Letter to the Editor

This insanity from WA’s ALP leader at 90% vaxxed before opening borders is almost as bad as our new NSW Premier “moving the goalposts” to 95% or to even further into the future.

Obviously people like the WA Premier and NSW Premier Dominic Perottet are totally insensitive to the adverse effects on small businesses, tourism, weddings, funerals, families etc and on ME by “moving the goalposts” AGAIN AND AGAIN, and all for the sake of a minor disease, which is only 38th on the list of sources of death in Australia, and from which 99.8% of people infected recover.

ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL GOVT STATISTICS the probability of a person under 70 dying of coronavirus is ONE-FIFTEENTH of the probability of dying in a road crash (for those above 69 years old the two probabilities are about equal),
and for children and teenagers the probability of dying of coronavirus is better than ONE-HUNDREDTH of the probability of dying in a road crash.

Therefore there is NO justification for extending covid vaccinations to children and teenagers! 
The benefits would be small, and the risks are too great for a new technology vaccine developed in a short-term rush.

It is simply impossible to guarantee the long-term safety of something developed in a short-term rush, and for which (obviously) long-term testing has not been completed.

from Alexander and Edwina Stewart

Coffs Harbour