Letter to the Editor

Have you ever wondered why everyday life is in turmoil? Why you have been trying to save money but at the end of the month nothing is left after you pay for electricity, council rates, house payments, car payments and registrations, fuel bills, bank charges, kids school fees, medical bills, everyday groceries costing more each week and on it goes.

How is it governments or should we say corporate governments can confiscate your home and sell it if you get behind in rates payments or how the corporate government can access your bank account without your knowledge and withdraw money for non-payment of traffic fines?

Why is justice no longer done in federal or state courts? Or why only those who can afford to pay for hugely expensive legal practitioners can get justice?

What has happened to our kid’s future? Why are there no jobs for your kids or for that matter your self?   Why do 800,000 immigrants enter Australia each year?

How come we as a nation no longer manufacture our own goods like cars, tyres, fuel, washing machines. electric motors, food and now have to contend with a host of other everyday second-rate goods that come from China?

Former Labor Premier Peter Beattie turned Queensland into a corporate republic like other states. He is now personally responsible for the state debt because he removed the Crown in 2001

Did you know that since 1966 when decimal currency was introduced by a Liberal Prime Minister there has not been a legitimate government in Australia? Constitutional Government was replaced by the ‘firm’.

How is it that former Labor Premier of Queensland Peter Beattie was able to remove the Crown from the state’s legal system and replace it with a defacto corporate republic?

Every government department in Queensland, including police and courts have their own ABN numbers, similar to all other states.

In 1974 when Sir John Kerr left his position as Governor General after sacking PM Gough Whitlam, he didn’t resign or hand back the Letters Patent to our Queen Elizabeth the Second. Therefore no new Governor General could be appointed. The politicians just swore in their own. All laws from then until now are therefore void.

* In Queensland Premier Borbidge sealed the Legislative Assembly Act. He then had the State Governor Sir Peter Arnison, Seal his Letters Patent and commission from Queen Elizabeth the Second with the Seal of the State. This was beyond the lawful power of either person. ie. A criminal act committed against the Crown and the people.

This placed their ” parliament ” outside the Constitution of 1861. Their “laws” become private acts of private people only. All States then got on the Queensland bandwagon.  Our common law rights and property rights disappeared.

* The good news is that all National and State debt is not the responsibility of We the people. We are not in the preamble of any of their bogus Constitutions. All the debt belongs to the members of the political parties and the public servants who have signed person to person contracts with the politicians of political parties.

* Everyone who has been destroyed or affected by actions of this private partnership such as the victims of their infamous “family” law courts, illicit shire council rates, environmental laws, firearm laws, taxes etc can sue these members of political parties.

* We as subjects of Her Majesty as owner of the Land, ask her to appoint a legitimate Governor General with new Letters Patent and likewise appoint State Governors with Letters Patent as our various Constitutions require.

* We also petition Her Majesty to appoint a panel of Judges to set up a court of inquiry along the lines of the Nuremberg trials to unravel the tangled web of lies and deception which has all but destroyed this once prosperous Nation.

Robbery under arms

Under our British Crown system, Australia was founded by the following principals as derived from lessons learnt from nearly eight centuries of feudal enslavement, often with bitterness and bloodshed.

Particularly the time period from 1600 to 1700 covering the English civil war. This bloody conflict cost England an estimated death toll equivalent to its losses in World War 2.

This culminated in the Restoration of the Crown and the Acts of Settlement of 1700 and The Bill of Rights of 1689. These vital enactments were to prevent a dictatorship of either the Crown or the Parliament ever happening again.

These new acts were added to the Common Law, the Magna Carta, The Petition of Rights 1628 and the Habeas corpus to protect the rights and property of the people and to define the limits of the power of Parliament, the Crown the Judiciary, Police and the Army.

Under this System the British Crown is the Sovereign owner of all of Australia and all Commonwealth Nations, holding the land in trust and Contract with the people as Crown subjects and as CEO of our Parliament. And as owner preventing Parliament from borrowing against the people’s land titles and possibly Bankrupting everyone.

Thus She protects the people’s rights, security and inheritance from the ever present danger of power hungry politicians and bureaucrats. We the people however face the reality that we have lost all our rights under the Crown. In the words of former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, “The law is whatever I want it to be.” Statute Law replaces Common Law. This is intolerable and unlawful.

Under successive state governments our deed of grant in fee simple, freehold titles as largely allodial title ( J Isaacs, Commonwealth v New South Wales [1923] HCA 34, 33 CLR 1) excluding petroleum products, are now alienated Crown Land, which have been unlawfully converted into Corporatised “state” titles in computers to metric measurements. The former owners in some States are now tenants in common with a Perpetual state corporate lease title in which the State maintains an interest.

This is how we have been prohibited from clearing our farm land or from building a house without government approval.

Starting with the Labor Government of Wayne Goss, a solicitor, in the early 90’s our century-old parchment title deeds were systematically shredded and replaced with computer-generated titles.

All assets of these supposed “state ” corporations have been mortgaged as collateral for state debt. This is only one case of the operation of this illicit Marxist Republic of Australia.  That is why when we fill out a Census form every four years we have to divulge the size and description of our dwelling houses which are then given a nominal value by the state.. They have been mortgaged to overseas lenders as collateral for government debt.

I had been alerted to the insidious and treasonous activities of persons we have sent to parliament to represent and to protect our interests many years ago by the late Mr Arthur Chresby, a Constitutional analyst and one time Member of the House of Representatives.

It came as a big surprise to discover that the State of Queensland was actioning Herberton resident and retired policeman Mr David Walter for bankruptcy over Court Costs which he was not a party to and for over $300,000 of unpaid shire rates from shires in which he held no land and was owned by people he had never met.  These people had been either unable or unwilling to pay rates.

His unprecedented woes started when he discovered councils had no lawful authority to levy council rates over property. He told a number of landowners of this anomaly and has been pursued by the unlawful Queensland Government ever since.

Upon attending the Cairns Magistrate Court in 2018 we were informed by a Magistrate that the laws of Queensland allowed this political vendetta against David Walter. That day all present in the public gallery witnessed Mr Walter being told that he would be given 3 minutes to present his case. I don’t believe he even got one minute before the purported magistrate cut him off and proceeded to “judgement”.

Mr Walter then pointed to the Coat of Arms above the magistrate and stated that it was the private seal of former Premier Peter Beattie and that she was sitting upon the land of the Crown, therefore she held no Lawful authority and was committing treason.

At this time she left the room and Mr Walter proceeded to leave the Court. He was met at the door by two court officers who violently flung him to the floor, handcuffed him and took him to the cells. He was later taken back to court and given a one month jail sentence for contempt by this woman posing as a Magistrate.

I humbly request Justice Susan Kiefel as Chief Justice of our High Court under the Constitution of 1901, the only lawful Constitution of our Nation, weigh and consider the grave acts of treason and sedition as are now exposed and presented by Mr David Walter, a retired long-serving police officer and Subject of Her Majesty our Queen Elizabeth Second.

All these matters now publicly exposed, were conducted by stealth, by a succession of members of political parties to achieve their own agendas, without either the knowledge or consent of we the people and even against the express wishes of the people at Referendum as Robert Hawke did.

I am asking that the Chief Justice urgently convey Mr Walter’s request to fix the problems, to Her Majesty. This state of affairs cannot be allowed to stand any longer. I am led to believe Mr Walter has been threatened with imprisonment if he comes to Court again.

I would like to humbly draw attention to Our Bill of Rights of 1689

Clause 5. That it is the Right of the subjects to Petition the King, and all Commitments and Prosecutions for such petitioning are illegal.

Also the Federal Crimes Act 1914 Section 24 (1) (b),  “assists by any means whatever any public enemy, shall be guilty of an indictable offence and shall be liable to the punishment of death.”

Yours Sincerely

Harold Evans

Kingaroy Queensland