By Ron Chapman

Trump WAS tasked by Universe Management to do what he’s done and will continue to do.
The Committee of 300 are Black Hats.
Trump’s presidential run was backed by by 200 generals.

Phillip, Trump used Warp Speed and the military to neutralise most of the vaccine bio-weapons . Had he not, tens, if not hundreds of millions of people would have died already. Trump wasn’t able to prevent the roll out of all of the bioweapons but a lot ended up being saline and much of the rest were probably only as damaging to the natural human immune system as all of the other toxic vaccines injecteded in recent decades, i.e, they merely steadily degrade our natural immune systems.

Trump was forced to send the Tomahawk missiles to Syria but ensured that Syria had adequate warning and that the missiles landed harmlessly. READ the reports of that event carefully.
Trump hasn’t tried to goad China into war but the “Brandon” crowd is doing that.

Trump IS Commander in Chief and controls the bulk (ie the loyal patriotic segments) of the US military. Trump is covertly in alliance with Putin and Xi and has organised the Global military Alliance that is removing the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and all of its thugs and enablers from the face of this planet.

Trump will be Commander in Chief of the North American confederation (however described) after the KM is removed; the global financial crash eventuates and its proper replacement, the Quantum Financial system (QFS) however described, is implemented.

The QFS is NOT the KM’s global central banking system’s digital currency. The QFS is not able to be hacked and will ensure that EVERY human account holder has sole and direct control via a “Q phone” of his/her account. The QFS will ensure that ALL money and currency is gold, silver and precious metal backed AND that each nation’s Treasury will issue the money and currency for its population. The banking system as we know it will cease to exist. EVERY nation’s money will be valued, ONE to ONE with all other nations’ money. The international trading money will be the GLOBEC and the International Treasury Controller will organise and oversight the system.

The QFS will have a digital currency component BUT it will be gold backed, unhackable and private; and not part of a digital ID control system . It will be a banking digital currency but NOT a Central Bankers’ digital ID currency subject to control by ANY central bankers’ organisation or government.

What we see here and everywhere these days is what the KM intended to do to completly enslave humanity BUT it ain’t gonna happen. The KM has been taken down and we are just seeing the final clean up phase in the Ukraine, Taiwan and the US. Once the US military publicly steps forward and Martial Law becomes obvious, the US and ALL governments globally will be removed and replaced by administrative arrangements acceptable to Universe Management. THEN arrangements will be made to devolve governance everywhere to local levels so that genuinely democratic decisions can be made at grass roots levels wherever possible.

The quantum computerised system that runs the QFS will also control elections and prevent any plutocratic or criminal interference in the process. That system will be enabled by Star Link satellites and protected by Star Forces which will be under the control of a unified global military collective composed of regional Commander in Chiefs.

All major political POLICY decisions will be subject to democratic votes by the general population of each nation. THAT will mean current national parliaments etc will no longer be needed since policies will be subject to popular approval NOT horse trading by politicians. And local councils will be charged with responsibility to carry out popularly approved policies, as appropriate. That will also greatly reduce the cost of bloated political collectives and bureaucracies.

For instance, if Australians were to agree in a national referendum to provide a A$39 billion annual subsidy to aboriginal communities that money would go to relevant communities on a per capita basis and NOT to national or regional bureaucracies and associations etc. Then, local councils would be responsible for use of the money and their local communities would be responsible for auditing what they do with it. Federal bureaucrats and national organisations would have no say in the matter.