Police officers had enough of enforcing government Covid agenda speak out

Riccardo Bosi interviews Ex NSW Police Officer Alex Cooney and Ex Victorian Police Officer Craig Backman who have had enough of enforcing COVID government agenda

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Pauline Hanson is STANDING STRONG for Australians.
    COVID-19 Prevention of Discrimination Bill – Now in Senate
    21 October 2021

    From Senator Pauline Hanson:
    On the 21st October, I introduced legislation making it unlawful to discriminate against Australians who exercise their right to choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
    I’m bringing this legislation to the Senate because I see no other alternative for halting the pandemic of discrimination that has been unleashed in Australia against individuals who don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19, regardless of the reason why they don’t.
    These individuals are Australians just like the rest of us, but they’re demonised by governments and scorned at by compliant media. They face a bleak future in which they are treated as second-class citizens, not allowed to earn a living or cross a state border to be reunited with their families. Many have already had their livelihoods taken from them for standing for the right to choose. There’s no protection even for those people who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons. They face unacceptable discrimination too.

    In the Northern Territory, for example, anyone with a job involving public interaction has been ordered to get the jab by 13 November or lose their job and cop a $5000 fine. It’s pure discrimination and naked coercion in a jurisdiction which has had just over 200 cases and not one single death from COVID-19. All of this discrimination sends a clear message: the rights of the individual will be protected only so long as they do not conflict with the state. There is nothing – not even a global pandemic – more dangerous to a free society. Australia is a democracy, not a totalitarian state or communist dictatorship.


  2. Peter Bay Jespersen

    re Craig Backman re the Constitution (near the end of the video) —

    (btw note link to the actual Constitution from the word ‘constitution’ in the text). Changing the Biosecurity Act to allow mass mandates would conflict with that (but maybe would take a court case, and https://cairnsnews.org/2021/10/16/nsw-supreme-court-upholds-hazzards-medical-tyranny/ . . .)

    Perhaps we could follow the US example in this, and replace allegiance to HM the Queen with allegiance to the Australian Constitution in all places where such is required

    some form of this:

    bearing in mind also:
    (btw Ricardo Bosi, can you verify, or comment on, what the Former Australian Soldier says in that video? – truth, or mistaken ?)


  3. Peter Bay Jespersen

    44:12 “People are scared of a fine, not an alleged virus…”-
    — see Know your rights dot com dot au, and Know your rights Group on FB (“if you don’t know your rights you have none”- which btw imo is a fundamental failing of the legal system, your rights should be respected without you having to assert them). Anyway. as well as all the other info the have, they also have a book for sale, with procedures to deal with most fines. I have one of their books (but not that one) but they have thank-you’s from people who have successfully used those procedures. hth.


  4. These two Gentlemen need to be regaled as true Aussie Warriors.These Men are prepared to risk their livelihood,to tell the truth. This is the crux of the Dilemma,how many are willing to speak up,cast aside their long service…or their Police Pensions..or their weekly stipend..to tell the Truth..How many are prepared to just go along,collect their pay,and not speak up? Sadly,there are many.
    There are some though,that realise,truth will always be told,and I salute these people ,for standing for the truth, for what is right and just
    .Kudos to these Men,and to all that are willing,to stand up,speak up and rise up for Humanity.


  5. interesting that it has taken so long . the abuse was happening virtually from the start


  6. Andrea Pea So what at YOU going to do about the situation we are in instead of Nip picking others! At least they get off their arse and do the best they can.
    How about you ask Jannette Young why she was working on the Hendra vaccine.
    Last I heard she was a GP (Courier Mail)
    Why was she working on an equine vaccine that has now a $53 million dollar class action with LHD lawyers
    I know because one of my horses got very ill and my vet kept brushing it off so I called Zoetis, which is a subsidiary of Pfizer, I was gaslighted by a man who’s was of Chinese decent blaming me because my horses incident was not reported to them
    I have nothing against China and the citizens who now call Australia home but when Peng Zhou and bat lady from Wuhan was out here on Australian Government funds the hair starts standing up on the back of my neck
    Fauchi bat shit is infiltrating our nation
    When the Courier mail links QLD CHO’s husband with with Pfizer then you are saying WTF!
    The QLD CHO knows very well of the Zoetis experimental Hendra vaccine and now she wants to jab our kids!
    I say get fucked bitch because we are not going to stand for it
    Riccado Bosi is our next President Putin
    I dont see the CCP give President Putin shit because he stands up for his country…and loves and protects children
    He may not be perfect, but none of us are
    By they way President Putin thanked QPS police officers at the last G20 for watching over him. Did any other nation do that!
    I stand for people that are willing to stand up to Communist and have a respect for God unlike the current catholic pope!


  7. Hi Davidd2 I understand where you are coming from but Im sure there are quite a few civilians that would join the police in their arrests. I don’t know the law but I can just make it up as I go along, just like the politicians are doing with us and this plandemic! What a bloody mess we are all in. God help our children


  8. You have to tell ‘The whole truth…”


  9. Bosi is all about himself. He told me he’d like to see our Constitution rewritten which CANNOT be done!! He’s using the ‘trust me I was in the adf’ line! He’s NOT trustworthy!
    Just as Palmer/Kelly want all state govts gone and councils to run everything which is absurd…CANNOT be done!!


  10. Unfortunately, a few drops do not a bucket fill. But hats off to these people who know where the bucket is and are principled enough to speak up.

    Australia needs a HUGE shake up but not the one the LNP-Labour duopoly has in mind for us!!!! God help us if we’re collectively dumb enough to vote for it YET AGAIN..


  11. It’s time for police to start making arrests against corrupt politicians instead of being used by them as political pawns. Stand up police, you have the power. Don’t wait until our kids start dropping dead of the bioweapon jab. Good work to all police starting to wake up.

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  12. “Polling day is our day” – – “Ding Dong The dictating duo is Dead” – – ‘Sing it high sing it low” .. ED2


  13. Thank you for being part of CairnsNews. Have your say on polling day Anne take an ink pen to the polling booth and vote out the duopoly LNP/ALP/GANG GREENS and put your X on anyone else .. ED2


  14. You are logged in, how do you think this comment arrived ? ED2


  15. Riccardo explains in the first 72 seconds how our police forces are “the key to solving and saving the nation”… and for “the people to stand with the police and for the police to stand with the people”. He is spot on!

    The next time you see a cop at a freedom rally go over and have a quiet chat along those lines, and how much we need and appreciate their protection, as we are protecting them also by attending the rally.

    I have done that numerous times in Brisbane and it has never failed to get a very positive response, always surprise at first, and sometimes resulting in quiet confessions of doubt and disappointment with the QPS and their police union, and criticism of the Health Department directing their duties instead.

    Get talking about sport, travel, kids… not just the shit going on around us and you will be amazed at their gratitude, because the vast majority only joined to be a copper with the very best of intentions and like everyone, want to be respected for serving the community.

    Last Saturday at the Botanical Gardens, the cops did us a big favour turning the 24 organised Antifa ratbags and TV9 crew back from creating a choreographed scene for the evening news. The cops need a big shoutout every time they help us like that.

    Like the applause from the crowd at the Government House rally, it is a big step in the right direction against the tyrannical bastards in power.

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  16. Riccardo Bosi. If you ignore your members in the regions you will go the way of One Nation.


  17. liarliarpanzonfire

    Hi I’m sorry. I have to leave becos I am sick of trying comment bit being unable to login even after I change my password.

    Anyway wishing the guys the best:

    Talk about staunch.Good on them. Get behind them. (Is there a GoFundMe page for them/the others who stood their ground for us all?) Thanks.


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  18. liarliarpanzonfire

    Talk about staunch.Good on them. Get behind them.
    (Is there a GoFundMe page for them/the others who stood their ground for us all?)

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  19. Mrs. Anne Stille

    Thank you gentlemen for standing & speaking out so very firmly for truth – so much to ponder here and enact. At 75 my faith is at completely rock bottom in the police, the hospitals, the doctors & especially the Government, and oh yes the TV channels!! My heart has been broken as I listen to so many disheartened people – especially when “they” come after the children. Thank you also Riccardo for enabling these men to speak. God bless you & guard & protect you and your families. Regards, Anne.

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  20. Oh that was great blokes, heart felt by me and seriously appreciated.
    You have helped me in maintaining the right direction and working together all of us who are awake. Not woke! Thank you.

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