Insurance investigator makes complaint to Victorian Anti-Corruption Commission about Dan Andrew’s alleged fall on two steps

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    As Dan Andrews left a holiday home to go to work he slipped up on 3 step stairs, landed on his back and broke his ribs.

    From the download –

    “Ambulance Statement –

    ……….Ambulance Victoria received a triple zero call for an ambulance at 6:36 am on Monday 9 March 2021 for a patient who had fallen on steps at a house in Sorrento.

    Based on information provided during the call, the case did not require immediate lights and sirens ( life threatening emergency response ) and the call underwent secondary triage.

    ……………The patient was assessed by treating paramedics as having suspected broken ribs, and pain relief was provided. ……………”

    “………Mr Andrews’ wife Catherine said she thought her husband was ‘going to die’ at the holiday house and he looked at her and thought the same.

    Despite Ms Andrews fears that the premier’s injuries could have been fatal, Ambulance Victoria said that from the Triple-0 call they assessed the case ‘did not require an immediate lights and sirens (life-threatening emergency response)………….”


  2. And so the blowback against dictator Dan begins.

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  3. Walking dog excrement Andrews is a liar – that follows naturally from being in love with Lucifer. He is also a genocidal psychopath capable of any act conceivable without remorse. Accordingly…

    1. “It appears to me that the allegations that Premier Daniel Andrews may have been intoxicated and caught in inappropriate conduct with a minor and as result was bashed may after all be possible to be what really eventuated and possible at least in my view, Premier Daniel Andrews having been injured then made up the slipping of the steps as to make out it was a work accident, and perhaps sue at some time for injuries and damages against the State.” — is the TRUTH.

    2. ” ‘It was awful because you were going blue and I thought you’re going to die here in Sorrento in this holiday house,’ she said in an interview after he recovered. ‘And you were looking at meand you felt the same.’ ” — and this would of course have been by far the most preferable outcome for Victoria, Australia, Planet Earth and the rest of the Universe.

    IMO it’s a tragedy that Dictator Dan’s ALLEGED “security detail”, rather than ALLEGEDLY picking him up off the grass lawn and ALLEGEDLY carrying him back inside the holiday house, didn’t just elect to carry out a mercy killing – the “mercy” being for Victoria, Australia, Planet Earth and the rest of the Universe.

    But hold off on the pain-killers – after all, if Dictator Dan blocked legislation to require pain-killers for new-born babies during their live butchering so as to preserve the suitability of their organs for commercial harvesting, why should he be any different? Not that there would be any commercial interest in organs harvested from a walking piece of dog shit like Dictator Dan.

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  4. Daniel Andrews seems to be untouchable and no surprises their with the corrupt judicial system we have.

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    He also needs to answer questions relating to the incident with the bicycle rider.

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  6. The “wife” is a bloke. Check out its hands. Man’s hands.

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