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Coalition going for zero… zero votes in coal seats, says Bob Katter

Bob Katter is standing up for Queensland’s coal export industry. Photo: Scott Radford Chisholm

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter, says the Liberal and National parties better find a way out of a commitment on net zero emissions by 2050 or they will take huge pain at the forthcoming federal election, with five coal mining seats up for grabs in North Queensland.

“With fly in, fly out mining so prevalent these days even areas such as Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands, Ingham, and the Burdekin are coal areas,” Mr Katter said. “Capricornia is super marginal, Leichhardt is super marginal, the sitting member is retiring in Flynn, and as for Dawson no-one knows what will happen there and even what George Christensen will do.

“If there’s a hung parliament, who knows what I will do. I could back Liberal, or I could back Labor. I’ll back whoever gives North Queenslanders the best deal. There is nowhere else in Australia where there are five seats up for grabs and it all comes down to how the major parties vote on net zero by 2050.

“My own union, the CFMEU, are the only ones who have been active in this field, fighting for coal and I hope we are going to take more initiatives soon. I cannot speak more highly of Michael Ravbar. Even though he is out of the Construction Division, he has been a great leader.”

Mr Katter said he personally believes adopting net zero by 2050 would be criminally insane as there are only three industries of significance in Queensland. “We produce nothing in Queensland except the three Cs: coal, cane and cattle,” he said.

“Now the 2050 plan means the shutdown of those three industries. And if you want to stretch it to aluminium and copper they will be gone too. Coal and iron ore are worth $100bn each to the Australian economy. Close those down and Australia will be bankrupt.

“The other problem with net-zero is, we will be telling China and India that they can’t have any of our coal. Who do we think we are? We are a little enclave of Europeans living in Asia on the world’s greatest treasure trove of resources, and we are going to tell the two biggest populations they can’t have our coal. Are you completely mad?

Mr Katter said net-zero would not only cost the coalition seats in North Queensland but also in western New South Wales where the Shooters Fishers Farmers Party has formed a stronghold at a state level.

“The Nationals have lost North Queensland and western New South Wales, and if they keep going, they’ll have nothing left,” he said. “There will be no National Party soon.”

The ALP/LNP duopoly has given away all our money

Letter to the Editor

Billions of your dollars given away overseas for many decades where it is wasted on problems others created or used to buy other countries armaments – what for: This is Australia we need dams to protect us in droughts.  We could have been drought proofed with many storage dams – instead politicians big-note themselves giving our hard earned money away damaging our country by deliberate neglect – our urgent needs are treated as unimportant second class. They are working against Australia’s needs, judge them by what they do.  We do not have huge dams across Australia because they wasted our money.

Our farmers cannot continue, they are hurt and broken beyond belief, they have struggled for many decades despite government contempt – Low quality foreign food is on the way.  Governments send ‘guess-perts’ who have no idea of farming to give bad advice — just another contempt.

There have been numerous investigated press reports of people waiting and dying trying to get medical treatment, because they gave your money away to cover other countries incompetent management – they are not our problem. We need new hospitals, schools, roads and railways but they are not being built because they treated us with contempt giving our money away.

We are in urgent need of new coal fired power stations, soon we will be unable to afford what little electricity is available, what then?  Other countries signed the Paris Accord have or are building 3,534 coal Power Stations many using our coal.  We have no new Power Stations planned, why – again we are being treated like the fools we have been by electing politicians who waste our money and neglect our urgent future needs for your children’s future.

Everyone, go and ask your local candidates to give you a written guarantee they will stop overseas aid and give Australia Aid, write/phone to editors and ask them to please support Australia and publish each candidates signed statement. Dear Editors how about your political impartiality – make Australia’s needs and our future your goal too. Create the biggest political fight ever seen for Australia’s future – it may be too late next time: Already too many broken futures, homes, families and suicides – no more – give us hope and a future to aspire too.


Gil May

Forestdale, Qld

Demonising the building blocks of life – carbon dioxide

Letter to the editor

by Viv Forbes

There was a time when true environmentalists strove to protect wild things. Now the green shirts have become enemies of the environment by pushing green energy and demonising the building blocks of life – carbon and carbon dioxide.

Wind turbines and their cobweb of connecting roads and transmission lines have destroyed native trees and grasses, scarred and uglified wild hilltops, and littered continental shelves with naval and aerial obstacles. They create wind and rain shadows and decimate resident and migratory birds and bats.

Industrial-scale solar is no better, stealing sunlight from every plant that tries to live in the shadow of the panels. Solar-thermal arrays have the additional trick of roasting any birds, bats and insects which fly through their focussed rays of heat.

These green energy toys produce piddling amounts of unreliable weather-dependent energy at great economic and environmental cost.

Greens also promoted diesel to replace cleaner petrol in vehicles. Thank them for more urban pollution.

Their promotion of ethanol and bio-diesel has caused the widespread conversion of cropland and clearing of natural vegetation and forests to grow industrial crops like corn and palm oil. This has also reduced food supplies, increased food prices and forced some poor people to poach in parklands.

And the stupid promotion of burning wood for power and home heating has taken some cities back sixty-five years to the era of London smogs. Forests are again being cleared and wood smoke is again choking urban communities.

None of these expensive and destructive activities will have any measurable or beneficial effect on global temperature.

What is the real agenda?


Great Australian Alan Jones on ABC TV defending farmers against avaricious mining companies

Alan Jones – Australian Party Comments

To make an informed decision at the polling booth on March 24, take time to view this video.

Katters Australian Party

Bob Katter Means BusinessWill Bob Katter take government ?

Ask Queenslanders who have had their land rights stolen, government sanctioned gas wells installed on their property, being jailed for protecting their property,  farmers production closing down from unworkable legislation, then Katters Australia Party will control queensland parliament for the people not the party.

Take time to view this video.

Visit this website – to be informed to make your vote on March 24 count for Queensland.

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