by Lindsey Symonds

Sounds like Vlad has taken a chapter out of the ZOG West playbook. Wasn’t this the ‘Assad is gassing his own people’ schtick back in the day. They are copying American propaganda created for ZOG wars in the Middle East. It was abysmal then and it is abysmal now.

Frankly the Russians can do better.

Russian tanks advancing in Ukraine

This is a Jewish schtick. This is Yiddish theatre. Jew Vlad and Jew Zelensky are organising the Soviet takeover of Ukraine. Vlad gets to wear the white hat and Zelensky gets to wear the black hat. Vlad is the good guy invading liberator ridding Ukraine of evil Nazis. Zelensky is the bad guy with his ‘Nazi units shelling his own people’ script.

Jubela Vlad and Jubelo Zelensky probably even got Jubelum Uncle Joe (Jewish) Ho Ho Ho and the CIA to create some Nazi units for them. And in their photo ops they can’t even Heil Hitler correctly.

Back in the US of A (where the Communist Takeover is now Manifest), the CIA is occupies itself with creating Nazi groups: grooming them, training them , paying them to display swastikas and post their crap on social media to scare the wits out of the little bonditts at the Anne Frank grade school so the ADL can get their Hate Crime laws passed. Can’t have a good war without Nazis – originally funded by Stalin btw and later the Wall Street banks.

The US crime rackets – biological weapons research that not even DARPA will permit in the US – are now in Russian / Soviet Union hands. I am sure part of the plan was to get all that into the hands of the Soviets. The US research is more advanced – so naturally it has to go to the Soviet Union just like all the rest of the American tech that red rover, red rover was sent right over on the Lend Least Program.

G. Edward Griffin: Meet Major George R. Jordan State Dept. Whistleblower

Just like it was part of the Communist plan to get all that US military hardware in Afghanistan into the hands of the CCP. Uncle Joe left it on the tarmac for them and plenty of US dollars so the Taliban could buy into Belt and Road – which , of course they promptly did.

Why not listen to the millions of Ukrainians pouring across the border into Poland and the Russians crossing into Finland? The Russians know that war in Europe is coming. There are unaligned refugee and NGOs who are tracking these displacements. They are not talking about Nazis. They are talking about Operation Zapad.

War in Europe is coming. The Ukrainians know it. The Russian people [ the European Rus ] know it. Central Europe knows it. All these people should be on the same side against overt Communist Takeover from the East, their own Deep States run by Kremlin assets and FSB / / EUSSR TEDS and NATO control.

They don’t want their Christian cultures and institutions to be subverted by the Cultural Marxism of Western nations that have fallen to the Communist Revolution. To prevent this, naturally the Ashkhenazim Communists must have Nazis. The whole of Ukraine is filled with advancing Soviet tanks but it is the Ukrainian ‘Nazis’ who are doing the shelling – just to make Vlad look bad, don’t you know.