Reality bites Labor Resources Minister as national electricity supply threatened

Climate activists perform what appears to be a cultic ritual at Parliament House, Canberra.

AUSTRALIA’S new federal Labor government has been struck with a reality bug. According to the new Resources Minister Madeleine King, coal-fired power plants need to come back online to provide relief from the energy crisis gripping the east coast. 

This after Labor, the Greens and Teals ran their election campaign on “combatting the climate crisis”, “ending the climate wars” (no more debate on the climate change theory) and “transitioning to renewables”. Greens leader “Adam Bandit” even threatened not to support the government unless they pledge to stop all coal and gas developments. Bandt is a fool and yes, a bandit intent on impoverishing the Aussie economy by shutting down its major energy sources.

Bandt’s most recent contribution to the issue was this Tweet: “Gas corporations are holding us ransom. Gifting an essential service to big corporations has left us facing soaring prices just to keep the power on. We need a publicly-owned big build of solar, wind, batteries & storage. Starting right now.”

Bandt sees part of the problem but his solution is wishful thinking. Does he really think batteries like the one in South Australia are a solution to an energy crisis? That 150m/W battery provides a full-power electricity supply for a whole hour. It’s only advantages are that it fires up very quickly and can avert unexpected blackouts.

South Australia gets 800MW of electricity from gas, 210MW from its large-scale wind and solar farms and 600MW from rooftop solar panels.

Meanwhile Minister King threw out the surprise appeal a few days before a meeting of Commonwealth, state and territory energy ministers on June 8th to discuss the soaring gas and coal prices, brought about by the war in Ukraine and the idiotic US and EU attempts to punish Vladimir Putin by strangling their own gas and oil supplies from Russia.

But this war-driven energy crisis is not the first one. Back in the early 1970s there was one, driven by OPEC countries cutting production during the fourth Arab-Israeli war. OPEC was trying to force an Israeli withdrawal from Arab-Palestinian lands.

They were also trying to exercise some control over the Anglo-American oil cartel, which produced about 50% of petroleum in western countries in 1972 and controlled 85-90% of oil exports from developing countries. This same oil cartel funded the first Earth Day in 1970, thereby popularising the global environmental/population control movement with its central message of restricting use of resources i.e. creating more government and big corporate control over resources.

The cartel generated its huge profits from the difference between monopoly-driven low prices that oil was purchased at from developing exporter countries and relatively high petroleum product prices in importing countries. In other words, big business and geopolitical factors drove the “crisis”, not an actual shortage of energy.

And so it is now with the same old Anglo-EU-US business and political cartel, this time running a war against Russia, who they see as a threat to their desired unipolar world order with its US dollar reserve currency. Russia is directly challenging that state of affairs by trying to lay claim to Ukraine by force.

Another factor is the drive by globalists (primarily the World Economic Forum) to force the entire planet into a “great reset” or new world order. Their narrative employs the bogus climate scare campaign and the so-called transition to renewables. This transition demands the demonization of fossil fuels, which are relatively easy to extract and highly efficient because of their vastly higher energy density.

The globalists’ grand plan is to electrify or convert to hydrogen all transport while taking control of and limiting energy production in the name of “sustainability”. But the harsh reality, as pointed out by Scottish academic Robert Wilson PhD: “…90% of the planet’s 200 largest cities almost certainly cannot be powered predominantly by local renewable energy.”

Advocates of renewable energy like the Australia Institute repeatedly claim that renewables are now comparable or cheaper than fossil fuel electricity. But that only applies on sunny days and windy conditions. Coal, gas or oil-fired power stations produce electricity on demand for peak use periods, not when the weather suits.

Dr Wilson: “In fact, on the scale of most countries aggregate wind farm output can be assumed to have almost zero reliability. In this sense, every wind farm must have a fossil fuel power plant sitting in wait for when the wind does not blow.” He continues: “The lesson is reasonably clear; Britain and Germany’s aggregate wind farm output can be expected to go below 1% of total installed capacity with reasonable regularity.”

Solar is not much better, even if it does have a higher power density than windmill power. “Commercial solar photovoltaic panels typically average between 10 and 15% efficiency,” Dr Wilson notes.

The key factor separating fossil fuels from wind, solar and biofuels is power density, as expressed in Watts per square metre (W/m2). Wilson notes that typical generation of fossil fuel and nuclear electricity has a power density of at least an order of magnitude greater than that of renewable energy.

“Power densities are comfortably above 100W/m2 after accounting for mining etc. And conventional power plants often have power densites in excess of 1000/m2.” He cites the example of a small propane powered generator (3500W) which can be bought at a hardware store for a few hundred dollars. It provides in excess of 1000W/m2, which is far in excess of the power density of any conceivable new method of generating renewable energy.  

These physical economic realities are behind why the people who advise Australia’s Energy Minister suddenly saw the writing on the wall. No, renewables, although useful, do not have the ability to meet those peak demand periods such as the current polar weather across much of Australia.

Minister King told the ABC that outages of coal-fired power represented 30% of the Australian energy mix and operators needed “to get moving on fixing their plants right now.”

Former energy minister Angus Taylor told the ABC Australia had seen record levels of investment in household solar and renewables more generally and the highest levels of household solar in the world. But that solar power supply had to be matched with dispatchability which is why gas was crucial to balance the grid. 

The Western Australia government policy reserves 15 per cent of gas produced in the state for local consumption, which reportedly has spared WA from soaring gas prices.

“The gas reservation policy of Western Australia was a very great political struggle to introduce, it was very hard on the then state Labor government, and a lot of people lost a lot of political skin in that fight,” King said.

“It was also part of the design of the export industry — so it came in at the same time, and was also part of, the investment decisions of international investors into the WA gas production system. That kind of system is very hard to reverse engineer now on the east coast, [the] export market was developed without that in place, investment decisions were made without that restriction.”

So what is the lesson to be learned? Obviously we need national reserves of fossil fuel and probably another coal-fired power station to replace the one shut down by the lefty Labor loonies in Victoria and the one demolished in South Australia. Renewables should be seen as the stand-in source of power and made to work in tandem with the national grid, not against it.

And if you’re lucky enough to live on a sunny, windy property next to a creek, then good luck with your mini-hydro, solar panels and windmill.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yes… discernment. After what has happened in the last two years, anything is on the cards. The book reads more like non fiction… and the thing is scientists did disappear in alarming numbers – as well as thousands of people.

    The author, ex fleet street reporter, had to go on the run and change his name. There is a reprint out now, but I wonder if it is the same as the original… or if things have been omitted or changed.

    I keep an open mind, and file things away to see what eventuates later on.


  2. To Jen, so many conspiracies and even more lies.
    The point is we all need to use discernment don’t we.

    If we have learnt anything these last 2 years it’s that all may not be what we thought it was.
    When we get over the shock, we will build back better.
    But without them.


  3. Not in 1960, the moon was already occupied – They can if they use one of the vortex locations around the earth as stated in the book they tried to ban. Read the book, it is mind blowing..

    I have a 1994 edition that I picked up in a second hand bookshop, and on the back it says its banned in US and Canada.. It is a novel, but I think its non fiction really… As I said, anything is possible..


  4. To PenguinFalcon, you may well be correct.
    The Van Allen Radiation Belt would cook them alive.
    It is unlikely that any human being has been to the moon.
    They have been into space though, somewhere just above earth.

    A retired astronaut was questioned about how they managed to cross the radiation belt.
    Their answer was they were not sure they actually had.
    What Van Allen Belt?

    The Arizona desert is a great place to take photos though.
    You can get an immediate spoken response from the astronauts from there with no time delays.
    At least that’s what one of the photographers claimed many years later.


  5. Hi periguinfalcon, Totally with ya on that!!


  6. OMG Fed Up, that is gold!!!


  7. periguinfalcon

    Nobody has ever landed on the moon, its impossible to get past the Van Allen’s radiation belt wIth the supposed Apollo missions.

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  8. Nope! Make that a hat in one!

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  9. Dandy … Galactic Federation… ? Has anyone ever read Alternative 3? – supposedly travel to Mars happened years and years ago with the Moon as a way station – Then there are the remote viewers and time jumpers… who jump time using star gates arriving instantaneously to do stints on Mars – 20 years there, and then return to present time un-aged….

    Some gnostics believe world leaders are in cahoots with an evil beings not of this world… that battles are taking place in the skies above between them and the good ones… and that in the end humanity will be saved by a race that is not of this world -.. I like this scenario…

    I do feel that some benevolent ETs are keeping an eye on things, they cannot afford for the crazies running this planet to threaten the whole solar system now can they?..

    Keep an open mind folks… I do read a lot, there is a lot of interesting stuff out there…and anything is possible.


  10. Hi Fed Up! That’s right…but think it was reposted by someone using twatter lol.
    Yeah – Jumpin Jack Flash Ardern isn’t doing so good either. Labour only with 25%! in the by-elections.


  11. periguinfalcon

    It’s all one big show, Trump and Biden serve the same masters.


  12. BTW D Johnson, Donald Trump is not on twitter but on Truth Social only.

    He has stated he will never go back to Twitter

    That is probably a false account but I think America is sick and tired of the Joe Biden shit show

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  13. What a crack up D Johnson

    Hole in one!….well done President Trump!

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  14. Hi Fed Up, Eloquently put and very true.
    Meanwhile…as one blogger cleverly stated, this is a good metaphor of O’Biden’s presidency.


  15. Hi Dandy

    Thank you for taking the time out to provide that information.

    As I said, I like to listen to everyone for their opinion and not totally dismiss everyone.

    Gut instinct usually tells you if something is wrong or right but we have been gaslighted so much by media and politicians etc etc

    This whole covid BS has woken up a lot of people into realising that we can no longer trust our Governments

    I have decided to do a George Costansa (Seinfeld episode) and do everything opposite to what I usually do and that includes no longer brushing off people I once thought where spooners.

    Who are we to decide if something someone says that does not sit with us is talking BS just because we didn’t see it on channel 9 or learn it at school…prove they are wrong with evidence instead of assuming they are talking shit.

    I have quite often heard that we will hear a lot of stories this year, some true, some not.

    Some people that you think are on the good side, aren’t and some people you may think are the bad guys aren’t bad……art of war perhaps!

    I absolutely do believe that American is now under Military control because the place is too ‘out of control’ for it not to be.

    When this shit show is over, we will be headed for better times than just being slaves to the system….who doesn’t want that.

    I’d rather look at the positive side because the doom and gloom society is holding us back.

    I know one thing for sure, we will have a lot to be grateful and thankful for with the ‘Alliance’

    I don’t think people realise how brave and gutsy these kind souls really are with the work they are doing behind the scenes to save our children and us for that matter!

    ….the truth will eventually come out

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  16. I had a look at your Galactic Federation clip Fed Up.
    I’m assuming the commentator is communicating with an ‘alien’.

    Galactic Federation was talked about on Sky News MSM Dec 8, 2020.
    I copied it out as below:

    “The former head of Israel’s space security program claims aliens exist and a “Galactic Federation” has been in contact but the secret continues because “humanity isn’t ready”.
    Former Israeli general Haim Eshed reportedly made the remarks in an interview with a Tel Aviv newspaper.
    “The aliens have asked not to announce that they are here, humanity is not ready yet,” Professor Eshed said.
    “They have been waiting for humanity to evolve and reach a stage where we will generally understand what space and spaceships are.
    “There’s an agreement between the US government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here.
    “They, too, are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers.”
    The 87-year-old also said President Donald Trump almost revealed the existence of the aliens, which have a base hidden on Mars.
    “Trump was on the verge of revealing, but the aliens in the Galactic Federation are saying: Wait, let people calm down first,” Professor Eshed said.
    “They don’t want to start mass hysteria. They want to first make us sane and understanding.
    “There’s an underground base in the depths of Mars, where their representatives are, and also our American astronauts.”
    Professor Eshed explained why he waited until 2020 to make his claims.
    “If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalised,” he said.
    “Wherever I’ve gone with this in academia, they’ve said: The man has lost his mind. Today they’re already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards, I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.”

    So FedUp I am not new to the idea of the grey aliens that live in the underground tunnels (allegedly).
    My interests span many topics.
    Apparently the grey aliens smell so bad that you could be forgiven for thinking they were demons.

    Do I believe the Galactic Federation mystery?
    Not so much.
    Then again, there is much no one knows.
    The more we think we know, the less we do.

    Trump has a penchant for Saturn, that I know.
    Interesting that he has a heads up on all this stuff.

    My take home message would be to watch out for the holographs.
    When the Queen had her 70th Jubilee recently, it wasn’t her in the carriage, it was a holograph.
    The funny thing is, people waved at it!

    I wonder what holographs they have planned next.
    Aliens maybe?


  17. Thank you D Johnson

    A very articulately worded and thoughtful comment from yourself as usual


  18. Hi Fed Up! Thank you. I am certain that the bulk of the intelligent, critical thinking readers and commentators here on CN appreciate your contributions… whether they are in agreement or total dissent. That is the intended purpose of this platform which we are most fortunate to have – so as you say: “If you are not into this stuff…..move on!”
    It’s noteworthy that the handful of habitual ‘critiscisers’ never have anything to offer and/or share themselves.


  19. More woo woo from the lovely Megan Rose about Australia

    I like to listen to everyone in relation to intel about Australia because we have been ALL bullshitted by MSM

    It seems fair dinkum as she can describe in detail on the spot

    This may or may not sit with you but I am just putting out there for you to give it a listen. Her previous posts have had a lot of views and positive comments

    I noticed a few comments from Qld, so I thought I would post this on Cairns News comments section

    If you are not into this stuff…..move on!

    Thank you Cairns News for allowing me to post to share this message

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  20. That is okay Dandy, I respect your opinion but some of us have moved on from the MK Ultra MSM

    This does not mean we are not both on the same page in trying to save our Nation from our criminal scum politicians

    This shit is all in the bible”revelations” that I ignored for most of my life….and apparently bible writings have been hidden from us in the Vatican tunnel along with a shit load of gold that has recently been discovered

    I should have put a ‘woo woo’ warning on some of my posts for people like yourself, but thank you for taking the time to have a look and have a think, because this is what it is all about.

    Cheers mate

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  21. Fed Up I had a look at the video you posted.
    It still runs the theme that Trump is going to save the world.
    That Q is real and that the earthquakes are not earthquakes but explosions 10 km below the earth.
    That the children are going to be rescued and that aliens remain active.

    My counter sense to that is information I have gleaned which appears to show Q was created by General Flynn. Trump thinks he is ‘the One’, and Nikola Tesla was a Freemason actor in the same way Elon Musk is alleged today to carry on the ‘legacy’.
    It’s quite possible the energy that should be free for the world was worked out long before Tesla turned up in his role.
    Hand in jacket.
    A perpetuating story we have been led to believe.
    Who was Tesla, really?

    Our knowledge of history is so limited and stolen from us.
    We only allow ourselves 100 years of twisted information fed through a system of propaganda from preschool to University.
    That in itself is crazy given the world is 1000’s of years old and quite possibly smarter than we think we are today.
    For one thing, ancient civilisations were incredibly innovative.
    Ask a student if they can describe one thing.

    Photos can be photoshopped. The Med Beds with their quantum healing for example.
    We can’t trust any photos these days.
    I have even seen Ardern with a moving penis under her dress.
    It actually looks real enough but unlikely.
    It’s the trick of technology.
    No photos can truly be trusted. Not anymore.
    They can be whatever they want them to be.

    The photos of the solider on the gold bars could have different explanations.
    I don’t know that such a posing photo would be done if it was that secretive.

    Tunnels under the ground are likely of course. Civilisations built on civilisations. An archaeologist understands that.
    What the tunnels are used for with real evidence is yet to come forth.
    Maybe they are just old tunnels.

    The use of technology, and the secrets hidden from common man confound all of us.
    Even the chemistry periodic table stops short of disclosing all that the earth contains except for a few to know.

    I think however that it is unwise to believe that one man, has got all this under control and is fixing things as we speak.
    Especially given the claims about this one man.
    Hand in jacket.

    I remain a skeptic.

    There is no real evidence of evil waning. None. No rats scattering.
    They carry on as if they are in an alternate reality, protected from prosecution.
    They believe their own lies.
    They protect each other.

    What will it take for their house of cards to come down?
    That I’m not sure.


  22. crisscross767

    Clarke and Dawe – The Energy Market Explained
    454,186 views Mar 16, 2017


  23. Like ALL bullies Captain Crazy Eyes is so cowardly and lacking of cojones that his yappy little terrier of a wife has to protect and defend him. Feel sorry for that innocent baby… snowballs chance it’s got.


  24. Hi Fed Up! Extremely well stated. I always feel hugely encouraged when the ‘criticizers’, who are notoriously arrogant, ignorant, rude and just plain obnoxious P’sOS emerge from beneath their rocks. Too narcissistic and stupid to realise they’re simply revealing themselves. It’s a clear indication that we’re drawing ever closer to VICTORY – and they are utterly terrified and near apoplectic with rage.
    Need to invest in a few more pairs of those grave-dancin shoes!


  25. Lets all stand up to the filth government death cult like this guy courageously did. Notice how offended they are when the worm turns. We have all been harassed every single one of us in our own way by the Government, especially in the last two years. It does not matter if you have been vaxxed or not

    When “the bone” is pointed at them, watch them scream “blue murder” ….fk em all and piss them off once and for all.

    Don’t just rely on Riccardo Bosi, Hoody and the Aussie Cossack, just to name a few .. . do your own dirty work instead of relying on them to do so, we need to stand up and fight ourselves to stop this bullshit


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  26. Hi H, lets start with that commissioner that didn’t support his/ her troops with the vaccine (bioweapon) mandates

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  27. crisscross767

    Ukraine To Halt Coal, Oil, Gas Exports Ahead Of Critical Winter
    By Charles Kennedy – Jun 08, 2022, 10:45 AM CDT

    Anticipating a winter season defined by severe energy crisis, Ukraine will halt all exports of coal, natural gas and oil, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an address to the nation on Wednesday.

    Ukraine produces natural gas, crude oil and coal but domestic demand exceeds supply by approximately 35%, according to the International Energy Agency.

    This winter, Zelensky said, will be “the most difficult” in Ukraine’s history since independence from the Soviet Union, and all energy resources will be diverted for domestic consumption…….”


  28. Hi Fed Up! Absolutely. Personally I was banging on about Rothschilds, Illuminati, Bilderberg, Reptilians/Shape shifters etc over 15 years ago. Sure some people consider you’re certifiable, but who cares lol. An open and inquiring mind is far preferable to not having one at all. Yeah, as Glen says also, “discernment” is key to what you absorb or as you say “put in the vault”. Otherwise you run a serious risk of vanishing up ya own you-know-what eh! Even in that vid, some of the things presented I don’t agree with – seeming too over the top or fanciful, though interesting at least. But anyway, probably no less credible than virgin birth and talking snakes et al right!


  29. Hope people take the time to read. Have supplied many times links, “Re: Menuhin” but so far nobody even comments, of course it is part of history. It looks we are heading like the power electrical grid for a disaster…
    Australia’s emblem has an Kangaroo and an Emu, — The Kangaroo keeps hopping around in circles and the Emu in place, of going almost 68Km per hour, NOW has got its head in the sand.

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  30. The world was envious of Australia’s electrical grid. Supplying for many years the cheapest electricity in the world. That’s one of the reasons homes had almost everything electrically operated. And NOW privatised and stuffed and we cannot even take care of ourselves.

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  31. Hope the Americans* keep their firearms but are they* organised/together and above all strongly Patriotic so they will defend their population against a criminal government and system? Time will tell, all states have to go in lockstep against not only the Federal government but also various criminal private enterprises.

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  32. Hi Brian Johnston, Great comment – totally agree. And re your last paragraph… always strongly suspected the same. Factual evidence is out there somewhere – and like everything else will eventually surface.


  33. Brian Johnston

    The article claims SA gets 800MW gas, 210MW wind & 600MW rooftop solar.
    These numbers are wrong.
    Wind turbines do not produce any usable 50Hz synchronous energy. They are useless. They do produce useless harmonics known in the industry as dirty energy. They are Asynchronous.

    Photos showing a wind turbine on fire require an explanation. The fire is generally caused by the harmonics playing havoc with the oil and the bearings. NB The oil requires regular replacing. A wind turbine needs fossil ah correction abiotic oil to function. Maybe they should use canola oil. The same stuff we should not be consuming. WT’s are a scam.

    Those rooftop solar things can produce usable energy though it cannot be pushed back into the grid, insufficient capacity. Similar to a college team pushing against a national rugby team, going nowhere. Rooftop PV solar is only good for self consumption.

    How can people get paid for selling surplus rooftop solar into the grid. I suggest they dont. I suggest their own solar power passes through the meter and they buy their own electricity at a discounted amount. Can anyone provide fact based information on this.

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  34. Conspiracy theorists was a term created to denounce anyone who was telling the truth, it was coined by the CIA. The point is you know you are on target when the flak is at its greatest! What proof do you need?

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  35. Hey D Johnson, in relation to the Judy Byington report about Australia, I like to keep an open mind about things and put it in the vault. If you told me I would be listening to this stuff a few years ago I would have told you that you where crazy and had you admitted under the mental health act! 😉

    It now seems that the people I thought where crazy with their conspiracy theorists stuff is now coming true.

    I remember Candice Owens saying there is six months between conspiracy theories and the truth….that gap is becoming smaller

    I’ve heard this type of information from a few sources now including this one from Carl and Patriot 101 Glen just this morning.

    It can no longer be ignored and it’s time to listen to people with an open mind and heart and not just brush them off anymore.

    Perhaps if we had all listened with an open mind, we would not be in this mess.

    Just another one to put in the vault for ‘ron

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  36. periguinfalcon

    Of course none of this is engineered??? Covid hoax, followed by worst flu season, fuel prices, food prices, weather, transgenderism etc etc etc! Your government are the enemy! I predict another false flag very soon! Probably somewhere very remote again like some sleepy fluoride induced town in the outback so they can stage everything and no one witnesses anything! Disarm the masses hey presto take over complete!

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  37. Good post fedup, where as always, as the stock values of the market leaders fall, their earnings and profits fall, and through extension, the Government receives less tax revenue.

    So expect further governmental infrastructure collapse, hopefully they’ll start sacking a few coppers to save on expenditures?

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  38. With the Communist climate party line we need to include the UN Earth Charter, the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and UN Agendas 21 and 30. The world’s foremost Communist entity – the UN – is building supreme soviet. To do this they have to crack eggs and they need a mythology. This is global cooling [the 70s version], the hole in the ozone layer [80’s version], global warming [the 90’s] – now just climate change as the cover story for all the geo-engineering. So saving the earth with the 17 SDGs from climate change is the mantra for the useful idiots.

    The above ritual looks like some kind of menstrual problem for mother earth.

    I am sure the Soviet Union [ big on SDG ] and the EUSSR [ big on SDG ] and the international climate nutters will be exercised over this. Is this a once a month type of thing in Canberra, I wonder?


  39. crisscross767

    Ask the politicians to explain the science behind their assumption that carbon and carbon dioxide causes climate change and global warming and they would not be able to do so as their science is based on a false premise.

    “If the mad Greens get their way there will be no life left on Earth”


  40. Hi Trumper Cottage, Jeez now there’s a couple of zombies that need a good blasting from the LRAD’s!


  41. Reblogged this on Trumper Cottage and commented:
    Do you really trust the Greens and the Teals?

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  42. Hi dianedraytonbuckland, What an utterly deplorable and unconscionable way to treat the vulnerable…or people in general. The Dig ID has been set up on Mygov for a few months now… that was the writing on the wall.
    I foresee Robotdebt Mach 11 and countless more suicides. That takes care of that cross section right?!

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  43. Hi Fed Up! Not feelin quite so impish after that particular Judy Byington update – but hey thanks – hopefully it will rattle some snoozers!? Yeah, what an inauspicious mention Australia got…the globalist headquarters…even Mary sounded gobsmacked eh!

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  44. dianedraytonbuckland

    Can the destruction of Australia and Australians be stopped?

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  45. D Johnson, you crack me up! 😉



    Judy Byington update reported by Mary on Rumble

    News on Australia @ the 37minute 30 second mark

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  47. Hi Fed Up! Woohoo! – time to dust off the dancin shoes for visiting their graves.

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  48. Wild amount richest four Aussies lost

    Mining magnate Gina Rinehart ($34.02 billion), Fortescue’s Andrew Forrest ($30.72 billion) and the duo behind Atlassian – Mike Cannon-Brookes ($27.83 billion) and Scott Farquhar ($26.41 billion) were among the hardest hit.
    ‘Freefall’: Bloodbath worse than expected
    Australian stocks are plunging deeply into the red today — wiping tens of billions of dollars off the value of the country’s top companies — as global markets are smashed and fears grow over a worldwide recession.

    ….and crash, there goes the stock market as well

    Taken from Whiplash 347 on telegram

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  49. Brian Johnston

    Book: Tell The Truth Shame The Devil by Gerard Menuhin.

    The information from numerous books packed into one. Interesting.


  50. In the photo are they ‘climate activists’ or occultists performing black magic on Government lawns?

    Not so long ago witches would have been burned at the stake.

    Australia can no longer claim any status as a ‘Christian’ Nation which held to certain values.
    It is now a Nation that kills babies one week after they are born and celebrates debauchery while teaching and exposing it to their children.

    Physically and Spiritually the strongholds of satanic practice are in plain view.

    Somehow I don’t think it will go well for this Country.
    The fig tree will not blossom.
    There will be no fruit on the vine.

    Reference: Universal Truth @realinternational_tv (telegram)

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  51. “a meeting of Commonwealth, state and territory energy ministers on June 8th to discuss the soaring gas and coal prices” Discussing? There is nothing to discuss at least not for those MP’s (Morons of Parliament). All slithers down the way prescribed by the global elders of Z.
    For those not on Government salaries or pensions: Stay warm and dream of a belly full of hot food. A candle might help also to stay not completely in the dark. Good luck!

    “So what is the lesson to be learned?” Isn’t that obvious by now?

    NO FOREIGN OWNERSHIP and projection of sovereignty for all of Australia INCLUDING the sewer in Canberra where souls are sold for peanuts!


  52. “a meeting of Commonwealth, state and territory energy ministers on June 8th to discuss the soaring gas and coal prices” Discussing? There is nothing to discuss at least not for those MP’s (Morons of Parliament). All slithers down the way prescribed by the global elders of Zion.
    For those not on Government salaries or pensions: Stay warm and dream of a belly full of hot food. A candle might help also to stay not completely in the dark. Good luck!

    “So what is the lesson to be learned?” Isn’t that obvious by now?

    NO FOREIGN OWNERSHIP and projection of sovereignty for all of Australia INCLUDING the sewer in Canberra where souls are sold for peanuts!

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  53. I was being sarcastic… lol… Of course its not a coincidence. Everything is co-ordinated.

    I think in the US its over 30 food production plants – and they are desperate there for gun control hence shootings… but it will never happen, Americans will not give up their guns…


  54. Hi Brian Johnston, Informative and correct. Re: “The Australian electricity grid is in serious trouble. Blackouts are on the way.” Damn straight they are.
    Next thing we’ll be seeing the toilet paper hoarding bogans having fisticuffs over candles.


  55. Brian Johnston

    Before anyone get into the wind turbine and PV solar debate they ought to know how electricity is generated and why.
    Our homes and industries require 50Hz energy. The generators have to produce to within 0.1% an exact 50Hz – sinusoidal sine wave form. Refer to jug label. 230V 50Hz
    This means a generator must rotate at a fixed speed as required by law.
    At high peak periods when the work force rises for work and switch all their jugs and toasters on there is a huge demand for electricity which has the effect of slowing a generator. Steps are taken to maintain speed ie more water or steam pressure.
    Subsequent generators on a grid must produce the same 50hz at the exact same time as required by law. Synchronous energy.
    A wind turbine does not meet any of these requirements. They are useless and cannot boil a jug. They produce useless harmonics which through smart meters are fraudulently added to consumers power bills. Hence the reason your power bill went up after the smart meter was installed.
    Rooftop PV solar cannot pass back into the grid. It is like a college team pushing against the national rugby team. Going nowhere.
    Wind turbines are totally useless.
    Rooftop PV solar can provide energy to self.
    The Australian electricity grid is in serious trouble. Blackouts are on the way.

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  56. Hi Jen, I’ve always adhered to the thought that there is absolutely NO such animal as ‘coincidence’ – holds about as much water as ‘conspiricacy theory’. Synchronicity, serendipity, fate, destiny…Yes. Coincidence…Nup.
    It’s like saying that 19 food processing plant fires over 6 months (around 3 per month) is just a ‘coincidence’. And we won’t even mention all the false flag shootings eh!

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  57. The maths was well known a decade ago.

    No country can do without coal.

    The real issue is the coal pollutants, not CO2. Coal produces mercury, which must be filtered out. There are other pollutants too, which is what the public should be debating now.

    As for Adam Bandt and his Greenies, I firmly believe the addled in our community should be treated with understanding and compassion, and their cages should be warm and comfortable. But I really do think that letting these poor creatures actually vote on adult issues is taking empathy way too far.

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  58. So no wonder covid has gone quiet… this is the new threat for everyone – and its been in the planning for a long time. Just read that 9 coal fired power stations were closed between 2010 – 2016 across four Australian states. And they want to close more..

    And how’s this for a coincidence, 6 or 7 coal plants are currently shut down for ‘unplanned’ maintenance… and throw into that no sun almost all summer and unseasonably cold weather so early into winter??. Evil..

    Does anyone else smell a rather large rat?

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  59. Received some comments from my European contacts, (Re – energy problems) “They feel sorry for us because we are running low on resources.” Minerals, coal, bauxite, you name it, are those the reasons you have power problems!?! “But we are NOT running low on criminal politicians.” — Following their good old mate Murdoch — “He is an OZZIE is it not.”
    Better ask his Mamie…She loves him, but Murdoch does not love Australia!


  60. South of Toowoombah, West of Warwick is a massive disused Solar Farm, hectares and hectares of broken solar collectors, abandoned, broken and becoming over grown. It’s a very dystopian scene. Wind turbines are worse, they cannot be recycled at all. Israel has used sea tides for quite a number of years to supplement a % of their energy needs, why can’t Aussie too? No that’s too pro-active, no good at all. In Sydney, the North Sydney Council powers every machine and the council electricity needs they need to operate from methane gas produced from collected residential organic waste for several decades. That Tesla battery in SA failed recently.
    Those climate activists are habitually against anything worthwhile. Our planet is now the greenest its ever been. As fast as forests are being cut down regrowth is happening faster. They only show us denuded forest areas via the media at the time they’ve been cut down, they never show us 5 years on.
    I grew up in the Blue Mountains of NSW where we had horrendous fires every year but we also had phenomenal regrowth every year too which the media never show. That people choose to live in those fire prone areas is their choice, and others try to save them in times of fire crisis. It’s always the same year after to where one begins to believe that some people enjoy living in naturally dangerous areas.
    It’s a bit like motor car racing where the spectators are behind massive protective barriers. But when the race day is over they drive home, in fact drive every day on two way roads as close as 150mm, very much more dangerous than motor racing. Yet, people must pay big $s to watch other people drive fast in the same direction with safety barriers, sand pits, and more to protect the onlookers and drivers. Just go find a busy intersection and you’ll see much more action than at any race track.

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  61. And while we’re at it, yet another food processing plant up in flames. Dun and Bradstreet are having a ball.


  62. Is anybody really that surprised? That is, those who have been researching further afield than in our own back yard. It was projected some 8 months ago at least that one of the final phases in the ‘reset’ would be to take out power grids worldwide. This is only the beginning.


  63. Neville Thompson

    Oil,gas and coal are not fossil fuels so they exempt from the slimy Grreen BS


  64. “Renewables should be seen as the stand-in source of power and made to work in tandem with the national grid, not against it.”
    Certainly not destroying established power plants.
    Will the Lefties ever learn.

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