A CARTOON authorised by the pro-freedom Advance Australia group showing the intriguing links between the West Australian aristocracy and the Yes to the Voice campaign has gotten all the lefties in a tizz.

The cartoon showed another one of WA’s non-Labor lefties, Teal MP Kate Chaney sitting on daddy’s lap, with daddy dangling $2 million in front of hard leftie Yes campaigner Thomas Mayo, wearing a hammer and sickle T-shirt – a reference to his publicly-stated gratitude to the “elders of Australian Communist Party” and their role in the historical land rights campaign.

If you hadn’t heard, the Yes23 campaign is chaired by Michael Chaney, who is also chairman of Wesfarmers, the WA-based conglomerate that runs retail, chemical, fertiliser, industrial and safety operations and earns more than A$30 billion a year. It is also supported by another WA aristocrat, Simon Holmes a Court, who also funds the Teals.

The cartoon was inserted into the Australian Financial Review, presumably at national advertising rates, and sparked outrage such as this Twitter post from the dizzy Dr Monique Ryan MP. “In a few small steps the No campaign has reduced a respectful and important national conversation to racist, sexist, insulting tropes. We are SO much better than this. Australians are kind and compassionate people. That’s why they’re voting Yes.”

Then Tony Windsor, another non-Labor leftie and former MP, reposted Dr Ryan’s comments and the cartoon to direct venom at No campaigner Warren Mundine: “Warren Mundine @nyunggai are you proud of denigrating your people? You are a disgrace. Are you proud of rekindling the racism that your own flesh and blood endured? Shame on you. Just because the ALP didn’t want you is no excuse for this.”

And on and on they went. The cartoon obviously struck a nerve. It seems the leftie-liberals don’t like being exposed to the harsh reality of the UN communist-globalist politics behind indigenous movements worldwide, so they resort to silly slurs about “racism” and “sexism”.