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Nostalgia-what happened to our manufacturing industries?

Ten years ago Australia had five car manufacturers, Ford, GMH, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

Now we have none. All gone overseas and the reason given? Costs were to high. Funny in that the cars we are now importing (Malaysia etc) are no cheaper.  

I remember back in 1968 living in Brisbane, when the 3 major cities back then were Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide a
nd Adelaide was the Industrial City.

Adelaide – South Australia, was where you went to work in the Iron Ore Industry, or where you could get a job making railway tracks for B.H.P.

You could get a job building ships, submarines, cars, washing machines, fridges, TV’s, Hills hoists, Victa Lawn Mowers or make tyres at Bridgestone tyres.

Treacherous politicians in 1986 ratified the Lima Agreement, entered into in 1975 by Whitlam, which transferred Australia’s manufacturing industries to Asia. These FX model Holdens were made in Australia starting in 1948. Today all car makers have left our shores.

Lightburn Washing Machine Company even made a car called a Zeta.
 It was not much of a car, but at least it was Australian and we built it.
 I worked at Stanvac where we made our own Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and Oil.
 We had Oil Rigs in Bass Straight, North West Shelf and the Timor Sea.
 We even had Australian owned Service Stations like (H.C. Sleigh) Golden Fleece and many of us young wanna-be mechanics back then worked as a driveway attendant. (Just like Stanley).

I remember catching a train from the city to Gawler and then on to Freeling, Hamley Bridge, Stockport, Riverton, up to Clare, Gladstone, Laura etc.
 And all these towns were bustling with activity, and on the weekends they were all open for business.
 Our shops were filled on every shelf with food and products all proudly made or grown, in Australia.
 Our fridge was full of Lamb Chops and Steaks because it was cheap as we were a huge Lamb and Beef growing Nation.
 And once a month Mum would make us all a delicacy!
 It was called a Sunday Roast Chicken.

I remember when we all had trade skills and high quality tools that would last and last.
 But most of all we had Mates. We as Australians watched each other’s backs even if we had not met yet, and we all said G’Day to everyone with a smile.
 Our kids could go anywhere they liked on their bikes, just as long as they were home before dark.

Australia was pretty safe back then.
Yes, Australia was once a self supporting nation that had it all.
 It had Farms that produced our dairy, fruit & vegies and meats etc.
 And Politicians back then were known as Statesmen and they were voted by the people, for the people, on behalf of the people and did what the people wanted.

We had public utilities owned by us the people, that guaranteed our Electricity, Water and Sewage forever.

No one knew how much the Snowy Mountain Scheme cost, we just built it.

No one knew how much the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Indian-Pacific railway cost!


Who Signed the Lima Declaration?



Now everything above has GONE.

Now we don’t watch each other’s backs anymore but watch each other through security bars, burglar alarms, and security screens.

Now we dob each other in.

Now we import poor quality processed food.

Now we import cheap tools that break just taking them out of the packet they come in.

Now we rely on ships to bring in our fuels.

Now we can’t afford our own Lamb or Beef anymore.

Now we eat steroid pumped chicken just about every day.

Now we import trade skill workers on 457 Visa’s.

Now we have high unemployment as nearly all of our Industry and Manufacturing has gone offshore.

Now we have that many Laws that we have just about outlawed ourselves.

But I guess we need even more laws, so now we will have Sharia Law as well.
 We now pay for water that falls out of the sky at $3.80 a litre.

Now we have taxes for everything.

Taxes for carbon, taxes for sake of having taxes, (They call them Levy’s).

And don’t forget the newest tax is the ISLAMIC TAX (Halal Certification)

Now here in South Australia in our towns we have Railway Stations and railway tracks, but no trains.

We have Public Bus Stops in our Towns but no buses.
 We have Hospitals and Clinics but very few Doctors or Nurses.

We all have Mobile Phones, and have little to no reception.

We have Digital TV’s with Bugger all Signal in the country.

And the worst of all, is our once great nation is being sold off, piece by piece to every other country on earth, except us.

Tis very sad but very true! Enjoy whats left while you can?

The Australia we knew when growing up is now STUFFED!!!

-from Gary Matthews

Australia’s car manufacturing put in reverse

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter addressed Parliament pleading with the Federal Government to fix the disastrous economic consequences if the motor vehicle manufacturing industries cease, as the government proposes to slash $500 million of assistance to the automotive industry.

“We are living in a country run by foreign monopolies who import their goods on the cheap, whilst our own industries collapse.

“All those Australians losing their jobs can thank their respective ALP-LNP governments, whose free market policies have smashed our industries to pieces. ‘Free market’ simply means big foreign corporations are free to mark prices up to whatever they feel like.

Mr Katter said that Australia’s motor vehicle industry workforce has shrunk one-third in the past decade (from 78,700 in May 2003 down to 50,100 by February 2013).

“We live in a country that will have no manufacturing base. Every report that I have seen states that when the three motor vehicle companies close 72 per cent of Australia’s manufacturing base will go down with them.

“The skyrocketing Australian dollar, high interest rates and ‘Free Market’ zealotry has contributed to the inexorable demise of Australia’s once-proud manufacturing industries,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter is gravely concerned for the thousands of manufacturing workers and communities who will lose their jobs, should Parliament slash the $500m assistance package to the automotive industry.

“These workers are facing the dole. Australia’s unemployment is rising; there are no jobs with our industries collapsing. So where is the government going to find the money to look after these 50,000 people that are going to be thrown out of work?

“You have 300,000 jobseekers and 500,000 people coming into the country and Australia has only 180,000 new jobs. I hope the government has money banked up for welfare payments, because there will be another 100,000 jobs coming down the line when the motor vehicle manufacturing industry closes.

“There is also a multiplier effect of three, for every job that is eliminated another three will be taken out of the economy,” Mr Katter said.

Mr Katter has previously introduced laws to mandate that all motor vehicles purchased by local, state and federal governments be Australian-made.

“We should be made to drive an Australian motor vehicle. Australians should be driving Australian made motor vehicles and, by protocol, governments should be mandating that politicians in Parliament should be driving Australian motor cars.

“A strong and sustainable manufacturing industry is vital to Australia’s economic and technological advancement,” said Mr Katter.

On 2nd October, the Automotive Transformation Scheme Amendment Bill 2014 passed the House of Representatives; it is now before the Senate.