Vaccinated victims are spreading the virus; mystery solved Queensland Premier

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  1. Politicians are bought, all treacherous scum! Time to rid AUSTRALIA of the traitors


  2. Richard Noakes – Re your Nasal Wash. The first thing you need to do – is literally shut your mouth & learn to breath through your nose. Your nasal passages are lined with cilia – tiny hairs that are covered in mucous that has a small quasi-electric charge. That charge pulls particles of dust & pathogens out of the air BEFORE it can get into your lungs. The second thing that Nasal breathing does – is introduce a small amount of Nitric Oxide into your lungs. Nitric Oxide is produced by your sinuses. It STERILIZES the air going into your lungs & is a virus & bacteria buster. It also increases your lungs capacity to absorb Oxygen. Last but not least – Nitric Oxide calms the heart & body down – so that you get better sleep. So flushing your nasal passages with salt water is absurd to the point of destroying your body’s own front line defense system against Covid. I suggest you stop spruiking junk-science.


  3. We do not use facebook may I suggest you do the same.. good communication spreads way beyond facebook control..

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  4. You can get Ivermectin from Veterinarians and their suppliers and online


  5. How long until Janci Lindsay PH. D gets censored as anyone goes against the Covid 19 Narrative is Censored or deemed Disinformation.

    The ones who willingly accept the Experimental Inoculations are the ones who are spreading the Delta Variant and its those who are in ICU and have died not the ones not going to give their informed consent are still healthy.


  6. Richard Paul Bates

    FB will not allow me to share this……”some people”, like FB disagree with you…sadly…


  7. You get to decide.


  8. Gabriele Gaven

    Truth to be revealed. A big hank You to you All,
    Janci Lindsay


  9. Franciscus,
    You can’t, there’s no such thing as a “court” in Australia, they are all unidroit tribunals owned by the government. You will never get one to bite it’s boss’s hand.


  10. Franciscus Verwimp

    How can we get a court order to get a choice to get a prescription for ivermectin, even my 2 tubes horsepaste ivermectin got flagged at customs


  11. Psychopaths, and those under their control, habitually wrong target.

    The “unvaccinated” is a gross generalization, non specific. I’ve had a tetanus vaccination therefore I am vaccinated!

    Every day children and adults receive vaccinations for many so called threats. The number of vaccination injuries of babies/infants is increasing at an alarming rate but the Covid alarm-ism is covering all that up. The children die too. But it’s still happening every day! Those injured children will grow in size but many will need 24/7 care for the remainder of their lives. Children/babies must now get around 70 vaccinations and vaccine injury is on the rise at alarming rates. This has disappeared from media coverage but still occurring every day as are their deaths and injuries.

    To force something unproven on the public via governments, with impunity, shows very dark hidden forces behind the veil. Victims of psychopaths dramatise the characteristics of their masters. They make irrational orders and change them remarkably; Morrison withdrew the Fed Gov jab mandate but look at his demeanor in that video. Look at the stone cold face of the QLD’s Chief Health officers latest edict video. The NSW Chief Health telling people not to talk to any one any where, look closely at their faces; stone cold, robotic. Who is holding a gun to their backs?

    The WHO/CDC dropping the PCR test due to overwhelming evidence is an indicator that their psychopathic controller nearly got found out. But still the PCR test is being used widely. Intimidation must continue at all costs!

    That Lockdowns are continuing with NSW police patrolling the streets locating the unmasked, abducting them without due cause to psychiatric facilities where the unmasked “offenders” are then being forced injected and killed is a very clear indication that the psychopath is very close to revealing who he/she is.

    Police make an oath to serve Queen Elizabeth 2 and her heirs, as do the military, but that connection was removed with the advent of the Australia Act yet they still make that oath. Wouldn’t that be quite confusing to them? They likely don’t know.

    If you search on Dunn and Bradstreet any Australian state police you find that they are corporations with income in billions but if people sue individual police for wrongful arrest/fines their masters throw them under the bus as they are all sub-contractors. This is occurring but unreported in our foreign owned media.

    In the recent Freedom Marches Qld Police stood back, unlike NSW police, and Vic Police were overwhelmed but still targeted individuals. That created quite a victory for us, the people, but the momentum has been lost. I’ve written to the organisers of the marches as to why there hasn’t been weekly follow up marches and on a Thursday at 3pm; no reply. I was at the Gympie “rally” which was very well attended but no march was organised. We could have caused chaos on the Bruce Highway just 200 metres away. The Rally was held far away and removed from the Gympie population and hidden behind trees.

    Back in the day when petrol prices rose suddenly steeply, we the people, would stop buying petrol. We’d blockade petrol stations buy parking locked cars at the entrance and exits. We’d stock pile for our own needs for a couple of weeks supply. And that was when Australia produced all it’s own petrol needs!

    If a country in Europe can beat saucepans outside a sitting parliament and have the parliament yield why can’t we?

    I wrote to Avi Yemeni regarding his Fight The Fines Fund. I asked him why is that when fines victims get acquitted why doesn’t his solicitor then sue the offending Police? Just a few suits would replace the need to have people donate to his Fight The Fines Fund. I also asked about when he got assaulted, arrested and abducted why he didn’t sue the Police? No response.

    We, as a nation, have still a long way to go to stand up for our rights. Some will recall the massive street demos against sending our military to Iraq that were held during business hours in CBDs. They were bigger than the anti-Vietnam War demos, but the False Flag Bali bombing stopped that. If you don’t recall that, or never heard of it, the False Flag Bali Bombing event simply search on YouTube FOOL ME TWICE Official FULL release by producer Glen Clancy

    Have you read “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars”? That pdf doc will give you a pretty got understanding of what is going on behind the curtains. It’s on google search Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars pdf download

    I wish to give a shout out to Cairns News for providing this platform! Thank you!


  12. How dare Dr. Janci Lindsay interrupts the WHO and the CDC while they are partaking in a big pharma looting operation. Doesn’t she know it is rude to interrupt thieves at work?


  13. Richard Noakes

    Of course, with Pfizer holding the leads, governments are only allowed, under the contract they have with Pfizer, to use only mRNA shots and no other treatment is allowed or acceptable, apart from AstraZeneca if asked for, or for over 65 (how convenient), so the above Queensland Premier, is as much up shit creek without a paddle, as the rest of us are.


  14. Richard Noakes

    And here is another way to stop the Covid pandemic dead and it costs you nothing – I deal with killing the Coronavirus before it ever gets to be Covid in your body, which is where the virologists start and we can see how ineffective mRNA shots and every other vaccine is at doing that, with a few exceptions and the problem stated above, is the same problem with my free cure – it is free, so it can’t be much good – as if paying heaps, solves anything when the purchase is for another dud:

    The Achilles Heel of Coronavirus, is while it is still in the developing stage as Coronavirus/Covid in the warm, wet areas inside the nasal passages of your head and before it gets to become Covid in your head and lungs, 10 to 14 days later. If Coronavirus is not treated with my free salt clean water cure to flush out your nasal passages, as soon as possible, or during self isolation, it becomes Covid, which is where the money is. You cannot catch Covid! Always breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut, because you really don’t want the Coronavirus to seed itself in your lungs!! My free salt water cure has “absolutely nothing” to do with mRNA test vaccines. Treating Coronavirus with my free salt clean water cure, flushes out the nasal cavity and kills Coronavirus, before it gets to be Covid, irrespective of if you have had mRNA vaccines or not. Mix one heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm or cold clean water, cup a hand and pour some of the solution in, then sniff or snort that mugful up into your nose, spitting out everything which comes down into your mouth, by so doing, you flush out your nasal cavity, where Coronavirus lives. If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection.When the soreness goes away, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and continue doing my salt clean water nasal cavity flush cure, morning, noon and night, or more often, if you want, until, when you do my free salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all in your nasal cavity. While you are at it, swallow a couple of mouthfulls and if you get a burning sensation in your chest, then you are killing the Covid/Bronchitis there too, so keep it up, each time you do a salt water sniffle, until the soreness in your head and lungs goes away – job done. Pour some of the solution on a flat surface and allow to dry and see what you have then. This is what coats the nasal passages in your head and kills Coronavirus/Covid off. You can see why it is so effective. This is what I have done for the past 26.5 years and I am NEVER ill, nor do you need to be either. Keep safe. Richard


  15. Virus? Looks more like and Ashkenazi computer render, absorbed by millions of pulsating irides.


  16. Fantastic article thank you.


  17. Covid is for the vaccinations not the vaccinations for covid.


  18. Can you pummel the Premiers office with this


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