A century of covert communism has all but destroyed Australia and much of the world

The use of drug proceeds to prop up the Cuban regime and to underwrite Communist movements in Latin America goes back to 1960, according to ‘Red Cocaine’, a 1990 book, based mainly on testimony given by Jan Šejna, a major general in Communist Czechoslovakia during the Cold War and the second-highest-ranking officer to ever defect from the Communist Bloc to the US, who became a key source for American intelligence.

As Schotgues explains in the film:

According to Šejna, in the 1950s, the Soviet Union adopted the strategy of using drug trafficking and crime and corruption networks against so-called enemy countries, a strategy that dictator, Mao Zedong had also used in China. The São Paulo forum and Brazilian political agents could also be linked to this strategy.

Historically, the revolutionary value of drugs is twofold: One, you wither away…you degrade the morality of a society; Two, you create people who are willing to break the laws of that society and if you have people who are willing to break the laws of that society you then have people who are willing to do things that are unethical for money. Those are the types of people who can be hired, who can be recruited to be part of a revolutionary network or system.

Soviets mostly used the drug culture and those people for its attempted revolutions in the United States. The Chinese Communist Party’s done the same thing. When you get into Latin America, again ‘Red Cocaine’ talks about how they work for Cuba and so on, like that and Cuba being kind of the heart of the drug trade managing, in the US. Most of its operations were using spies and so on.

According to Šejna, Czechoslovakia’s secret service would send agents to 17 countries, to infiltrate various criminal factions. This included Latin America and Brazil. Terrorism would be incorporated into the drug trade, to further destabilize the targeted nations.

This was part of what the Soviets called “Basic Updated Revolutionary Strategy”.

Cuba entered the Soviet Bloc’s operation in 1960, a year after Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution. In 1966 at the Tricontinental Conference, it was decided Cuba would infiltrate agents in all operations in Latin America.

The Soviet strategy, coming from China and executed mainly through Cuba in the region was divided into five stages:

First, select and train revolutionary leaders as civil and military/intelligence covers;

The second step of the strategy was to train terrorists. This happened in disguise. Using a supposed struggle for liberation from “colonial powers” as a pretext, this guise of “National Liberation” was used to make intelligence operations look like movements of patriots fighting for their countries…

Cuba was one of several countries with training centers to teach crime and drug trafficking to activists, according to Šejna. In official declassified documents, the Brazilian Army confirms that the Cuban Communist Party provided guerrilla training to at least 202 Brazilian left-wing activists between 1965 and the 1971…

The third stage of the plan was international drug trafficking. Drug trafficking worked as a weapon in the Revolutionary War against the so-called “Bourgeoisie societies” and also recruited agents of inference around the world through crime. Fidel and Raúl Castro were described as great enthusiasts of this strategy.

Šejna said he had direct knowledge that by the mid-1960s, operations had been established in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Chile in the US, Canada, Brazil and others.

The fourth stage was infiltrating existing mafias and criminal organizations and establishing criminal unions controlled by the Soviet Bloc and the Communist movement.

Intelligence collection was a priority, with agents both inside the state and in organized crime, information would be gathered for blackmail operations against important targets in favor of the Communist movement.

Data was collected from both drug users and dealers. This made it possible to detect and recruit agents and offered a weapon to damage the reputation of people and organizations opposed to Soviet interests.

Šejna claims that by the end of the 1960s, the Soviets had information on corruption from more than 10,000 influential people in Latin America. This happened alongside the operations of the entire espionage apparatus of the Communist movement.

Former archivist in the Soviet Secret Service, Vasili Mitrokhin came from Russia to England in 1992. He copied and kept secret service documents.

The documents showed that former president of Argentina, Isabelita Perón was a Soviet confidential contact. Her finance minister was, as well.

In Brazil, at least one Diplomat was an agent. Soviet documents named Brazil as one of the five priority targets for operations in Latin America after 1974.

The fifth and final stage of the Soviet plan carried out through Cuba, as reported by Jan Šejna was to plan and prepare sabotage on a worldwide scale…

In 1987, three years before the São Paulo Forum came into being, a defector from the government of Nicaragua, a country run by members of The Forum said that the regime was still using drugs against the US. In his words, it is a form of warfare and it also brings profit.

Two Cuban military defectors confirmed that this was still occurring until at least the late 1980s, when they defected.

In 1989, Colombian drug traffickers pleaded guilty with video evidence of how the Cuban dictatorship aided drug trafficking.

They said Fidel Castro even got a fee. This is the man who soon after created the São Paulo Forum, alongside Lula.

If what Šejna has said is true – and there’s wide evidence to support it is – to this day, thousands or more have had their lives and families destroyed by drugs and violent crimes linked to terrorist groups, without even knowing that this was, itself the goal; part of the revolutionary methods of the hard left in Latin America and the international Communist movement.

Šejna said that the strategy began to operate effectively in 1960. The FARC began to act formally in 1964, guaranteeing sanctuaries for illicit activities and inserting Colombia into the drug trade on an industrial scale…

From the point Šejna claims this plan started, entire nations seem to have become hostage to systematic corruption networks, not that different from those conceived in the referred Communist strategy…

[Trevor Loudon speaking]: “It’s a perfect tool for revolution, because revolution is about destroying the existing social order, so that a new one may be imposed. So it’s no surprise the Communists would be heavily involved in the drug trade. It’s basically at the top levels, if your government is heavily corrupted and dependent on Narco money, they’re not going to be fighting Communism.

“You know, they’re getting their drugs from the Communists they are going to roll over to the Communists, they’re going to make as much money as they can, then hopefully get out of the country before the Revolution. That’s what they’ll try and do. So, it corrupts business, politicians, media figures – and those who are not corrupted are too scared to stand against it, so there’s no opposition. Nobody’s going to stand against these people, because they’ll kill you or they’ll kill your family, so these whole countries are taken over and they are basically now tools of the Communists.

“Mexico is now basically a tool of the Communist movement, which is why it’s allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to go through its country every day to flood the American Border, because they take drugs, they bring in terrorists and it’s part of the Revolution to destabilize America.

“So Lula and the São Paulo Forum were smart, you know? We will soften the image, we’ll not emphasize Communism, we’ll emphasize Social-Democracy an we will unite every party of the left that we can, from hardcore Communists to Social Democrat. We’ll run on a moderate, Social-Democratic program but we will bring our people into power, we all get money from the State, we will indoctrinate our children, we will control our media, we will make slow constitutional changes to basically make it harder and harder for conservatives to win and to embed our power in the main cities across Latin America and also into the agricultural areas through the ‘landless’ movements and and that kind of thing.

“So, it’s been a very slow process and it’s never been under the Communist flag, per se. It’s always been under the Social Democratic flag, the non-ideological left: ‘We’re opposed to the conservatives, we don’t like those authoritarian writers, we’re moderates, we just want to change our country to the better and we’ll work with the unions, we’ll work with elements of the churches and we will just gradually have progress in our countries.’

“But it’s always been a guise. It’s always been really under the Communist Banner. The São Paulo Forum doesn’t have a hammer and sickle in its symbol. It doesn’t fly the Communist flag overtly but it was put together by Fidel Castro and Lula da Silva and it has Communist parties in its ranks. But that’s never emphasized. It’s just the ‘social change’, the ‘equity’, the ‘fairness’ that is emphasized. Communism is being sold under a Socialist or a Social Democratic banner.

“And the goal is to work political power, then use the money of the State and the constitutional powers of the State to make things harder and harder for your enemy [conservatives] and easier and easier for you, to the point that they have enough power they can openly declare themselves Communists. By that time, it’s too late.

“And that’s the game for Brazil. That’s the game for Chile. Most people in Chile still do not understand they’ve elected Communist government there, even though there are Communist ministers, even though I can look at it and very clearly see a Communist government, you could look at it and see a Communist government but the average Chilean, they have no idea, because the media will not tell them.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. And now the hypocritical EU wants a war crime tribunal for Putin: still trying to pin the Bucha movie set on him to conceal their billion dollar robbery. One truly repulsive creature.



  2. lindesymonds: “In my reckoning there are at least 3 trolls in that sock puppet account.”

    lol As anticipated, here’s your J-snark, kvetch: Hehehe… That’s quite some fantasy trip you have. But it does at last place your other ivory tower comments in perspective. My commiserations to you.


  3. Daviddd2, what you are missing is an entire bibliography of history and geo-politics. I can not help you with reading and thinking through the relevant facts of matter. I am not writing a thesis here, I am making comments based upon a political analysis of being a Counter Revolutionary in the midst of the Communist Revolution in the Western nations where I have lived. I reference my comments and leave links to books, videos and reports and research that is on the net – for those who are commenting here and reading and thinking through the many issues of the CN forum.

    Clearly you do not understand or choose not to understand the dialectical nature of monopoly capitalism (which Karl Marx called ‘cartelisation of the Kapital’) and Communism as the Revolution and its Marxist Leninist ideologies. Monopoly Capital owns the Revolution which it has financed, organised and executed through its various agencies for the purpose of ‘cartelisation of the Kapital’ – it was never about the downtrodden proletariat. Marx goes right into this in Vol 3 of The Kapital. And this ownership of the ComIntern, the Revolution etc is meticulously documented. See the works of Anthony Sutton : Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.

    The Revolution is merely the engine of state capture by the central bankers.
    Socialism –> Communism is the social order for nations which are owned by the central banking cartel. Ownership of a state by its central bank (5th plank of the Manifesto) is 90% of communisation of a nation.

    The terms I use are precise and can be easily researched by anyone who is interested.

    I will go with your story that you are just struggling to understand these issues. So why not start with books and documented research? W.C. Skousen: The Naked Capitalist is well researched and documents all the relevant historical facts needed to demonstrate that the Communist Revolution has been owned by the Central Banking Cartel from the beginning.

    Click to access Skousen_WC-The_Naked_Capitalist.pdf

    Privatisation is what happens after the state is captured and a Jew Bank thrown down on top – then privatisation occurs as wealth is transferred to the Owners of the cartel by the government. (Kind of like the Bolsheviks looted the national , independent bank of Russia and all its assets, after the Revolution 1917.) The slogan of the Bolsheviks was always ‘steal their loot’.

    And I guarantee you, this comment will prompt another text block, diversion, objection, J-snark kvetch from the sock puppet daviddd2. In my reckoning there are at least 3 trolls in that sock puppet account. And your comment will again reflect to anyone who cares to know that you have no intention of forming any kind of understanding of these matters. Shalom.

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  4. I hope you didn’t take any offence re the pussyfooting comment, aapkoning. None was intended! I actually prefer your more direct style. lol I’ve had a few odd comments disappear too even though they were totally innocuous. If there’s one thing I like about CN it is that the Eds are not into censoring or filtering as far as I know. So it must be an algorithm hitting on the odd word .


  5. I can’t believe you’re a subscriber to the “kommie” story. If the Money Changers are determined for decades to install “kommunism” globally then how do you explain the last few decades of PRIVATISATION?

    Public assets have been sold off or transferred wholesale to the PRIVATELY owned Money Merchant institutions to the point where Australia today has little to sell… except land and a few left over public assets which will disappear from Public to PRIVATE ownership as soon as the current Public mega debt is deemed unserviceable. Same goes for the rest of the world. I won’t even mention the latest fad of PUBLIC-PRIVATE “partnerships” which, if anything, are a move more towards the fascist end of the spectrum.

    And that sounds like “kommunism” to any thinking person like you? What are you suggesting? All the PRIVATE assets the Money Changers hold will revert back to Public ownership when the Money Changers bring in “kommunism”?

    I don’t get it, perhaps I’m missing something? I’d be grateful if you might assist with an explanation which many proponents of the obviously speculative theory seem to avoid. Cheers!


  6. This is the first time that I have been called pussyfooting around. Normally people that know me the way I operate, (I research – accumulate – execute.) They know, I hate the Game of Circumlocution. I try to go direct to the point, but most people cannot handle the truth! You have to butter them – because they shut down when the truth hits them mentally and or psychically. Then when the Jew name and or the Goyim name is used they shut down completely, almost it looks like they are located in Western Europe! Re: “Self sensor”, If I would write what I would like, I know my comments do disappear…


  7. Yes, Agree, I know Rabbi Stephen Wise. The more you go down the Rabbit hole, the more proof you receive that the % of the world citisen that are indeed AWAKE is Very Low. This is not promising to say the least. Writing at this point in time, The future does not look good… But As some people say: Like David Icke, “Just read your Bible and you know what could/will/might happen next!” Thanks for your reply.


  8. New Atlas LIVE: Protests in China, US Setbacks in Taiwan


  9. crisscross767,
    It is rather avoided that the sephardic Borjas, otherwise romanised as the Borgias, purchased the papacy in the 15th century and that the Spanish Crown of Aragon constituted and ran the Italian peninsula below the papal states as the kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of Sicily, not to mention the rest of the Mediterranean. Not surprising given their Phoenician origins.


  10. Hi aapkoning, There is no doubt that Communism as an ideology, Revolution and social order (soviet) is created, financed, organised and run by Jews.

    Rabbi Stephen Wise even went so far as to say: “Some call it Communism. I call it Judaism”.

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  11. The Illuminati Order was preceded in the 1500’s in Spain by the ‘Alumbrados’, a Christian heresy started by crypto-Jews called ‘Marranos’. The founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, was a Marrano / Alumbrado. Thus when people today argue whether it is the Jesuits or Zionists or Illuminati who are responsible for our troubles, they are really talking about the same beast.

    Henry Makow


  12. aapkoning: “If I write/comment, it will not be published…”

    Just write your comment, no need to pussyfoot and self censor. You’re entitled to state your view no matter whether anyone likes it or not.

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  13. daviddd2, “Will not be published…”


  14. If I write/comment, it will not be published…


  15. crisscross767, Almost close to the truth… No more for now, maybe later.


  16. tonyryan43, You have 6 numbers of very good points to ponder about. More I’m not going to write. Thanks…


  17. lindesymonds is, Interesting article, but the whole truth is not laid bare… I’m tempted but, I’m reserved because whenever I mentioned the Guilty ones, some readers get upset, and come back with 4 letter words that of course show a lack of courage. Further, I’m still waiting for Michael regarding: “Who rules us/the world?” Obviously, I must be on the right track!


  18. “Read Revelation 17-18 and ask which Church is the Prostitute Church”.

    Maybe, just only maybe it is the time to read, study and FINALLY become living proof of revelation 22 while having ones own soul merge with the meanings of the incorporated “flow of the very same living water” secretly flowing underneath those written words. BUT this would be too much to ask for theorists it seems.

    Christians “are trained” to suffer first during their “earthly human condition” and before they can rise up (body less) to a Christian ONLY heaven, regulated by a hypothetical (body less) Jesus, the (body less) rock “St. Peter at the gates of entering” and these days those evolved bible students of Schofield on Earth, being the “self made illusionists of the gate of heaven” in the human realm. The “second coming” – the hope for those good but programmed christian souls “to be rescued” from earthly purgatory as a reward is mostly a rescue from the claws of the earthly ruler of the magical coin and its black cloak magic that has distorted NATURAL VISION of man.

    Why is it that God and the “golden city/paradise” has always taken second place in a “human creation” of bible study realities? After “controlled human profit run on Earth” and endless suffering of course.

    “18 – I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll”.

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  19. Simon says it’s just pllow biting gone viral. If the wankers keep it up soon enough the string pullers will have us bending both our knees and our hips, on all fours.

    Time they stopped playing ball and grew one or two balls of their own.

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  20. daviddd2 – ” Who are they bending their knee for?”

    Black lives matter, LGBT….., whoever they are ordered to bend zee knees for.
    If it keeps being done it will likely become the norm.
    They will have the kids doing it at school, why not, their footy heroes do it.
    Then there will be no option, it will be done whenever one of the elite arrives on scene.


  21. Hi ron, Re: “So the footy players are bending the knee…” Yet AGAIN, it’s simply another component of the psy-op agenda to create hatred and division. That is ALL it is. If everyone just began laughing at all this crap instead of reacting and getting needlessly bent outa shape, it would undoubtedly stop.


  22. Who are they bending their knee for?


  23. So the footy players are bending the knee – sorry not me, not now, not ever.
    That is what slaves must do for their tyrannical masters – what the hell has happened to the Aussie male, they may as well get on both knees and prostrate all the way down.

    Aussie diggers had to do that when they had their heads hacked off during WW2. ISIS and other terrorists do the same today.

    We have no hope of taking back our country and protecting our families and friends if we keep doing that crap.

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  24. lindesymonds… Still having trouble explaining to us how and why the globalist plutocrats will convert themselves into communists and surrender their assets to the soviet proletariat? You haven’t figured out that part yet or you just prefer to avoid it?

    Let us know when you’ve fine tuned your theory and I’ll put it up for discussion at the next Valdai forum. lol

    ps Don’t forget to check for the “kommie red under the bed” before you go to sleep.

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  25. You are seriously out of Valdai Conference talking points daviddd2. ‘The Global Mammonite Money Changers’? WTF? I assume you refer to the Big Jew Bank with its Apex in Basel Switzerland (The BIS) and its foundation in the Corporation of the City of London (Band of England) – owns the Communist Revolution. This is the 20-21st century phase of the Great Revolution they inaugurated in France 1789. They own it. They don’t ‘convert to it’. They are its Owners and Architects and they organise and finance its executors. For example, the Grand Orient of France executed the French Revolution. New York Yiddish Bolsheviks executed the seizure of Russia and the Communist Jews created the Soviet Union, the Party Jews which ran the KGB organised the ‘collapse of the USSR’ and its Potemkin Village, the Russian Federation.

    Vlad, Biden, Xi, Zelensky, the UN, the WEF are all executors working together on the grand finale which is world war three that will usher in a world soviet.

    The Overton Window has not only shifted it has blown out of Aunty Em’s House hurtling through the tornado of the Convergence of ‘left’ and ‘right’ in the last phase of the Communist Revolution – mapped out over two centuries ago. Mazzini said they would need three world wars to do it and that looks about right.


  26. Quite right: and the Kensington zombies [who also appear on other US cities] are predominantly Fetanyl addicts. Most of which is manufactured in China.

    Same folks importing it no doubt.


  27. Smackdown! daviddd2.


  28. saac731: “ask which Church is the Prostitute Church”

    That wouldn’t be the Church sold to the Sephard Borjas and then taken over by their secular Army of Christ in the 15th century, would it?

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  29. lindesymonds: ” A Eurasian Khazaria at the centre of the world soviet was always the core idea.”

    We’ll just first need to convert everyone to revolutionary Bolsheviks so they can be the official owners of all global assets, eh? You reckon Mammon’s big shot self helpers and their kommissar types such as Gates, Soros and others are going to hand theirs over to a world soviet and its proletariat?

    The modern day global plutocrat big shots are going to convert to communism? Seriously? lol

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  30. Quite so, but folks, you need to ask who is behind all this. Read Revelation 17-18 and ask which Church is the Prostitute Church.


  31. Thanks Ed.

    A decade ago, following two decades of research, and in collaboration with a former police officer who was shot in Saigon collecting evidence, I wrote an article titled the Drug Lord’s War on Drugs, which I recall appeared in Gumshoe a few years back.

    Nevertheless, it can be read on “Australia Fights Back” (oziz4oziz.com/). Central to the theme is the truth that the CIA is the world’s largest illegal drug trader, having owned the Golden Triangle and the Afghanistan Heroin Trade, a point made openly by a European government leader. Many former intelligence personnel have also confirmed this.

    One of the CIA Tiger Airlines pilots, Bob Cherry, also confirmed this famously in Bali when some WA drunk was loudly blaming “… you slopeheads” for heroin imports.

    Bluntly, Alex has feverish beliefs around which she has woven her documentation. It’s a favourite Kiwi pastime, which is why Jacinda Adern was able to manipulate 95%. Gullible as.

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  32. Al;ex actually wrote about an attached video she sent but we were unable to download it. She has paraphrased others. Ed


  33. Dr… re Philly zombies… I would not discount the impact of vaccinations, collapse of parenting, and widespread food toxicity as causal. The real problem is, government refuses to fund research that would expose the truth and the media refuses to tell the truth.


  34. The World Judenstaat which owns all UN member nations through its central banking cartel (Monopoly Capital) also owns the Communist Revolution and financed its execution from the time its base was in the Soviet Union to the time it was headquartered in the UN and now back to Khazaria. A Eurasian Khazaria at the centre of the world soviet was always the core idea.


  35. crisscross767: “Karl Marx, the Jewish radical”

    Marx was by no means a radical. Nor does his pedigree suggest that he was anywhere on the fringes of the Globalist Cult of Narcissism and Exceptionalism driving the pursuit of a Global rather than a regional empire.

    The closest the Cult had got to was the British Empire which still fell short of achieving total global control. Narcissism and Exceptionalism demand nothing less. T’is written in their Scriptures!

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  36. Capitalism, Communism – Two Wings of a single bird of prey
    Karl Marx never once mentioned the destructive power of Banks in his Communist Manifesto
    “………Marx’s history—unlike that of Charlton Heston—is well-known and uncontested, but it is rarely stressed. They like to rush you by it, if they mention it at all. You will now see why. On his father’s side, Marx came from a family of rabbis. His father was the first in the line to refuse that road and instead he became a rich lawyer. [Fortunately he didn’t also become a poet, as far as we know.]
    His father gave up Judaism, we are told, and became a Lutheran, although we must assume that was just a pose. He married a Jewish woman anyway, and although we are always told she was “semi-literate,” the more important fact is that she was connected to a family of very wealthy bankers and industrialists. This was the Philips family, which later started Philips electronics. Outside of the royals, the Philips were and still are the richest people in Belgium.
    [Marx’s mother was actually a Pressburg, and it was her sister who married into the Philips family. However, the Pressburgs were also very wealthy Jewish merchants. If they hadn’t been prominent they wouldn’t have been able to marry into the Philips family. Their line in Holland was actually relatively new, and just a couple of generations earlier they had moved from Austria-Hungary, where they had also been wealthy and influential. Their extended family includes many bankers and—like Marx’s family—rabbis. See the names Hartog, Isaacs, Barent-Cohen, and Brandeis. Yes, that Brandeis.]
    I want to pause and circle that “semi-literate” tag we get whenever we read about Marx’s mother. It is supposed to divert you from realizing who she really is. Being semi-literate implies she is from a low class family of scullery maids or something, when the truth is she is from a family of millionaires.
    They just trust you don’t make the connection I did, going “so these millionaires are semi-literate?” I encourage you to make that connection, because it explains a lot. For a start, it explains why these super-wealthy families who now run the world care nothing for real art, literature, poetry, or music.
    They have destroyed all the old high arts and sciences, keeping only the lowly economics. The upper class they displaced—the real aristocrats—always honored art and artists. They scoured their domains—even the countryside and the towns of the poor—searching for the most talented artisans and artists.
    But the nouveau-riche industrialists killed that tradition, instead inserting their own talentless children into the all the artistic venues and jobs.
    [A reader wrote in to send me to Wikitree, which is less scrubbed than Geni regarding Marx. Geni scrubs Marx’s genealogy before we can make a link to the Rothschilds, but Wikitree doesn’t. Wikitree makes it easy to see that Karl Marx’s grandmother Nanette Barent-Cohen was the first cousin of Henriette Barent-Cohen, who married Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Wow. This indicates it wasn’t just the Phillips and Pressburgs bankrolling the Communism project, it was the even deeper pockets of Rothschild.]
    Read on –



  37. Karl Marx, the Jewish radical who inspired Lenin and Trotsky with his Communist theories, was secretly a High Priest of Satan (see Richard Wurmbrand’s book, Marx and Satan). Shown here in his official portrait, Marx is giving an enigmatic Masonic hand sign.


  38. What part of Mordechai Levy – Marx Communist Manifesto does Australia not follow?


  39. As Lenin said, – ‘crush the working class through the mill-stones of taxation and inflation.’

    When that’s achieved, then its drug time for the dispossessed, – a la Kendington Avenue.



  40. tonyryan43: “Alexandra Bruce has a 1950s mentality.”

    Unless she’s part of the “good cop, bad cop” routine. 😉

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  41. Karen Elliott: “Essentially, an indirect way of handing over more taxpayers funds to the extortionate energy companies…”

    Exactly! Doesn’t sound much like communism does it! lol Even though the handouts LOOK like “communism” and “social fairness”.

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  42. In a complex and confusing world, one fact you can take to the bank is that the CIA is run by the Zionist Banker elite. David Rockefeller > CFR/NED > CIA.

    Hold this little fact in your brain and then ask yourselves:

    Why the CIA tried to kill Castro, many times?
    Why the CIA, in alliance with the Jesuits, assassinated the 13 Catholic priests who created Liberation Theology?
    Why the CIA ensured the Israelis who danced to 9/11, were transported back to Israel uncharged?
    Why the Zionist bankers organised the sanctions against Venezuela, froze their funds, and had the CIA organise attempts to overthrow Chavez and Maduro?
    Why the CIA created Operation Phoenix and protected Agent Orange (including putting a contract on me in Saigon).
    Why the CIA organised the murder of Che Gueverra?

    I could keep this list extending for several inches down the page but my point is made, Alexandra Bruce has a 1950s mentality. Her assertions just do not hold water and denote cerebral laziness. Being a Kiwi, I would love to hear her views on NZ’s 1960s Progressive Youth Movement (PYM) role in ending the Vietnam War, in terms of being a Zionist stooge.

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  43. Australians are being warned to expect huge rises in energy bills…
    Such rises will result in wiping out recent pension increases, and will provide windfall taxes for the government…
    Should the former happen, the government will use some of the latter to give pensioners a one-off payment towards their energy bills…
    Essentially, an indirect way of handing over more taxpayers funds to the extortionate energy companies…


  44. One more time, folks: The Global Mammonite Money Changers pull the strings and are NOT communists!

    “Communists” HAS ALWAYS BEEN simply a brand name for the fools serving the age old GLOBAL fascist slavery agenda of the Money Changers. The BRAND NAME and its use has long been a strategy for steering the populace’s attention away from the REAL string pullers and corralling the populace into serving the real agenda.

    Ask Karl Marx and his kabal which designed the Diktatorship of Kapital. For the sheep, Marx called it the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. With not a single “proletarian” having much to say in any REAL decision making!

    Any talk of communism is just a smoke and mirrors game people get suckered into, usually through brainwashing, unless by way of a deliberate promotion of an agenda.

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  45. Exactly so. The permanent world-wide Revolution is the secret of the Perestroika Deception. Americans who fought Counter Revolution against the subversion of the Long March of the Fourth ComIntern through America : the Lindberghs, the America First Committee, Joseph McCarthy, Harry Klein, Benjamin Freedman, Myron Fagin, Louis T McFadden, Jim Trafficant etc have been demonised as ‘anti semites for decades.

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