Greens try to shout down Cairns croc meeting

The final round of crocodile management consultation meetings held in Cairns on Monday heard the Green rent-a-crowd of 20 hecklers and self- appointed crocodile experts howl down any sensible argument about removing dangerous reptiles from populated areas.

Local residents in favour of removing crocodiles were told by Katters Australia Party Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth the reptiles would be removed or as a last resort, culled along the coastline between Mossman and Mackay.

Cairns Crocodile meeting chairman Cr Brett Olds and KAP Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth were often shouted down by vocal Greens.

Tourist numbers had been impacted and visitors no longer felt safe visiting the Far North, he said.

The sensible element of older Cairns residents, one of them a fourth generation settler, backed their reduction in numbers and removal of all reptiles from Cairns waterways.

He said there were no crocodiles in most rivers and creeks or Cairns Inlet 50 years ago.

“Everywhere was safe to swim and my kids were always in a local creek swimming on weekends,” he said.

“Once we could put up to 100 skiers in the water, now we can’t go near the ocean.

“There are young people getting into trouble because they have nothing to do and nowhere to go yet once they were in the rivers and creeks burning up energy.

“Even the life savers fear for their lives if they go into the water at beaches.

“Now I fear for my 17 grandchildren if they go anywhere near water and we cannot swim in the Mulgrave River or Lake Placid anymore.”

Another resident warned how kayaks paddled by kids along the Mulgrave River resembled a crocodile to large males and there were incidents where crocs had menaced kayaks and canoes.

“They have lost their fear of man and something has to be done,” he said.

Self-proclaimed crocodile expert Greg Watson said people should be trained to keep away from water and savage crocs should be left alone in Cairns waterways.

Resident David White said lots of people came to the area to see crocs in the wild and there was a large tourist industry depending on it.

“The population is recovering from almost extinction, but I don’t want to see anyone hurt so we have to handle this logically and with science.

“There were two surveys where 75 per cent of people were against culling. We have to do more about controlling people in crocodile habitats.”

Mr Knuth assured the meeting there were no plans to remove or cull crocodiles from the Daintree River.

KAP candidate for the seat of Cook, Gordon Rasmussen said he believed consensus could be reached between those opposing croc removal from urban waterways and those who wanted them removed. Cook takes in all of Cape York and is home to tens of thousands of  estuarine crocodiles

KAP candidate for Cook, Gordon Rasmussen said any safari hunting plans for indigenous communities would be in controlled areas north of Laura.

“We do not want crocodiles in Mossman, Port Douglas or Mareeba rivers and creeks and they must be removed, and I am sure we can find a consensus between those here opposed to and in favour of the legislation,” Mr Rasmussen said.

It appeared the Greens mob were showing more interest in attacking Bob Katter than engaging in any sensible solution with meeting chairman Cairns Councillor Brett Olds and speaker Shane Knuth.

Performing for the ABC, Win TV, Channel 7 and other reporters, an agitated deckhand from the Daintree engaged Mr Katter with an ‘in-your-face’ screaming effort but the seasoned politician of 50 years didn’t take the bait.

Daintree deckhand Damian Duffi tries to engage Bob Katter with an in-your-face screaming match performing for television cameras

Mr Katter walked away, further enraging the agitated deckie, Damian Duffi, by telling him he was “bored” with his illogical tirade.

The motley collection of about 20 vocal Greens, according to one supporter of the KAP plan, were mustered in a call on Facebook that morning, to “get as many as we can to the Katter crocodile meeting.”

“If this is the best they can do then we know we have the support of the majority of locals, not transient visitors from interstate,” Mr Katter said.

“”The three other meetings we held had many more attend than this meeting, and those people were 100 per cent in favour of removing the crocodiles.”

“The bill will be presented sometime this month,” Mr Knuth said.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It is time that sensible people stood up against the irrational Greens, who are destroying Australia ad our way of life. The Greens’motive isn’t to look after the people but to control what we do…their agenda is one of power and control, and it has to be stopped.It looks as though Northern Queenslanders have woken up to the Greens…good on them.


  2. Joan Katherine

    It is time for mature adults to take over the affairs of Australia that impact the lives of citizens. The Green agenda is self-serving, dangerous and detrimental. There is not, nor has there ever been, anything logical or just about the green agenda. It is a blatant attempt to rewild the countryside. They seem to be simplistic in their thinking, if they think at all. Reclaim the country and send them packing to the UN to peddle their poison.


  3. Do any of those Greenie Twits have any Idea what is Actually happening outside of their Empty Brain Shells.


  4. Pretty sure the majority had no connection or affiliation with the Greens… these were just informed members of the community that came out to have their say and after all, that’s what community consultation is all about isn’t it?


  5. The picture of the so called self claimed croc expert “David White” is actually Greg Watson, who is an actual crocodile expert of well over 20 years in crocodile management with ehp, croc farms and captive crocodiles. David White is not a member of the Greens’ nor is Greg Watson, or Damien Duffy, they are independent people who provide information and opinion other than supporting croc culling and trophy hunting, which is the point of a debate to have view points and expert advice from both sides for people to get a clear open picture of a subject to be able to make the right decisions and conclusions.


  6. What a load of rot!
    If you’re going to be a reporter you should be unbiased. There were plenty of anti cull supporters and few pro cull supporters. This is rubbish journalism at it finest 🙄


  7. I seriously thought this page was a joke, but after reading a little more I realise that you people are actually serious! I think some of you need to get out more, educate yourselves and get a real life. Have a look at the advertisements to the right – seriously people, it’s 2017 you redneck fools. If you are having trouble reading this post – perhaps pronouncing some of the big words, please take it to your local primary school.


  8. Simple minded red necks like Katter and his cull wildlife to suit people mind set needs to take his out dated, ignorant, ancient thought process and leave wildlife alone, it’s because of people like katter and anyone who supports him that crocodiles were almost extinct in Australia 40 years ago. It’s 2017, wake up and realise you people are destroying the natural world.


  9. I saw footage of that meeting on youtube…. Bob Katter was screaming then mumbling, jumbling his words, repeating himself, going of topic and he seemed very eratic and confused at times… It was concerning…


  10. Brad Madgwick

    I am sitting on the fence on this issue and think a solution to both the Greens issues and those that Mr Katter raise need to be resolved Your article was a very one sided unfactual article to that of what i observed on the night
    Shame Shame Shame on whoever wrote this article its a discrace and i bet this reply i wrote wont get published


  11. We apologise for the mix up in the names on the caption. It has not happened before but did this time due to a large number of photos going online. We stand by the story.Editor


  12. Information provided by the last man to be issued with a croc shooting permit in Queensland in the 70’s, who is indigenous, says there were large areas of Cape York Peninsula where crocs not ever shot and similar areas in the NT. He said crocs were never taken to the point of extinction and this is a Green furphy. Editor


  13. Our sources disagree with your version. Mr Katter was yelled down whenever he tried to respond and the in-your-face screaming by a seemingly demented person would be enough to distract anyone.Editor


  14. This would have to be the worse journalism I have ever seen. Watch the footage ffs!

    Absolute rubbish!

    About the only thing that’s correct in this article is, ‘100 people attended’ The rest is utter crap.

    Just woeful!


  15. Joan Katherine

    I think the simple minded red neck is Matt himself. He has obviously bought in to the Agenda 21 BS which has as the objective to rewild all land to the animals and people probably like himself who want to live in a cave. It is too bad that Matt is so simple that he has bought into this claptrap. Maurice Strong, the billionaire from Canada has set him up and reeled him in hook, line and sinker. For those of you that doubt just check and see the lifestyle Strong led. He was a billionaire from his Rockefeller and oil connections. You Greens are pathetic to buy into this.


  16. The video is evidence that your version of the events are completely incorrect, you can’t argue with that. These are independent people of the community voicing concerns, not the greens, it’s noted that it’s in your interest to support Katter and you’ll do what you can to sway an audience. Calling someone seemingly demented is probably not the brightest idea and leaves a lot to be desired, however I see your journalism leaves a lot to be desired too.


  17. Your source is more reliable than video evidence? The argument put forward against the culling was well researched and backed by credible data. Katter’s response was antiquitated and irresponsible.

    You as an editor should be ashamed of the bias you are trying to pass off as true journalism.


  18. I have absolutely no idea what your talking about, the simple minded red neck comment must’ve struck a cord with you? If you have ever watched the the documentary series planet earth 2 by David attenborough perhaps you may be a little more enlightened? But then again you didn’t become such an ignorant self entitled person over night??


  19. I just watched the footage again..its on youtube for everyone to see… Mr Katter was interupted several times whilst making irrelevent , baseless or even at one stage just plain ridiculous comments, Mr Katter interupted people speaking also with snide remarks and emotionally charged retoric… Watch the video the whole meeting was recorded…. This should not be a us them debate.. Division is ugly and tagging , branding or labelling people for having an opinion other than your own is poor form and a tactic that the general public are bored of and frankly can see straight threw….

    Kind Regards Shane.


  20. Hi Lisa maybe you get some reading glasses. Perhaps you were reading another version of the meeting on facebook or other media. Nowhere in the story is mentioned ‘100 people attended’ as you have claimed. We rest our case. Ed


  21. Thanks Shane I hope the video shows the Daintree man screaming in Katter’s face. ABC,Fairfax and News Ltd have treated the Green Malthusian agenda so tenderly for so long they have lost any objectivity and when the green element gets on the sharp end of some accurate reporting they suddenly come down to reality, perhaps on a rare visit to earth. Ed


  22. Bill Drysdale

    Stupidity is not hereditary it is something you have acquire yourself. You must find being pompous to be a handicap….apart from being consistently wrong, that is?


  23. David Davidson

    As a publication, ethically how can you be one sided?


  24. Hi In your response you stated ‘ I hope the footage shows the Daintree man screaming in Katters face’… So I assume you haven’t researched the video and watched it ???…Accurate reporting?? So then you go on to remark that when the greens get on the sharp end of some accurate reporting they suddenly come down to reality..leading to ‘perhaps on a rare visit to earth’…. I appreciate your response but I find your claim of accurate reporting questionable at the least, And to assume someone is of a green political bias also makes me again Question your claim of accurate reporting… Have you asked for a statement from said person in relation to their politicol stance or affiliation??? I question this as I see nothing in the article to suggest so or reference to…Again …Accurate reporting…. Please .. the media is a powerfull tool and has the ability to spread information far and wide with this as I’m sure your aware comes a level of responsibilty….. Your article has definantly got people talking on the matter which is great, come on.. really … Don’t let your emotions get in the way and react then publish as it can affect the balance of the story …And coming accross as one sided is exactly what I believe your distaste for the so called green argument is…

    these are just my views anyways…

    In conclusion thank god or whoever for our freedom of speech…. Atleast we can discuss this like we need too..

    Kind Regards Shane.
    p.s I don’t vote green never have and cant say I ever will…Just to clarify…


  25. Hi Dave, have you read any articles lately in Fairfax or News, but in particular have you ever read about the thousands of complaints made to the ABC about their Green bias? What about the ABC’s hallmark propagandist show, Q & A, hosted by the Marxist Tony Jones. His wife Sarah Ferguson shut down the live cattle export trade, causing many farmers to suicide. Please don’t lecture us on bias. Thanks for your comment. Ed


  26. Hi I would just like to thank you, I thought the Betoota Advocate was best of its kind but man I have not had laugh like this for ages. You are the Steve Colbert Report of Katter Supports right? You pretend that you are pro Katter but then take the piss, by doing articles like this, then tell people in the comments that you got incorrect information and have never checked with the source martial, if I was to take a blind stab in the dark you are members of The Chaser media?
    Keep up the good work from Rabbit

    P.S a link to the video so you can view for yourself.


  27. Dear Mr editor, I’ve read all of your responses and I’m still trying to figure out if you are just joking, your responses couldn’t be any more biased.

    To post such a biased article against an animal is disgusting. You should be ashamed of your self.


  28. Is this even a real newspaper? So many mistakes in your story, pretty sure you must not have attended the event. Maybe watch some of the footage from the event might help you understand how wrong you got this.


  29. What a joke of an article this is. You guys must be kidding yourselves, whatever sources you have are the wrong sources. I was at the meeting and there would have been over 70% of people, including experts, that were NOT in favour of a cull. Katter was asked, by one person experienced with crocodiles, what number of deaths were from crocodiles over a period in Queensland. Katters respose was “I don’t know”. You would think if they were pushing for a croc cull they would research just a little.. maybe some good advice.


  30. Scum Greenies can go to hell. If they get anyone I know killed by crocodiles I’ll not only be hunting crocodiles I’ll be hunting them!


  31. Unreal. Humans kill more then any crocodile, can we have human culling and hunting licences? No prob not so why target crocodiles because they attacked a dog or some idiot that went in the water in a known crocodile habitat. Crocodiles lived here first, if you wanted to build towns where they live then deal with there attacks. Cull humans.


  32. Haha. He clearly said thats he believes culling wont help. Calling him a wildman is a little over the top. He asked legit questions and bob couldnt answer.


  33. If nothing other than “tourist attraction ” make croc sausages. As well another tourist attraction. Sell caned croc. Any thing to make a quid. But knock the numbers back. Not good when a hunger driven pull a blok out of canoe 2 days later only find his jeans. Or camping 200 mt from the ocean and croc big as drags you out of your tent down to the water. Cuĺl & cull make quid. Every one would feel safer.


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