Weather geo-engineering has dissipated cyclones in Far North Qld

by Robert J Lee in Cairns

Climatologists are baffled why no cyclones have formed in the Far North so far this year, claiming it to be “unusual.”

Weather forecaster Tamika Tihema told the Cairns Post there was nothing on the radar to suggest things might change any time soon.

Chemtrails over Cairns and Atherton Tablelands have been altering weather patterns

Not a single cyclonic system had formed in the eastern region which takes in both the Coral Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Ms Tihema said there had never been a year since records were kept when a cyclone did not form in the eastern region, although there was time yet.

Unfortunately the climatologists and the weather bureau have not factored in the increased chemtrail spraying activities over Cairns and the Tablelands ten days ago.

Chemtrails photographed over the Cairns hinterland could be preventing the formation of cyclones this year. A reader who supplied the photo said the weather bureau had been watching a low over the Coral Sea but after this chemtrail activity the low pressure system disappeared

Chemtrail observers and analysts say the high altitude application of various chemical cocktails have been used by government for decades to alter weather patterns.

Cairns has had less than a normal wet season so far leaving ratepayers facing water restrictions early in the year.

Tablelands farm irrigators, having Tinaroo Dam as their main water supply, will soon face tighter restrictions with the dam capacity now at 43 per cent.

Cairns News is left wondering if irrigators and homeowners will ever face up to the fact that man made climate interference is not and has never been influenced by carbon dioxide.

Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston(Ret’d) denied the RAAF was using its aircraft for atmospheric spraying of chemicals. He did not deny such activities occurred.

It has been caused by decades of high-atmosphere chemical dispersion using specially adapted aircraft, not done by the Air Force, according to then Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston.

In a letter to a reader, Air Chief Marshall Houston denied the Royal Australian Air Force was using any of its aircraft to apply chemicals.

In what could have been the most pertinent point missing from his letter, he did not deny high altitude chemical spraying actually occurred.


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  1. Wide variations in weather patterns are normal – e.g. droughts go in cycles; therefore quoting one year in the article below is to me not convincing.

    Year-to-year variations are normal statistical fluctuations.

    To make any valid conclusions one must look at LONG-TERM data — for example the hottest period on record in Australia was in the 1890s in Australia when so many people were ill even dying of the heat in Queensland that the State Govt offered FREE rail travel for inland people to come to the coast. I would love to get the newspaper articles to prove this.

    Of course, our leftwing Canberra meteorologists choose to start their databases AFTER this very hot event so as to claim that recent hot weather was a “record” — no, it wasn’t – it was not as hot as what happened in the 1890s

    One day when we can meet face to face and I can draw on paper and wave hands and explain things, I will prove to you by the laws of Chemistry and Physics that Chemtrail concerns are beat-up nonsense.

    (I got University Medal in Engineering, including extra Physics — at Uni I passed only one subject – the rest were High Distinctions and Distinctions)

    Chemtrails affecting humans and crops and weather engineering etc contradict the God-given laws of Chemistry and Physics.

    It matters not that some sincere and well-meaning “experts” write reports or make youtube videos – they are sincerely wrong, because it just cannot happen, because these God-given laws cannot be broken.

    Such concerns are a beat-up distraction from the real, big issues that Christians and other decent citizens should be focussed on.

    People can really only cope with 3 or 4 main issues in the political/economic area, so if you clutter them with a beat-up nonsense issue (a “conspiracy theory” in the pejorative use of that term) then they get diverted, and have less energy, time and effort to devote to other REAL issues

    regards, Lex

    PS -yes, CSIRO did do experiments in the 1950s using expensive silver iodide crystals to ‘seed’ clouds to make them rain, and such technology is well understood – it has only a limited ability to alter rainfall over a very small local area, and zero ability to alter wind or temperatures

    yes, the Pine Gap military base has a purpose, but it does not and cannot do so-called HAARP weather changes

  2. I have observed contrails from high altitude jets since the seventies, when jets were replacing piston engines. All the contrails I have observed over the years up until about the last decade or so were of short duration and length. Now, the “contrails” extend across the horizon and remain there, slowly spreading across the observable sky.

    This is also happening in the summer months. Contrail effect is normally a winter phenomenon.The “contrails” in the top pic were taken against the sun, with a visible rainbow affect through some cloud. The “contrails” do not have a rainbow affect that would be the case if they were of a normal moisture content.

    Oddly, in the wartime Vietnam, I rarely, if ever noticed contrails when there were numerous high altitude jets on any given day.The sky’s over Asia back in the 70’s were contrail free when I was there, as was the sky over Australia.

    So, what has happened? Bigger and more efficient engines? Different fuel compositions?

    Or, have the insurance companies decided to control; the weather to prevent large storm damage payouts? Queensland’s lack of even moderate gales this year is a case in point.

  3. We also have Chem-Trails all over the U.S. It is said that the U.N. is responsible for it.

  4. Thank you for that story. I’ve been passed from pillar to post with my concerns regarding chemtrails over Yorkeys Knob over the past four and a half years. I used to grow all my own vegetables in my garden till they started spraying. I’ve been frantically trying to get someone to listen to me but they look at me like my tinfoil hat is too tight despite the photos. And JCU spending millions of taxpayers money to find out why some of the coral is dying… it’s because there’s no cloud cover and the water is getting hotter during the wet no more wet season and the chemicals raining down into the ocean. My opinion anyway…

    • Thankyou Kimberley we agree. Ed

    • Kimberly, thank you for your observations. You state that it has been about four + tears. Well, coincidentally, that was about the time period that the honey supply’s started to dry up. I have been a bee keeper for about ten years and have noticed that the nectar supply has diminished substantially, this year no exception. I have been forced to manually feed my hives for three years to keep them alive and to prevent diseases.
      I have also noticed these extended contrails for some years, but in the pictures above, the reason I photographed them was I honestly thought that the jet was on fire, so I managed to take some pics, but not quick enough. The “smoke” that was coming out of the second non commercial aircraft was so heavy and thick, it was almost frightening.. The Aircraft was grey, four engines, a red emblem on the side, and hundreds of meters below the normal high altitude international flight path, but higher than the commercial a/c that fly over to Cairns. I still have the impression that it was in a shallow dive over the Tablelands and Mareeba, then climbed and turned back over Cairns.

      No mistake.
      Alan Webb

      • Hi Alan. Are we the only few who have concerns about these chemtrails? It’s so frustrating that no one seems interested. I’ve contacted so many people who I thought may be of some help only to have no response. Even John McKenzie from 4CA. No response. I haven’t seen any bees in my garden for four years! I do have the native bees though. Over Yorkeys Knob the clouds build up and look like we may get a huge downpour only to see high altitude aircraft fly over the clouds and within a few hours those rainclouds have dissipated only to be left with long silvery Cirrus like cover. Also the Ulysses butterflies are failing to survive. I have only seen two in the past two years. I grow food for the Cairns birdwing butterfly and only three hatched last year. It’s very concerning to me that no one is connecting the dots. This, and coral bleaching due to ocean warming because there aren’t any clouds keeping the water cooled. And we humans are getting the blame for climate warming!!! What a farce…grrrr

      • And everyone should have a look on YouTube channel…

  5. You are absolutely correct Kimberley. is a credible site. Chemtrails is not the correct term to use. It is geoengineering, using a technique called Solar Radiation Management (SRM). There are many parts to this geoengineering story. It is modifying weather patterns all over the world and destroying the earths’ biosphere. What we are not being told is this is a military operation, the aerosol spraying consists of Barium, Strontium, Aluminium and Coal Ash. These are conductive materials (which also heat up the atmosphere) used to enhance the microwave technology – HAARP, Nexrad/Doppler, SBX electromagnetic operations.
    Focus of the Media is on the freezing temperatures in the USA and Europe. This is because the northern Jet Stream has been manipulated further south from the Artic. The Artic has had record high temperatures, (as the Antarctic) causing massive ice melting events. The Artic permafrost is melting at an alarming rate causing massive amounts of trapped methane to be released into the atmosphere. Methane is far more deadly than CO2. CO2 is not the danger it is the methane. The methane releases are destabilizing the earthquake zone known as the Gakkel Ridge. The earthquakes along this ridge are causing more methane releases.
    Once the ice melts at the Artic, known as a blue ocean event, the water will than be absorbing all the heat and the earths temperatures will rise rapidly.
    Mass deaths of wildlife and sea life occur daily, the numbers are in the millions! Look up Although this is a religious site the mass deaths are valid information – verified with links to the articles worldwide with records going back to 2011.
    No one mentions the mass tree die offs world wide. Extensive world mapping is available on the internet, just look up mass tree die-offs.
    Mass coral reef die-offs world wide also.
    Fukushima plays a massive role in the destructions of the world oceans and atmosphere. It is a Nuclear Was without a War. Radioactive water is pouring into the oceans, they do not have the technology to cap the damaged fuel rods. There are high levels of cesium-137, Iodine-131 and Strontium-90 in the oceans and in fish tested in Canada. Radioactive fish are filled with bloody, cancerous tumours and sae lions that have died tested positive for Leukemia. 210 quadrillion becauerels of cesium-137 has been released into the atmosphere and more daily. There are no safe levels of radiation exposure.

    • Kimberley Shardlow

      Thanks Carrie. I feel so helpless. This is our planet they are killing off right in plain sight. Everyone I speak to thinks I’m bonkers! I see these high altitude aircraft emitting the trails over the sky every day and it’s worsening daily and I can’t do a bloody thing. Yes, I’ve noticed they are geoengeneering the climates worldwide. I wish the sheeple would open their eyes! I’ve emailed so many people at universities, newspapers, radio broadcasters, city Councillors and I’ve just emailed the mayor of Cairns. I’ve had two responses. The city councillor I emailed said she wasn’t familiar with the word chemtrails and didn’t know what I was talking about and handballed me off to a group connected to the airport who in turn passed me on to someone else at the airport! I give up! I’m such a small vouce and these military people running the show are too powerful. 😢😢😢

      • Me too Kimberley and no one listens or seems to notice. We are only small voices but hopefully we plant the seeds of information. People are becoming ill and they are not connecting the dots. Usually when I post information on any sites, it’s taken down within a few hours! Use the term geoengineering or SRM. Chemtrails is slang and best to use the correct scientific terminology.
        We did not consent to being poisoned on a nearly daily basis, we all have a right to clean air, fresh water and clean organic food.
        Eat well ,supplement with vitamins…especially Vit D, C and Magnesium. If you can afford it buy an air purifier and use it at night when sleeping. Wear a Chemical grade mask on heavy spray days or stay indoors.
        There are good people working hard to enlighten the masses on what is happening. It’s easy to despair when “no one” listens. But keep strong and make time to enjoy each day as it is a gift. So far my garden still survives and I’m happy to see all the bugs!

      • Kimberley Shardlow

        Thank you Carrie! I’ll take your advice, but as they’re spraying almost daily now I’ll get cabin fever and pull my hair out! I need to be outside as I’m so connected to mother earth. It sickens me to see the destruction. I’m glad there are some people waking up and I do admire Dane Wigington and his youtube channel. I’ve installed a premium shade sail which is quite dense so I can grow a few hardy plants like gingers and bromiliads. I miss the bees and butterflies though! 😊

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