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Petition of Right to Queen Elizabeth to restore Constitutional government in Australia ignored by Charles

How is it that any natural person outside of the private political parties can be brought before a court?

Commencing on the morning of Monday, the 14th February 1966, no politically appointed
Judge/Justice in any Supreme Court of Queensland who has accepted payment in Australian
Decimal Currency for their private services to (the “State”) cannot impose any pecuniary penalty
in Australian Decimal Currency and cannot imprison any private person for any term of
imprisonment as held to -THE CRIMINAL CODE ACT, 1899 63 Vic. No.9 as they themselves
hold the authority of an individual person only.

I refer to the public Seal affixed to the Judiciary Act No.6 of 1903, any politically appointed
Judge/Justice in any private Australian Court, who receives their Salaries and allowances in
Australian Decimal Currency in any format which includes an electronic transaction in AUS$.

Every politically appointed Australian Judge/Justice each hold a signed person to person contract in De
Facto Relationships with the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Government, the Prime
Minister of Australia, and are paid out of the profits of the firm in the private currency of the firm
AUS$, which is an electronic currency as held to Electronic Transactions Act 1999.

The Judges/Justice so politically are inside the Council of Australian Governments or COAG and
only hold the single authority of the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Government the
Prime Minister of Australia who personally holds the Seals of the Corporation

No politically sworn and appointed Judge /Justice in any private positions in any private Australia
Courts, can impose any pecuniary sentence in Australian Decimal Currency upon any private
persons, and to be paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Australian Government in any

electronic transition or by the use of Australian Decimal Currency, held to Currency Act 1965 and
the Reserve Bank Act 1959.

No politically sworn and appointed Judge /Justice in any private positions in any private Australian Court, cannot imprison any person on the land of the Crown, for any purported Civil Law, Criminal Offence, of the privately elected Members of the Registered Political Parties of the Australian Government, the holders of the Seal affixed to the Crimes Act 1914.

How to pull up the Qld Covid tyranny

A opinion of the unlawful Covid mandates and why the State cannot enforce any form of penalty

by David Walter, former NT Police Prosecutor and Constitutional law analyst

Note the private Seal affixed to the private Acts of the Queensland Government are all  personally  held by the Premier and  held as the private/personal  property of the current  Premier only and they are the private acts of the Queensland Government whereby all commerce and trade of the Queensland Government ,  is conducted  and done in the  electronic  currency  of the firm, the State only, and all  salaries and allowances of all employees of the Queensland Government including the Health Department and the police and the Courts  including the politically appointed Judges and Magistrates and the Members of the Queensland Legal Profession, are all privately paid from the profits of the firm in electronic currency of the  firm  the  private Australian Business  known only as the Queensland Government paid in  $AUS, and not  in Pounds sterling as required under the Constitution Act 1867 (Qld.)

I refer to Jurisdiction of Courts Cross Vesting Act 1987,  the private Seal as affixed to it  is held by the Premier and the politically appointed Judges and Magistrates cannot cross vest into the Common law jurisdiction  as held to Constitution  Act 1867 (Qld) to uphold any terms and conditions of the  private Queensland Health Department,  over and private persons/people living on the land of the Crown held in  Imperial Measurements, feet yards, acres  etc., who are  living in  Queensland being a State of the Australian Commonwealth and held to Sections 61, 109 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK).

And further as held to the private Seal as affixed to the Penalties and Sentencing Act 1992, the only fines that can be given are given are in the private  electronic currency of the firm, the private Australian Business being  ‘Queensland Government’  – and not imposed in the Legal Tender of the Constitution Act 1867 (Qld)  on  Pounds Sterling or Pounds, shillings and pence

And further  the Judges and Magistrates  must be  paid from the Consolidated Revenue Fund  in Pounds, shillings and pence for the Administration of Justice in Queensland and  must be personally sworn and appointed by the Governor and hold the Separation  of Powers between Church and State and personally hold the Seal of the Supreme Court  of Queensland Act 1921,  and the authority of the Crown..

No  private politically appointed Judge or Magistrate,  are paid in the private Currency of the firm being the Queensland Treasury Corporation, and held inside the private Civil Law in all  matters which includes the private Civil Criminal Law of the firm, or the privately elected Members of the Executive Government, being an International Trading Corporation Registered on the New York Stock Exchange :- THE STATE OF QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA – No more needs to be said.

The  privately elected Queensland Government  are in actual fact  private Registered Members of Political Parties only and inside the private Constitutions of the Political Parities only  being Members of Parliament or MP,s not  elected Members of the Legislative Assembly as MLA’s  and not elected, so sworn and held  to Legislative Assembly Act 1867.

There are no Laws of the Crown to protect We the people of/in Queensland and that also includes the Queen herself as a private person, the private and personal authority of a single Member of Political Party in the private Australian Business the Queensland Government  and , every private and  politically appointed   judge , Justice or Magistrate in any private  Courts of the State and paid through the Queensland Treasury Corporation Act 1988, have held any separation  of powers of the Crown,  since at least 1987 a total of 34 years.

The Question must be asked –  Why and under whose private and personal authority did this happen over and above the Constitution Act 1867 (Qld), which is still in place to this very day.#

Support for David Walter’s plea to Chief Justice Kiefel to restore Constitutional government

Letter to the Editor

Have you ever wondered why everyday life is in turmoil? Why you have been trying to save money but at the end of the month nothing is left after you pay for electricity, council rates, house payments, car payments and registrations, fuel bills, bank charges, kids school fees, medical bills, everyday groceries costing more each week and on it goes.

How is it governments or should we say corporate governments can confiscate your home and sell it if you get behind in rates payments or how the corporate government can access your bank account without your knowledge and withdraw money for non-payment of traffic fines?

Why is justice no longer done in federal or state courts? Or why only those who can afford to pay for hugely expensive legal practitioners can get justice?

What has happened to our kid’s future? Why are there no jobs for your kids or for that matter your self?   Why do 800,000 immigrants enter Australia each year?

How come we as a nation no longer manufacture our own goods like cars, tyres, fuel, washing machines. electric motors, food and now have to contend with a host of other everyday second-rate goods that come from China?

Former Labor Premier Peter Beattie turned Queensland into a corporate republic like other states. He is now personally responsible for the state debt because he removed the Crown in 2001

Did you know that since 1966 when decimal currency was introduced by a Liberal Prime Minister there has not been a legitimate government in Australia? Constitutional Government was replaced by the ‘firm’.

How is it that former Labor Premier of Queensland Peter Beattie was able to remove the Crown from the state’s legal system and replace it with a defacto corporate republic?

Every government department in Queensland, including police and courts have their own ABN numbers, similar to all other states.

In 1974 when Sir John Kerr left his position as Governor General after sacking PM Gough Whitlam, he didn’t resign or hand back the Letters Patent to our Queen Elizabeth the Second. Therefore no new Governor General could be appointed. The politicians just swore in their own. All laws from then until now are therefore void.

* In Queensland Premier Borbidge sealed the Legislative Assembly Act. He then had the State Governor Sir Peter Arnison, Seal his Letters Patent and commission from Queen Elizabeth the Second with the Seal of the State. This was beyond the lawful power of either person. ie. A criminal act committed against the Crown and the people.

This placed their ” parliament ” outside the Constitution of 1861. Their “laws” become private acts of private people only. All States then got on the Queensland bandwagon.  Our common law rights and property rights disappeared.

* The good news is that all National and State debt is not the responsibility of We the people. We are not in the preamble of any of their bogus Constitutions. All the debt belongs to the members of the political parties and the public servants who have signed person to person contracts with the politicians of political parties.

* Everyone who has been destroyed or affected by actions of this private partnership such as the victims of their infamous “family” law courts, illicit shire council rates, environmental laws, firearm laws, taxes etc can sue these members of political parties.

* We as subjects of Her Majesty as owner of the Land, ask her to appoint a legitimate Governor General with new Letters Patent and likewise appoint State Governors with Letters Patent as our various Constitutions require.

* We also petition Her Majesty to appoint a panel of Judges to set up a court of inquiry along the lines of the Nuremberg trials to unravel the tangled web of lies and deception which has all but destroyed this once prosperous Nation.

Robbery under arms

Under our British Crown system, Australia was founded by the following principals as derived from lessons learnt from nearly eight centuries of feudal enslavement, often with bitterness and bloodshed.

Particularly the time period from 1600 to 1700 covering the English civil war. This bloody conflict cost England an estimated death toll equivalent to its losses in World War 2.

This culminated in the Restoration of the Crown and the Acts of Settlement of 1700 and The Bill of Rights of 1689. These vital enactments were to prevent a dictatorship of either the Crown or the Parliament ever happening again.

These new acts were added to the Common Law, the Magna Carta, The Petition of Rights 1628 and the Habeas corpus to protect the rights and property of the people and to define the limits of the power of Parliament, the Crown the Judiciary, Police and the Army.

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