Walter to appear on October 30 to face assault charges laid by court protection officer

from Gil Hanrahan

Embattled former policeman David Walter will fight on at the Cairns Magistrates Court on October 30 and 31 against trumped up assault charges laid by two court protective officers.

On Friday Walter summonsed the Magistrate, Jane Bentley, to appear as a witness. This Magistrate unlawfully jailed him for one month for contempt in May this year.

So far his defence has eight witness statements which allege Walter did not assault the two burly protective officers when they threw him to the floor and handcuffed him. The Court Protective Service is a private company owned by Queensland Police Service, contracting to Queensland Courts.

David Walter will appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court on October 30 and 31 to defend vexatious assault charges laid by court protective officers.

Walter said the police have tried to have the charges dismissed but so far had failed to do so.

He is calling on all patriots to attend the court to witness the judiciary in action.

It seems the Queensland Chief Magistrate will preside over the hearing.

Walter will challenge the validity of the State Government and the court system which he says can only hear civil law.

“I will question her and point out she only has the authority and actions at civil law,” Mr Walter said.

When Walter challenged Magistrate Bentley’s and the court’s authority at the original hearing, she refused to allow the questions and eventually jailed him for one month charged with contempt.

He said Beattie sealed the Electoral Act  1992 for ‘My Government’ as ” I will demonstrate they cannot hear anything as they are paid by Peter Beattie in ‘ My Government’ with no people inside  Queensland’s Constitution as in force 2002.”

“It is held to Civil Law or the Common Law.”

Former Labor Premier and architect of the 2001 Queensland Constitutional changes, Peter Beattie,  now has a plum Government job as Commonwealth Games head on the Gold Coast.

Last week Walter was fined $750 for not correctly filling out a form attached to his bankruptcy proceedings.

He said he thanked the Magistrate for ‘convicting’ him which now allows the case to be filed in the High Court.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Lateral vertical

    This isn’t the only unlawful thing she has done in her capacity. I know some illegal sh&t she did almost 20 years ago that’s still circulating around. Just sayin’


  2. Tim. Thanks for clearing that up. Sometimes it is difficult to get to the truth as so much is wrong with these defacto governments. You are correct the Council are the winners as they always are and they are always supported by an army of lawyers [scribes] all ganging up on the man or woman defending their rights. They have a conflict of interest at every turn. For example their matter was not before a Court pursuant to Chapter III Courts [Constitution]. However that concept is now gaining traction [Culleton] and [Walter]. The conflict of interest comes from lack of separation of powers wherein the Law firm prosecuting for the Council are Court Officers whilst the Judges are on retainer to the Government corporation, whilst the Council is another GOC whilst the Rumbel’s have effectively been ganged up on and shut down for standing up.

    Recently I have been trying to fend of the unlawful local government from stealing our land. We are rural, no council services and yet they Tax us [Rates]. We hold a Deed of Grant with the Crown on that deed it states “with all the rights and appurtenances whatsoever” held in fee simple, refer the Sir Isaac Isaacs statement in 1923 regarding it being the highest form of title and yet somehow these BAR Attorney’s twist and turn and whisper in the CEO ear that they have the right to usurp lawful ownership because they can [might is right]. So what I did in desperation was send information from Knowyourrightgroup asking questions of the Local State Member. I received my response today. “Your message to the member for Keppel has not been read” What utter contempt these swill have for we the People. Remember my story when the next election comes up. Knowing that all you will be voting for is a Board Member of the Corporation State of Queensland, a copyrighted entity with gender neutral scum like this within it. whilst holding in the back of your mind the fact that the land that you thought you owned and worked hard for is really not yours at all. It belongs to the Estate of Queensland that Beattie created without a referendum. Whilst grinning ” They will never wake-up”. Well they are and they [Pollies] would do well to remember Nuremberg.

    Someone said to me yesterday it will not change. However we can glean scraps of truth that are now emerging in the contempt that Bentley and Mullins have for their own Court by returning mail. Good thing here is we can learn from this experience. Equity makes the law and we have none. When a man can be made party to the debts of others we are truly lost.


  3. OK now I understand. there were a lot of misconceptions about the Rumbel case a few years ago. We did not publish much about it because it was difficult to sort the chaff from the hay.ED


  4. Rumble and liverpool plains that Graeme posted. I posted a link to the appeal in my above post and the council were ultimatley the winners, so I am looking for other information that Graeme refers to, in that leads people to believe in some sort of partial, at the very least, success was achieved


  5. Unsure what you refer to Tim. Can you elaborate? ED


  6. Perhaps you can enlighten us further as I looked at the appeals case, and
    it certainly does not show what you allege in relation to this matter.


  7. In Rumbel v Liverpool Plains Council NSW the QC sacked several Judges asking them if they worked for the Corporation. Perhaps this question could be asked of the Chief Justice. Who do you work for? The domino’s are falling! If you research a case against a Local Government business and you know your rights and you have good representation to get around all the legalese. A quote in the article stated that: “The QC concerned is a World authority on trespass and demonstrated to the Supreme Court of NSW that for some decades no legislation in the Commonwealth of Australia had received Royal Assent and is therefore invalid and inoperative. So this proves that they know or they are just plain evil.

    This only serves to support Davids position at Law. We have had our valid constitution usurped by an entity that is possessed by gender neutral parasites. Technically we may not vote however are deceived into believing that we must. A unicameral Government two sets of books.


  8. Michael Mathews

    Well done Walter, you certainly seem to know how corrupt the Qld Govt is and how corrupt the police and judicial system is.
    Beattie is a major player and is also behind many evil doings in Qld, such as
    and criminal abuses to the people by stopping their mains electricity and most services
    Over the years when i was addressing this matter to Govt Minister i found a constant series of Ministers resigning their ministries and some resigned from politic all together.
    The Ombudsman’s office eventually sent the matter to the CCC but they refused to respond to any real issues.
    About 30 Law firms said the matters are criminal in nature but said they don’t do criminal law.
    Qld legal aid said the matters are criminal but they don’t have the resources to deal with the matter.
    Numerous police men and women said the matters are criminal but refused to discuss the matter.
    Two police chiefs at Mossman were quickly removed from their posts when we requested they prosecute the crimes involved.
    Only one decent honest Councillor has ever tried to help the people and he also tried to get the local police chief to take action but again the police chief was removed and sent to Goondoowindi.
    I believe that all our major Law firms are complicit in widespread perversion and obstruction of justice due to their refusal as Court offices to perform their duty.
    Our MPs and Senators are effectively complicit in covering up and compounding crimes because they refuse to raise issues of corruption and injustices in the Parliaments. They are playing a major role in full filling Bible prophecy, but appear to be too stupid to understand their chronic failures. They are being paid under False Pretences, which is also a criminal offence.

    I have been standing up for victims of crime in Australia for many years and I have been threatenned by many criminals, including bent cops.
    In NSW I was criminally attacked by bent cops and several public servants in multiple ways and the cops then fabricated false evidence in concert with others and maliciously prosecuted me.
    They failed miserably because they are so corrupt they cannot think straight.
    I found that Freemasons and satanic religious operatives work together to attack decent people trying to do the right thing for all people.
    Please note that no one in Govt or Authorities has had the decency or courage to respond to this matter and I have not paid the corruptly gained fine.
    The NSW Premier Mike Baird wrote to me saying only “Thank you for the information about child abuse”
    Several Ministers resigned, but none will communicate with me about the widespread corruption.
    I hope many decent Aussies will turn up in person to give support to brave Walter at the courts. If large numbers of people turn up you will be able to shock the corrupt system and begin to bring justice to Australia.
    I would love to come along but i am bogged down helping other victims of crime.
    C’mon people get of your your backsides and help yourselves/families by standing against corruption.


  9. Corruption is everywhere when persons think they can “get away with it ” As a former policeman he understands the law very well. PERJURY IS AN INDICABLE OFFENCE!
    “Give a person enough ROPE and they will hang themselves”


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