COULD looming financial collapse, another intel services psyop, a communist-style coup or all of these be behind the major US army movements spotted across the US in recent days. Or could it be just another exercise?

On June 17th, the Hal Turner Radio Show posted the following: “Today is June 17 and that means there are only six days remaining until the official end of NATO’s largest air exercise in history, dubbed “Air Defender 2023.” When that “exercise” ends on June 23, it is thought that NATO will find reason to enter the Ukraine-Russia conflict directly, thereby triggering a full-on war with Russia. Nuclear weapons would fly.”

It was typical of the dramatic announcements frequently posted by Turner. It appears he has linked the NATO exercise to the latest US troop movements at home. Military movements on US road and rail networks are not unusual but these latest ones apparently involve movements through inner city areas such as Philadelphia and other public roads. Hal Turner has posted various videos of such movements across the US, and according to some of his followers, this is not an exercise.

The feedback on Turner’s site is rife with speculation of all sorts and goes for pages and pages and is well worth a look and follow-up on the many links provided. One response linked it to an federal government raid on an online gun store in Montana, the suggestion being that the feds were gathering data on gun owners.

One of the videos posted online by Derek Broes showed a column of M109 tanks on a major highway at Idaho Falls. This, he said, theoretically put the military in direct control of the I-15 Highway, the main route for much of the northwestern USA. Normally such vehicles would be moved on flatbed trailers.

But, as noted by a military veteran posting a response: “You did see the police escort in the video, right? I’d say that means they had prior approval and arranged with local LEO’s to escort those vehicles on the road. Seems rather simple to figure out.”

Another video showed military landing in Osprey helicopters in a suburban neighborhood in Larksper, California, on the northern side of San Francisco Bay. A military media guy tried to hose the reports down by claiming White House staff and the media were often ferried around by the choppers. But Boes countered, sayingVIP visits “never include Ospreys. These are not political transport. What a crock of crack in the (Twitter) community notes.”

Alleged president Joe Biden did in fact begin a visit to the San Francisco area on the 18th but we are led to believe by local TV he landed some 100km south, across the bay at Moffett Field, a National Guard airbase surrounded by NASA, aircraft and tech company facilities. We might assume the Ospreys were part of a related security operation.

Broes posted: “Massive military movements being reported in multiple states. Anyone have more info on this, please post below. My contact that sent this video is local military and says it is NOT a drill.”

The message was echoed by a Jonathon Freeman, posting on Twitter: “As a former member of 4th Tanks I can tell you this is NOT a “training exercise.” We train at firing ranges…not on public streets…” But Freeman’s statement is not quite accurate as military exercises have previously taken place in public areas, as another poster showed with a photo of a military vehicle outside a suburban store in 2020.

Turner’s last updated posting showed video of a train full of military armor and other equipment, allegedly moving into Montreal, Canada. But there was nothing in the video to identify the location as Canada or Montreal. However it did have dramatic electronic music overdubbed on it, which added nothing to its credibility.

Nevertheless, Turner asked “why is Canada putting military hardware into one of its largest cities on a Saturday? I have spoken to several military sources who tell me “this is not a drill. Drills get advertised, these were not advertised. This is war prep. Here. In North America? Something wicked this way comes,” he warned, rather dramatically – perhaps too dramatically.

Turner followed with probably what is good advice anyway: “Hope you have emergency food, water, medicine, generator for electric, fuel for that generator, communications gear like CB or HAM Radio. Also, have some cash money from an ATM because if the SHTF, credit/debit cards may not work, ATM’s may be down, and without cash, you will be SOL if you need food or fuel until this blows-over.”

Further down the post, this: “Since this video and the one immediately above from Pennsylvania, both show systems designed to control people, this is beginning to look like the military is being deployed to lockdown the American people for some unannounced purpose. Given the shear scope of these operations, apparently nationwide, it may be advisable to BUG-OUT to your safe location (if you have one) and do so immediately. Make sure you stop at an ATM to get cash and get gasoline as to go. Don’t be left without cash and without fuel.”

Hal Turner’s frequent scary stories combined with pitching for paid membership to qualify you for “privileged information” certainly brings this latest story into question. The first test comes this Friday, June 23rd.