US military take over large portions of Northern Territory

Letter to the Editor

Darwin Port leased to China for 99 years on one side of Darwin Peninsula, while the Yanks control the other side of the Peninsula

Corruption in government is now endemic to Australia. If a whistleblower reports it, that person quickly disappears or is prosecuted on one pretext or another. Citizens need to update their understanding of government authority in 2022. The first element to grasp is that there is now not one shred of democracy surviving in this country. And, according to former High Court Judge, Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs, it is now some decades since Australia had a lawful government.

Personally, I would assert that the US has run Australia since the sacking of the Whitlam Government in 1975 and that America will destroy what is left of Australia economically, and also drag us into WWIII, an assertion echoed no less than seven times by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, as his dying legacy to Australians.

In the NT, large portions are now inaccessible to Australians, due to occupation by the US military and the American war machine, specifically, Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin and their missile pads. Meanwhile, China dominates Darwin Harbour on one side and America on the other side of the peninsula, including the entire centre portion of Darwin from Larakeyah, through the international airport and all the way through to Howard Springs. And then across Shoal Bay to Middle Point.

If that is not hostile military occupation I do not know what is. The Pentagon is assisted by our own “armed” forces. A Darwin warehouse contains Abram tanks (left) which can only have one purpose: to put down any possible local resistance.

My grandfather and uncle, who died fighting for Australian freedom, gave their lives for nothing.

From Tony Ryan. Northern Territory

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Rothschild Island in Antarctica is home for the Rothschild bunker, complete with an all weather 2,000 m runway. They are expecting a nuclear exchange in the Northern Hemisphere and Neville Shute’s “On the Beach” novel explains everything. With US and Chinese interests active in the Northern Territory, I am thinking that the nuclear exchange could take place there. With targets like Pine Gap, Tindall Air Base, Uluru and others (JORN perhaps?), a couple of hypersonic missiles from China would look like a nuclear attack. It could also explain why Australian weather modification experiments are in full swing right now.

    More importantly, it seems unlikely that Australians will be able to fix the illegal and unlawful state of affairs with the governments at all levels here. Martial Law is one option which would enable the removal of the traitors for treason etc, and allow the people to set up Local Assemblies to restore the Constitution.

    Today I was surprised to hear the ABC advertising their network as the Emergency Broadcasting Service for “Severe Weather Warnings”.

    Maybe we will see some action soon after the Lunar New Year this year?


  2. If Sir Gibbs claimed that for decades there was no lawful government then let us attend to the FACTS. This document provides certain undisputed court evidence for “WARRANTS ISSUE FOR THE POLITICAL CRIMINALS AND THEIR COLLABORATORS/MINIONS”. Let us hold them all legally accountable for the harm they inflicted upon the many. TREASON, TERRORISM, crimes against humanity, etc, are criminal matters and now let the criminal’s dobbing in each other! No amnesty!
    Check out this link and it shows actual evidence that was in the courts and uncontested by the Commonwealth and the 9 Attorney-Generals.


  3. Joey | January 5, 2023 at 10:18 am
    @Ron Chapman

    Riccardo Bosi is still free, because he’s controlled opposition, he’s not going to save us.

    G’day Joey,
    Why do you say that?
    Peace and Blessings,


  4. AI chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated according to an article by Patrick Wood, you could read an article or post by AI and not realize it:
    “When “AI ethicists” talk about “aligning AI with human values . . . [they don’t] want another Creature From the 4chan Lagoon, like when Microsoft’s Tay went schizo-nazi, or the Google Image bot kept labeling black people as “gorillas.”


  5. @Ron Chapman

    Riccardo Bosi is still free, because he’s controlled opposition, he’s not going to save us.

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  6. jazega | January 4, 2023 at 6:53 pm
    Hi Ron Chapman,can you substantiate your claim that Talmudic elements are being removed in Australia

    G’day jazega,
    No I can’t. And if I could you wouldn’t have to ask.
    But ask yourself: ‘Why is Riccardo Bosi still free and able to speak publicly?”
    Peace and Blessings,


  7. Hi Ron Chapman,can you substantiate your claim that Talmudic elements are being removed in Australia


  8. Yothu | January 2, 2023 at 6:52 am
    G’day Yothu,
    Thank you for your views.

    I disagree with the suggestion that the real controllers of the CCP and US governments are attacking their own people. Arguably they are the wings of the same bird but only because they are cooperating in order to ensure abundance and prosperity for their populations.

    I agree that many US and Chinese political and military leaders were originally KM agents and puppets, controlled by Ashkenazi bankster handlers, but the situation has changed.
    The Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their Ashkenazi ideological brethren everywhere did control the US and USSR until the late 1970s. Then a Christian sect evicted the Bolsheviks from the Kremlin and the Bolsheviks fled to the US where they killed the Rockefeller brothers, replacing some with clones, synthetics and doubles, and used them to take over much of the Rockefeller’s US control apparatus. See eg:
    Dr. Peter David Beter – Audio Letter No. 26 ff. –

    Dr. Peter David Beter – Audio Letter No. 47. –

    Thereafter the KM controlled Bolsheviks in the US plotted to retake control of the USSR. They succeeded in destroying the USSR and retaking control of the leftover Russian federation from which their oligarchic agents stole huge chunks of Russia’s wealth and resources in the 1990s. But they were then thwarted by Andropov and Putin et al thereafter. The vicious anti-Putin propaganda by the Western MSM attests to that.

    Interestingly, the KM DID illegally maintain their control of perhaps the then wealthiest and most industrially advanced ex USSR province, namely the Ukraine, which KM oligarchs have kept plundering ever since 1991. The oligarchic plundering almost converted Ukraine into a failed state until the US spent 5 billion USD engineering the Maidan Coup in Kiev in February 2014 and spent many many more billions of USD preparing the Ukraine to make war on Russians in Donbas and the Russian federation.

    During the 1980s and 1990s the KM began grooming the CCP to convert China into their next global HQ. To that end they organised the removal of US industry to China, hollowing out US industry and emasculating its economy by financialising it.

    That policy built up China enormously while the US became an economic house of cards in which financiers sucked all the remaining US wealth to the top 10% of the population. The veneer of wealth persisted in the US only because economic hit men and the US military ensured that the US sucked wealth from Australia and the rest of the world using the slogan: ‘Nice economy you have here, it would be a shame if it got ruined’. The CIA orchestrated Coup that removed the Whitlam government in 1975 marked the end of any semblance of Australian independence from the KM and their Ashkenazi bankster agents.

    Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Haiti and other nations like Nicaragua, Grenada and Panama didn’t cooperate and suffered accordingly. BUT, whether a nation cooperates with the KM or not, the result is eventually the same as the current self inflicted socioeconomic national suicides in the EU illustrates.

    Meanwhile China’s economy grew enormously and the KM thought the transfer of their global military enforcement capability and economic global HQ to China was progressing nicely. BUT the ‘perfidious’ Chinese leadership under Xi Jinping and many others, had other ideas. Xi and his supporters have steadily removed the Talmudists from power in the CCP, and converted China into a genuine reincarnation of their culture but ‘with Christian characteristics’.

    The KM finally realised that Xi Jinping and his supporters were ousting them from power in the CCP and so they fought back in Wuhan with the COVID-19 psy-op etc but to no avail. Xi has used COVID lockdowns etc to cover mass take downs of KM agents and supporters in China and no amount of Western MSM propaganda can change that. Xi is working with Trump and Putin to free our world from Talmudism. Putin is cleaning up the birthplace of the Khazars in the Ukraine and Trump has emasculated them in the US. The Biden regime is a facade which is about to disappear.

    US national guard and other military forces are currently removing Talmudic elements from power in Australia and that process is likely to be completed by April.

    Patriotic US, Chinese and Russian military forces have joined with anti-Talmudic forces in many other nations to finally eradicate the KM and their pernicious monetary meme and usurious banking practices globally. All that is now needed is for a majority of humans on this planet to be sufficiently awake to want that outcome.

    That’s the current picture Yothu. Our role is to clarify our perception of the situation as best we can and to seek to enlighten others as to what’s happening so that they too can anticipate the positive and joyful outcome that elimination of usury and unlawful income taxation will bring.

    Peace and Blessings,

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  9. G’day D Johnston,
    Thank you.
    I agree that we need to move on and focus on the positive outcomes we want but I can innerstand why people get stuck on unearthing the negative stuff. I did for many years. Seeing crucial segments of the dystopian truth about our world and how it got to this parlous condition is generally necessary before properly coming to grips with what’s needed to change the situation. The problem seems to be that many truth seekers get stuck in the searching for and researching negative stuff, phase. That can be depressing and result in failure to realise that the globalist cabal can be and is being eliminated.

    The diabolical KM have been dumbing down and enslaving our world for millennia and their Tavistockian manipulations and MKUltra style technologies and methodologies have almost crippled humanity. That’s why, as Trump et al keep saying, ‘the military is the only way’.

    The Pharisees were very clever when inserting falsehoods like “turn the other cheek”, into the Christian portion of the Bible which they influenced Roman emperors to establish in order to destroy the teachings of Christ Jesus. Humanity is yet to comprehend the enormous impact that Talmudic psychological warfare has had upon all aspects of life on this planet.

    Peace and Blessings,

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  10. Rebecca – You summed things up in a clear and concise manner. Well done.

    Good article by Tony Ryan… yes, the Gough Whitlam sacking was a signpost. He was about to expose CIA plants in our government and wanted to close down that place in the desert.


  11. Since my last few comments have been inexplicably ‘ramped’…”awaiting moderation” – apologies if this comment appears twice…

    Hi Ron Chapman, Thank you for being the lone erudite and perceptive voice of reason! Personally I think we have devolved into the ‘lurky country’ – where we have become so dumbed down, distracted and fear mongered to all get out – that we now irrationally perceive threats to our very existence, lurking behind every tree (for which we can no longer see the forrest); lurking around every corner; and under every bed – to the point that we now literally jump at our own shadows. This sorry state of affairs as WE KNOW, has been the prime objective of ‘The Plan’ all along.
    So whilst we run in panicked circles like Turkey Lurky, et al – Foxy Loxy (aka the PTB) laugh themselves stupid and continue to reel us in.
    Their latest psy-op ploy allegedly, is being referred to as “bunk propaganda” – where rather than de-bunking the inevitable “conspiracy theories” arising AFTER their dispersed disinformation – they now do so BEFORE dispersing it. A cross between placating messaging and reverse psychology, resulting in further confusion. A bit like saying to someone “I would never ever even think of hitting you!”…right before you do.


  12. Hi Ron Chapman, Thank you for being the lone erudite and perceptive voice of reason! Personally I think we have devolved into the ‘lurky country’ – where we have become so dumbed down, distracted and fear mongered to all get out – that we now irrationally perceive threats to our very existence, lurking behind every tree (for which we can no longer see the forrest); lurking around every corner; and under every bed – to the point that we now literally jump at our own shadows. This sorry state of affairs as WE KNOW, has been the prime objective of ‘The Plan’ all along.
    So whilst we run in panicked circles like Turkey Lurky, et al – Foxy Loxy (aka the PTB) laugh themselves stupid and continue to reel us in.
    Their latest psy-op ploy allegedly, is being referred to as “bunk propaganda” – where rather than de-bunking the inevitable “conspiracy theories” arising AFTER their dispersed disinformation – they now do so BEFORE dispersing it. A cross between placating messaging and reverse psychology, resulting in further confusion. A bit like saying to someone “I would never ever even think of hitting you!”…right before you do.


  13. Ron, thanks well time will tell, please take a bit of time to read the article below.
    New Year 2023 and the Great Reset is here…
    BUCKLE UP: The Terrifying Global Reset Is About To Begin.


  14. G’day pcwwp,
    (pcwwp | January 1, 2023 at 9:12 pm)

    I disagree with your contentions.
    As I understand it, Trump used the US military to remove the heads of the 13 families controlling the Khazarian Mafia (KM) just before he took office. He was able to do that because he was asked by the White Hat military alliance (however described) to run for President and ‘front’ for Universe Management’s initiative to take down the KM in the US and globally.

    The US was a KM colony after their agents took over the USA in 1871 but it isn’t any more because Trump has bankrupted the US Corporation and it no longer covertly runs the USA.

    USans (and Australians and many others) were unwitting slaves from birth following the sell out of USans and us by Roosevelt and others, in 1933. For some background on the Strawman birth certificate scam in the US see: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz –

    However that situation has been terminated and redress is coming in the form of a global financial and legal reset which is imminent.

    The US Corporation has no power because it has been eliminated and the Constitutional USA has been resurrected. None of us are now ostensibly owned by the KM.

    Peace and Blessings,

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  15. BRAVO to Ron Chapman!!


  16. G’day Tristar,

    As I understand it, Trump is likely to be CinC of Space Forces responsible for ensuring peace and security in Anglo populated areas and possibly Mexico. Question whether that remit will include the UK or whether it might come within a European sphere of oversight. The Philippines might also get included because it has had a strong US cultural influence as it was a US colony for about half a century. Ditto for various Pacific islands.

    Presumably Xi Jinping will oversight China and South East Asia and Putin will oversight Russia and Slavic areas of Europe (if not all of it) as well as the ex-USSR (Imperial Russian) areas of central Eurasia.

    India and South Asia will no doubt be separate as will the Muslim nations and Africa.
    The control mechanism used will be the threat of disconnection from all global Quantum technological systems for any nation or region that oppresses its population or threatens other nations.
    Peace and Blessings,

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  17. A correction to my previous post and the link for those who want to understand geoengineering, a good site to get up to speed with;

    zero geoengineering .com

    Climate change is real.
    They are changing the climate.


  18. well we have HAD the corrupt US military but now we have the Trump led (CIC) good military and we NEED them to round up all the criminals in our govt and military, medical system, etc. we have been under a military occupancy by the good guys since we meddled in the US 2020 election, read Trump’s executive orders. Our corrupt govt brought in illegal legislation enabling our military to control us (treason), so we have to get out from under that, and we are with the help of the USA (not the corporation). I refer you to Telegram channel @rattletrap1776, he explains better than I.


  19. Does Northern Territory have a protected site from which to launch their geoengineering?

    That would be something to do with the use of cloud seeding by certain fitted aircraft and then the directed electromagnetic energies needed to divert weather systems across the Country.

    The electromagnetic energy systems would obviously be set up somewhere.
    Cloud seeding is just one aspect.
    WA is ‘claimed’ to have a protected site.

    We are dealing with ‘climate change’ after all.
    We also know that geoengineering does occur.
    The ‘Scientists’ think they can control that.

    Source: zero


  20. ann108: ” Is it possible the As are there to assist in protecting Australia from the surreptitious intentions of the Cs? ”

    It’s A’s raison d’etre… to rescue countries from surreptitious intentions. To keep the list short we can ignore the ones they rescued pre WW2.

    China 1945-46

    Korea 1950-53

    China 1950-53

    Guatemala 1954

    Indonesia 1958

    Cuba 1959-60

    Guatemala 1960

    Belgian Congo 1964

    Guatemala 1964

    Dominican Republic 1965-66

    Peru 1965

    Laos 1964-73

    Vietnam 1961-73

    Cambodia 1969-70

    Guatemala 1967-69

    Lebanon 1982-84

    Grenada 1983-84

    Libya 1986

    El Salvador 1981-92

    Nicaragua 1981-90

    Iran 1987-88

    Libya 1989

    Panama 1989-90

    Iraq 1991

    Kuwait 1991

    Somalia 1992-94

    Bosnia 1995

    Iran 1998

    Sudan 1998

    Afghanistan 1998

    Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999

    Afghanistan 2001

    Libya 2011

    Iraq and Syria 2014 –

    Somalia 2011 –

    Iran 2020 –

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  21. Marianne Pleming: “We know what you are trying to do AND WE WON’T HAVE A BAR OF IT!!!”

    And what is that? Fill in the rest of us, Marianne, some of us are not as sharp as you.


  22. Enter email address in R/H column for subscriptions. Ed


  23. Marianne Fleming,I must be missing something, what is Yony Ryan trying to do ?
    Chinese polica stations popping up here and there. Flying the CCP flay at Boxhill police station.And the Chinese Mayor with a smirk on her face. I bet she is laughing in private.I learn so much from these posts. Keep up the good work.


  24. G’day cobbers,
    I agree with Tristar and Janette Armstrong.
    The US navy and military are here to assist us to remove and prosecute the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and their multitude of minions and enablers infesting Oz governments and virtually all other positions of power and influence in Oz. That process is nearing completion.

    Be aware that Trump is still the CinC of the US military most of whom, including the US military forces here, are loyal to their oath of office and to their CinC. The rogue Biden administration is unlawfully clinging to power in the US and those rogue elements and some US military are unlawfully assisting the KM and their puppet Zelensky to cling to power in Ukraine. The Russian SMO process to remove the KM from Ukraine is also nearing completion.

    And ‘yes’ Janette, the Commonwealth of Australia IS a private corporation registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. See eg:
    Moreover, the owners of that corporation and their local ‘insider’ minions treat us as slaves and milk us like cattle with grossly unlawful and illegal income and other taxation, licence fees and charges using a privately owned corporation deceitfully labelled as ‘The Taxation Department’, supported by a multitude of unlawful private corporate judiciaries and police departments.

    Adam, replacing ‘the New great seal’ is not enough to “restore” Australia’s sovereignty. We need to undertake a proper Constitutional Convention process to create a valid sovereign Australian Constitution agreed to by the Australian population. Our original Constitution was merely part of a British empire statute which ceased to be lawfully and legally valid when Australia became a sovereign nation by joining the League of Nations or, at the latest, when we became a member of the United Nations.

    The Constitutional Convention process will be undertaken once the current KM and their agents and minions have been removed and prosecuted. Substantial US military forces have been in Oz since at least the beginning of last year to assist appropriate local forces with that task. That process is very kinetic, albeit generally out of sight, and hence the general Australian population is advised to keep their heads down wherever such action is occurring.

    Incidently, president Xi is completing the removal of the KM and their minions and enablers from the CCP in China. Xi and his supporters are part of a global alliance along with Putin, Trump, Bin Salman, Bolsanaro and many others in a global action to eliminate the KM and all Ashkenazi banksters so that humanity on this planet will cease being enslaved by the KM’s fraudulent fiat fractional reserve banking and the bribery and corruption it finances.

    Once that is done the Petro dollar will be replace by the Globec as the international trading currency and every nation’s treasury will begin issuing its own nation’s asset backed, INTEREST FREE money and currency; and all currencies will be on a one to one par with all others.

    The elimination of fraudulent fiat fractional reserve banking will eliminate poverty, scarcity and want very quickly. Expect it! In this energetic universe positive expectations are a very powerful manifestation tool. That’s why the KM and its MSM minions keep gas lighting us with negative information and fear porn. What you wish for is what you get.

    Peace and Blessings,

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  25. Marianne Pleming

    Tony Ryan your father gave his life; So that you and everyone else could live in peace. My mother lived for a couple of years in a Japanese concentration camp. BUT now things have changed. A lot of the evilness around then is still around but we have grown up. We have seen and thought about what our parents experienced and NAH we ain’t that dumb. We know what you are trying to do AND WE WON’T HAVE A BAR OF IT!!!

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  26. isaac731 instead of worrying about where and when Harry said we have a rogue government in place, how about focusing on the meaning of his words? We all know that what he said, or is purported to have said, is absolutely true. The question for you and all other Aussies is, What are YOU going to do about it?


  27. Territories are not actually a part of our Commonwealth of Australia. This was done deliberately, and it’s why Canberra is a territory, and not part of NSW. Therefore, territories are not subject to our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900/1. I was often puzzled why they should be territories, and I was always told it was because “there are not enough people in the territory to justify making it a state.” We now know that was just another LIE.
    When are Australians going to wake up and fight for our rights and freedoms? When are we all going to unite and throw the mongrels into the dustbin of history…. or perhaps hang them into perdition? The fact is, we have been massively BETRAYED, and it’s time for We the People to realize we are going to be totally destroyed if we don’t act now! This year is the tipping point… for us and for them. Which side are you on?

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  28. Side Show Alley

    hi trying to get a friend to become one of us… how does she subscribe………. thanks ray obrien bribie island


  29. FOr talking to scoffers about these things, The Harry Gibbs statement is powerful if it could be proved. Could you tell me where to find it?


  30. Australia’s gone from being the lucky country to the lackey country and the majority have no idea the level of involvement the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) had in achieving this outcome, nor do they realise the control they have on our nation. When you consider the ASPI’s main sponsors* are the same US weapons industry members the author mentioned above, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see it’s in US interests that Australians believe our biggest trading partner is the enemy.

    There’s no disputing China’s leaders leave a lot to be desired but in nearly every war in the past century, US involvement was based on deception. From preventing Korea reclaiming sovereignty and the false flag that started the war in Vietnam to the lies about Qaddafi’s Libya and Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

    Knowing this history, I can’t for the life of me understand why the Australian public refuse to question the ‘China’s going to invade Australia’ narrative. Especially when you consider China’s almost surrounded by the US an Northern Australia is a giant, ever expanding US military base. While all this is happening the US is provoking China over Taiwan that wasn’t an even issue until the US made it one. We’re being lied to about Covid, climate change and the Ukraine just for starters yet Australians seem hypnotised when it comes to China.

    As it’s clearly stated, China’s not a threat to US sovereignty, China’s a threat to US interests. The particular interest the US finds so threatening of cause is the US’s planned ‘Pivot to Asia’ and the spanner China’s Belt and Road Initiative throws into the works.

    It’s no secret almost every nation on the planet including the US and Australia recognises the ‘one China policy’ which clearly gives Taiwan the right to do as it pleases including independence from the mainland but must not seek to separate Taiwan from China’s territory. Exactly what the US is attempting to do. The same tactic the US has used so many times times in the past, destablise.

    Australia is losing China’s trade and willing to offer our nation as a nuclear target for supporting yet another US war of aggression under false pretenses and for all the wrong reasons, this time in our own region, with our biggest trading partner and not even our problem. Australia needs to decide if our involvement really is in our nation’s best interests.


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  31. Malcolm Fraser, formerly the devil incarnate, finally managed to somewhat redeem himself prior to his demise. But by then, nobody was actually listening. Pity.

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  32. Now we just need our own Reichstag fire and we’ll be well on our way to conquer global infamy and free the world from a global “Communist” disaster, with a lil help from our friends.

    Might be good to visit Ukraine and see how it’s done, eh? Since way back in 1941.

    The old Hegelian Dialectic never ceases to work. Its nefarious Masters sure know how to work it, especially since they run both planks of it.

    We Aussies have two choices: we can “exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in our cage” OR vice versa!

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  33. CCP youth come here and buy in cash.
    As our youth borrow a million minimum.
    It’s all over, as we’re ushered to ballot boxes by ccp plainclothed in every metro council.
    Krown kabal komunizm global disorder.

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  34. There are lots of people awake on this comment section. Lots more needed – this is coming in 2023!!

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  35. Why do I feel another psyop coming on?
    The invite to China, said to be in throws of a new covid wave, to travel to Aust might spell the death knell of the Labor Party. The idea that Chinese tourists and students are going to risk an airfare to Aust based on the vagaries of the outcome of a Rapid Antigen Test before they depart is a bit lol. The minute an ‘outbreak’ here is confirmed by TV tele-prompter readers, Aussies will find they just opened the door to the UN-WHO to save us from ourselves.
    Man, do we have some dumb-ass leaders or what.

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  36. Nasho23, feel free to vote the Chinese out at the next election! The “fake yanks are protecting you, and your army” and Australia since WW1 and we have paid with our last drop of true blue Aussie blood for it.

    When does Australia stop to entertain herself with fakery in history, at present and dodgy programming for the future? Look at the facts screaming in our faces and most of all start telling the patriotic “local” authority to pack ALL their bags and return into the same crevices they slithered out from to overcome the still born colony for good and from within?

    Hope for the future? What future? Future wont be Australian because Aussies couldn’t care less. Australia has become a ghost of the past and now only lives in dear memories.

    Thank you Tony Ryan for tirelessly banging your precious head against the thick Aussie brick wall. And THICK it is!

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  37.   Is it possible the As are there to assist in protecting Australia from the surreptitious intentions of the Cs?

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  38. US & Chinese military separated by different ideologies? Turns out both are puppets to one type of bloody-minded tyranny.
    Pharma research whistleblower Sasha Latypova (see substack) portrays the scamdemic as theatre for the masses. The ‘vax’ is a bio-weapon, its origins & distribution overseen by the US Dept of Defense acting as Chief Operations Officer for Operation Warp Speed. DoD calls the vax a ‘countermeasure’, which means there never were any clinical trials by Big Pharma.
    Both the CCP & US govs are rolling out bio-weapon attacks on their own people, they are 2 wings of the same bird.
    I don’t know what to do, but seeing the picture right is a first step.

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  39. Janette armstrong

    Have also seen two nuclear warships in Sydney Harbour…been told there’s USA warships at every port around Australia Nov 5 arrival… Also they have rescued 1 million children from the tunnels and filled them with water…that they are wresting all the crime across Aussie…now don’t have any proof..just what I heard….AND WE ARE AN REGISTERED USA COMPANY.


  40. You are all fools if you think we are safe with America… Just look at what America which is NATO, Europe and the UK have done to Ukraine… Don’t think the same forces won’t do that to Australia when it comes time to fight China… Australia will be turned into a meat grinder and the loss of life will be catastrophic…. We need to replace the New great seal act 1973 back to the old seal, this will restore sovereign power to the Australian people… These people stole our rights to freedom and prosperity when the held their coup that night… They need to he held to account immediately…

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  41. The US corporation ( Dissolved in 2018 by DJT) is just the puppet show on MSM for the sheeple still asleep . And we have DJT , PUTIN in the wings Modi Xi and MBS . Cleaning up THE ELITE / Swamp. BUT THE PUPPET SHOW CONTINUES whilst the clean up continues . DJT is. C in C and the real POTUS . Hopefully before too long (probably after a nuclear scare event ) etc etc The truth will finally be revealed. And the sheeple can awaken from their coma’s .


  42. With a bit of luck and a following wind the Chinese and Yanks will decide to attack each other on an uninhabited part of the peninsula with any survivors returning to their homelands.

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  43. The US ( Corporation) is administering America on behalf of the old blood. We are all colonies.. Slaves at birth. The US has no power – they are puppets to the controlling families. We are all owned outright. Always have been..


  44. Communist China has a military presence in the Northern Territory – a base. Indeed they are building bases throughout the Pacific. How can this possibly benefit Australia?

    It is not possible to ‘take a nation – in this case a continent’ with EOs. For that a military is required as well as network of traitors . The US has a military base in Australia because it is not in US interest to have the Australian continent in the hands of the PRC. It is not in the Australian interest to have the Australian continent in the hands of the PRC. There is common ground here with the Americans.

    As much as we would all like to a Pacific free of any domination with individual Pacific nations developing along their own free and nationalist lines, the reality is, a larger power is going to dominate. It will either be the People’s Republic of China or it will be the United States. For it to be Australia (best of all possible outcomes) the Australians would have to be able to counter China. It is not possible for us at this time – our network of traitors as been selling land and water rights to them over a period of decades.

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  45. Wrong . We are US territory, look up EO 13818, EO 13848 by DJT THE CIN C . POTUS . He took Australia,NZ Canada and probably UK with these EO’s . We are now a US territory.

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  46. I, for One, would much rather have the Yanks here, on our soil, wwith their Troops and Equipment, that some other Communist Group – I do NOT agree with China having a 99 year Lease on Darwin or any other Port – Whoever was responsible for that, is very much in the Wrong.
    The Yanks got us out of trouble in WW2 (Thank god) and, they will do it again, if need be and, I have No Issues with that.
    I cannot understand what people have against the Yanks – Far Better Them, than Commo China.


  47. The first thing that must happen here is the abrogation of the ANZUS Alliance. The US military is on Australian territory under the terms of that alliance. And Australians train in the US under the terms of that alliance.

    The Australian CoVID Regime has amended the Defense Legislation Act to allow foreign militaries on Australian land and indemnified foreign security forces from all criminal and civil liabilities under the terms of whatever operations they are contracted to perform against Australians.

    Which raises the question: what foreign security forces are here?

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