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  1. Thanks for those links DJ. Don’t think it just the US. I was forwarded this

    Department of Industry Science & Resources (they just keep renaming), critical technologies.

    From page 6 of above doc.

    “Biological manufacturing
    Processes that use living cells to make useful chemicals or materials. Examples include fermentation products, biologic medicines such as antibodies and enzyme replacement therapies, and enzymes for environmental remediation and recycling plastics.

    Natural or synthetic materials that can safely interact with biological systems (e.g. the human body) to support medical treatment or diagnosis. Applications for biomaterials include medical implants, such as artificial joints and heart valves, scaffolds to promote bone and tissue regrowth, biosensors and targeted drug delivery systems.

    Genetic engineering
    Tools and techniques for directly modifying one or more of an organism’s genes. Existing techniques include CRISPR gene editing and molecular cloning. Applications for genetic engineering include making crops that are more nutritious or require less water or pesticides, treating genetic diseases by replacing faulty genes with working copies and cell therapies that treat diseases by extracting, modifying and reimplanting patients’ own cells.
    Genome and genetic sequencing and analysis (Next Generation Sequencing)
    Tools and techniques for quickly sequencing (i.e. ‘reading’) the genetic material of human beings, other living organisms and viruses, and for analysing and understanding the functions of those sequences. Applications for genomics and genetic sequencing and analysis include identifying the genes associated with particular diseases or biological functions, identifying new communicable diseases, crop and livestock breeding and predicting how effective drugs will be for different patients.

    Devices, tools and techniques that use the special properties of nanostructures to monitor or modify living organisms. Applications for nanobiotechnology include more targeted pesticides, biosensors that can detect and count flu viruses, and bioactive nanocapsules that can deliver drugs to where they are needed and nowhere else, reducing side effects and enabling more doctors to use more powerful drugs.

    Nanoscale robotics
    Nanoscale machines made from components like DNA. Applications for nanoscale robotics include targeted drug delivery, identifying cancer cells and moving molecules to assemble drugs or other nanoscale robots.

    Neural engineering
    Systems and devices that directly monitor, or interact with, the brain or nervous system. Applications for neural engineering include biofeedback monitoring, sensory prosthetics and devices to supplement or replace damaged nerves.”

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  2. DJ. As I basically do not turn on the television and watch the news I do miss some of the local stuff which unfortunately is a little detrimental. But I do have the radio on in car and usually hear there. However, the whales story came up on a news link. I was oblivious. I thought hang on this happened not so long ago, I remember my girls asking. So without checking I am going with you on that it sounds right. That area also has Salmon farms!!???. (another big issue here and my personal opinion is don’t touch tassie smoked salmon or any other from farms).

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  3. Hi Blisskitt, Thanks so much for posting that particular link – hadn’t come across that one. Am sending you one from an article last year, and then another recent one, regarding the Executive Order that O’Biden signed September 12. This is just beyond nightmarish. Like we’re entering the bloody 9 circles of Hell!!
    As a side issue, (as you are in Tassie), I am very saddened by the deaths of so many whales at Ocean Beach and Macquarie Harbour. Two years to the very day since the last mass beaching. As we know, there’s no such thing as ‘coincidence’.


  4. Hi all
    Am posting just a short 3 min video (advertisement??) on transhumanism. It was apparently produced by BBC and British government. As the headline says pushing the narrative. I think everyone should have a quick look. I found it totally creepy and far from anything I would consider normal (yet they are trying to normalise). LIVE FOREVER!

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  5. And this is how the utterly desperate Deep State and Democrats plan to rig/steal (yet again!) the upcoming Mid-term elections. Their only true motive and agenda behind the flooding with illegal immigrants. Unbelievable.


  6. I have invested a lot of time in anticipating the shape of Globalisation Plan B.
    Why? Because one does not spend 235 years designing a programme without accounting for failure, especially as history is replete with stories of abject minorities rising up and defeating monoliths. Thus, the elites will have a Plan B in the wings, most likely made of heroes who will rescue humanity from the evil ogres Gates, Fauci, Schwarb, Musk, Bezos, and similar. This explains why these nasties are dangled before us daily, and the media makes sure their arrogance drives us bonkers. These have to be groomed over decades, so I have studied emerging heroes and what the were saying prior to 2008. This has exposed several candidates. One of these is Naomi Wolf. I recommend readers read her current article and then her pre-2008 articles. It’s like two different people. But the camouflage is supurb.

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  7. I was surprised to read the headline ‘How Deep State manipulates commentary on the internet’… theintercept…
    Of course, it was an article by Glenn Greenwald from February 25 2014, 8 years ago.
    Greenwald left The Intercept in October 2020 after billionaire Pierre Omidyar, who finances the online news publication, broke an editorial promise not to censor his articles.

    Here an interesting article by the Moon of Alabama from June 6, 2017:
    Do Not Trust The Intercept or How To Burn A Source

    Yesterday The Intercept published a leaked five page NSA analysis about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. Its reporting outed the leaker of the NSA documents. That person, R.L. Winner, has now been arrested and is likely to be jailed for years if not for the rest of her life.

    FBI search (pdf) and arrest warrant (pdf) applications unveil irresponsible behavior by the Intercept’s reporters and editors which neglected all operational security trade-craft that might have prevented the revealing of the source. It leaves one scratching one’s head if this was intentional or just sheer incompetence.

    Either way – the incident confirms what skeptics had long determined: The Intercept is not a trustworthy outlet for leaking state secrets of public interests.

    The Intercept was created to privatize the National Security Agency documents leaked by NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The documents proved that the NSA is hacking and copying nearly all electronic communication on this planet, that it was breaking laws that prohibited spying on U.S. citizen and that it sabotages on a large scale various kinds of commercial electronic equipment.

    Snowden gave copies of the NSA documents to a small number of journalists. One of them was Glenn Greenwald who now works at The Intercept. Only some 5% of the pages Snowden allegedly acquired and gave to reporters have been published. We have no idea what the unpublished pages would provide.

    The Intercept, a subdivision of First Look Media, was founded by Pierre Omidyar, a major owner of the auctioning site eBay and its PayPal banking division. Omidyar is a billionaire and “philanthropist” who’s (tax avoiding) Omidyar Network foundation is “investing” for “returns”. Its microcredit project for farmers in India, in cooperation with people from the fascists RSS party, ended in an epidemic of suicides when the farmers were unable to pay back.

    The Omidyar Network also funded (fascist) regime change groups in Ukraine in cooperation with USAID. Omidyar had cozy relations with the Obama White House. Some of the held back NSA documents likely implicate Omidyar’s PayPal.

    The Intercept was funded with some $50 million from Omidyar. Its first hires were Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras – all involved in publishing the Snowden papers and other leaks. Its first piece was based on documents from the leaked NSA stack. It has since published on this or that but not in a regular media way.

    The Intercept pieces are usually heavily editorialized and tend to have a mainstream “liberal” to libertarian slant. Some were highly partisan anti-Syrian/pro-regime change propaganda. The website seems to have no regular publishing schedule at all. Between one and five piece per day get pushed out, only a few of them make public waves.

    Some of its later prominent hires (Ken Silverstein, Matt Taibbi) soon left and alleged that the place was run in a chaotic atmosphere and with improper and highly politicized editing. Despite its rich backing and allegedly high pay for its main journalists (Greenwald is said to receive between 250k and 1 million per year) the Intercept is begging for reader donations.


  8. jo – “Classification of ANYTHING is wrong. It is just a huge cloak of a invisible “group interest” that should have never existed in the first place.”

    Just like statistics, intelligence gathering can produce information that is for or against an argument, view, choice, positive or negative result, etc – all using the exact same gathered information.

    The final result of just about any intelligence gathering will be something that suits the purpose of the governments, UN, big business and the like.

    A lie can easily be turned into a truth, unproven turned into a known fact.

    Wars have been made to look legitimate by way of false intelligence information, that had been reworked to tell a now believable lie.

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  9. “Hundreds of the radical Nazis and right-wing extremists online are actually “German domestic intelligence agents”, and many of them may even responsible for “inciting hatred” and even violence.

    “In fact, there are now so many accounts operated by different German authorities that a nationwide agreement has become necessary. Otherwise, these different agents would be targeting each other with surveillance and monitoring. Germany’s new government has taken an aggressive stance against anonymity on the web and free speech, and has targeted apps like Telegram, which is one of the few tech companies openly supporting free speech. Under a new regime, the German government is expected to open thousands of hate speech cases against the public every year.”

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  10. I often comment on what I see on the internet, but as I only visit alternative sites my comments mostly disappear.


  11. There are a lot more agencies than just Western intelligence agencies working to control, infiltrate, co-opt, subvert and manipulate online discourse. In fact between the Western agencies, the Soviet agencies, the Chinese agencies and the NGO agencies a lot of verifiable truth and information does actually escape the NET.


  12. “These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking “Five Eyes” alliance.”
    What is this? A royal commission looking into pedophilia and classifying the outcome for a century?

    NSA & the “Five eye alliance” have classified all there is in the human cage of insanity. All known establishment to man should not only be shut down but destroyed by the shrinking population of “critical thinking sheep”, before half will have died and the rest is convinced by the controlled opposition that ALL and EVERYTHING is in YOUR best interest.

    Classification of ANYTHING is wrong. It is just a huge cloak of a invisible “group interest” that should have never existed in the first place.

    EVERYTHING need to be looked at! Not only tiny particles or crumbs left over by “politics”.

    There is NO five eyes alliance but that seems to be classified also!

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