Armed police protect alleged criminal’s home in Rockhampton on Sunday from 100 victims of crime

By Lyndesy Symonds

More then 10,000 crime victims join vigilante Face Book site

Well. If the police were attending to violent crime against the community there wouldn’t be vigilantes, now would there? But in the absence of police action, when it comes to the victims of crime pushing back – now the Blue Line is going to find it. Now they are worried ‘somebody is going to get killed.’ Translation : “an entitled Black is going to killed”. And we certainly can’t have that.

It is foregone conclusion that the violent crime will only escalate as the police take a knee, and the violent crime escalates, then it is very likely indeed that the somebody who is going to get killed will be a community victim of violent crime.

Cairns News hopes and prays the Premier’s Inala home is next on the list for Black Entitlement to Crime.