Australian political leaders PM Anthony Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton are well under the American spell when today the PM offered another $110m in aid to Ukraine which includes more Bushmasters, but Dutton said it was not enough?

By Cossasck Colonel Yuri Komonyiski

Kiev troops launched their long-anticipated and faltering offensive more than two weeks ago. In the first week of Ukraine’s offensive, 7,500 of Kiev’s frontline troops had either been killed or wounded not allowing for RF high-precision missiles and airstrikes deep within Ukraine. Kiev’s leased Leopard-2 tanks and US Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) are burning. Three weeks later Ukraine has lost up to 30% its heavy equipment supplied to it by the peace-loving NATO Horde.

The scale of the destruction of the Ukros is staggering reaching industrial scales. Often artillery cannons keep firing until the barrels turn red hot, aviation bombardments never cease. The bodies of the Ukrainians and their mercs line the trenches, the stench is unbearable no-one bothers to collect the fallen. The PoW’s say they are constantly driven forward told that the Russians are gone. Nothing could be further from the truth, the trenches are overflowing.

As of 20th June the Ukros have lost ~ 900 soldiers dead/wounded over the past 24 hours losing 9 tanks and dozens of armoured vehicles. If this casualty rate persists then Kiev will exhaust its offensive capabilities in July. Hence the RF will finish repelling them in 3-5 weeks and commence its counteroffensive. Military equipment lost in the offensive between 4 – 21st of June, destroyed 246 Ukrainian tanks, including 13 Western-style tanks, 42 MLRS systems, 10 fighter jets, 264 drones, 13,000  men lost in the offensive. The kill ratio stands at ~ 1:10.

The loss of equipment grows daily, the NATO Horde has failed to achieve its goals, wasting Ukraine’s men and strategic reserves. The offensive is rapidly depleting Ukraine’s military stockpile, soon they will be entirely dependent on foreign aid. Tanks continue to burn among them Germany’s Leopard-2 costing EU taxpayers ~ $11 million a piece and so will the F-16s. Kiev’s offensive potential is still on the table, it has reserves, but no chance of success.

The Ukrainians and their NATO mercs face well established multi layered fortifications stretching almost 1,000-klm, a defense ~ 30klm’s deep. Satellite images will show arrays of minefields, anti-tank ditches, and trenches the Ukrainian must overcome, but arguably are impenetrable. In the past 8-10 months the RF constructed 3 barriers of protection: 1st minefields, then infantry trenches, then “dragon’s teeth” and anti-tank ditches.

Equipped with re-trained long-term firing points, infantry positions, artillery batteries. The first barrier comprises dozens of fortified fire lanes, extensive minefields and engineered barriers. It has a well-developed transport and logistics network with hubs and rear bases. Short logistics routes allow the RF to swiftly transfer reserves without compromising combat readiness.

The line is supported by artillery and air power, including Ka-52 attack helicopters and ground-attack aircraft equipped with FAB-250/500 guided glide bombs. In the event of a breakthrough by Ukro forces at one of the fire lanes, aviation will support ground forces operating in a “carousel” fashion: while choppers engage ground targets, strike aircraft and bombers firing from launch points, allowing the choppers to cyclically re-engage. Strikes on the Ukros rear in Orehovo and Velikaya Novoselka demonstrate poor air defense. Hence senior command staff are being eliminated in the rear, impacting command and control slowing the pace of the offensive.

Several months prior to the offensive, the RF targeted the radar and air defense systems of the Ukros destroying a large number of complexes and their components. With the commencement of the offensive began the Ukros had limited cover. Mobilised citizens even with NATO training do not want to die sometimes they’ll sabotage their own equipment to avoid death.

Running battles are taking place in the grey zone. The screening line was always meant as an advance warning threshold. The Ukrainians have yet to reach the first line of defence anywhere. Even if they do, it appears increasingly unlikely they will ever penetrate it. The Ukros have had some limited success in some places they took up advanced positions 500-800 meters from the first line, but temporarily.

This is one of the most extensive systems of military defences that the world has seen. Every attempt to consolidate and expand a bridgehead leads to artillery strikes and air raids, forcing the Ukros to retreat. RF troops are adept at pulling back to the rear, exiting the conflict zone under the air defense umbrella allowing the Ukros access to pre-targeted positions RF units have no need to stand their ground to the death. The Ukros are then subjected to air and UAV strikes. Followed by a tank counterattack backed by air support to prevent the Ukros from pulling their SAMs into the area and securing a position. RF commanders do not try to hold or regain abandoned territory, preferring to wear down the enemy on the battlefield.

Men and machine are actively consuming munitions to no advantage. The west provided the Ukros with second rate NATO training, dressed them up in NATO garb and sent them to be slaughtered. In reality, these well dressed NATO prodigy managed to drive their armoured vehicles into a fire bag twice on the same patch of dirt and in just one episode losing 7% of all supplied US Bradley’s. The West needs to justify military aid to Kiev demanding results on the battlefield. After-all the NATO Horde has prepared ~ 60,000 Ukros to participate in the offensive, results are expected!!Particularly since the US elections are fast approaching and the volume of military aid may be impacted. Over P 2/