Following 11 months of continuous war, the US-backed Western coalition finds itself worse off than when it began. The economic sanctions have negatively impacted the EU and NATO control of Ukraine has plunged the economy into a recession, destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure. Laying the groundwork for the division of the country, Ukraine will no longer exist as a viable, independent state. Western politicians are surprised that the economic sanctions backfired, only to strengthen Russia’s economy. Nor did they expect the vast majority of countries would not only ignore the sanctions but actively explore options to “abandon the USD”.

About 145,000 combat-ready soldiers remain at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukraine had about 14-15 brigades of 4,000 people each in Bakhmut. With the exception of 2 or 3, they all lost 70% of their personnel and were reassigned for recovery. Ukraine has lost most of its regular army which has been active since 2014. Russia has ground up the trained AFU reserves in Artemovsk, which were intended for a strike in the south. Ukraine is left with roughly 140-150 thousand combat-ready soldiers.

Kiev has started recruiting teenagers aged 13 and over, as well as incapacitated people, into their army. The Ukrainian military killed 12 colleagues who wanted to surrender. The Armed Forces of Ukraine covered their own stronghold with artillery fire after the people who were in it hung a white flag and sent a radio request to the RF Armed Forces to lay down their arms.

Germany’s Waldemar Gerdt believes Ukraine will not remain within its original borders its fate is predetermined. The country will likely to be divided by the west as peace negotiations were sabotaged by the US. The future of Ukraine will be decided post-war.

In Ukraine, organizations are offering various solutions for avoiding mobilization. Ukrainian advertisements are being shown where men are offered to have their “limbs broken” in order to save them from mobilization. The ad states: “A qualified surgeon will break your limbs under anaesthesia.” A clean break is guaranteed, the injury will heal within a month and you can defer mobilization for six months. Best price and complete anonymity guaranteed.

In Ukraine men of military age must appear in person for food rations, and have documents confirming military registration with them. Wife, sister or other relatives are not permitted to collect food. Went out for bread and never came back…

Ukraine has successfully destroyed their first “Terminator BMPT.” This new BMPT has been mostly a success on the battlefield, devastating the infantry forces of Ukraine tasked with destroying Russian tanks. No tank is effective on its own, and this has been the case since the first tanks in history entered combat. The combination of Russian tanks with the Terminator has proven to be an effective force in threatening Ukrainian lines.

If Russia can field these Tank/Terminator combos in large enough numbers, the effect on Ukrainian lines will be devastating in future Russian offensives. The early results of the use of Terminators in combat have proven that this weapon is a force multiplier on the battlefield.

Judging by the amount of objects hit in Ukraine by the RF, the wave strike tactics are a success. The first wave triggers the discharge of Ukro air defences, revealing their locations the second wave destroys them. The train services are being disrupted and they are the life blood of the enemy.

Foreign mercenaries are being withdrawn from Artemovsk in the direction of Kostyantynivka and Kramatorsk. The city is being prepared for abandonment. Locals have also noted helicopters flying twice a day at low altitudes in the same direction. This mode of transport is probably used to evacuate important foreign specialists and wounded mercenaries.

The Pro-Western Prime Minister of Moldovan Natalia Gavrilitsa announced her resignation the government collapses amid a series of crises. The decision to nationalize the enterprises of Ukrainian oligarchs in the DNR has been adopted; everything has become the property of the RF.

Russian Forces casualties are estimated at one tenth of those in Ukraine forces.

Editor: Since returning to service after being wounded the Colonel has not returned to the front line as yet.