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US military take over large portions of Northern Territory

Letter to the Editor

Darwin Port leased to China for 99 years on one side of Darwin Peninsula, while the Yanks control the other side of the Peninsula

Corruption in government is now endemic to Australia. If a whistleblower reports it, that person quickly disappears or is prosecuted on one pretext or another. Citizens need to update their understanding of government authority in 2022. The first element to grasp is that there is now not one shred of democracy surviving in this country. And, according to former High Court Judge, Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs, it is now some decades since Australia had a lawful government.

Personally, I would assert that the US has run Australia since the sacking of the Whitlam Government in 1975 and that America will destroy what is left of Australia economically, and also drag us into WWIII, an assertion echoed no less than seven times by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, as his dying legacy to Australians.

In the NT, large portions are now inaccessible to Australians, due to occupation by the US military and the American war machine, specifically, Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin and their missile pads. Meanwhile, China dominates Darwin Harbour on one side and America on the other side of the peninsula, including the entire centre portion of Darwin from Larakeyah, through the international airport and all the way through to Howard Springs. And then across Shoal Bay to Middle Point.

If that is not hostile military occupation I do not know what is. The Pentagon is assisted by our own “armed” forces. A Darwin warehouse contains Abram tanks (left) which can only have one purpose: to put down any possible local resistance.

My grandfather and uncle, who died fighting for Australian freedom, gave their lives for nothing.

From Tony Ryan. Northern Territory

The Communist Chinese Party will have no trouble at all governing Australia behind Aboriginal Law

by Lyndesy Symonds

As some readers of CN might be aware the Fabian Socialist Masons hijacked their political parties and then, as a single Lodge, proceeded to hijack the sovereignty of Australia (under the 1901) when The Crown abdicated Australia as a colonial possession under UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) on decolonisation. NB – only European powers were required to abdicate, the Communist Bloc was never required to abdicated any colonies.

Labor and Greens manouvering the public to support Constitutional recognition of Aborigines in 1967 when they already have it in the Preamble. With this plan in place the CCP can move in and take over Australia with Aboriginal support after the 1901 Constitution is extinguished

To take one example only, the Central African Federation of the UK was dismantled at the stroke of pen when The Crown abdicated from Northern Rhodesia and created Zambia (Oct 24 1964), Malawi (1964) Botswana (1966).

This was why the Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia seized the nettle and announced their Declaration of Independence Nov 11 1965.

In Australia this transition of power was covert and the sovereignty recognized in the 1901 did not revert to the people for referendum as in Rhodesia, it was hijacked by the Masonic Lodge and registered as a corporate entity with the US Securities Exchange as a corporate entity. It is registered to the District of Columbia and the 2nd US Constitution as acknowledged by World Banker Karen Eudes when she remarked that the US has two Constitutions.

The 1787 Constitution for the United States did not revoke the 1775 69 Articles of The Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Executive Office remains the Commander in Chief of that Code as well as the President over the federal laws.

America’s war of independence was fought under the Declaration of Independence , the 1775 UCMJ, and The Articles of Confederation of the Second Continental Congress 1776 which were repealed when the Constitution of the United States was adopted (civilian law). The President thus presides over two jurisprudences as sources of law: one civilian and one military.

A second (fake) constitution was adopted by Masonic traitors in the pay of the Corporation of the City of London and its Crown for the District of Columbia – a foreign territory to the United States of the 1776 and the 1787. This is a legal standard of abrogation to the original Constitution for the United States. This is “United States Code Title 28, 3002 (15) (A) (B) THE UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL CORPORATION” (Feb. 21, 1871, 1871. Acts 41st Congress, Section 3, Session III)

Communist PM Anthony Albanese planning to remove the 1901 Constitution allowing the CCP to move in with Aborigines who now ‘own’ more than one half of the Australian continent. Pic-The Guardian

This is the Constitution under which Australia is registered as a corporation: the phoney. As it happens this is the constitution and its governance that the Americans would very much like to see finished along with its foreign territory: the District of Columbia which is virtually a ‘city of London’ and sovereign state.

There has been a Communist coup d’etat in the US. Congressman Louis T McFadden And it is hell bent on configuring all US law to the fake constitution. In terms of law, however, one of the foundations of American law remains and that is the 69 articles of The Uniform Code of Military Justice – June 30 1775.

On the basis of law, the 69 Articles are the only code on which the Americans can bring Counter Revolution against DC and its civilian authorities owned by the central bankers and governed by their Council on Foreign Relations. These authorities are cited by office in the Congressional Record by Chairman of the US House Committee on Banking and Currency, Louis T MacFadden (Chairman: 1920-31). He accused the Federal Reserve Bank (a private interest) of building another regime called the United States of America and governed by its CFR.

With all the military operations currently in across the world – most obviously from the United [Communist] Nations, I would not rule out that the Americans have commenced Counter Revolution. These are the Americans who will be on the side of deregistration of Australia as a corporation on the US Securities Exchange and getting us back on the foundations of the 1901 as the appropriate source of law for the majority of Australians.

Will the real Joe Biden step forward, naturally with the aid of a walking stick.

These are the Americans who will not be in favour of the Pacific as a colonial possession of the Chinese Communist Party. And they are under the military code. Biden is not the president of the US. He is probably a bot. He is there for entertainment and to keep the sheeple occupied with politics. We are talking about a majority of people who are going to comply with getting themselves injected with a medical experiment and allowing the public schools to castrate their children. The UN CoVID Regime currently on stage is educating both the US and Australian populations about Communist tyranny.

Meanwhile Revolutions and Counter Revolutions always come from the top down, never from the bottom up. Sovereignty might rest with the people, but power does not. The people can make a regime ungovernable but only the military can change a regime that is embedded and has its hands on the levers of power.

Behind the curtains of the political election and democracy theatre, major forces within the US government are getting to death grips behind the scenes. It looks to me like one of those forces is the American Counter Revolution in the military.

Militant blackfellas, in cahoots with Labor and Greens, burn down the doors of old Parliament House which has not been incorporated by Deep State

Why do I say this? April 20 2020, President Trump (as Commander in Chief under the Uniform Code of Military Justice) signed Executive Order 13919 which gave the Secretary of Defense the full authority to FEDERALLY activate the Army Reserve. Now the Army Reserve belongs to the sovereign states of the original constitution (not the USC 1871). And now they are being deployed internationally. This EO has never been rescinded as these forces were activated after Biden ‘took office’ in the Jan 6 diversion – the troops arrived in DC after the inauguration. If Biden were really the Commander in Chief he would have immediately rescinded that EO.

Trump is the Commander in Chief and I think Australians will have to reckon with the American decision that the CCP will not be permitted to make the Pacific and its nations into a CCP bloc and sphere of influence. ANZUS is regarded as a serious responsibility. Regardless of whether or not there are US bases on Australian land Australia as a Chinese colonial possession is going forward in the actions of the Australian Corporate Entity. Our Australian United [Communist] Nations CoVID regime government is making headway in the sale of both land and water rights to China. And they have put us on track for a Referendum next year that will be a de facto Constitutional Referendum with a view to extinguishing the 1901 as a source of law (jurisprudence) in Australia. The CCP will have no trouble at all governing behind Aboriginal Law.

US military may be preparing for ‘big event’ but scenarios still unclear

The video posted here was removed by YouTube which now gives credence to its authenticity. Unfortunately we did not obtain a copy for our library.


US military are reportedly on the move in a big way internally, with larger and more frequent than normal convoys of flatbeds carrying APCs and other equipment westwards. High-level officers have also reportedly been warned to “get their houses in order” and stock up for something coming in August.

The reports have come from the American Patriots Movement via America News24H and the BekTV show The Right Side with Doug Billings. Billings has a reasonable level of credibility, running interviews in recent weeks with General (Ret.) Michael Flynn and Lieut. General (Ret.) Thomas McInerney, who referenced a World War III of irregular warfare.

On a recorded hook-up posted on July 26th, an unidentified contributor from South Carolina reported seeing the convoys every five to ten minutes heading west on a major highway. Large military convoys are not unusual in the US, and reports of “unusual military movements” have been around for years, but these were said to be unusually frequent.

“It was convoys of six or eight vehicles, most of them crowd control vehicles (APCs) …. we ran into them every five to ten minutes.” He called a friend about the sightings, who suggested it was an exercise between Greenville and Columbia South Carolina. But when they drove through Columbia the convoys continued from the east to west.

The man said there were military tankers, Humvees, APCs then back up and supply trucks. “If this was an exercise it was the biggest exercise that any of my friends have seen,” he said.

Similar sightings were also reported from Salt Lake City, Utah. Tactical vehicles were being stockpiled in unusual locations also. Other military vehicles were off transport and heading east under their own power.

The hook-up group then played a video (not visible on the YouTube version) of a person calling himself ex-military who said his source was in close contact with active and retired military. “As I’ve been telling you for a long time, things are getting really nasty. You see what’s happening with the supply chains … with the ships offshore and containers not getting materials transported to them and the railway lines being slowed down or even stopped. In other words ladies and gentlemen they’re turning off the economy.”

The contributor went on to describe the soaring price of petrol over US$4 a gallon, cyber attacks on the grid and energy pipelines. “In other words they’re attacking us on multiple fronts, in-depth and with full spectrum dominance.”

He further stated: “I don’t know about the enlisted ranks, but apparently amongst the officers, especially among the higher-up officers – 04, 05 etcetera – they’re being told to get their houses in order for what’s coming. What they’re saying is they need to go out and get food and water and supplies now.” The second contributor could not suggest any specific scenario ahead except to say that officers and their friends were now stocking up at the big stores.

Suggested scenarios range from a military-backed return of Trump and even a deep state assassination of Biden and Harris, which would carry serious political implications for conservatives and Republicans. A China move or a massive financial collapse are also suggested.

In fact there’s a rabbit hole of scenarios made difficult by the split in the US military between pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces such as General Mark Millie, the 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who is pushing the globalist/socialist critical race theory in the military. Tucker Carlson called him a lunatic who deserves to be fired.

And then there’s the Q scenarios supposedly playing out, with White House empty and Biden operating from the White House replica in Georgia, and various key players in the global pedophilia ring like the Clintons being taken to Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba and executed. We are unable to confirm those reports at this stage.

The warnings correlate with those made on the same channel recently by Lieut-Gen. (Ret.) McInerney, although General Flynn has not specifically backed those comments, despite appearing on the same show with McInerney. Flynn has instead focused on the election fraud battle but has dropped Q-like references such as this one: “We are in a battle between darkness and light… move toward the light.”

One third of American troops refuse Covid jab


Approximately one-third of American troops have declined to take the coronavirus vaccine so far, Pentagon officials told the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro, the vice director of operations for the Joint Staff, said the military has a two-thirds acceptance rate for the vaccine, meaning as much as a third isn’t taking it. The vaccine is not yet mandatory for service members.

“Our initial look — and this is of course very early data — is acceptance rates are somewhere in the two-thirds territory,” Taliaferro told the panel’s top Republican, Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama. “And of course it varies by different groups.”

At least one third of the US military has so far refused to take a Covid shot citing a lack of testing. At least in Australia the Constitution forbids compulsory medical conscription leaving the compromised Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a hole unable to enforce the dictates of the Deep State. Because essantially, the vaccine doesn’t work there is no impact on troop readiness.

“Our initial look — and this is of course very early data — is acceptance rates are somewhere in the two-thirds territory,” Taliaferro told the panel’s top Republican, Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama. “And of course it varies by different groups.”

Top leaders were testifying on the Pentagon’s role in the federal pandemic response.

Maj. Gen. Steven Nordhaus, the director of operations for the National Guard Bureau, added later that the Guard has a similar acceptance rate of “two-thirds to 70 percent.”

The Pentagon has not previously specified how many troops are declining the vaccine. Spokesperson John Kirby told reporters later on Wednesday that the department doesn’t have a system in place to track that information and pushed back on the notion that officials are hiding information.

Officials at the House hearing were referring to broad data showing that the military’s acceptance rates “mirror” those of American society as a whole, Kirby said, noting that they went on to say that the department is not specifically tracking that data right now.

“Nobody is hiding data,” Kirby said. “We don’t have a system in place across the services to specifically track data with respect to those individuals who for whatever reason are declining.”

Early in the hearing, lawmakers from both parties voiced concerns about the pace of vaccinations, the number of troops who may be declining the vaccine and the impact of refusals on military readiness.

Did ‘the prophet’ get it right? Are there really two presidents?

The seal of President Trump’s new Office of the Former President, which originates from the die of George Washington’s Dorset Seal. See Q’s SEALS reference below. Also note Q’s overt reference to the military with reference to the Department of Defense Law of War Manual.

MAKE of it what you will, believe it or not, but on April 4, 2008, a Christian prophet named Kim Clement, prophesied a time when the United States would have two presidents. Could that time be now and could “Q” still be a viable indicator of things ahead?

President Donald J. Trump has departed the White House but never conceded to Joe Biden, who Trump knew had cheated his way into the top office of the US. Is Biden now the Commander in Cheat? Trump, meanwhile, is establishing The Office of the Former President with a seal copying the Dorset Seal originally owned by George Washington.

Trump has also set up a secure communications skiff in Mar A Lago (apparently as predicted by Q) and has a bomb shelter there as well. Mar A Lago was in fact designed as a Winter White House in the 1920s by its original owner Marjorie Merriwether. These are not signs of defeat and retreat. It’s an offensive, not defensive position.

There’s also the claim that President Trump, during his administration, ended the corporate status of America under the Act of 1871, although we have yet to see solid evidence of that. However, during his visit to Mt Rushmore on July 4th Independence Day, 2020, President Trump reiterated the true ideals of the independent Republic.

Further, it’s claimed that the US is currently under military authority and Biden is merely a figurehead representing the old corporation? Again, solid evidence is lacking, although several thousand US National Guard will remain in Washington DC until March.

Mike Adams, in his January 27th update on Brighteon, says none of his sources have backtracked on earlier intelligence provided, which supports his thesis that a military solution to the election hijacking is on the way. We can only hope.

But wait, you say, Donald J. Trump just

lost the election! Well stop right there. If that’s your belief, you haven’t been paying attention. It is already well known that tens of thousands of alleged “mail-in votes” were suddenly funneled into election tallies in the six key states during the late evening of November 4th and early morning of the 5th.

Before those late hours at around 10pm or earlier – the time when the normal election count would be winding down – President Trump had massive, unassailable leads. But the counting suddenly stopped altogether and late votes began to surge in. In one instance in Georgia, caught on video, election counting supervisors sent observers home at about 10.30pm, saying the count would resume in the morning at 8.30am.

But what the video disclosed was four women vote counters coming back to work at four tables with voting tabulation machines. Shortly after 11pm each of them at different times pulled a vote container on wheels from under a table covered from top to floor with a black cover. The containers had apparently been put there early on election morning.

That is just one incident of many seen across the states on election night. And then there’s the evidence of offshore internet traffic taken off a voting machine in Fulton County, Georgia; the staggering statistical anomalies of more votes than voters in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; the confession of the Italian IT manager and so on.

But back to the prophecy and the daughter of the prophet, Donne Clement-Petruska, who shared the prophecy online on December 17, after pondering it for some time. She noted how it now fitted into the tumultuous situation in America, with the nation sharply divided between “two presidents” with both sides blind to each other. What she saw was “a direct attack on this nation, a divide and conquer strategy… you have these two different groups of people both seeing two different people as their president”.

She was also acutely aware of the electoral fraud that had taken place and the role of the “deep state” that her father’s prophecies referred to more than a decade ago. “There’s been so much betrayal and you can see that deep state, deep inside all of the system – FBI, DOJ, GOP, Democrats – everywhere. It’s everybody, they’re all involved – not all of them, not all the people but in all the places … When my dad prophesied about a nation itching for a new kind of war with America, this is that… We are under attack, it’s a psychological and spiritual attack, not only with COVID but with the outright hypocrisy.”

It is clear from New Testament teaching that prophesy is a spiritual gift (1 Corinthians 12:10). There is also the office of prophet (Ephesians 4:11). Prophecies can also be judged but not despised 1Thessalonians 5:20 because “we know in part and prophesy in part” (1Corinthians 13:9).

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