Letter to the Editor

As a former military pilot with a lot of experience in electronic warfare, I became one of the associates at Abel Danger at its inception. For the record, not all passengers and crew of the MH370 were dead on arrival at BIOT. There were 20 employees of Freescale (formerly Motorola) who had been involved in the development of the KL03 chip, Some of these accepted work at Department 8200. SERCO was involved in getting the plane ready for the MH17 flight from Amsterdam to KL. On the 17th July 2014 (1 7 7 7) flight Malaysian Airlines cancelled flight MH17 from Amsterdam, and the plane was flown as a charter service using the same flight plan.

The plane was shot down by Ukraine fighter, flown by an Israeli pilot and crashed inside the Ukraine border, just short of the intended site in South West Russia. A piece of the wreckage (forward fuselage, right hand side) was recovered, photographed and transported to Russia. The piece of wreckage shows a white painted window next to the forward Service Door. That was a feature of 9M-MRO, the 777-200 which “went missing” as MH370. If you search MH17, then go to IMAGES, the photo will be found. For the less patient, here is a link.

The painted out window (porthole) is on the right hand side of the door in the photo. 9M-MRO configured “F12C33Y233” May 2002, then re-configured “C35Y247” Sep 2006. F12 was for 12 First class passengers with their own private ensuite and toilet, hence the white painted window.

The Malaysian Prime Minister at the time received a significant sum of money indirectly from a G Soros. The crash of the MH17 was the kick-off for the Maidan event and polticial chaos which followed,


From David