Petition . Stop the vilification and hate speech by Gun Control Australia .

GUNS SAVE LIVES and political party corporate government does not have the authority to disarm us or to place restrictions on gun ownership. Until the late eighties gun ownership was a fundamental right guaranteed under the Magna Charta. There was a firearm behind every door or under the bed. Expensive and unnecessary gun safes were not needed and there was little crime and almost no gun-related crime. This writer used to take a .303 rifle home on the bus from school army cadets in readiness for a weekend bivouac. Not one person ever gave a second look. The right to bear arms cannot lawfully be removed by the corporate policies of corporate government. Keep your guns and never hand in one!

Please distribute this far and wide and get every loyal Australians to sign.



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Patriot activist publishing information to Australians government do not want known

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  1. NSW gun laws have many flaws, the two that standout are – a primary producer (farmer) license holder cannot use his firearms other than on his own property This requires a phone call to the neighbours when a pack of wild dogs you have been tracking go from your property to theirs!! – – – — – Second, NO firearm license holder can setup a target to zero in weapons unless you have a target range permit for the property. —– We are awaiting the legislation that will require a signed death certificate for every evasive animal shot on a property, can’t be far away……….

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