Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson has the ear of the Labor Party and is giving Albanese much support to push the Voice message HARD!

Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson was taken under the wing of large Melbourne Jewish law firm Arnold, Bloch, Liebler and given lessons by partner Mark Liebler, son of Isi Liebler who had strong ties with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Isi Libler was also Bob Hawke’s personal solicitor and the firm then acted for the Australian Labor Party. The commentary in this video from Grandmother Mulara is as accurate as any we have seen in the current debate and is correct at law.

Would Noel Pearson, who has called Voice opponents ‘racist’, a strategy taught to him by the Jews, ever debate the officious Grandmother Mulara, a law graduate, about the hidden agenda of the Voice? We seriously doubt it.

She would expose his expansive curriculum vitae which could take this Aboriginal elitist out of the show.