By Lyndesy Symonds

An excellent video. Judaic rule always pulls this switcheroo in order to extinguish the legitimate jurisprudence.

She has nailed the important point in that the 1901 recognizes that the sovereignty rests with the people. The new corporate constitutions of 1973 invest that sovereignty with the Parliament and under the Australian CoVID regime that will be the National Cabinet [read politburo]. This act of investing the sovereignty with the Parliament is legally ultra virez – completely outside the authority of the Parliament.

This switcheroo was pulled by the US Congress in the Act of 1871 , 41st Congress of the United States which became the foundation of the Communist takeover of the United States and all treason committed against the American people since that date. The 41st Congress enacted ultra virez a new constitution to become the new legal standard that would abrogate the original Constitution for the United States and its republic made by the Founding Fathers. The new constitution established the new legal standard of government: the USC (United States Code) Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) THE UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL COPORATION USC. February 21, 1871. Acts 41st US Congress, Section 34, Session III.

This is what Karen Eudes, formerly of the World Bank, means when she says : “In the US there are two constitutions”. The 1776 Constitution for the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States 1871.

It looks like the Parliament pulled the same switcheroo on Australia in 1973.

“Our Policies are leading us toward a Communist state with as dreadful a certainty as if the leaders of the Kremlin themselves were charting our course” – General Douglas MacArthur to the Mississippi Legislature March 22, 1952.