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WHO got to Jacquie Lambie? She has lost the plot

Ode to Senator Jacquie Lambie

by Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau

Poor Jacquie, it looks like she has been affected by mRNA inoculation which has been reported across Australia and the world as causing many harmful effects on the human body and many, many deaths.

She thinks she will divide and conquer the smart people from the sheeples. Too late old girl this happened years ago.

The smarties will not get the vax because they have the power of thought. We are aware the military removes a soldier’s ability to know what day it is, but you seem to be still in military mode.

We published the real Covid story of experimental poison because our several million readers have the power of thought. Did you know on Tuesday we were being read in 104 countries around the world?

Did you know counselling is available for veterans or former military personnel? Cairns News used to support you but alas we cannot do so any longer because we represent the people with the ability to think and do their own research about forced, deadly medical procedures.

Did you know our Commonwealth Constitution of Australia which to the disappointment of the multitude of political quislings is still in force? This prevents forced vaccination.

You have placed yourself into the echelon of elites of the NWO that Dr Kerry Chant and others refer to and we can no longer help you.

Don’t waste your time thinking you can come after the un-vaccinated. You will be so sick by then you will be grateful if you are still alive. Don’t get the booster old girl.

The Jewish Premier of NSW has also made the same mistake, except she took a placebo vax like most other politicians, not of her own volition but on advice from the Deep State.

Unfortunately she too does not have the power of thought.

Watch out for your old mentor Clive, Jacquie, he is coming to Tasmania too. You could have been saved. He is a great philanthropist who bought 20 million doses of hydroxychloroquin so he could save Australians from Deep State genocide.

But you had the shot and it’s too late for you.

Like Bob Brown we think you have been in Tasmania too long.

Labor/Greens cow fart bags should be deflated by voters

Keep voting for the major parties and watching or listening to the ABC and this is what you will get

Bob Brown, Queensland Labor and the ABC want to save the planet with these cow fart bags.

Queensland has about 9 million cattle. Will Bob Brown, Bill Shorten and the Qld Deputy Premier Jackie Trad go west to fit the bags? Naturally the cattle producer would have to buy them first.

Jackie ‘Mad’ Trad had better slip into her jeans, buy an Akubra and get day insurance because she is heading off to a ‘bag fitting’ rodeo event.

There could be a new rodeo event named ‘bag fitting.’

Who empties them when they are filled with gas? What happens when a cow walks under a prickly acacia tree and the bag gets punctured. Got any patches Jackie or do you take the cow to Beaurepaires?

A vote for the major partiers in the next state election will perpetuate this madness.

Bob Brown and rent-a-crowd can expect a warm reception in Clermont


Baseball bats, buckets of tar and feathers from battery hens will be in line for 700 anti-coal mine protestors when they arrive in the Central Western Queensland township of Clermont.

Led by failed former Greens leader and Tasmanian Bob Brown, the rent-a-crowd convoy plans to arrive in Clermont on April 28 to rally against the Adani coal mine.

Bob Brown and the anti-coal mining knuckle draggers can expect a warm reception at Clermont.

Emotions are running high in the Central Highlands about ‘Mexicans’ infesting Queensland with their “nonsense of climate change and wrecking the Barrier Reef by coal mining,” according to Rockhampton-based mine supplier Stephan Hall.

“There will be hundreds of miners, contractors, ringers and truckies and people from local towns waiting to give these knuckle draggers a nice reception.

“I have heard of people taking baseball bats and other things to give the unemployed bludgers and their rabble something to remember that coal miners won’t be f….d about by these grubs,” Mr Hall said.

Clermont hoteliers and food suppliers have warned the protestors they are not welcome in Clermont and would not be served any food while in the township.

Mr Hall said the Queensland economy would crash overnight if coal mining was stopped in Central Queensland.

“When the Emerald mine closed the town was broke in a week and the same will happen to Rocky, Mackay and Clermont. Nearly every cattle property around here has a family member who works in a mine and the ringers will give them a big touch up.

“They will leave Queensland covered in tar and feathers. Bob Brown, the Greens, Labor and their poofter mates can go screw themselves not us!” he exclaimed.


Hobart energy problem is damning – they’re out of water

This story is from Tasmanian radio station Heart 107.3 Hobart blog site exposing above critical water levels in main water reserves that includes hydro power generators supplying the apple isle.

Will Bob Brown walk on whats left of the water to solve this problem of Green energy in action?


The story

Local photographers show the true picture of  TAS water reserves

As the announcement came that Basslink had finally found the broken power cable first a sigh of relief, then news that it could still be the middle of June before a resumption of ‘normal’ operations

Tasmania’s Greens are calling on the Energy Minister Matthew Groom  to give more guidance to the Tasmanian community with almost 3 months left of energy uncertainty.

Now photographs have emerged of our water reserves that remain to supply hydro power to the state and the pics show the dire situation.

Tassie photographer Matthew Holz told Heart 107.3 that he “went for a trip out to Lake Gordon to see how low the water storage levels were. I was gobsmacked to see how little water was left in the Lake.”

*Strathgordon Power Station intake tube.

 *Over looking Lake Gordon between Gordon Power station and the Lake Pedder Chalet
PICS: Matthew Holz

Photographer Mike Peters also reported he visited Lake Pedder and the Gordon Dam. “I managed to take these few photos before a group of chaps in high vis jackets and corporate 4 wheel drives suggested I leave….. I was stunned at the state of these dams. They are effectively empty”

PICS: Mike Peters [including main banner pic]



Bob Brown’s disastrous bushfire legacy destroys vast World Heritage areas and tourism in Tasmania

by Robert J Lee


The Greens should be proud of these burnt landscapes in Lake Mackenzie World Heritage areas that will never recover from January wildfires

Decades of detritus accumulated under the forest canopy forming two metre thick beds of tinder have caused utter devastation across large areas of once pristine forest in Tasmania.

Uncontrollable wildfires in January wiped out 38,000 acres of forest ecosystems in the Central Plateau that once attracted many thousands of bushwalkers and tourists every year.

The State Government has not yet revealed the magnitude of other devastated areas in World Heritage and forestry.


Much of Tasmania’s World Heritage forest has been destroyed


Unique alpine flora including pencil pines, king billy pines and cushion plants, some more than 1,000 years old have been lost forever.

Wilderness photographer and bushwalker Dan Broun has returned from the Central Plateau. He told the ABC he walked four hours into the bushfire affected areas just after the fires.

“The scene is complete and utter devastation. There is kilometres of burnt ground, everything is dead,” he said.

He said small pockets of areas protected by rock escaped the fire.

“I also witnessed devastated wildlife; burnt wallabies, dead wombats and the like,” said Mr Broun.

Fire ecologist David Bowman said the fires burning in Tasmania were a sign of climate change.

However the so-called experts prefer to ignore the decades of dried matter that has built up on the forest floor, due to a lack of hazard reduction burn offs.

Until the late 1800’s, the Aborigines burnt these areas from time to time in a dry season creating a suitable environment for animals and understorey regrowth, preventing any sizeable fuel load from covering the forest floor.

The former leader of the Greens, Tasmanian Bob Brown can be directly blamed for this conflagration because the Greens campaigned long and hard to halt all sustainable forestry harvesting, have all sensible land managers kicked out and to lock up vast forests much to the detriment of the ecology.


Cushion plants scorched by fire now threatened by the loss of forest cover

And the Greens want to change the senate voting regulations to keep out independents and minor parties!

Bob Brown’s utopia devastated by Green Fire

Large parts of Bob Browns southern utopia of Tasmania have been devastated by uncontrolled Green Bushfires like Canberra 2003 (visit the video) causing millions of dollars in property damage and displacing thousands of people.bob-brown-stare

Tasmania authorities advise at least 100 people cannot be located as searchers sieve through charred debris.

Wildfire has destroyed more than 100 homes and businesses, but fortunately no lives yet  have  been reported lost.

Fires continue to burn where the Tasmania Fire Service, at the time of publication, was still battling blazes on the Tasman Peninsula at Bicheno and Lake Repulse, the worst still burning south of the devastated fishing town of Dunalley.

Reminiscent of the evacuation of Dunkirk, a flotilla left nearby sea ports ferrying food and supplies in and taking people out of local communities who were stranded on beaches by fires.

Fire Service Chief Mike Brown said high winds and searing, record 42C temperatures were similar to conditions during the states horrific 1967 bushfire.

” The conditions (Friday) were comparable with that terrible day, and on that day we lost 2000 homes and 62 lives so I think it speaks volumes for the really hard work that was done and our advanced operational and warning systems,” he said .

The false ideology of Green, mother earth worshippers like Tasmanian Bob Brown and his ilk, has been the predisposing cause of many of Australias fire problems in recent years.

The Labor/Green Mafioso in concert with the internationally-funded environmental groups such as Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, the Australian Conversation Foundation, et al, can shoulder the blame for the many hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars of property lost across the nation.

These socialist-orientated groups of urbanites conned the mainstream media over the past three decades into changing public opinion about the environment when the majority of their members have never travelled west of the Blue Mountains or north of Tullamarine airport.

Socialist ALP governments in every state diverted once sound Forestry practices away from hazard reduction burning whenever it was needed in rural areas, to a three year, five year or never burn policy.

Not only has Gaia-worshipper Bob Brown devastated Tasmania by fire but he has destroyed its economy, which is based largely on efficient, renewable forest industries.

In recent months Cairns News has received reports from Tasmanians trying to vacate the Empty Isle in search of jobs and a better life on the mainland.

A builder visiting the Atherton Tablelands last week said his Launceston business was finished and that some real estate agents no longer listed homes for sale because they have far too many available for the collapsed market.

Although the mainland economy outside of mining districts seemed only marginally better, he said he would flee the Apple Isle as soon as possible.

bob-brown-oldSouthern and northern mainland logging and timber industries report an influx of forestry workers and machinery trying to find jobs across the Strait after the Gunns pulp mill debacle and the locking up of tens of thousands of hectares of viable forest by the ALP/ Green government several years ago.

Brown and his looney followers can no longer scream about the now discredited global warming or the more palatable climate change after the comments by the Tasmania Fire Service chief officer, saying weather conditions were actually similar or worse in 1967.

Where were you then Bob?