Letter to the Editor

My healthy fit 28 year son started a new job about 6 weeks ago. To keep his job he had to have the jab, which he did about 4 weeks ago. Immediately after the jab, he passed out, fell off the chair onto the floor and pissed himself. After waking up some 10 minutes later, he seemed OK. The next day he couldn’t go to work because he felt like shit – tired, lethargic and stressed to the max. Last night, he went out to visit some friends. At his friends house, he passed out, fell off the chair onto the floor and pissed himself. He got back on his feet in about 10 minutes. As he was telling me this, he looked as white as a new white sheet.

Then he said he was scared it all has something to do with the mandated jab. I could see the fear in his eyes. Then he went to lie down … and got up and lied down again and got up … all in a state of internal panic. We talked for a while and he calmed down. He went to work today. Talk with him later … The cost of the jab is not only paid by some by their lives or their total and permanent disability, but also in psychological and emotional terms. It appears our health departments and Govt. members don’t give a shit about that cost to individuals as they force these experimental shots upon us all.

from John Matrix

Editor: We are so sorry John that your son believed the propaganda spewing from party politicians and lying health officials. We pray your son will be OK and every reader will support him for sure. Please tell him of our support.