Families and friends of many thousands of deceased or injured Covid vaccination victims will decide the fate of the socialist Labor Party at the 2024 Queensland state election.

Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk cannot possibly survive the 2024 state election not even with a big dose of voter fraud

Hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders have woken up to the experimental vaccination scamdemic introduced by the Liberal Party federal Government led by the infamous Scotty from marketing in 2021.

While polls show the Queensland Liberals will take government by default, if there were another decent party running candidates in every seat, Liberal or Labor bums would not be polishing Ministerial leather in 2024.

Many blinkered voters believed the sacred cow Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was saving them from a deadly disease with a vaxx that had a proven two per cent efficacy, by forcing men, women and children to take the experimental jab or lose their jobs or worse have their Covid cops lock them up. It was a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome which still lingers.

Now the duopoly’s veil over 32,000 excess deaths nation-wide for the past year has been lifted by various senators presenting medical data in the senate, and independent doctors revealing the facts the state duopolies cannot hide any longer.

This massive deceit surely cannot be hidden from voters, although Murdoch, the ABC and television networks would never expose it, alternative news media has popped the genie out of the bottle.

Then there is the strong suspicion, although the Premier’s office denied it to Cairns News, the data collected from several million PCR Covid tests was recorded by Queensland Health and or its contracted medical companies.  We now believe this data was transferred to one of the private, multinational DNA data banks under control of her father Henry, for a good price.

But who got the moola?

For any person who took a PCR test using a swab, it is almost certain your DNA has been retrieved and recorded in a massive, overseas data bank.

Why not write to the Premier and ask her?

Last year the Queensland Health Department’s DNA testing laboratory was caught out using faulty procedures thus rendering thousands of DNA results for criminal trials as invalid and inadmissible as evidence, throwing the courts and legal system into disarray.

There will be hundreds of re-trials where this evidence was used to convict a suspect. The financial and human cost is incalculable.

How voters who have been jabbed with the toxic mRNA vaxx could let off the Liberal Labor duopoly would be beyond belief.