Russian commercial enterprises have put a 15 million rubble reward on first captured Leopard tank

Ukraine so short of troops they have begun recruiting 13 year olds

By Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyiski

The RF has penetrated three sections of the frontline. 35 klm south of the Bakhmut region by roughly 20klm. Here the Ukros fled in terror abandoning at least 20 pieces of heavy military equipment. The “Far-West-Marines” take the credit for this success. The last road accessing Bakhmut is now under RF fire control, there remains a narrow corridor that the Ukros can potentially use for their own objectives but this window is closing. The remaining Ukros in Bakhmut are low on ammunitions and supplies in general. To the north of Bakhmut the RF has penetrated the frontline by about 5 klms.

The RF soldiers are frequently discovering Ukros in the trenches that are literally exhausted often unable to stand and lifting their arms is an effort. The RF estimates that roughly 4000-5000 Ukros remain in Bakhmut. The elite troops were pulled out of Bakhmut earlier and relocated to other positions west of Bakhmut where they are fortifying new positions under the constant fire of the RF they are unlikely to meet success.

Particularly since the Hurricanes reach further than the Himars. The Ukros continue taking horrendous losses there are more wounded than dead, the trenches are full of dead Ukros it’s like walking into an abattoir. In the Kherson region the RF also penetrated the frontline in the confusion the RF landed on the peninsula forcing the Ukros to abandoned their positions.

Kiev and Odessa receive 2 hours of power per day, they are freezing. In the Kherson region there is no one left for the Ukros to rob most of the civilians vacated the area when the RF stepped back. Once this region has been liberated many will return to resettle it. Mariupol is being rebuilt there are now many new high rise apartment blocks and some of the roads have been reconstructed. Some of the locals have returned to occupy the new buildings other residents have returned from overseas to acquire new apartments in many ways they supersede the old versions.

Most of the mercs have fled the fight. The Mozart group are being branded as poor fighters by the Ukros and they are in the process of vacating the conflict zone. The promised western tanks are likely to be operated by the Germans/Austrians as the German language marks the internal controls. The Poles have amassed 12 battalions of soldiers along the Polish/Ukraine border. Lavrov has stated should they enter Ukraine then Russia will consider them legitimate targets including military targets based within Poland. The RF has destroyed two tunnels in the Lvov region this will force the Poles to deliver military equipment to Ukraine overland. WWIII for all intents and purposes has commenced.

Zelensky, is bouncing from NATO country to NATO country begging for more tanks and planes. In response to the planes Zelensky’s masters are telling him that they need to see significant success on the battle field before they will consider provisioning them. Some are suggesting that the Ukrainian military will collapse in October. The RF military eagerly awaits the arrival of the Abram and Leopard tanks. Many Russian commercial enterprises have put up reward money for the first capture of an operational tank. The Reward is currently sitting at 15 million Rubbles.

The ammunition the US produces in a month is used up by the Ukrainians in a day hence the US cannot keep up the supply, most NATO countries have been stripped of munitions. All of the recently sacked corrupted Ukrainian bureaucrats / politicians freely admit that Zelensky sits in the middle of every corrupt deal receiving his cut. Ukrainian sources report that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are experiencing an acute shortage of armoured vehicles and conventional trucks. Western deliveries of vehicles are unable to cover one tenth of Ukrainians needs. P/2

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Please send latest news on Ukraine war


  2. A very interesting interview as always with Col MacGregor re the tanks and other things, including the stupid balloons… a must watch..


  3. Knowing little of temperate climate warfare, and what I used to understand was WWII vintage, I disqualify myself from having an opinion about this battlefield, except to say the Zircon and Vangard missiles leave American junk standing. I also know for a fact that the Patriot missile is useless.

    Nevertheless, by reading a dozen reports like this each week, I note a uniform impression that:

    (1) The US has almost zero capacity to manufacture munitions;
    (2) NATO countries have almost depleted their own supplies;
    (3) NATO countries lack of viable energy supplies mean they, too, will join the Yanks with empty ammunition belts;
    (4) Sophisticated battlefield equipment requires many months training to operate, and feature controls and repair functions in languages the Ukros cannot read;
    (5) Tanks are no use in mud. There is no suggestion that tank recovery equipment is included in orders, so ten yard advances will see tanks bogged, to become stationary gun emplacements;
    (6) Fuel is going to run out by October;
    (7) NATO countries will see the writing on the wall and withdraw, in action if not in words;
    (8) Russian generals gone to seed after forty years of peace, are being replaced;
    (9) The US is fast becoming the world’s Pariah State, on the nose for most of the world’s population and about to lose the support of western nation populations previously swayed by globalist propaganda.
    (10) As a consequence of the above factors, one by one, western governments will actively distance themselves from the White House, while their populations gradually drift towards the Great Awakening. Previously “on-board’ politicians will suddenly develop insights into corruption and mRNA toxicity and, of necessity, will also point to AGW alarmism fraud, knowing this will secure them the next elections.

    Only one factor prevents this movement from becoming a landslide and that is Rupert Murdoch’s stranglehold on western media. Rupert is old and Rupert is harrassed more each day. These pressures may well hasten his demise. As far as we know, there is nobody capable of taking over his management of the global propaganda machine, which is why David Rockefeller passed the global crown to him back in 1973, eschewing candidates from his own family.

    Let me put it this way, when Rupert dies, WWIII, the WEF, AGW, and mRNA will die with him.

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  4. In the official NATO report, Max Delany’s second question about Russia’s ‘Big Spring Offensive,’ Stoltenberg replies: – ‘I think the reality that we’re seeing the start already.’


  5. PS: The Bakhmut sector is local, so presumably, this would not require the ‘thousands and thousands more troops’ as suggested by Stoltenberg?

    This implies fresh divisions?


  6. I was under the impression that Stoltenberg was possibly implying, or referring to the opening of the anticipated ‘new fronts.’

    Ie. The ‘northern front‘ directed from Belarus, where extremely large troop concentrations have amassed?. Or the less likely scenario of the southern front?.

    I was wondering if the prelude has opened here?


  7. Read yesterday’s Cossack report. Ed


  8. An advance Wagner Battalion assault group has outflanked Paraskoviika, and reached Bakhmut’s main road (M-03). Whilst a southern assault group has just reached Bakhmut’s southern road, as it advances towards Chasiv Yar. This has sealed Bakhmut’s fate.

    Here’s another excellent analysis from Defense Politics Asia.

    As for Zelensky, after his latest begging bowl tour of Europe, he was obliged to depart empty handed: no fighter jets any time soon.

    In truth, genuine European support for the Zelensky regime extends no further than the political elite and their MSM mouthpieces.

    Breaking News.

    In yesterday’s briefing (13 Feb), NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, let slip the following statement, ie., – ‘Russia seems to have already launched a large scale offensive in Ukraine . . . sending in thousands and thousands more troops.’

    Does anyone have any information on this important development?

    Does Stoltenberg’s back-room briefing, refer to the opening of the much anticipated Russian offensive?.


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