Qld Labor introduces vaxx genocide laws

by Lyndesy Symonds

The United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime in Australia is now getting its legislative ducks lined up for the standard issue Communist genocide on the population. They are getting all the relevant legislation passed now. As Dr. Bay states the relevant legislation will go through the parliamentary cannery in the Big Pineapple. This is because there is no House of Review [Senate] to hold up these bills getting passed into law.

The Vampyre Dominatrix Yvette D’Ath, minister for the depop rollout

The Vampyre Dominatrix Yvette D’Ath, minister for the depop rollout in the Big Q introduced The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Other Legislation Amendment Bill into the Parliamentary Cannery 11 May 2022. It was promptly referred to the Health and Environment Committee for consideration. Does it tick all the boxes for the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Will it get the job done on the useless eaters and CO2 breathers who could put Australia over our CO2 emissions limit?

Afterwards, they all adjourned to the ancient crypt of the Big Q Pineapple Cannery to worship Bauphomet, drink the blood of children out of the communal skull and celebrate with an inferanl din. D’Ath was placed on notice by the Grand High Cabal that while the Bill was under consideration she was restrain herself from ‘morphing’ into anything unnatural in public or on camera. The Committee tabled its report No 21 for the 57th Parliament 1 July 2022.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. DJ: You more than most, (probably all), know the answer to that. Hahafcknha!

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  2. Hi auntieet, So…tell us how ya really feel. Lol. Priceless.

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  3. SORRY! Menacing Little “MIDGEE”, you know, those little blood sucking annoying insects. D’Ath would also be one of those little “snivelling upstarts” we all have come across at school or the workforce, an underachiever that’s trying to make a name for itself. Upstart, snivelling little underachiever wannabe. Piece of sh#t just like all of them. She’s got a lot of snivelling to go to get higher up the ladder, almost there, until they decide to hang the bitch out to dry. Hope it hangs before that

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  4. Michael Augustus

    JEZERBEL DE’ATH..redefines the word “EVIL.

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  5. Hi auntieet, “Menacing little midget.” Lol.
    And amongst the ptb there’s an abundance of em. As someone once wisely said; “Never trust anyone 160cm or less.”

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  6. Editor, I have made a reply via email. Thanks


  7. jo,

    What’s in a name? They offered us our drinking water from the sewage, I can’t wait till they offer us our food from it too.

    I don’t really give a rat’s arse what name they wrap it with, we know what it is. Let the fools believe otherwise. lol

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  8. David, gulag or concentration camp are horrible words. Smart cities sound perfectly politically correct in Australian

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  9. Kev we cant understand who said what in this format. If you can fix it we can publish.Ed


  10. Dandy: “Anyone know what this part of Health Practitioner Regulation Legislation amendment bill means?”

    It means the “regulators” give themselves the right to send you to the new QLD gulag archipelago for a few years if you protest their regulations.

    It means good ole Australia is breathing its last gasps. It’s been sold out and sold off to non Australian interests.

    It means Aussies are NOW screwed into “YES SIR, YES, SIR THREE BAGS FULL” obedience and arsekissing as their new way of life.




  11. A little tip toe through the tulips into the jaws of government abuse. Wakey, wakey, boys and girls! Australia is calling you!

    Trash the new breed of totalitarian politicians and the tyranny “mandates” before YOU get trashed yourself. You’ve had plenty of warning, no whingeing after you’ve been done over, thanks.


  12. In reference to my previous post how many countries is Australia now made up of and what is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act worth?


  13. The Queensland Constitution 2001 / The Brigalow Corporation / The Removal of all Ownership Rights in QLD. Deceit and treachery by Qld. Politicians. Did you give your consent to this? Did you even know about it? Queensland politicians should go to jail

    October 24th, 2010 | Author: Hinterland Voice

    1. The Queensland Constitution 1867 was reframed with 114 Changes, 131 Additions and 116 Deletions.

    2. January 1998, QLD National Party documented a move to place the QLD Governor in the Government as a Parliamentary Secretary under the QLD Constitution 1867.

    3. This became official January 29 1999, the same day the QLD Constitution 1867 was reprinted.

    4. Thus the Governor was no longer a sworn representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but a Public Servant of the QLD Government.

    5. He was still using the Public Seal of the State on behalf of the Premier and Parliament of QLD and maintained the appearance of the Governor to the Sovereign People of the State.

    6. During the early 1990’s all important and relevant Acts were changed and framed, but were adjourned without a definite date of reprinting.

    7. On 3 December 2001, the Queensland Consitution 2001 came into being.

    8. On this day, this became the “Fundamental Law of QLD”.

    9. 7 June 2001, all the framed Acts were reprinted and became law.

    10. QLD then became, at the completion of these matters, without the assent of any of the laws by the Crown or Her Representative, an independent sovereign State and fractured the common law and the separation of powers in that state.

    11. 15 July 2001, The Corporations (Q) Act 1990 (Q) Reprint No 3 created in QLD a Corporate Government. This is known as the Brigalow Corporation.

    12. The State of Queensland Australia is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commissions under No. 0001244818.

    13. The Queensland Treasury Corp is registered under No. 0000852555.

    14. All Crown land, assets and infrastructure on that land including schools, hospitals, roads, etc are subject to and responsible to the Ministers of the State of QLD as cited at Chapter III of the QLD Constitution 2001.

    14a. All Sovereign People are now persons under the Corporation, All persons are chattel ( a piece of property that is moveable).

    15. Their land, bank accounts and all items of ownership are now assets under the Brigalow Corporation.

    16. The Premier is now the Executive Leader of the Parliament of QLD.

    17. All government tiers, including Local Council are now inside the
    Parliament of the State of QLD.

    18. The public officials are not public officials of “the Crown” but public officials of “the State” of QLD.

    19. The Common Law has been repealed from the Supreme Court Act 1995 (Q), Reprint No. 2, reprinted as in force 2 March 2001 © State of Q 2001

    20. The Supreme Court, the District Courts and the Magistrate’s Courts are now inside the Parliament of the State of QLD, and as such must obey the QLD Constitution 2001.

    21. The Australian Constitution, the Common Law & Equity, the High Court and the Federal Government no longer have any superior governance over the State of QLD.

    22. The State of QLD and the Sovereign People of QLD have only Civil and Statute Law in this state.

    23. As private ownership can not exist under Civil and Statute Law, all
    private equity and inheritance in the State is now the property of “the

    24. Under the civil law system, which is now subject to the Uniform Civil
    Procedures Rules of the Supreme Court Act 1991(Qld), every person is guilty until they proven their innocence.

    25. There has been no Referendum of the Sovereign People to approve any of these moves. This means they are Ultra vires, an act beyond the powers or authority of the government.

    26. Every State in Australia has begun its own “Legal Theft” of the
    ownership rights of the Australian People.

    Only the People can protect the rights of themselves & their families and stop this.

    Just as a matter of interest (and relevant to this topic.)
    I have today received a copy of a letter from the Office of the Premier
    Queensland Government. It reads as follows:-

    “Thank you for your email dated concerning claims that the State of
    Queensland has been removed as a State of the Commonwealth of Australia and common law is no longer recognised in Queensland. I have been requested to reply to you on the Premier’s behalf.

    The comments in your correspondence have been noted. As these claims are to be considered in a current application before the High Court of Australia, it is inappropriate for the premier to comment at this time.

    Again, thank you for bringing your views to the Premier’s attention”
    Yours sincerely

    Stephen Beckett
    Deputy Chief of Staff

    Our thanks to the Flora Newsletter.



  14. Against the 1901 Constitution re Medical conscription. As per SA precident. If a law is passed against the Constitution you are in your rights to ignore it.


  15. If you look at that proposed Legislation for Health Practitioners it basically appears to imply that there is no point in asking your Doctor for advice, because your Doctor is following the advice of the Government.
    Their Registration with the APHRA Board depends on it.
    Even if the Health Practitioner is no longer Registered, they still cannot give advice outside of the Government advice because they once were Registered.

    Take that for what it is.

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  16. Menacing little midget

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  17. Anyone know what this part of Health Practitioner Regulation Legislation amendment bill means?

    Amendment of s 90P (Offence of contravening prohibition order)
    Section 90P

    Maximum penalty—450 penalty units or 3 years imprisonment.

    Clue: history


  18. This part of the Legislation amendment is telling:
    Section 90AA

    “The Health Ombudsman may make a public statement about a person if either of the following applies:
    (i) the health ombudsman reasonably believes the person is contravening, or has contravened, a relevant provision;
    (ii) the person’ s conduct, performance or health is the subject of an assessment and the health ombudsman reasonably believes that because of the person’s conduct, performance or health, the person poses a serious risk to persons; and it is necessary to issue a public statement to protect public health or safety”

    Key words:

    1. contravening…
    2. person’s conduct (or health) = subject of an assessment….mental health?
    3. poses a serious risk to persons
    4. to protect public health

    Now I wonder where that may be going….

    Clue: history


  19. I wasn’t sure if I was reading a satire piece of Lyndsey Symonds, or a chapter out of Harry Potter.

    I don’t think any good honest Health Practitioner will want to work for them anyway.
    If they do, then they will have to be compromised.

    This latest Qld Legislation is just an ‘amendment’ purge of those who don’t endorse Allopathic ‘pharmakeia’ potions and craft.

    This is what it has become so stop believing it is what it once was.
    It’s not anymore.

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  20. roland13021954

    just curious. did this maggot also attend the Schwabbie school for up and coming despots. Needs to swing in the breeze.


  21. Please – there is no “virus” – looks like shingles – from the poisonous injections.
    If you go through the history and the first paper on this they said one of the characteristics of the M.P. was that the particles had a “square” shape. Lets see then fake that one..

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  22. If there is no upper house then how can they lawfully pass anything?


  23. Just in time for our own national Moneypox Public Health Emergency! Apparently, the WHO and the US have already taken the lead in their emergency declarations: …

    “The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’ late last month, a designation one level below the pandemic status assigned to Covid-19. In the US, the cities of San Francisco and New York have already declared public health emergencies over the outbreak, as have the states of New York and Illinois.

    “More than 6,000 cases of monkeypox have been recorded in the US since May, with the vast majority occurring among gay men. While it is still unclear whether the virus is being spread sexually or through the extended contact involved in sexual intercourse, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said last month that men “with multiple sexual” partners of the same sex are particularly at risk.

    “At least four children in the US have contracted the virus, according to state and federal officials. The first two cases, reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last, were “traced back to individuals who come from the … gay men’s community,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said at the time.”


  24. The Bill implements a range of reforms which aim to update and improve the regulation of Australia’s health professions. The Bill’s main objectives are to:

    Strengthen public safety and confidence in the provision of health services;
    Improve the governance of the National Scheme; and
    Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the scheme.

    “Strengthen public safety” with so many vaxxed people dropping dead or getting injured?
    One must be a complete idiot to still have “confidence in the provision of health services”.

    Of course, the Police and the Army will make sure to “Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the scheme”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if many will go along and support their Bolshevik State and Federal governments in power since March 2020.

    As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said:

    “In this climate of orchestrated fear, systematic censorship and fierce tribalism, we’ve watched many of our friends, family members and colleagues choose blind loyalty to a government-sponsored COVID-19 narrative over uncensored, critical thinking and honest debate.
    We’ve watched Americans stop listening to the facts. And stop listening to each other.

    “If we can’t explore scientific truths through debate, how will we ever bridge the widening chasm between America’s warring tribes?”

    I am afraid that the situation in America is no different from Australia or anywhere else in world.
    Kennedy’s ebook ‘A Letter to Liberals – Censorship and COVID: An attack on Science and American Idearls’ can be downloaded here for free:



  25. Michael Augustus

    Evil witch…she will grovel before the Great White Throne.


  26. Apparently Palushchook and Co wanted the concentration camp facility, they built it and now they have the means to put it to use. Plandemic or no plandemic. Keep your hair short and tidy, concentration camps have terrible hairdressers. lol

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  27. I MAY BE WRONG, but on the basis of a quick read, and broadly speaking, I’d say QLD doctors MUST now tow the government line and do as they’re told or they will be banned from working not just in QLD but ANYWHERE in Australia!!!!!

    It’s called national castration of private medical services by “tightening the noose” and putting doctors on a leash. A de-facto form of “civil conscription” which circumvents its prohibition by the Australian Constitution.


  28. CEO of QUEENSLAND STATE Inc. changed the POLICEy of its CORPORATION for employees with STATE IDs on their hand. You/YOU can resign any time, but if you do not then you cannot complaint, you have no voice, you must honour the rules, acts and regulations of the COMPANY you work for in exchange for MEDICARE and CENTRELINK benefits. Slavery is prohibited – voluntary servitude is not, THEY have done absolutely nothing wrong, why people cant get it?

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  29. Who gave this woman the power to do what she does ? Did people really vote for this ? I am damn sure I did not. This government is like a runaway train, headed for a cliff. I want to get off.
    All you people who voted for this mob, did you really know what you were getting ? All the parties ,sorry, definately not a party , this cabal, gang , mob . Kind of like Mafia people.”Do as we say, and we will protect you”. Well that is not working out too well so far.

    We used to say, good things come in small packages.D;Arth is little, A little package could be dynamite Anthrax, Cyanide, Smallpox. Monkeypox, and that other thing You know the one, the test trials from the planes in about 4 states, did you vote for that ? Oh yes “Our Government ” is really dropping the injection material from the air, in some areas.

    Are we, the common people achieving anything,? Dear Anastasia built that facility for the unvaxxed.They will use it when they want. Seems to me , they do exactly what they want, when they want.

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  30. barbara.dove64

    Could you please repeat this article in plain English, so we can fully understand the implications. Thank you.BarbaraSent from my SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 on the Telstra Mobile Network


  31. Lightning hits people near White House
    Multiple people are in “critical condition” following a lightning strike in Washington, DC
    Lightning hits people near White House
    © Twitter / dcfireems

    At least four people have suffered severe injuries following a lighting strike in Lafayette Park just outside the White House, emergency services in Washington DC confirmed on Thursday evening.

    Did the gods get it wrong? Gardens Point Brisbane is miles away from Lafayette Park Washington.


  32. Thanks for your timely news,

    Mr or Mrs or Ms DEATH, being a not so nice name is often changed to D’Ath or more simply Deeth. As for Yvette, I think the original name is more apt.

    John Appleton


  33. Wow, there are some big accusations on top of this terrible news, if the story about the diversions at the Big Q are true then they should be exposed.

    I hope they all hang for their actions, Thanks for keeping us informed, Delwyn

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  34. At least they are leaving a good papertrail for when the hangman comes knocking. Hope they show the hangings live on tv.

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  35. Correct, Lindsay: the QLD Parliament/Government does not have an Upper House, meaning it is technically a foreign country. Thus the QLD government cannot pass any valid laws, and they are not applicable to anyone who has the smarts enough to identify as a living man, woman or child-a child’s parents can do that for the kids, who are minors.
    This is why I always write to politicians/the Grubberment as the living man, born on the land, at location I was born in.
    Thus, they cannot presume that I am one of their CORPORATE PERSONS.
    Simple, isn’t it?
    Next step: Lawfully Notice them of your correct political status.


  36. If you would leave all the sarcasm out of the report you could make your point much clearer to us slow elderly people but I think you’re making a good point


  37. have a look at anzac square and its layout. square and compass and the kabbalistic tree of life. the tree spans adelaide street. this is why qld and many politicians, are so demonic –

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