by Anna Von Reitz

Apparently, they did a process in Australia that is very similar to what they did here (US), except that what they did there started from the basis of a Constitutional Monarchy— which, as it has never been repealed, remains the basis for the land and soil jurisdiction of Australia, even though they are running Australia as a corporation structure in the international jurisdiction of the sea and are enslaving Australians in that foreign jurisdiction just as they were caught enslaving Americans in the same domain.


This, I think, goes to the heart of the Queen’s behavior revealed in JAH v. Regina — of taking the

Political commentator Anna von Reitz questions Australia’s ability to survive as a corporate state

Coronation Oath, and then, three days later, assuming the Chair of the Estates instead of the Throne.

There is something very peculiar going on with the Throne and it may be that the Throne itself has been lost or compromised in some way so that it is not viable for the Queen to exercise its offices, but whatever it is — debt, blackmail, fraud — it is standing in the way of the British Government functioning properly, and that leads to the government of Australia being in a Mess also.

My understanding of the British system is still fledgling compared to my knowledge of the American system, — but it is my understanding that in the British Land Law, all land and soil is held by the Queen in Trust, but she does that with multiple Trusts—- there are the various  National Trusts which hold historic places for preservation purposes– castles and so on, that would otherwise fall into disrepair, parks and nature conservancies, etc. and there is the Public Trust which consists of infrastructure of Great Britain — the railways, train stations, harbors, bridges, docks, public utilities, etc., and there is the Queen’s Trust which includes all the land of Great Britain — with land defined as everything six inches and below of the soil.     As a result, any building in Britain that has a foundation belongs in part to the Queen, which severely limits the definition of “private property” to moveable sheds, motorhomes, and caravans, etc. Finally, there is the Commonwealth Trust which the Queen manages for the Roman Catholic Church — an arrangement that has been in place since the days of King John.

So let’s look at the Commonwealth Trust which consists of Commonwealth land and properties.  The Commonwealth tradition began with William the Conqueror who set aside church properties in England (Roman Catholic Church at that time, of course) and added lots of scraps of waste land and all the cemeteries to the Church’s properties.  The idea was to give the Church marginal land in its parishes to turn into worthwhile holdings using the slave labor of mendicants and others dependents on the Church’s dole—- for example, donate a swamp to the Church and then the Monks and Brothers together with able-bodied beggars and indigents that the Church cared for, would work to drain the swamp and turn it into arable land, which they would then use for — an apple orchard, a bee apiary, pasture, herb garden, or sheep pen for example — and thereby improve the value of their holdings and gain a basis to support their charitable works.

So the King donated land to the Church in long term support of the Church’s charitable activities, and it was usually land that was compromised in some way or another, that the King did not care to invest in himself, but the Church could do so, owing to the plenitude of slave labor it always had available.

So the Church inherited the crumbs and the King took the good land for himself, and this system—ultimately— resulted in the Church gaining the bulk of the developed rural land in the British Isles, as every time the King needed money, he would make a charitable gift of more land to the Church, so that by this process the King’s portion dwindled and the Commonwealth portion increased.

The “secret” of the Throne may be as simple as perhaps the cost of rebuilding after the Second World War put the Monarchy in such debt that they lost their land holdings entirely to the Church or have had their land holdings at risk as chattel backing the rebuilding costs, with the result that the Monarchy has been bankrupt and in receivership to the Roman Catholic Church which was reinstated in England by King James?   It’s unknown what the role of the Church of England plays in this, or what status its holdings have– perhaps a separate “Commonwealth” — one Catholic, one Protestant?

What is apparent is that in the case of the Commonwealths, all of them are structured and founded upon this same kind of relationship, where the “commonwealth” property is “donated” to the Church and the Church kicks back money to the Monarch making the charitable donation, and then, the Monarch “stays on” as the administrator and overseer of the Church property.  This process has been long and gradual, as each addition of new “Commonwealth” property vastly increased the King’s borrowing ability and allowed him to pay back pre-existing debts exercised against the British Homeland.

It is our presumption that George VII either sold or used all the land in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and whatever other “colonial interests” he had as chattel to back borrowing sometime close to the turn of the century, and everything was in hock to the Roman Catholic Church and various business interests including the Crown, during the bankruptcy of his Scottish “governmental services corporation” doing business as “The United States of America, Inc.” in 1906-07.  Coming out of the First World War, he had transferred the bulk of his debts to newly acquired slave populations in Germany and France, and regained his position as a legitimate Monarch with land holdings by the time of his death—- but just barely, and Herr Hitler had plans of his own to recoup Germany’s fortunes absent British and French War Reparations.  So now we have a Second World War, in which the Allies emerge triumphant, but again, with huge war and reconstruction debts to pay.

This time the “bank” was America, which although not strictly a British holding, was largely controlled and influenced by the British Government thanks to the “administration” of our country by the British Territorial United States Government “in trust” since our Civil War, circa 1868 when the Scottish “governmental services corporation” dba “The United States of America, Inc.” took over and began running things “for” us.  Following the Second World War, we became the financial backers and chattel behind the borrowing necessary to finance the rebuilding of Europe.  This was done via the Marshall Plan, the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, the IMF, and BIS.  The IMF laid claimed against our land and soil, while the Federal Reserve laid claim to the value of our labor to finance all of this, and all without our knowledge or consent; in return, the guilty governments invested in corporations traded on the stock markets of the world and established portfolios and insurance packages to earn back the money — as investment profits — that they were borrowing from us.

We, none the wiser, labored onward and upward…. generation after generation enslaved and deprived of our freedom and the enjoyment of our private property assets.

As a result of this private, unseen process of transfer of ownership interests, we strongly suspect that the Monarchy has slowly been reduced to penury and is in fact dependent on the Pope’s largesse and under constant receivership by the Crown.  The toppling of the Pope’s Holy Roman Empire “Secular Church” would explain why Buckingham Palace, the White House, and Buckingham Palace are now, all three, unoccupied.

Ultimately, however, all these “administrators” were borrowing what was never theirs to borrow in the case of the American Assets, and everyone involved knew this and did it anyway.  The first generation of scoundrels including the Generals backing the Marshall Plan probably figured they’d “invest” wisely in the burgeoning stock market and offset the actual cost of rebuilding Europe, so that we, the dumbed-down Americans, would never be the wiser and not actually be harmed.

By the Second Generation of Scoundrels following the Second World War, those taking over operations in the 1960’s and 70’s, things had shifted.  The stock market scheme, in concert with commodity and currency rigging schemes, had proven wildly successful — and the Slush Funds in excess of what was needed to pay back the reconstruction debt were wildly enticing for both the Generals and the Politicians involved in scalping the American States and People.  It became fashionable and patriotic for these Vermin to press their slaves and assets harder to squeeze more “investment money” into the stock market and various other schemes using the excuse that it was good for the country and that they were making us the richest people on Earth, etc., etc., etc., — howbeit, in actual fact, they were making themselves very wealthy via access to the Slush Funds they were creating, and making life down on the farm unbearable.

More and more privately held American land and property was being transferred to foreign and corporate interests as people couldn’t keep up with the constant demand posed by more and more taxation and regulation and revenue-raising activities by the IRS, BATF, DOJ, FBI and other “federal agencies” and the police forces of “federated” State of State franchises.  We were given to understand that “the US” was deeply, perhaps irrevocably “in debt” — which of course it was, due to the fact that we, Americans, were being forced under color of law to extend more and more and more credit to them for their “investment” activities.

The Laws of Corruption kicked in full bore throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, as men like “Poppy Bush” manipulated and feasted upon the system they had helped to create in the wake of World War II, but as early as 2001 there were holes beginning to fray through, as a result of individual corruption pushed to its inevitable conclusions.  GHW Bush issued bonds he, personally, didn’t want to pay back to the Russians. The World Trade Center “Event” was used as cover to garner worldwide sympathy, excuse a war for profit against Iraq—- and embezzle billions of dollars worth of gold that could be offset as disaster losses and paid back as “fiat” by insurance corporations.  You see the schtick.  Keep the gold and pay in paper, as always.

By 2010, the Rat’s backs were to the wall and the debts owed to us, Americans, were at their zenith, pushing the envelope of all known debt trajectories, when we raised our hands and said — wait a minute…. and Pope Benedict XVI took action to fold up the carnival show in DC.  The Grand Plan of the banks involved was being short-circuited, because contrary to their expectations, the Americans woke up and objected to their claim that our land and soil stood “abandoned” and subject to their commercial claims. We exercised our sovereign indemnity instead, and that has caused no end of consternation.

Everything else that has happened since 2008 has been Fall Out from that basic inconvenient act; the banks that knowingly extended “our” credit to these criminals had cause to know that it was all being done under color of law, that the assets didn’t belong to the “borrowers”, and that we, Americans, are not the debtors in this scenario, nor were we ever willing accommodators.  We are all, demonstrably, the victims of mischaracterization of our nationality and unconscionable contracting practices used to defraud babies in their cradles.  There is no return or reply for that, except admission of guilt — and the return of our property, including the profit made off our property.

That leaves the countries of Europe and all the “US” Politicians as well as various other governments deeply in our debt and in debt to their own people as well, their Slush Funds subject to our seizure, their banks subject to our ownership, all their corporations, their stock markets, their commodity rigging funds, their storehouses of gold and silver, all the so-called “Legacy Trusts” forfeit.  And then, to top it off, this month, we discovered that all the corporations that have been formed in America since the 1860’s, lack valid charters— and it doesn’t matter whether they are Territorial or Municipal Charters; they are all defective and tainted with fraud.

You can now well-imagine the confusion, chaos, fear, and nattering nonsense that results.  We’ve had every proposal from another Bretton Woods (cough, cough) to a worldwide hegemony of Native and Aboriginal Leaders being placed in control (in name at least and as if Natives were more immune to corruption these days).

What needs to happen, posthaste, is relief to all the people of the planet — and without any politicians trying to take credit for it, either.  An end to any more revenue-raising activities on the part of incorporated “government services corporations” and the assumption of the debts of these governments by the investment funds (aka Slush Funds) and public oversight of all these funds from now on.

As for the defective corporations that have been formed under “US” auspices worldwide, they all need to come home and be re-chartered under American Public Law, all obligated to function in a lawful rather than “legal” manner, and failing that agreement process—- liquidated as crime syndicates engaged in war-for-profit activities and various other species of crime.  There was, at the beginning, an assumption that this would apply only to Municipal CORPORATIONS, but in fact, the taint applied first and foremost to Territorial Corporations, so that both are impacted equally.

As unsettling as all this is and as chaotic as the resulting situation may be, there is more than enough actual asset-based money that belongs to us to float all this, and it will be  available once we wrest control of it from the terrified bankers and discipline all the shyster attorneys— two further actions that are on the immediate horizon.

Beyond all that, we maintain that by the Ultimate and Universal Law, the American Natives were right — land does not belong to us, we belong to the land; furthermore– our egos aside, land and soil is a gift to us, as further evidenced by the Biblical account of God granting possession of the Earth to Adam and his offspring.  The planet was given to us all with one caveat — that we be caretakers of the Earth and the animals.  That responsibility goes with the grant of true ownership.

So we propose the obvious — neither the Pope nor the Queen are mentioned as God’s Trustees, and neither for that matter are any of these feckless politicians.  Therefore, all interest in all land and soil assets of all the various countries should be returned to their people, free and clear without debt, title, or encumbrance, and the only caveat attached should be God’s Caveat — that we  protect and preserve and care for the Earth and the animals vouchsafed to us, as earnest caretakers who take “love of country” to mean exactly that —- love of our land and soil, our beaches, our animals, our trees and rivers.

That’s the recap for us, and as I am sure you will also discover, for Australia and all the other “Commonwealth” countries.  If you agree that the criminality and racketeering of the corporations and the various “presumptions” of the religious and political leaders have gone way too far, and if you can stomach the arduous process of self-governance, we have set forth the process for ourselves long ago and you are welcome to adapt it to your own needs in Australia.  We have all progressed well-beyond the need to elect “representatives” and can conduct our own business at home without the instrumentality of any political system to waste our money and gum up the delivery of needful public services.

We, Americans, don’t separate ourselves according to race, creed, color, or political parties.  We live and breathe as the people of our States and their Union.

The endlessly corrupt and corrupting political system inherited by our foreign Federal Subcontractors “in the US” jurisdictions came from Europe and has been enforced by the British Monarchs and the Popes and the Lord Mayors of London and a whole panoply of incorporated subcontractors, franchises, and subsidiaries.  It has nothing to do with our American Government, even though it has passed itself off as our government.  Those aren’t our elections.  That THING in Washington, DC, is not our Congress. It’s “a” Congress of, for, and by our erstwhile, off-track, insubordinate Employees who are acting in Breach of Trust. We have deprived them of our credit and are coming for our assets.

There are only three legitimate Federal Subcontractors at this point.  Donald Trump has a contract to act as Commander-in-Chief and to supply our military; his plainly stated mission is to protect and defend this country and its people from all enemies foreign and domestic.    Michael Stephen Young has a civilian contract to administer public philanthropic and infrastructure development programs— including direct relief to individual States and Counties.  And our Peacekeeping Task Force has a contract to network together and educate the peacekeeping forces of our country, including the Constitutional Sheriffs, the State Assembly Militias, and our directly Commissioned Continental Marshals, who are the land jurisdiction officers interfacing with the US Marshals program.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, et alia, don’t have a contract and anything they provide our employees, their dependents, and US PERSONS as an “independent, international city-state” Municipal Government — is and will be accepted merely as “gifts” in token repayment of the US Debt.

As the money to the old evil hierarchies dries up, and begins to flow back to the people it actually belongs to, there will be coughs and stutters.  People will be confused, because they were misinformed and deluded for so long.  There will be trials and errors as welfare programs are replaced with pre-paid programs.  There will also be growing pains as we all sort out the conundrums caused by “legal tender” and the use of commercial scripts in exclusion of actual lawful money.  Politicians and political elections will be retired from the public forum and these “presumed representatives” will be recognized as public employees instead.

The actual powers of our Government are vested in our people and our States of the Union and our Federation of States.  Now that our people are being declared and recorded in their correct political status, and they are populating their State Assemblies, there is no excuse for any public employee in this country to mistake their subordinate position, nor for any officer of any “United States” Municipal Government to mistake their condition of abject indebtedness and contractual obligation.  Please note that in this country, neither the Territorial United States nor the Municipal United States can exist apart from their respective Constitutions.

We trust that the Australians and Canadians and all the other people worldwide will likewise “reinterpret” the who is who and what is what circumstance that they find themselves in, and will agree with us and our people-centered vision of self-government and direct ownership responsibility.