Wagner troops raise Russian flag in Bakhmut

From Cossack Colonel Yuri Komyniski

Bakhmut has fallen, taken by Wagner.  This was a tactically key position in the Donbass region now Russia will have an open road to capture key Ukrainian cities. At the G7, NATO friendly summit Zelensky admitted that Bakhmut has fallen. However Cherevatiy, (Speaker of the Eastern Group of the AFU) says the Ukrainians are conducting an operation to encircle Bakhmut, which is “more deception of the masses”.

Supposedly the Ukrainian army has suspended assaults on the flanks of the Russian army awaiting the return of Zelensky who will advise how best to proceed!!

The Ukrainian serfs and their NATO masters are not yet ready to surrender. The retreating remnants of the Ukrainian grouping X-Bakhmut with an estimated strength of 40,000 is heading to Chasov Yar, where a new line of defense awaits. The alternate primary defensible line fortified by NATO runs along the Avdeevka, Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka, Kramatorsk and Slavyansk axis.  The Ukrainian army has suffered heavy losses  with an estimated 50,000 men-dead, significantly more wounded and injured who were the most combat-ready Ukros.

The majority of these men were trained in the UK / Poland we refer to them as baby NATO. There are at least another 30,000 militants scattered throughout the nearby forests and they are being targeted, however even though Bakhmut has fallen the threat of an offensive remains. Acquiring Bakhmut now enables the RF to cut off the “Seversk ledge” above Bakhmut and prepare reserves and reinforce the front.

Destruction of munitions depot at Khmelnytskyi leaves masses of dead aquatic life filling the river.

Pockets of residual Ukrainian troops remain within the city after they were abandoned during the retreat. When the Wagner’s started to surround the last district “plane”, the majority of the Ukrainians had already fled. Those in the forward positions, who lacked communications, were simply abandoned, they scattered into hiding from the RF’s mopping up operation. Those that continue to hold out in buildings are simply blown up. There are land mines everywhere not to mention booby traps, it’s a slow process. The Ukro’s have gathered on the neighbouring hill tops and are now indiscriminately firing at the “airplane” district taking pitiful vengeance. The Russian and Wagner flags fly throughout Bakhmut. Wagner commander Prigozhin noted that the Wagner forces will commence departing the city from the 25th May transferring control to RF troops.

Recently all designated targets comprising large foreign-made weapons and equipment depots and enemy reserves were hit. Significant Ukro stocks of weapons and munition’s were destroyed, the advancement of reserves to the combat areas was prevented. Wagner comprises a mixed bag of fighters including policemen, paratroopers, motorised riflemen, colonels, and sergeants some were even ex-cons now returning home as liberators.  

In the Lisichansk region we encountered a Ukros battle and ensued we retreated 2 klm then lured them in, that’s when we burnt them out including 14 pieces of heavy equipment all within 2 hours. The recent strike on the Patriot system in Kiev was more successful than previously thought and it turns out 2 divisions were based along with the Patriots.

The Belarusian president Lukashenko noted that the Ukrainian offensive is the biggest disinformation campaign there is, “there will be no offensive, there cannot be one” he adds the idea of a Ukrainian offensive is absurd when they’re facing a Russian army that’s 5 times larger in terms of equipment and manpower.

On the flanks, the Ukro offensive has either been stopped or the RF is effectively thwarting their attempts. The Ukrainian soldiers continue to question the disappearance of their Commander in Chief, Zaluzhny. An exceptional hacker referred to as the “Joker” suggests that Zaluzhny was seriously injured during a missile attack on the Ukro command post near Pavlograd. Supposedly he has undergone numerous serious surgical procedures and should he survive, it is unlikely he’ll be fit to command.

The Ukro’s call this disinformation, intended to strike at the “morale of the armed forces of Ukraine.” The Ukro Ministry of Defense continues to refute the disappearance and/or “death” of their “Commander-in-Chief” Zaluzhny. The Deputy Minister Malyar, publicly denied the “death” of Zaluzhny later stating that she had recently spoken to “the commander in chief” and that he is doing his job. Later still she added that Zaluzhny had a telephone conversation with the American General Mark Miley. However the RF is of the opinion that both Zaluzhny and Sirsky are dead.

Ukrainian MSM report an environmental disaster on the Teteriv River in the Zhytomyr region. The river originates on the border of Vinnitsa and Khmelnytsky regions. Following the destruction of munitions depot at Khmelnytskyi, masses of dead aquatic life are filling the river.


A pestilence is killing fish and river animals, even beavers are dying. Cattle are dropping dead in large numbers. Despite the concern of the residents, the authorities have taken no action. The locals are convinced that it’s not just the depleted U2 shells, as the warehouses were possibly stocked with “dirty bombs” and shells possibly containing high levels of toxic bio-weapons. The UK can profoundly take ownership of this nightmare.

In the Kharkov region we destroyed a major fuel depot. In Odessa the residents are starting to push back against the Ukro-Nazi’s. These locals are a bunch of hard asses.

The head of Chechnya, Kadyrov, stated that Western intelligence services are preparing terrorist attacks against him.

We even have information that European and Western special services and Ukrainian ones are preparing terrorist attacks against me. The RF has entered an acute phase of confrontation with the aggressive Western bloc of states and Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lavrov says their goal is to eliminate Russia as competitor.

London labeled “Wagner” as a terrorist organisation. Supporting the “Wagner”, attending its events and publicly displaying its logos will be a criminal offence. Preventing “Wagner” from raising funds through British financial institutions, its members to be prohibited from filing claims against journalists and human rights activists in the UK courts. Funny I don’t recall Wagner handing out depleted U2 shells to anyone.