COVID-19 Hoax exposed by a panel of European doctors

The game is up as medical experts discuss evidence on a massive scale. Medical practitioners around Europe are reporting COViD-19 as an ordinary flu but is being sold to support the N.W.O agenda of total people control.


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  1. Please explain where Allan Plemming is coming from.? Is he a regular insulter of postings? I mentioned “spelling mistakes” in a very important message and he has made “False accusations” against me. Is he some sort of literary “smart ass”. I am back to watch and support if fools like this are on your listings. Cheers Howard.


  2. Awesome work Cairns News…..I guess Howard Miller doesn’t like inconvenient truth perhaps Howard has shares in Big Pharma…do you Howard just asking for a friend!


  3. Thanks Howard we are hard-pressed to bring you this news gratis, but our present staffing level of one who does hundreds of hours research, administers hundreds of comments each day then handles a lot of feedback and tries to maintain a job while also trying to maintain one of Australia’s leading independent news sites finds it just a little daunting. Would you like to proof read the dozens of articles that hit the desk every day? Gratis of course.Editor


  4. Really, Cairns News ? please use spellcheck before posting, there are at least three typos in this notice. The rest of the World seem quite ready, able and willing to print nonsense and false info, we really hope and trust YOU to get it right ?


  5. This video keeps getting taken off social media in the UK!


  6. I sure hope they prevail….
    For every ounce of hopeful news there seems to be two ounces of despairing news.


  7. What a lot of common bloody sense.


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