Political Police enforcing Victorian corrupt government rules of engagement at any cost

Cairns News readers comments

It is encouraging this article continues to garner interest and responses after so long. I just want to make a couple of points regarding matters which keep arising.

Firstly encouraging and admirable as the action by these police from NSW is, it does not really mean anything as far as the majority of our police are concerned. This is a very small group of police. Given about 17,000 NSW police are employed, these decent, humane and intelligent officers amount to 0.4% of that state’s officers and I have not yet heard of even one in any other state.

Overall cops are ignorant, uninformed and thugs. The chance of even a sizeable minority of them ever standing against their masters and for the community they ostensibly serve is about the same rate. Even if they do they will inevitably be pushed out of the force and will have as much standing then as any of us and the same ability to resist this. I bless and toast the men and women police officers who stand with us, but I have no illusions about what difference it will make at this point.

A majority of cops will like most people simply not care enough or have the courage to go against the traditional authority as they see it and will choose to support the stronger side and lend their weight and ‘enthusiasm’ for oppressing the population to the process as well. So even lacking a true commitment to the agenda, even doubting the truthfulness or legality of it all, these will often be as brutal and vile as those who actually are just brutal cowardly bullies and crooks.

There are many sadists and people with variously stunted personalities and minds who wear police uniforms and any honest cop will be the first to tell you this. The force hasn’t been in the business of attracting the best and brightest ever. Lack of imagination and moral commitment is preferred over ethics and respect for and concern for their fellow human beings.

The police force would rather employ mindless thugs and opportunists who will tend to corruption when the chance arises, so long as their obedience to edicts from on high is a given. This can be due to simple mindedness, malevolence or cowardice even, but preferable to independent thinking, morally upstanding ethical men and women who might be inclined as these small band of police are, to question authority when it is misused.

The majority of cops will simply be conformists. They will conform in ethical policing if that is the order of the day, but will not question or baulk at any level of brutality and violence against anybody if that is the requirement. There will also be a substantial number of outright scumbags. Vicious small minded thugs and bullies who gravitated to a profession which allows them the best outlet for their nastiness.

This group exists and easily outnumbers the less than 1% who would choose community, truth and ethics over other concerns. This group dominates the police force already and their attitude colors the daily policing operations mostly.

The majority being conformists follow this lead and over time become practised in subhuman behaviour. There’s an us and them culture in most police precincts which leads to disrespect, contempt even of the citizenry and to abuses and cover-ups of abuses when necessary. Historically nations’ police forces have swapped loyalty to the government of the nation, to military occupiers and they do so instantly.

Denmark in WWII was a classic example. The Danes woke up to German occupation from one day to the next. It was a done deal while they slept. The next day the Danish police command handed their sword to the German occupiers and proceeded to enforce the occupation and all its rules on its people, for the occupiers. German soldiers were thus freed to the need to police and were able to serve on the front instead. The Danish people disbanded their police at the end of the war and set standards for the new one to be created. This saw very decent police there compared to the ones we have in Oz or anywhere I have been.

The police culture gradually dissolved the new standards and today those police have become brutes and oppressors without any hesitation (their behaviour in enforcing these often illegal and clearly oppressive rules being declared outside democratic norms speaks for this) and I have no doubt they’d hand their sword to any tyrant or occupier and not blink in doing the worst they were asked to against the community from which they arose. Expect nothing from police as a rule and you won’t be disappointed.

The flip side to this is quite logical even if it may seem counter-intuitive on first hearing. This is that the black market and ‘criminal’ underground, are actually much more reliable and supportive of their community and it is from among their numbers that true resistance will arise in any tyrannical overreach or forceful occupation.

Already they have the greater courage to defy laws with which they disagree or oppose. They are more directly part of their communities and they profit by serving the community even if that is something so banal as supplying illegal drugs or stolen goods. Of course their are negatives and some lose by the theft on the other hand, don’t expect any nuances here, these are mostly self serving people with their own survival and profit the main driving factor. However oppression and brutality against the community they are attached to, doesn’t lead to successful outcomes for them.

The heroes of resistance in such circumstances often include people who were petty criminals and shady characters in peacetime but whose natural inclination to defy laws they see as unjust, rightly or wrongly, leads to them defying the edicts of tyrants and law enforcers all the same. Everyone loves to be admired and well regarded so adopting the role of resistance leaders or freedom fighters comes as naturally to them as anyone thrust into the role.

Ironically the upshot is that the criminal underground is a far more reliable and effective ally for the community than the police will ever be. Bear this in mind as this dystopian long planned future is being forced down over us all. Nobody in the community is better placed to find ways around tyranny and ways to hurt and even to overcome it than they are. If rule of law has become selective and even non existent due to overreach by government and their obedient henchmen, then there is no law and we’re all either criminals, or the ones in power are and the rest of us divided only into compliant cattle or defiant Resistance.

I hope I am wrong, but if this goes the way all indications suggest, then these matters will be relevant soon enough. Prepare for a fight which will be real and bloody before it ends and if we do not overcome them, they will have overcome the human spirit and the human race will be, like most of its history slaves and serfs serving a small elite who may do to you, your families and lives anything their whims lead to. Given the technology now at their disposal, this will likely be the end of anything you once took for granted in a free and civilized, ostensibly democratic country like ours.

Don’t think of this as a local thing. Some seem to be comparing Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK etc to each other and speaking of better and worse tyranny. This is missing the point that the perpetrators are thinking and acting in terms of the human race. This massive fraud is being done to every nation, to every human alive.

The new level of abuses you may see one place or another are more relevant to you than you realise. I can easily see the agenda at work. There is evidently some level of collusion in the historic crime in progress. A powerful and well placed faction at least of every government and critical institution is clearly colluding in a trial and error test of what they can get away with and what to do about it when any resistance arises. Whatever works in one place, is being earmarked for introduction everywhere.

As such the cashless system India introduced in 2015, was less crazy than it seemed. It is a beta test for us all. India was chosen because it would have to be the most implausible society to go cashless. The objection due to the massive level of poverty and the only incomes methods available to many of the poorest people there is being overcome by the ubiquitous of mobile phones. So cheap there that even homeless beggars often have a smart phone or at least access to one when needed. They’ll iron out the details like this and when they’re ready, we’ll all get the same. Only honed down now and streamlined so it goes even more smoothly.

By the same token, the disgusting actions of the Victorian premier and the equally corrupted Victorian police are probably a beta test of the methods being used to remove freedom and human rights. To enforce tyranny upon a large, educated, urban society.. Victorian police have a worse reputation than the Queensland police under Russ Hines and Joh Bjelke-Petersen once had. The comparison is relevant too because it was that infamous premiers own corruption which coloured the entire system and meant the police became the antitheses of what they are supposed to be. If the man at the top is corrupt then the entire system is also in short order.

However Dan Andrews is not doing what he is as an outlier. He isn’t some maverick here, he is just running a test on behalf of the whole “Cabal” for want of a more useful term just now.

it is not an Australian problem or an American one. It is a problem for the whole human race and since the tyrants are thinking in such terms, we’re at a disadvantage until we do the same. By the same token, any victory achieved against it in one country or state, will serve those in other states and nations as well.

If we can overturn this garbage through a legal effort, it will surely have a dampening effect everywhere else to the same extent. if they can’t get every country to comply the same, they cannot get any to. Also, if it takes a kinetic effort by people to overcome any aspect of it, this will serve others as well, and not only by giving an example of how to. If it is stopped in one state or nation by the entire government being dragged out of their ‘ivory palaces’ and tarred and feathered or lynched or burnt at the stake, all valid suggestions if it goes that far, then the abuses will cease everywhere.

These traitors to the human race may be vicious and lacking in all human decency but one thing such people have in abundance is cowardice. They will gladly sacrifice you or those you love for their ends, but they’d back off altogether if they look like paying the equal price as they would do to you. It will not be due to conscience but their fear for their personal safety will be huge once it is demonstrated they have much less than they thought.

Last but not least is the compliant morons who refuse to even consider their ‘masters’ could have anything but their welfare in mind when they cancel everything that makes life worthwhile. These fools are the most dangerous because their numbers are much greater than the actual tyrants but their stupidity and gutlessness will make them loyal and mindless servants and enforcers against their neighbours. No serious resistance is possible if we must be surrounded by such rats when in our homes, businesses and schools, clubs, etc.

There really is a critical need to force these vile sub-humans into a place of fear and made to understand the community no longer considers them to be “of us”. If they stand with tyrants then they have turned their backs on their community and on the human race. I see only one solution and it should be clear to any serious person who understands this is not a drill, or a game. This is an end game scenario and it will take us seeing it as a life or death fight with all that implies if we have any chance of overcoming it.

Of course many or even most may see this as dramatic and over reaction. That is OK. In time however it may be that you awaken to the seriousness and critical reality we are in. When that time comes, I hope you will remember these few basics and act appropriately. When it makes sense to you, take these points for what they are.

This can be the end of all we imagined and aspired to as a species. It can also be our finest hour if there remains enough of the human spirit that we all like to imagine exists. It is up to you. To choose. Are you a human being, with a mind and soul so priceless it shines out like a beacon in this peripheral corner of the galaxy? Or are you a mindless sheep, born to be led and fed, dipped and shorn and from time to time culled for meat or just to make room for some more valuable stock?

Good luck fellow human beings.

Comment from Rabbitnexus