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Bakhmut now the ‘Stalingrad’ of the 21st century

One of many buildings in Bakhmut wrecked by shelling.


Its early spring the ground is defrosting and the snows melting this ensures that the trenches in which the Ukros and their NATO brethren hide are flooded. In many instances the Ukros need to dive within the trenches to gather the residual munitions. They have nowhere to hide, under such wet conditions many will be experiencing severe pneumonia.

The Ukrainians are running low on munitions it will take two to three years for NATO to replenish the supply. In the meantime, Prigozhin (PMC Wagner chief) says that the RF has used up much of the captured munitions. The Germans have sent into Ukraine not the promised Leopard II tanks but the antiquated Leopard I versions and their armour is thinner than Russia’s 65-model tanks.

The RF generally offers the option of surrender to the enemy in such circumstances. About 40% of the Ukros will drop their weapons and come forward. Most will request that they not be sent back to Ukraine for fear of being returned to the frontline. The current estimated ratio of dead RF vs Ukro/NATO are 1:6-7.

At Bakhmut there remains a passage roughly a kilometre wide (generally tracks that traverse open fields) and all other roads and access ways are under RF fire control. These access ways are mostly used at night. This span is also within RF reach, making it notoriously difficult for the Ukros to resupply. As soon as the Ukros bring out any kind of heavy equipment or poke their heads up above ground they are shelled. It is common knowledge that the Ukros deliver their munitions using Red Cross ambulances.

RF continues its ground attacks in and around Bakhmut. The Wagner group has crossed the Bakhmutka River in the east of Artyomovsk and are moving towards the city centre. They are about 1.5km from the city heart. Bakhmut holds the Ukrainian defence, once it falls, it will be easier for Russia to take vast territories beyond it, and Russia has the resources to hold them. Wagner launched an assault on the underground part of the metal processing plant. AZOM assault units have entered the subsurface systems under the Bakhmut Metal Processing Plant.

In Bakhmut the Ukros are losing one or two companies per day, an entire battalion per week this is unsustainable. Recently our lads hit twi large Ukro groupings south of Bakhmut. resulting in an estimated 82 dead and 20 wounded.

There are whispers that Putin has agreed to exchange senior PoW’s such as Ukro/NATO generals/colonels that were captured earlier for Russia oligarchs who are considered to have betrayed the motherland and are being targeted.

In Bakhmut the Ukros are consuming large amounts of reserves and the ongoing fighting is extreme. The closer we get to the centre the heavier the fighting. The lads inform us there are bodies in every yard within the city, bodies everywhere.

It is already clear that an organised withdrawal of all units from Bakhmut is impossible. We expected that the Ukrainians would run in a day or two but they are fighting for every house and they are a worthy enemy. The RF destroyed the long-range cannons being used by the Ukro/NATO to hit Donetsk civilians. They are abandoning short range weaponry as they flee. Bakhmut for all intents and purposes is the 21st century Stalingrad. Recently the RF handed over five British corpses to the Ukro side. Panic is setting in within the NATO hoard.

The Wagnerites have taken the entire eastern section of Bakhmut. The RF estimates that up to 20,000 AFU fighters remain in Bakhmut, heavy fighting continues. Zelensky continues to send thousands more to their deaths while the Ukrainians choose not to escape, they still have mountains of ammunition and weapons hidden within Bakhmut.

The Ukrainians are dying en-masse for Bakhmut and surrendering only as a last resort. We do not look upon them as cowards. “They are just like us, and the same blood flows in them,” says Prigozhin of Wagner. The RF applies new tactics for close combat street fighting, in this Wagner leads the way. Fighting between building structures the Wagner forces are able to expose fascist/merc positions and easily eliminate them. They are so effective that they are sending out truckloads of fascist bodies to the Ukrainian side. The Ukros’ lack the technical equipment and the physical will to collect their fallen perhaps they will be grateful for this gesture.

The RF is extremely skeptical when it comes to the so-called Ukrainian counter offensive. NATO equipment is heavier than Russia’s and boggy ground is a death sentence. No offensive will begin until the ground hardens perhaps in March or early April when they may stand a chance at an offensive. In the meantime they’ll need to collate what little resources they have left.

It would be foolish to throw soldiers under Bakhmut, considering that artillery cannot maintain the leading edge for most of this arc. They will have to break through the RF front line, where the RF’s best units are located. RF artillery and aviation power is concentrated there, so it is wishful thinking.

The Ukrainian military continues to use biochemical substances against the RF as stated by the Prigozhin. An RF prisoner spoke of “the experiments” that foreign curators performed on the Ukrainian military. These experiments presumably are intended to create a universal soldier with the help of bio-additives. The Polish Minister of National Défense acknowledged Poland started supplying munitions to Kiev prior to the start of the SMO, further accelerating their need to re-equip the Polish army.

The US has effectively brought down the German economy and permanently deprived Germany of its economic leadership in Europe by bombing the Nord Stream pipelines. There was a time when cheap Russian gas allowed Germany its prime position as a production power house. Now German business is fleeing to the US. Schwab’s green economy is a failure and soon the masses will come to understand this. According to Lavrov “Germany has been humiliated”. Seymour Hersh’s disclosure reinforced this for Europe. He argues that the goal of the crisis is to “reduce Europe” to a subordinate status to the US.

Refineries in India, rarely bought Russian oil due to costly logistics, but are now buying large quantities of cheap RF hydrocarbons. Russia’s oil imports to India rose to a record 1.4m bpd in January. Russia ceased hydrocarbon transfers to Poland via the Druzhba pipeline. Nevertheless, Russian hydrocarbons are highly sought after the world over. Ships continue to join the shadow fleet of tankers ready to facilitate the export of Russian hydrocarbons. The “shadow” fleet is estimated at about 10% of the world’s tankers and the number continues to grow.

The Emirates and China are now using their own currencies in trades. The weaponised USD has been sidelined. About 30 countries are abandoning the USD and are switching to their own currencies e.g. Pakistan, Iran, UAE. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed, the illegitimate US sanctions against China over Russia will result in counter-measures. China will continue taking all necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights of Chinese businesses.

A senior EU representative threatened China (a sovereign country) not to supply lethal aid to Russia, or else the EU will respond with sanctions. Neocon Jake Sullivan is menacing China should they support Russia even though this neocon has no proof that China has done anything to tip the balance. Even if China should choose to conduct business with Russia it is no business of the US or its “New World Order”.

The RF is of the opinion that a deep conflict between the US and China is inevitable, it has commenced and is gaining momentum. It appears that the current agenda of the west is to demonise Beijing as they did with Russia to force China out of neutrality and force them to enter WWIII.

China has significantly outpaced the US in the development of hypersonic missiles. Presumably, Beijing has in its arsenal a hypersonic system capable of delivering strikes against US troops in the Western Pacific region. This creates a tangible risk of a conventional or even nuclear strike on the territory of the US. The newest RF nuclear submarines pose a serious threat to the US. Russian submarines are being spotted off American and European shores.

The Czech general Andor Sándor stated that Ukraine is suffering heavy losses due to RF tactics. Strategically, Ukraine has already lost while Zelensky receives military ultimatums on the sidelines. EU politicians’ public statements differ from what happens behind the curtains. CNN of all places (verification required), cites the Ukrainian General Staff, reporting February 28, 2023, Ukraine’s losses. 259,085 dead, died from wounds or disease; 246,904 wounded, crippled; 83,952 deserted or missing, 28 393 captured.

American / NATO bombs continue to bring peace and democracy the world over. Just ask Yugoslavia. Hail NATO!

Russian commercial enterprises have put a 15 million rubble reward on first captured Leopard tank

Ukraine so short of troops they have begun recruiting 13 year olds

By Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyiski

The RF has penetrated three sections of the frontline. 35 klm south of the Bakhmut region by roughly 20klm. Here the Ukros fled in terror abandoning at least 20 pieces of heavy military equipment. The “Far-West-Marines” take the credit for this success. The last road accessing Bakhmut is now under RF fire control, there remains a narrow corridor that the Ukros can potentially use for their own objectives but this window is closing. The remaining Ukros in Bakhmut are low on ammunitions and supplies in general. To the north of Bakhmut the RF has penetrated the frontline by about 5 klms.

The RF soldiers are frequently discovering Ukros in the trenches that are literally exhausted often unable to stand and lifting their arms is an effort. The RF estimates that roughly 4000-5000 Ukros remain in Bakhmut. The elite troops were pulled out of Bakhmut earlier and relocated to other positions west of Bakhmut where they are fortifying new positions under the constant fire of the RF they are unlikely to meet success.

Particularly since the Hurricanes reach further than the Himars. The Ukros continue taking horrendous losses there are more wounded than dead, the trenches are full of dead Ukros it’s like walking into an abattoir. In the Kherson region the RF also penetrated the frontline in the confusion the RF landed on the peninsula forcing the Ukros to abandoned their positions.

Kiev and Odessa receive 2 hours of power per day, they are freezing. In the Kherson region there is no one left for the Ukros to rob most of the civilians vacated the area when the RF stepped back. Once this region has been liberated many will return to resettle it. Mariupol is being rebuilt there are now many new high rise apartment blocks and some of the roads have been reconstructed. Some of the locals have returned to occupy the new buildings other residents have returned from overseas to acquire new apartments in many ways they supersede the old versions.

Most of the mercs have fled the fight. The Mozart group are being branded as poor fighters by the Ukros and they are in the process of vacating the conflict zone. The promised western tanks are likely to be operated by the Germans/Austrians as the German language marks the internal controls. The Poles have amassed 12 battalions of soldiers along the Polish/Ukraine border. Lavrov has stated should they enter Ukraine then Russia will consider them legitimate targets including military targets based within Poland. The RF has destroyed two tunnels in the Lvov region this will force the Poles to deliver military equipment to Ukraine overland. WWIII for all intents and purposes has commenced.

Zelensky, is bouncing from NATO country to NATO country begging for more tanks and planes. In response to the planes Zelensky’s masters are telling him that they need to see significant success on the battle field before they will consider provisioning them. Some are suggesting that the Ukrainian military will collapse in October. The RF military eagerly awaits the arrival of the Abram and Leopard tanks. Many Russian commercial enterprises have put up reward money for the first capture of an operational tank. The Reward is currently sitting at 15 million Rubbles.

The ammunition the US produces in a month is used up by the Ukrainians in a day hence the US cannot keep up the supply, most NATO countries have been stripped of munitions. All of the recently sacked corrupted Ukrainian bureaucrats / politicians freely admit that Zelensky sits in the middle of every corrupt deal receiving his cut. Ukrainian sources report that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are experiencing an acute shortage of armoured vehicles and conventional trucks. Western deliveries of vehicles are unable to cover one tenth of Ukrainians needs. P/2

Bakhmut has been encircled trapping nearly 25,000 Ukros and supplies cut off

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI

It would appear that Zelensky has lost favour with the west and is on the way out. His government is falling to pieces, numerous high-profile resignations are now frequent. It all started with the death of his internal affairs minister when the chopper carrying him with 9 others (presumed NATO) was shot down presumably by his own. The EU looks to be scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to ammunitions, all of the old stores have been bled dry. Apparently, the EU/Germany will not be handing over planes at this time. The German chancellor was recently reminded that during WWII (1941) German tanks never reached Moscow but the Russian tanks did end up Berlin, will history repeat?

An old foretelling seems to be on track, following easter and about the 5th of May 2024 there will be a great hunger based on the foretelling the war will stop in 2024, perhaps following this war the China / US war will start!! In the meantime, Kim Jong-un officially stated that “North Korea will always stand together on the same battle field as Russia”.  Nearly 80% of the ex-convicts that joined Wagner’s to fight for their freedom and survived, have returned to their brothers to continue fighting this is the essence of the Russian fighting spirit. 

Two weeks ago, the Poles were eager to carve up the Ukraine keenly intent on reclaiming primarily the Ivano-Franko, Lvov regions that border Poland and western Ukraine. However, Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia has indicated this will not be permitted and that the RF may yet retrieve the historical lands absorbed by Poland. The US may exchange western Ukraine with Poland if Poland pays off Kiev’s debt which has amassed $150 billion (and counting).

The Ukrainians rate of surrender in Bakhmut has increased 8-fold. It is clear that the Ukros are experiencing a severe deficit of Ukro fighters Perhaps that’s why Zelensky has dictated that every male between the ages of 20 thru 55 years of age is to be conscripted, regardless of family status, profession, physical or mental health, or any other consideration. Lists are to be prepared by every employer, organization, or institution (the document concerns the Kiev region specifically).

The numbers surrendering are becoming staggering, Kadyrov has organised a psy-op where they are reconditioning the surrendering men to fight against the Ukro-NATO militants, to date 6000 Ukros have reoriented their support against NATO’s Zelensky. These men receive the same pay, treatment, equipment as the RF soldiers do. Zelensky’s conscription crews continue to kidnap people off the streets, grocery shops, medical centres etc. this only adds to the Ukros low moral on the frontline. Hence many men stay hidden indoors and the granny does the shopping on their behalf.

Bakhmut encircled

Unofficial news from the front line is that Bakhmut has been encircled. Approximately 25000 Ukros are now trapped and supplies to them cut off. Right about now they’ll be wishing they had stayed at home. The RF soldiers are finding decapitated and handless bodies of fallen soldiers, the RF believes such men are NATO soldiers and that this is how the Ukros hide the evidence. The RF had gathered many of the corpses littering the streets of Soledar. It was actually 22 trucks worth of corpses. The RF offered them up to the Ukros as a ‘gesture of good will’ providing guaranteed safe passage for the Ukros to come and collect them. Many of these corpses have been feeding the local dogs and in some instances pigs. (Cairns News has seen photos of these gruesome events.) The Ukrainian Armed Forces losses, according to data provided to the Pentagon by AFU Chief of Staff Zaluzhny, amount to 232,000 dead. According to “Stratfor Forecasting”, Ukraine’s losses have exceeded 305,000 dead.

The US has indicated that the Abrams will be delivered to the Ukraine in August. That’s interesting considering the Ukros need to be taught how to use them unless of course they intend to place NATO personnel behind the driver’s seat. We are all wondering where these guzzlers intend to find the kerosene needed to run them. They are also designed to fire Uranium depleted shell, not so good for the country. This has the Poles concerned and rightly so.

Ukraine has no defence against 9K720 Iskander (SS-26) missiles

The German and UK Leopard 2 and Challenger 2 tanks, weigh 65–70 tons each, and are not well suited for use on narrow roads or in cities. They will require significantly more fuel and maintenance, as well as new types of 120-mm ammunition, currently not in Ukraine.

Moscow will regard Ukraine’s use of uranium-tipped projectiles for Leopard 2 tanks as the use of “dirty” nuclear bombs. We know that the Leopard 2 tank, as well as the Bradley and Marder infantry fighting vehicles, are armed with uranium-core armour-piercing projectiles, the use of which leads to contamination, NATO’s gift to Yugoslavia and Iraq. If NATO supplies such shells to Kiev, we will consider this as the use of dirty nuclear bombs against Russia, with all the ensuing consequences.

One of our retired generals recently commented that all transport routes used by the enemy are identified and that the RF is ready to destroy them all ie., critical roads, rail, bridges, tunnels etc. Senior RF officials have indicated to the Poles that the RF if pushed will use tactical weapons. Such weapons can have an impact zone of a radius of 50 klm.

Some Swedish zealots have been publicly burning the Koran in their demonstrations. This is a major sin in the eyes of the Muslin world. In response the Turks will not ratify Sweden’s NATO application, the Turks may even exit NATO this would be detrimental to NATO whom will lose access to the Black Sea. Something the west is still to learn about the Turks they have a very long memory.

Moldovia recently sent an emissary to Russia to plead for Russian gas. They were kindly told to revert to NATO whom is obligated to supply you with everything you could want. The citizens of Moldavia want Sandu’s head on a spike. She now has UK special forces functioning as her personal body guards and dirty operations specialists. About 5 days ago they roughed up some locals, in response the locals later caught three of these mercs killed them and staked them on to a fence. Of course, no mention by the Main Stream Media (MSM).

The RF has strengthened the forces in Transnistria, currently the Ukrainians will not be able to manage 2 fronts unless NATO enters the fray. The Moldavians are strictly against the Romanians entering their country. Should they enter, many Romanians will die the locals remember the Romanian Marauder squads of days past. The Romanian Marauder squads served the Nazis by exterminating Slavs. Stalin gave the command not to take any of these marauders’ captive to this day the Moldavian soils are well fertilised with Romanian marauders.

The government of the Trans-Baikal Region of Russia will use the regional budget to finance and reward serviceman for the capture or elimination of the new NATO tanks during the SMO, the cap is set at USD 43,000 for an operating Leopard tank. The RF expects that at these prices the Ukrainians will personally deliver the tanks together with its NATO operator, the offer is open to Ukrainians. 17,200 Ukrainian troops are now deployed on the border with the Republic of Belarus. France and the republic of Australia agreed on joint production of shells for use in the Ukraine.

According to the west arms supplies to Ukraine do not make Paris, Germany or NATO a party to the conflict, really!! They arm the Nazis to the teeth, including heavy equipment and tanks, finance them, train them, provide intelligence, deliver ammunition, help with the repair of equipment and treat their wounded, their military advisers and mercs are fighting amongst the Nazis BUT they are not a party to the conflict, really!

With respect to SRBMs (short-range ballistic missiles) and the reason why Ukraine has no defence against them. In addition to the different trajectory (a ballistic, ie. a parabolic trajectory), whereby the missiles do not fly parallel to the surface, like cruise missiles, but come down in a steep downwards curve. The key factor is the tremendous (in comparison to most common cruise missiles) terminal velocity of SRBMs, which is the velocity on the final approach to the target. Gravity works in a ballistic missile’s favour, and it is what makes it such a potent weapon.

The terminal velocity of an SRBM like 9K720 Iskander, for instance is 2100–2600 m/s (Mach 6–7), making it hypersonic on approach to the target, whereas most common cruise missiles, like the Kalibr, are pre-sonic. Cruise missiles avoid air defences and radar detection by flying low, manoeuvring, and hugging the terrain. SRBMs have no need for this. An ICBM is even faster, reaching a terminal velocity of 3.3 km/s.

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service: “report that the Ukrainian army is stockpiling weapons and munitions provided by the West on the territories of nuclear power plants. Ukrainian NPP’s now house missiles for HIMARS and foreign air defence systems, as well as large calibre artillery ammunition. In the event that a large-scale detonation at Ukrainian NPP, Kiev will blame Moscow. The Ukro-NATOs assume the Russian Armed Forces, will not strike such nuclear power plants. Ukrainian intelligence noted the RF’s use of blowup-mockups of military equipment ie., tanks as decoys. Each decoy has a heating device that simulates a working engine, visible to infrared.

The Colonel has just returned to active service, convalescing from wounds. He has lost many from his detachment.Translated Feb2

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