Covid 21 is coming – the second half of a binary weapons system

by Mike Adams

(Natural News) About a year ago, I gave a live presentation in Branson, Missouri, that is only now being made fully public. The presentation, shown below via, reveals that the real master plan which led to COVID is actually an extermination plan for humanity.

Population reduction has been the goal all along. But where the globalists have shown their true evil genius is in their choice of creating a biological weapon with high transmission rather than high fatality rates. The virus was never very deadly to people under the age of 50, but it was always highly contagious to people of all ages. And that contagiousness, it turns out, was enough to advance their nefarious plan against humanity.

Eugenicist Bill Gates is coming after you with his deadly vaccines. Dumbed down Victorians will line up at the gas chamber gates to receive theirs

The rapid spread of the virus allowed the globalist-controlled media to claim “cases” were skyrocketing, thereby justifying weaponized lockdowns and a global rolling out of medical fascism disguised as “public health” policies. Based entirely on the speed of the spread of the virus, cities, states and nations of the world were able to achieve three key goals that represent the necessary precursors to global human extermination:

  1. Crushing the existing human economies of the world, including food production, ultimately leading to mass famine, homelessness and total dependence on government.
  2. Rolling out new, Orwellian medical fascism laws and edicts that set the precedent for mass arrests and forced relocation into “quarantine camps” for those who resist. These camps, of course, are actually death camps and processing facilities for eliminating human beings.
  3. Forcing compliance with global vaccine mandates which will of course be used to achieve global infertility and accelerated deaths from diseases and subsequent infections. Whereas a pathogen could not achieve a 90% death rate on its own, the engineered pathogen (the Wuhan coronavirus) was able to be used to drive people into mass vaccine compliance, during which they can be directly injected with toxic substances, vaccine compliance tracking nanotech (quantum dots) and biology-altering mRNA sequences that literally hijack the body’s cells and reprogram them to produce whatever protein sequences are engineered into the mRNA vaccines.

Thus, globalists have simultaneously built a global pandemic prison camp combined with a mandatory vaccine obedience system through which they can repeatedly spread more infectious disease and promote accelerated deaths or infertility.

The end goal, as globalists like Bill Gates openly support, is the elimination of billions of human beings living today. Ideally, globalists seek to reduce the world population to about 500 million people, which is roughly a 94% reduction in the current human population.

The world you once knew is never coming back, because the globalists who run the world have other plans

Each day, more and more people are coming to realize that there will be no restoration of the world we all once knew. Globalists have no intention of restoring human freedom, economic prosperity and global mobility. Now, human societies are being deliberately crushed — even in the face of contradictory scientific evidence that shows lockdowns don’t work — in order to cause mass destitution and collapse.

Only through this planned collapse can the billions of people in the world be forced into subservience to the globalist depopulation agenda.

A key element of this is the Universal Basic Income (UBI), which has already been rolled out across America for the last several months, under the approval of Republicans, Democrats and President Trump. The UBI provides basic sustenance income to allow people to purchase food and stay alive, while CDC mandates prohibit the eviction of renters who can no longer pay rent. Through the UBI, the eviction ban and the pumping up of the stock market with Fed money printing policies, America remains under the false appearance that the economy is rebounding. In truth, these are all temporary, makeshift tactics to prevent millions of homeless from spilling out into the streets right before an election.

The real plan — about to be rolled out — is to tie UBI benefits to vaccine compliance and speech compliance. Only the obedient will be granted government credits for food, and anyone who refuses to take the new vaccine will be cut off from government benefits. This is a deliberate “squeeze” to force the sheeple into mass vaccine suicide by making sure they cannot function in society (or receive government benefits) unless they go along with the vaccine mandates, which are of course a global extermination program disguised as a public health program.

How vaccines will be used to exterminate billions of humans while amplifying infectious disease on a global scale

The mass extermination via vaccines consists of two strategies:

  1. Lacing the vaccines with new bioweapons viral strains to ensure the continuation of the “outbreak” narrative. Notably, this only requires less than one percent of administered vaccines to be laced.
  2. Engineering the vaccines to cause a very high fatality rate upon exposure to a secondary future infection, in a fatal reaction called a “cytokine storm,” which is a hyper-inflammation event that leads to rapid death.

Thus, people won’t be dropping dead right away after taking the vaccines. Instead, they will seem fine until the next major bioweapon pandemic hits them, at which point the fatality rate will be extremely high (perhaps as high as 75% averaged across all age groups).

The next strain to be released via the vaccines will be COVID-21, and the COVID-21 strain could be rightly considered the second half of a binary weapon system that will achieve extremely high kill rates for human beings across the globe.

Importantly, the mass die-offs will further justify government lockdowns, quarantines and medical authoritarianism that grants governments the power to forcefully inject people, kidnap people, imprison people and even exterminate people at will. The mass hysteria from the sudden wave of deaths will also feed directly into the justification of increased censorship by the tech giants, which will de-platform anyone who discusses the truth about how this entire scheme was planned from the start.

What ends up being created is a feedback loop of death, hysteria and tyranny. The more people die, the more hysteria the media spreads and the more tyranny is justified by the state. This, in turn, results in higher numbers of vaccine injections, which spread more weaponized viral strains, resulting in another wave of hysteria and so on. It’s the perfect scam of tyranny and depopulation: The very governments who are building the bioweapons are using them to exterminate the masses while using the infections to justify their own power to administer the extermination weapons (i.e. vaccines).

Government tyrants are giggling with joy with their newfound powers over life and death

YouTube has just recently confirmed it will ban all vaccine videos that don’t toe the line of Big Pharma and the China-run WHO. We’ve all witnessed the accelerating purges of so-called “anti-vax” channels and speakers across all the major tech platforms. It’s all part of the narrative control that will maintain information monopolies to keep pushing the vaccines, lockdowns and tyranny that’s killing human beings by the billions.

This is how they pull it off! It’s not the pandemic that’s really killing people; it’s the governments. And any who don’t surrender to the tyranny will be singled out as “threats” to public health, then silenced or forcibly removed.

Victoria, Australia has already beta tested these programs and has found a shocking degree of compliance among the population that’s targeted for extermination. New Zealand has also discovered shockingly high levels of compliance, and Canada is finding much the same thing. As it turns out, “progressive” societies are filled with eager-to-obey sheeple who maintain irrational faith and trust in government — the very same government that’s preparing them all to be terminated.

Resistance groups are growing all around the world, including in America where local economies (in conservative states) have fared relatively well by avoiding the punitive lockdowns that now characterize left-leaning cities and states.

This is the reason the globalists are working desperately to remove President Trump from power: Trump and his followers are the last remaining defenses for humanity, standing up against the anti-human forces of tyranny and destruction that built the coronavirus bioweapon in the first place (and released it on purpose, then lied about it). Thus, Trump must be removed from power at all costs, and his followers and supporters must be silenced, criminalized, smeared and eliminated at all costs as well. No pro-human voice that resists the COVID-21 tyranny scheme may be allowed to exist, or the entire plan could be placed in jeopardy because it requires broad voluntary compliance of the sheeple who are being culled. The minute the sheeple wake up and realize they are being led to the slaughter, they might not follow orders so easily.

How billions of humans will line up and beg to be “suicided” with vaccines

Rational people can process most of what I’ve described above, if they do the research and aren’t brain damaged from fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals and 5G. But now we bring in a topic where many people just can’t fathom the reality: Earth’s globalists are following orders from non-human entities.

Different people describe these non-human, non-Earth entities in different ways. To some people, they are demons of supernatural origin. To others, they are aliens of extraterrestrial origin. Still others say they are AI systems from advanced civilizations across the cosmos, and another explanation describes these influencing entities as interdimensional beings from a parallel universe. (Interesting note: CERN scientists have announced they are preparing to power up CERN to literally “make contact with a parallel universe,” according to mainstream media headlines.)

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Covid 21 is already here.

    Omicron equals 70 as does Ayin in Hebrew. Ayin is the all-seeing eye on the illuminati pyramid. The first variant was Delta which symbol is a triangle, next was Omicron which was a hidden all-seeing eye, and then we had BA which equals 21, B=2 and A=1. Now we are told the new variants are XD and XE, which in Greek also add to 21. X=600, D=4, E=5 and we get 604+605=1209. 12 and 9 are 21. They are literally putting their mark on us with these vaccines. There is a lot more in the write up.


  2. This is the most accurate depiction of what I have found out so far.


  3. Taurus7

    I know where you are coming from, I have researched such info for many years.

    The system is hell bent on silencing those that wonder away from the germ theory.
    There are plenty of people from the medical and scientific communities who stopped following the germ theory after they looked at the other side of the story.

    Problem is, the average doctor, nurse, scientist are still taught (long ago) disproved garbage about the theory,

    If we survive this present vaxx mess it may well change things a bit – change modern day medicine and all of its many faults.

    Already I have noticed that more info is coming out about the faults of certain medical related theories and main stream medicine, It may be because people have had enough of this vaxx b……t and no longer care about the medical maffia.

    I live in hope.


  4. Richard Noakes

    So where is based – obviously not where I thought it probably was?


  5. Viruses are NOT contagious, there is no scientific evidence for that. Research it!! Louis Pasteur was a liar, plagiarist and an imposter, there is a reason why germ theory is still called a theory: it is NOT scientifically proven. Research: “germ theory vs terrain theory”, “Pasteur of Bechamp? A lost chapter in the history of biology”, “The private science of Louis Pasteur”, “What really makes you ill – why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong”,
    Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Stefan Lanka


  6. Strange observation – it has already arrived in the form of a virulent virus – so the WHO says. Suggest you read News Ltd or watch the ABC.Editor


  7. Tinfoil,babbling nonsense


  8. Mr. Gates.. The Bible Says… ” YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW “! NO EXCEPTIONS !


  9. Do you know the URL of the video on I can’t seem to find it.


  10. People who let someone inject them with an unknown substance are simply not very bright. The question is how to warn them. I think social media is still the place.

    By imposing censorship, Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube are rendering themselves the places NOT-to-go-to for information. There are other, more relevant platforms now (BitChute, Parler). Also, there are trusted sources: Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Michael Yeadon.


  11. The joke is on you numpty


  12. This article gave me a good chuckle, thanks. To think some people actually believe the content of this comedy piece is a bit concerning however.


  13. The YouTube link is removed


  14. People trying to share to facebook I just copied the link and put it on my status don’t know how long it will stay there tho


  15. This video has just been posted to this site also – – exposes the fiction COIVID by doctors all over Europe a mys see video…Harry


  16. Thank goodness facebook is fading from the net as the people wake up …well most anyway. Facebook is a tool government controllers need to keep you locked down to wallow in a Peter Pan world of fiction … Harry


  17. The best part of facebook is -“Other People Use It” how sad…Harry


  18. Wow! Cannot share to FB as it contains content that other people have claimed is “abusive”.


  19. Wow. Can’t share to FB as they claim that it contains “abusive” content that some people may find “Offfensive”.


  20. Given that the supposed virus has still not been isolated nor verified anywhere in the public domain on our planet, nor has it been definitively proven to be the causative agent of infection of the ostensible disease, you have to wonder about someone’s conjecture that is premised on a phantom.

    So much confusion and deceit is pedalled nowadays that the principle exercise is to be able to discern the false from that which is the truth.


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