by Lyndesy Symonds

One Nation is controlled opposition. They should be pointing out that the Aboriginal population (including Aboriginal Identified white people) are 3.3% of the population on the Australian continent. They claim to have the bloodline connection to country because their ancestors were born here. They claim that others whose ancestors were born here more recently do not have this connection. Whatever.

Is Aboriginal activist Gary Foley a Marxist?

The steak and potatoes is this: the Black Aborigines living in their own communities want to lift their people out of drug and alcohol dependency, familial violence and build Aboriginal communities their way on lands they claim by traditional ownership and guaranteed to them by the Australian state. It is in everyone’s interest to see these communities succeed and thrive.

Then there are the white (anti-White) aboriginal identified aboriginals running an Aboriginal Industry worth billions – an industry that has been worth squat to the Australian tax base in terms of actually building Aboriginal communities, skills, choices and strength for Aboriginal people individually and collectively. These people are actually trained Marxists who would like to transition the Aboriginal population into a sovereignty class under a UN Communist UNDRIP system. As a poltically correct [Marxist] and CoVID correct Elite, they are on board with the Australian CoVID Regime of the United [Communist] Nations. They have never opposed the sale of Australian land and water rights to the Communist Party of China. They are phonies who are using an Aboriginal Industry worth billions to push vaxx mandates. I could go on.

A communist-inspired banner carried by (supposedly) black activists

They will not be welcoming me to ‘country’ any time soon. I get up and walk out when they carry on with this crap because I know they are working to condition the majority of the Australian population born on this continent into thinking this is not our country. It is our country too.

And we have to address the fact that a Communist state is manifestly in political power and proceeding to overthrow everything Australians have worked for to make life fair and decent in terms of a Commonwealth, human and civil rights and economic opportunities.