Alex Antic and Jacinta Price letting down the referendum NO side

Direct questions from Cairns News to Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil on Monday have embarrassed the Labor Party into giving Donald Trump Jnr a belated visa for a series of meetings to be held in three states starting on Sunday, July 9.

Senator Alex Antic: AEC and bogus roll entries off limits for Liberals.

Cairns News phoned and emailed O’Neil’s office several times on Monday asking if Trump’s visa had been granted but we were met with stunning ignorance.

Trump applied for a visa to enter Australia in May but O’Neil only granted it today, however the damage had been done, forcing organisers to postpone the meetings until a later date disappointing and angering 12,000 ticket holders.

Likewise Liberal Senator Alex Antic who was the Australian keynote speaker along with Trump and prominent UK former politician Nigel Farage, declined to answer queries from Cairns News.

We spoke to one of Antic’s staffers on Tuesday who it seems did not even know the speaking tour was about to occur starting July 9.  He certainly did not know there had been trouble with Trump’s visa application.

He promised to get back to us but we haven’t heard a word since. This hesitancy and now refusal is the second time Antic has let us down. Two weeks ago we asked Alex and fellow Liberal Senator Jacinta Price to exert pressure on the Australian Electoral Commission to cleanse the electoral roll of several hundred thousand known bogus entries before the Voice referendum. Both senators have been championing the NO vote.

Neither bothered to reply.

It now seems the AEC and the electoral roll are off limits to the Liberals just as they are to the ALP.

If Antic and Price can’t get smarter spokesmen than this fella, they should put out a tender in the Phillipines for office staff. Telstra and a host of other corporations use Asian call centres to great effect so Alex and Jacinta should give it a go too.

More to come.