“Wish I Knew How To be Free”   is this great song of Martin Bryant’s false incarceration from CHERRI BONNEY – (BONNEYBUSHTAYLOR Productions).

An update from Dr Keith Noble on his Port Arthur campaign

18 Feb 2016



Many thanks to all of you who replied so quickly with encouraging words re the email to David V.  AGHION (new Readers please see below).  Am unable to acknowledge all the emails that are coming in.  The Port Arthur incident is now prompting a lot of communication, supportive reactions, and many things are being planned for the 20th Anniversary of Official Lies in April 2016.

Senator Stephen Parry (google pics)

The documented fact that the now president of the Australian Senate – Stephen Parry, Liberal Party* TAS; see wikipedia – has known about the pre-planning related to Port Arthur confirms the official killing and wounding there was premeditated and professionally perpetrated.  It was a State psycho-terror operation undertaken to shock and enrage Australians to support gun-control legislation.  And to cover up its role in this official massacre, the State set up the mentally handicapped (66IQ) and entirely innocent Martin Bryant making him the patsy.  The Liberal Party of John Howard, also a lawyer, supported NO trial for innocent Martin Bryant – that’s right.

Good decent Australians have been investigating and speaking out about the official killing and wounding at Port Arthur for nearly 20 years – unlike the gutless mongrel barristers who work in Tasmania and who have done their best to ignore this evil incident.  These barristers have turned their back on innocent Martin Bryant who has been wrongly incarcerated and tortured since April 1996.  They have failed their moral and ethical responsibilities by denying Truth and Justice to all the families, relatives, and friends of the Port Arthur victims.  It is sickening.

Please bring the documented words of this mongrel of a senator Stephen Parry (President of the Australian Senate) to the attention of the families, relatives, and friends of the Port Arthur victims.  To the attention of the media – press, radio, TV.  To the attention of your local and federal politicians including the senators.  To the attention of your church.  SPEAK OUT LOUDLY!  Demand corrective action and don’t accept any bullshit evasive reply letters telling you it is being looked into.  Get poor innocent Martin Bryant out of Risdon Prison before they knock him – his days are numbered.

Sandra Tagieri (google pics)
Sandra Tagieri (google pics)

And please note the next Tasmanian barrister to be addressed will be Sandra Taglieri.  It’s time the public read what women have said in relation to the official massacre at Port Arthur, and learnt about what Ms.  Taglieri – another gutless mongrel barrister and an officer of the Tasmanian Supreme Court – has NOT said about the worst injustice in modern-day Australia.


Keith Allan Noble