h ttp://apg.org.au/passports.php

    First incorporated as the Aboriginal Information Service ~1973, changing its name in 1977 to Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and funded by the Federal Government later through ATSIC for the recognition of around 10000 people being Tasmanian Aboriginal, Mansell was Chair.

    Members of Aboriginal Corporations that had sprung up around Tasmania due to the TAC not meeting the needs of all Tasmanian Aboriginals, fielded candidates in ATSIC’s 1996 election.

    If elected ATSIC funding for community projects in Tasmania would be split across the Corporations.

    Mansell threw a wobbly and the TAC of which Mansell was legal eagle, challenged the Aboriginality of the candidates.

    Intending voters were also challenged and had to appear before three Federal Court Judges in courts across Tasmania to prove their eligibility to vote.

    The TAC recognised about 3000 Tasmanian Aboriginals for that election.

    ~10000 – ~3000= ~fra – ~d

    ATSIC was disbanded by government in 2004.

    Ex ATSIC chief Geoff Clark is facing 380 charges of alleged fraud between 2000 and 2010.

    In 2017, Mansell was quoted in a northern Tasmanian newspaper, ‘that a call to set up an indigenous “voice to parliament”, a complete waste if time.’

    I have to agree, the one and only legal Constitution gives all Australians a voice.

    One vote and shared common wealth.

    The von de Crazies of Europe salivating over billions in seized Russian assets, (h ttps://www.superyachttimes.com/yacht-news/update-on-russian-yachts-seized) must be nodding in admiration of Mansell’s part in Pirates of Bass Strait.



  3. Why bother with a referendum? We don’t need an “Aboriginal committee” in parliament to do the dirty work of our treacherous politicians. Just hand over all the Native Title land to Blackrock, Vanguard and their subsidiaries directly. Save us all a few hundred $million.


  4. FWIW, short of a popular nation-wide revolt against the fake Australian “government” in its entirety, with numerous politicians and beauracrats strung up to lamp posts, I can’t see any way of circumventing what AnAL is pushing with this fake “Voice” referendum.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors – just a facade, theatrics for appearance’ sake. That’s just situation normal for the Australian Electoral Commission – they deliver whatever BS result the genocidal arseholes running the joint want – PERIOD. You know it, I know it, EVERYONE knows it.

    They are going to do whatever the Hell they want, and the clueless Australian population will be left pounding sand.


  5. Talk about verbose overkill. The prime purpose is to end what democracy survives. Once it was squatters that had more than one voice in parliament. We ended that, so the ALP sees this as a back door sneak attack.

    Credlin should’ve mentioned that Bob Hawke worked for the CIA. This kinda adds important context.

    Everybody, just say no.

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  6. Legalise an control of all lands and property through stealth using the Original people as there Trojan horse, same play book as LBTGQ being used to normalise grooming and depravity. These people need to be gone. Evil at its worst. 🤬


  7. Where is the tar brush and feathers when you need them.
    All the Queensland and NSW members of parliament are freemasons, apparently. I don’t know if there is cause and effect at play here. The Greens, Nationals, Liberals and Labor all have their own agendas from their puppet masters, so what can the people of Australia do? Lay back and enjoy it when it is inevitable? All of our institutions and corporations are captured. If all goes according to their plan, there will be 15 million people in Australia by 2025.
    A man’s (sic) rights rest in 3 boxes:
    The Ballot box,
    The Jury box, and
    The Cartridge box.
    (Frederick Douglass)

    When they are all gone, I guess we end up in the Coffin box?

    The Plan for 2019


  8. I see an Elephant in the room regarding “The” Constitution and of seeking a referendum to change it, one way or another;
    The Elephant is which Constitution do Albo and his WEF mates want to change?
    Is it The AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION (green book)that was bought about without any referendum at all making it an Unlawful document to begin with?
    Or do they NOW wish to cite The Constitution Of The Commonwealth Of Australia (1900UK) and Chapter 12 (1901) that “they” have been running roughshod over for the better part of 50 years?
    One can not serve Two Masters so which master is it that they serve?
    This “voice to parliament” is nothing more than another installment of “enjoy the show” while “we” serve an entirely different agenda over here……
    Don’t fall for it Australia

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  9. Hi Editor For a start, who is going to write a writ as the Governor-General is a Traitor and a patsy for the Treasonous Political Parties. Peta Credlin should know this. Fact, No Writ.

    All Treasonous Political Parties Creating yet more, massive unaccountable black bureaucracies

    under their private status of their Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and

    federal nation of Treason.

    All this Aboriginal Rights started with Whitlam creating an industry being Aboriginal.

    We got blue eyed blond haired Aboriginals with their hands out for money.

    Under Our Primary Law, Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and

    Gazetted we are a Constitutional Monarchy and one people.

    Our Preamble starts “WHEREAS the people of” this statement is colour blind.

    WHEREAS the people of, colour blind and being one people, Aboriginals can have as many seats

    in the Parliament of Our Commonwealth as they get voted into.

    It’s only Treasonous Political Parties wanting to split us up by changing the Preamble.


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