Western Queensland will miss the Mexican vacationers

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Decades of brainwashing a majority of the population by mass media, government spin jockeys and the medical mafia is all but complete as attested by dumbed-down Victorian masochists who flock to Marxist idol Dan Andrews.

Queenslanders for years have always regarded Victorians as the odd-bods of Australia; you know we used to see them by the thousands on caravan holidays in the Sunshine State and we were often bemused when we saw them trying to reverse their six metre vans in caravan parks or service stations.

I mean we welcomed their money but I just can’t remember who coined the term ‘Mexicans’ when referring to them and their driving ability and more so the obtuse directions given by their wives when parking vans.

Don’t expect any Mexicans this year. Dangerous Dan just locked ’em all up

Tarnished and weather-beaten Western Queenslanders adorning the bar of the local bush pub would remark,

“Have a look how this bloke is trying to park his van. There was a road train in there yesterday. He will run over his missus in a minute, oh no he just jack knifed it!! I bet he’s a Victorian!!

“What about I go offer to park it for him you reckon he would buy me a beer?

“Yeah as long as its not Melbourne Bitter. Only the blackfellas drink it in Queensland and look what’s happened to them!” a dusty barfly quipped as he tossed down a Fourex Gold.

Such commentaries were not uncommon over the years but where are the Mexicans from the deep south now?

Oh that’s right the commo megalomaniac Premier Dan Andrews has managed to get them locked up in their homes again and they still have the keys. He told them if they didn’t wear masks inside their homes his thought police would round ’em up for the Gulag.

How does Andrews do it? Is he a disciple of Joseph Goebbels? While many northerners and a great proportion of NSW and Queensland policemen and military have vociferously woken up to the Covid scam,  the dullards of Victoria must have a different news network.

His CCP compatriots could have shown him how to filter out internet news which carried the real Covid story for most of 2020.

I have lost count of how many ‘experts’ ( a drip under pressure), starting with US Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Fauci, have stated categorically that masks do nothing to prevent a supposed virus that hasn’t yet been isolated by laboratories.

So much for a vaccine.

Scomo and Hunt are just as big a mug as Andrews.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I live in Sydney, and yeah we call ’em Mexicans also. But please be kind to us…New South Welshman aren’t all idiots!
    Who’s this SCOMO? We have Gladys do our talking for us. Runs rings ’round the idiots down here! Unfortunately, she doesn’t always write her own stuff. She’s got to earn a quid, you understand?


  2. Rosemary Tempany

    Dear Editor,

    Sharp & entertaining as ever.
    May I suggest watching on y t – Sascha Stone interview Dr David E Martin , world patents expert. This occurred just today.

    Dr D has a wealth of mindboggling
    information about Dr. A FALCI of virology fame . And he spells it out very clearly. Its a sickening situation.

    This is a commentary ” everyone” of us should hear , really. Intentionally blind & deaf is for those who are simply not willing to hear or engage with the truth.

    I have intentionally misspelled names.
    Thankyou for your informative work.

    Kind Regards


  3. Even Tasmanians regard Victorians as the retards of Australia


  4. Whilst I can see the points being made by this post, unfortunately it misses the real point of this whole debacle,
    It has nothing whatever to do with any virus, or any other pathogen for that matter, it’s about MONEY.
    If, with your carefully spun bull dust and media (paid propaganda) insistence, you can convince those too lazy or ignorant to do a little research, that there is some nasty out there that will GET them, as you can see you can persuade lots of people to abandon their businesses, and go home and quarantine themselves. When they finally return, there is no business. Now that was the desired outcome, BUT, the Australian economy recovered too well, so damn, we’ll;; have to have a second wave (out of Africa, of course)..
    Quite aside from a can of Coke proving to be covid19 positive, what about 70 odd thousand Minxes that have been put down, and the now fear tactic of your pet spreading this fictitious virus as well.
    Let’s face it, this virus is so pernicious that you don’t even know you got it until somebody shoves a bottle brush up your nose and declares you “positive”.
    I realize that I preach to the converted, but come on folks, go out there and shake the coma (can’t be called asleep anymore) out of the great unwashed.
    They,(TPTB) want a cashless society you can’t do that without first crashing the existing economy.
    We allow that at our peril.

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  5. One or few things the Queenslanders can thank the Mexican tourists for are graded roads and telecommunications and medical service out in the bush because when I was out in the Min Min country in the mid 70’s the Shires had little revenue from rates to afford to grade the roads ,it was revenue from tourism in the district that the Shires could hit Brisbane up for more funding to supply better roads and amenities which to some communities owe a big thanks to those pesky terrorists from down south who also brought with them their Victorian education which they passed on to teach Queenslanders how to spell seeing the only beer available then was XXXX for obvious reasons spelt so they educated them enough to spell VB as well so in fact Qld owes Victoria alot for it’s cultural diversity in the amber fluid


  6. Victorians: Fluoridated, fearful, dumbed-down, compliant, corralled and ripe for the culling!

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  7. How many here are aware of the Deagel forecasts for 2025?
    From the last 2017 forecast of countries populations, Australia’s population at the time was 23 million. Population forecast for Australia for 2025 is down 35% to 15 million.
    These forecasts from Deagel are officially sanctioned and used by most U.S. govt. agencies.


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  8. Funny read (Article) and so true. Funny read (comments)…
    The Hegelian PsyOps will never end due to the deliberate retardation of the population, the Epsilon agenda rolls on. Don’t expect anyone to wake up the Mandala effect (mass MK) has been ongoing since 1940s using divination trance subliminals (spellbinding) imbedded in tv programs…, followed by CERN and the spiders web entrapment, social (control) media subliminals and social engineering, finishing with COVID-19 vaccine nano tec 5G and CERN divination and Quantum mind control. The retarded masses (brain dead, asleep) will choose delusion and comfort over freedom. The last century is proof of this. Our society has denigrated to the point that it eats its young and leaves its elders to starve to death…and people are too busy looking at their black boxes to notice.
    Good luck to the masters mandating anything in the rural (bad lands) of Qld. I wonder which countries military will be policing Australians in the near future U.S. or China?


  9. I a ex mexican 4 decades ago ,and my remaining relatives in Melbourne are Dan Andrews disciples , every night they listened intently to the messiahs directives as if they were the almighty words , then they tune back in the mass media to complete the day. Is it indoctrination by media ,the water , i beginning to see fear spreading into my local population 3 thousand ks away . Its not only america in trouble , we are way ahead of them


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