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Australia the lackey country

Letter to the Editor

Australia’s gone from being the lucky country to the lackey country and the majority have no idea the level of involvement the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) had in achieving this outcome, nor do they realise the control they have on our nation. When you consider the ASPI’s main sponsors* are the same US weapons industry members the author mentioned above, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see it’s in US interests that Australians believe our biggest trading partner is the enemy.

There’s no disputing China’s leaders leave a lot to be desired but in nearly every war in the past century, US involvement was based on deception. From preventing Korea reclaiming sovereignty and the false flag that started the war in Vietnam to the lies about Qaddafi’s Libya and Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

Knowing this history, I can’t for the life of me understand why the Australian public refuse to question the ‘China’s going to invade Australia’ narrative. Especially when you consider China’s almost surrounded by the US an Northern Australia is a giant, ever expanding US military base. While all this is happening the US is provoking China over Taiwan that wasn’t an even issue until the US made it one. We’re being lied to about Covid, climate change and the Ukraine just for starters yet Australians seem hypnotised when it comes to China.

As it’s clearly stated, China’s not a threat to US sovereignty, China’s a threat to US interests. The particular interest the US finds so threatening of cause is the US’s planned ‘Pivot to Asia’ and the spanner China’s Belt and Road Initiative throws into the works.

It’s no secret almost every nation on the planet including the US and Australia recognises the ‘one China policy’ which clearly gives Taiwan the right to do as it pleases including independence from the mainland but must not seek to separate Taiwan from China’s territory. Exactly what the US is attempting to do. The same tactic the US has used so many times times in the past, destablise.

Australia is losing China’s trade and willing to offer our nation as a nuclear target for supporting yet another US war of aggression under false pretenses and for all the wrong reasons, this time in our own region, with our biggest trading partner and not even our problem. Australia needs to decide if our involvement really is in our nation’s best interests.

From Rebecca


US military take over large portions of Northern Territory

Letter to the Editor

Darwin Port leased to China for 99 years on one side of Darwin Peninsula, while the Yanks control the other side of the Peninsula

Corruption in government is now endemic to Australia. If a whistleblower reports it, that person quickly disappears or is prosecuted on one pretext or another. Citizens need to update their understanding of government authority in 2022. The first element to grasp is that there is now not one shred of democracy surviving in this country. And, according to former High Court Judge, Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs, it is now some decades since Australia had a lawful government.

Personally, I would assert that the US has run Australia since the sacking of the Whitlam Government in 1975 and that America will destroy what is left of Australia economically, and also drag us into WWIII, an assertion echoed no less than seven times by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, as his dying legacy to Australians.

In the NT, large portions are now inaccessible to Australians, due to occupation by the US military and the American war machine, specifically, Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin and their missile pads. Meanwhile, China dominates Darwin Harbour on one side and America on the other side of the peninsula, including the entire centre portion of Darwin from Larakeyah, through the international airport and all the way through to Howard Springs. And then across Shoal Bay to Middle Point.

If that is not hostile military occupation I do not know what is. The Pentagon is assisted by our own “armed” forces. A Darwin warehouse contains Abram tanks (left) which can only have one purpose: to put down any possible local resistance.

My grandfather and uncle, who died fighting for Australian freedom, gave their lives for nothing.

From Tony Ryan. Northern Territory

Yanks control Aussie military forces

Comes as no surprise with Australia being the 52nd state of America – lawfully

Letter to the Editor

Not content with fomenting war with Russia, Biden now proposes staging nuclear-armed B52s in Darwin, to force China to direct pre-emptive missiles at the eight American bases in the NT.

Four years ago, while researching for our MLA Yingiya Guyula, I intercepted plans by Oz Defence and Ratheon/LockheedMartin to install missile launching pads in North East Arnhem Land’s Gulkula region. Further research revealed that former PM Malcolm Fraser recognised the danger of being dragged into WWIII by the US… “who cannot be trusted” he said.

The US is doing nothing to defend Australia and everything to ensure we are attacked by China. That is the most stupid defence policy I have ever heard of. But then, Morrison and Albo are the dumbest PMs in Australia’s history.

At a meeting in Nhulunbuy, called jointly by phoney civilian aerospace organisation Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) and Develop East Arnhem Land (DEAL), I raised the documented evidence of US defence involvement. The NT Government’s gopher Jim Rogers accused me of being a “conspiracy theorist”.

What is obvious is that Australia’s defense is now entirely run by the White House’s demented court jester and Australians are totally excluded from policy formulation. Here is the future military crisis scenario: The US, following the dictats of the 2015 Rand Report, will confront China. Sino ally, Singapore will immediately cancel our fuel imports and, with a national fuel reserve of 7 days, which should be 90 days, overnight, all bowsers will close and all food and other deliveries will cease. America will strike a Chinese aircraft carrier near Taiwan, and China will nuke all eight US installations in the NT, then others elsewhere in Australia. Capital cities will follow.

With communications down, electricity supply will soon cease. We will have gone from 21st century to stone-age overnight and millions will have been vaporised or be dying from radiation sickness. Three days later, starvation and disease will commence killing infants and old people, everywhere.

All because we let the Yanks take over our military. The US invader is now a bigger threat than mRNA. Time to fight for national sovereignty.

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