By Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyski

Traitors were buying air-plane tickets at 5,000,000 rur each to flee Russia as Wagner Chief Prigozhin moved towards Moscow with a convoy of armour. Many politicians that surrounded Putin fled RF, at least 6 VP’s booked private charters to flee. Wagners about turned and Belarus President Lukashenko offered a base for the Wagner group 300 klm from Kiev and close to the Polish border, the offer was accepted, it is believed he will also arm the Wagner’s with heavy equipment. The Wagner group has at least 56,000 men blooded. The Poles and the pre-Baltics are very unhappy with this development as the Wagner group is now well positioned to defend Belarus.

Many are calling for the resignation of RF Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov, this was one of the Prigozhin’s goals. Both of these men were conspicuously absent from the public space during the conflict. Chatter indicates that Shoigu and his underling Gerasimov are on their way out. Rumour suggests that Colonel-General Dyumin may be assigned a senior military position, potentially Minister of Defence as this man is well respected.

General Armageddon’s wings have also been clipped by these events as apparently he ordered the airstrike on the Wagner’s and internal investigation will most likely be conducted. When the “march” began, US Media referred to Wagner forces as freedom fighters upon cessation of the march they reverted to the designation of terrorists. The FBI website temporarily removed Prigozhin from its wanted list hoping for a successful revolt.

Wagners head for Moscow

Traitors who gloated at the possibility of a coup d’état against Putin have been exposed and identified. It is reported that hundreds of public servants and their family members fled Russia on the 24th of June. Flights to Turkey and Georgia were fully booked. Putin was able to weed out the traitors and weak elements surrounding him who fled in panic at the first sign of trouble. Prigozhin’s first priority was to attract attention, especially Putin’s, to put forward his demands and not to raise a real rebellion against the Russian leadership. A Russian saying “Fight a Friend to Fright a Foe”.

Prigozhin noted that Wagner shot down a Il-22 plane of the Russian military by mistake. The families of the victims will be paid 50 million rubles compensation 10 crew members were killed. Prigozhin stated “A fool with an anti-aircraft weapon from his Convoy was shooting at everything and anything”. During the “march” the Ukrainian Nazis simply overslept Russia’s huge redeployment of troops and equipment. Wagner’s is now half a day closer to Ukraine than it was previously, the Akhmat forces are almost a day closer.

Several Diversionary Reconnaissance groups were swept up in Moscow. There have also been detentions in the Voronezh and Tula regions this is just the beginning. Serious operations are planned for Monday and the security forces will be working around the clock hunting traitors. RF are in for a series of interesting dismissals, sick leaves and criminal cases. There will be consequences the coup took place in a way that was not expected by the West and very much feared by the NWO.

Politically Putin is extremely long sighted and his weakest link is the politicians that surround him while the Prigozhin’s justice march has flushed out many of the rats. Some of the crooked politicians fleeing Moscow spilled the beans, seems that Wagner’s received $908,000,000 from the RF government. Other monies have been issued to other players but Prigozhin’s money was spent most effectively. Apparently 16 trillion Rubble’s entered RF in the last year it seems the Russian people are actually wealthy.

US marines are being imported in bulk directly into Ukraine. In one afternoon 46 of them were used to fill body bags. This occurred in the Lisichansk area ~1.7.23. They were playing toy soldier half bent firing from kneeling positions as they moved forward. They were hit from 2 flanks simultaneously and cut down. Prigozhin commented that from now on all mercs will be sent back in a pompous fashion we want the world to know how many Yanks, Brits and other mercs we bag and tag. A command control centre housing hundreds of NATO troops was hit in Kramatorsk, the amount of dead unknown but many senior NATO were killed. They were based in a consultation centre and were coordinating field groups to attack the RF we believe many corpses of US colonels are now been flown out by black hawk choppers with transponders off.

When the Ukro’s heard of the Prigozhin justice march they gleefully attacked in larger formations. The RF heavily mined the front lines, the Ukro’s did manage to get through some of the mine fields but failed to calculate that these narrow corridors have all been pre-targeted. So the narrow passages they managed to open only led to death. In the Avdeevka region 600 Ukro’s and their NATO mercs were killed within 2 hours. The wounded have not been calculated but typically 3 to 1, the Ukro’s were allowed to collect their wounded. But 235 pieces of military equipment will no longer serve the Ukro’s.

A rather interesting development, it seems the west was gracious enough to sneak a couple of tactical nukes across the border into Ukraine. They were located within munitions warehouses in the Chernigovsk and the Ivano-Frankov regions of Ukraine. Roughly 3 weeks ago the RF hit these warehouses destroying the tactical nukes they were huge explosions. 1 week later NATO-Yanks provided a dedicated plane used to measure radiation levels. The prevailing winds have since pushed the cloud into and over Western Europe.

The NATO Horde is desperate to hide the truth hence they continue to desperately attack the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) they need to formulate an excuse as to where the radiation poisoning originated from. Whispers have it that on the 12th, 17th, 23rd, 28th of July there will be serious events occurring within the conflict, events that will presumably involve non-standard munitions.

Hungary’s leader Orban continues to battle the NATO Horde with his heroic acts of self determination taking actions that are in the best interests of his country against the will of the NATO beast. He failed to approve the last packet of EU sanctions, blocking Ukraine ascension into NATO, questioning where the money sent to Ukraine has actually gone. He stands alone defiant a modern day David vs Goliath scenario.

Riots are turning into a French pandemic as the country continues to burn and the New World Order continues to impose its oppressive rules-based dictates upon French citizens through the puppet Macron. The political scene in Switzerland and Belgium is becoming unstable one could argue that the US wants Europe to burn perhaps for the greater good of the US. The EU drastically lacks raw resources much of which until recently were sourced from Russia. The RF will no longer provide raw materials.

The Ukro’s are commenting that the Australian Bushmasters are rubbish and that in reality they burn rather well and they would prefer direct cash injections into their war fund. The people of Odessa are trading weapons on the black market USD500 for an AK47, the grenades are cheap at 10 hyrvina a piece. Every time the RF hits a Himar M777 position they generally kill 1 or 2 Americans that operate them, seems the Himars come with dedicated NATO/yanks not really sure which anymore the corpses all look the same. The North Koreans are being blooded when they return home and they’ll be ready to reunite north and south.

Our guys are starting to learn Polish they expect it will help them to read Polish road signs on there way to Warsaw. There is a Syrian presence in the Ukraine, these men number 10-20,000 and are training to fight NATO forces. Previously in Norway many Russian ships were being repaired now that the Norwegians cut ties there are an additional 4000 unemployed Norwegians are kicking cans down the street. Sweden can see the writing on the wall and has seemed to take a step back from the abyss reviewing the situation before taking any further measures.

The RF has exited the grain deal, now it will deliver grain to African countries directly under armed escort. Seems the Indian prime minister of not so Great Britain is disinclined to continue sending U2 depleted munitions to his Nazi accomplices. The UK’s storm shadow missiles are being being successfully taken out by RF BUK’s that are making easy work of it. The Ukro’s successfully destroyed the ammonium pipeline carrying its product into the heart of Europe, more industry’s reliant on this product will start to falter.