Lying politicians and TGA health officials will meet their maker, sooner or later

Letter to the Editor

My healthy fit 28 year son started a new job about 6 weeks ago. To keep his job he had to have the jab, which he did about 4 weeks ago. Immediately after the jab, he passed out, fell off the chair onto the floor and pissed himself. After waking up some 10 minutes later, he seemed OK. The next day he couldn’t go to work because he felt like shit – tired, lethargic and stressed to the max. Last night, he went out to visit some friends. At his friends house, he passed out, fell off the chair onto the floor and pissed himself. He got back on his feet in about 10 minutes. As he was telling me this, he looked as white as a new white sheet.

Then he said he was scared it all has something to do with the mandated jab. I could see the fear in his eyes. Then he went to lie down … and got up and lied down again and got up … all in a state of internal panic. We talked for a while and he calmed down. He went to work today. Talk with him later … The cost of the jab is not only paid by some by their lives or their total and permanent disability, but also in psychological and emotional terms. It appears our health departments and Govt. members don’t give a shit about that cost to individuals as they force these experimental shots upon us all.

from John Matrix

Editor: We are so sorry John that your son believed the propaganda spewing from party politicians and lying health officials. We pray your son will be OK and every reader will support him for sure. Please tell him of our support.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear this.
    Please get your son some supplements as soon as you can.

    N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
    Vit D3
    High doses of Vit C, or Liposomal C
    Immediate release Niacin B3 (do NOT get sustained release)
    Anything that helps him produce Glutathione.

    Please also look up Dmitry Katz

    And jump on his telegram channel.

    There are a bunch of people all vaxx injured who are having great success with his suggestions.


  2. Simon says:…. BIO-ENGINEERING Experimental Medical Procedures!

    Repeat to your self twice, then three times daily, and go to bed in the evening. When you wake up you’ll be all over talking about vaxxination and experimental “booster” injections on a 3 monthly basis.

    If not, repeat until it sinks into your head and you stop talking about BIO-ENGINEERING Experimental Medical Procedures procedures as a “vaxxine”.

    Pleasant dreams.


  3. If this happened to my son, I would hunt for blood, poor kid thought he was doing the right thing. All of our thoughts are with you and family, let’s hope he can fully recover. Spare a thought also for the brave woman who set herself alight in Victoria, I pray that she is ok. If someone could set up a fund for her im sure people will help her recovery.
    These bastards will hang for this !!


  4. People just need to stop doing it. This makes me cry and I sincerely hope hes ok. I know where you’re at as 2 out of my 5 kids had it one side effects the other not so far but she also breast feeds her 10 month old. I’m concerned for them both! Rest of my family think I’m crazy. Please people stop taking it!


  5. John,I hope your son’s health gets better.
    If I were in your position I would get statements of the people who witnessed these tragic events and take them to his employer,his doctor,and I would be consulting a reputable law firm. Google
    Tony submitted a detailed 29 page on this vaccine nonsense to the government


  6. On the WEF website one can find a selection of present/future “leaders/influencers” (to be) $elected to lead “their” nations. Anybody that still believes in democracy, federal elections and sovereignty of Nations might be seriously compromised after browsing through the 104 pages of HONORABLE world citizens to play a major role in world “politics”. Clinton, Merkle, Macron, Trudeau, Ardern, Johnson, etc, etc have their pictures here. Ardern is on page 7, the “NEW” German Minister of Foreign Affairs – since Nov 2021 – Annalena Charlotte Alma Baerbock resides on page 10. Annalena has also served as co-leader of Alliance 90/The Greens since 2018.
    Future world history as it will happen is out in the open since the founding of WEF and what is it that sleepy humanity is doing beside getting jabbed? Trying to free themselves while holding up protest boards, protest, demonstrate or plot along and vote for the opposition/alternative fraction in the next $election but in the end in global politics: ALL “STATESMEN” are being born of the same bloodstained coin that rules the human world since it was “temporarily removed” from the temple 2000 years ago.
    I feel with you John but after all, ALL of us are subject to cause and effect and to the Come on Wealth.


  7. John I will pray for your son tomorrow at mass. I stand with Archbishop Vigano and the anti-nwo alliance. As per the instructions on thsy website – Your son has sufferred one wallop of a toxic shock. Homeopathy can help him.


  8. tonyryan43 Problem is more people need to be woken up yet mate. Anyone going out fighting against this gets ridiculed and abused by the general public who think they are doing good by following the poison. This is by design, people police.


  9. During 2014 Fauci applied to US patents office to register mRNA substances as vaccines, the patents office refused registration on the grounds it was NOT a vaccine but a BIOLOGICAL warfare agent. Where the F—k are the so called media on reporting this???


  10. Bio-engineering injections flogged to the public as “vaccines”. It seems not every human body likes to be forcibly bio-engineered and quite a few buck up and react in protest, some at the ultimate price!.


  11. It would not surprise that many could consider being violated with an injection against one’s will as psychologically damaging as being raped.

    The injection may not involve violence in the generally understood sense, but the psychological effect of submission into being physically violated can cause grievous life long consequences for many.


  12. John, I’m not a doctor, but i have done a fair bit of research on COVID-19 (a virus which doesn’t exist) and the so-called gene therapy ‘vaccines’. The biggest threat, caused by the vaccine-induced spike proteins, is blood clotting and it may be advisable for your son to have a D-dimer blood test which can detect blood clotting. Small clots form and coagulate into larger clots which can lodge in major organs.
    Doctors have been banned from prescribing Ivermectin, simply because it is a well-established, cheap and effective cure. India used it successfully to cut down their COVID infections, and it has been used effectively on vaccinated COVID patients in hospitals. This video has information- “COVID 19 CURE – NEAR MIRACULOUS EARLY TREATMENT & PREVENTATIVE – IVERMECTIN …
    You can buy Ivermectin online – just Google it. Here is one Australian source and you don’t need a prescription – it goes under the brand-name of ‘Stromectol’

    Besides your son boosting his immune system with supplements and vitamins, he might care to look into the government’s Vaccination Compensation Bill (NSW only it seems – check if other states have something similar). This came about after Congress passed a law indemnifying drug companies and health care providers from vaccine-related liabilities. Instead of government or drug companies being liable, now responsibility for vaccine caused death or injury rests with employers who mandated their employees be vaccinated. The duplicity of government is mind boggling.


  13. This breaks my heart. I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels to have your child suffer in such a way. Perhaps prescription strength glutathione & MSM might help reduce the physical symptoms, which could alleviate some of his internal chaos. I know it’s a long shot. I wish you and your son the best.


  14. Heart wrenching to hear what happened to your son! Sadly, he is not the only one.
    You can buy something called Zeolite that draws the toxins from the vaccines out of the body. I think its Larry Cook who sells it. Google it.
    My neighbour got it for his daughter who succumbed to the jab at university. He said he had a long wait to get it from USA, but he got it.
    It really does work.
    Meanwhile love and prayer to your son and you.


  15. I am impatient with Bosi and others, who talk about retribution and ending this national murder programme. End the fucking talkfest and start fighting. This is WWIII, not a legal contest.

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  16. Yes, I for one agree with the Editor’s sentiment.
    This is affecting so many families.

    As we make our life choices we have become mindful that this is not going to be about one jab.
    It is also about the second mandated one.
    Then that won’t be enough and it will be about the mandated booster.
    Then the mandated booster after that.
    At least potentially seven more times whenever ATAGI (vaccine pushers) say so.
    Particularly if you are a Government employee. A public servant. An essential worker.

    So at what point is your job worth more than your health?

    The early warnings in 2020 that came from International Scientists were that the first jab potentially disabled the immune system by around 15%. The second jab by 45% and the third jab….the booster….well, how much more immune system do you have?

    These ‘novel’ synthetic jabs are claimed to actually disable (not support) the immune fighting T cells and the body’s immune signalling.
    In simplistic terms our T cells are really important in dealing with viral infections big and small and some have the job of remembering which ones they have encountered before (memory cells).

    Our immune systems are our inbuilt weaponry.
    Once we understand that, it is much easier to say no.

    My suggestion to John is to at least get his son’s heart checked out in case he is having arrhythmias or heart pauses that are causing him to pass out.
    Arrhythmias are a known adverse effect for some trial participants.
    This is something his Doctor should be aware of.
    Not to stress but just to be sure.


  17. Gee I hope he will be ok John … my Daughter had have the jab to start a new job a few weeks ago as well… the first week she was so sick she had to take the next week OFF… praying she will be ok.. .
    God help that mongrel andrews if anything happens to her… there will be no place for this mongrel to hide … even hell won’t be far enough away from my RATH if any should happen to her.

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  18. I will pray for your son and yourself…along with many other innocent people..we are just doing the right thing as per our shadey, dishonest and power hungry health officers….pushing this suspicious trash into bodies of the majority. Resist, resist, resist….do not agree to the ‘passport’. Remember…God is our strength and the day of judgement will come!


  19. Sue his Employer – The Government might be protected, but his employer is not.
    Don’t forget his second shot is due in 3 weeks and probably a booster shot 3 months after that and it is reported that to “overcome” Omicron a further 3 shots are due – which is really silly, because Omicron has killed nobody and signals the end of the pandemic, naturally – unless the vaccine makers want this pandemic to continue for ever

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  20. I am sorry John In my family we have big problems also,I mean big. A former marathon runner. Now cardio vascular problems, and now has to have a brain scan, to find out why she keeps passing out. She had a phone visit with the cardiologist. $300 thank you A brain scan next week tests on heart.and brain another $800. Thank you.The public health system is stuffed in Vic.I am sorry your son was coerced into it, so was my niece .Hopefully writing about this will be a warning . It is bloody difficult decision. I did advise her, but… Like my dad would say. ” You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink,”


  21. & most co-workers have had reactions from the sh#it going into their bodies, one was quite severe, his heart, fit healthy young people now with bizarre & strange things going on. No doctor takes them seriously, same doctors ready & waiting for the next administered jab to come along, $$$’s, all about the cash & wrap mentality. No reactions reported either. Shame on any doctor doing this evil work & don’t tell me they don’t know


  22. Health Minister, MP Greg Hunt, is reportedly retiring – probably running and looking for a place to hide. Professors Brendan Murphy and John Skerritt, head the TGA and sanction the absolute crap on the TGA website – blatant lies to lull people into a false sense of security. The gene therapy “vaccines” are anything but ‘safe and effective’.

    They claim to constantly monitor safety issues, yet they admit to 686 post-vaccine deaths (but the numbers are probably far greater). This should be more than enough to immediately halt any vaccine program immediately. They also minimize vaccine injuries which can be severe and permanent. They are now promoting vaccinations for children while the government’s own statistics show that anyone under the age of 50 has very little chance of dying from COVID-19 – with children, no chance at all. With the vaccines proving to cause sterility in some people, what is vaccinating children going to do to future generations?
    Check out the lies here ….

    When the truth comes out, as it will, every doctor who has ever given the poisonous jab, is in danger of being hunted down, and it serves them right. If they’d bothered to read the vaccine ingredients list, they’d have seen that there is NO viral component – hence the ‘vaccines’ are NOT vaccines. Instead they have an mRNA genetic strand which interferes with human DNA and is irreversible. This is illegal under the Nuremberg Code.
    The gene-therapy experimental ‘vaccines’ harm the immune system, so the best thing jabbed people can do is to build up their immune system, because they will be susceptible to any disease or virus doing the rounds.
    The ‘vaccines’ are also known to cause blood clotting, so look for symptoms of pins and needles, itching, unexplained bruising, even blood oozing from the skin, and breathlessness if clotting occurs in the lungs – very serious if in the heart or brain. Reported around the world – there are more people dying from the vax, than unvaxxed people, and infecting others with their vaccine-induced spike proteins.
    All this information is available, but is dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’ by those who already know everything. Am I angry? YES, you bet! Both my adult children got vaxxed for their jobs, despite my warnings and sound, independent and expert medical advice. I was politely told not to meddle in their lives. So far they are OK, but they’ll get a heap of supplements and vitamins to boost their immune systems for Christmas – after that, I’ll stop meddling.


  23. Yep, you’re right. The hierarchy that sold themselves & sold ‘us’ all out don’t give a rat’s. It’s all about their own monetary & better positions of power reward. 99.8% of my family (me, bar one niece) refuse to play their game. We’re expecting them to come for us, like they’re doing to so many others. Majority of the populace don’t fathom the evil we’re up against & it’s only just begun, they’re just warming up. My heart goes out to you & your son. Most of my family & friends & nearly all co-workers have taken the injection believing they’re doing the right thing. All family & friends that took it, did it to keep their jobs, bills to pay, mouths to feed, I can’t judge them. All I know is this is the hill I die on. I’m getting very old & don’t expect I’ll see this all through (The Fight That Will Be Won) but I’ll be buggered if I don’t go without making some noise about it all. Thank you for your story albeit heartbreaking.


  24. John I am sorry to hear about your son.
    I really do hope that his health improves.


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