Letter to the Editor

My aunty passed away last week, because she got the first vaccine and was forced like other community members of Wadeye ( Port Keats) 500km from Darwin that were loaded on the community bus taking them to the health center. Telling them that if they wanted to go out of the community they have to get the jab or the police will be waiting at the airport or on the road if they were to travel by car. This was done before it was mandatory most people of community are aware of the situation now. It scares me to know that they are after our children we have never been forced ever to be vaccinated for any other known viruses.

This is criminal a criminal act against humanity. My aunty wanted to come to Darwin City to see us because she hasn’t been back here for 5 years since her husband died well before this COVID. She also had a pace maker rheumatic heart fever she open heart surgery before, they didn’t even care she was already sick as if her life didn’t matter. She died of a heart attack internal bleeding in her brain.

Wadeye community 500 klm from Darwin in the Northern Territory. Residents were bused to a health centre and jabbed like cattle under threat of police action.The Northern Territory Labor administration has a lot to answer.

No one was with her at the time she passed in Royal Darwin Hospital my cousin escorted her but was told to leave as soon as she got sick again, I think that while she my cousin went they could of injected (aunty) her with the second one , because I remember her asking me to take tobacco to her before she got sicker she was talking fine.

Labor Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Michael Gunner by his actions proves you don’t have to be a Liberal to kill people with Covid inoculations

I wanted to go and see her I drove there to the hospital but weren’t allowed to because of visiting hours restrictions they have now. I said I come back 5pm that is when you can visit but while I was waiting well asleep because being stressed out about everything that’s happened.

Then I got a call and said she died probably the time I went to the hospital she passed away. She was in the theater the time I went before she passed away and was told from the ICU unit that they were very busy and can’t have visitors and she just went to the ward From CCU.

From CCU straight to the operating theatre Aboriginal people are always being used as guinea pigs in the hospitals if they can’t speak up for themselves.

So I strongly believe that this is a Big lie the government is going to be responsible for more indigenous and non indigenous people deaths. If we don’t speak out.

Rosemary Timber

Northern Territory