Letter to the Editor

Albo is pulling some of our well known First nations people, (some controversial) to his “yes campaign”. In addition, yet again our national carrier QANTAS. From the article:

“Tennis legend Ash Barty, Olympic sprinter Cathy Freeman and AFL star Buddy Franklin are set to be recruited to sell the Yes vote with Qantas also preparing to join the campaign for constitutional recognition.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has revealed his plans for a team of Indigenous superstars to sell Australians on a Yes vote for a Voice to parliament.

This queer, obnoxious CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce would sell his grandfather for sixpence. Several mining companies charter Qantas to fly their staff in and out of their mines. Miners on these flights have told us they are sick to death of equally queer worship of blackfellas bleating from the mouths of even more queer flight attendants. Should it be renamed ‘Queerair’, ‘Air Aids’, or ‘Abaids’?

While Cathy Freeman had long been a supporter of the Yes vote, a number of sports stars are in the Prime Minister‘s sights, including NBA star Patty Mills and footballer Jonathan Thurston.

Long-time Voice supporter Adam Goodes, a former Australian of the Year, has been working behind the scenes to build support for several months.

Qantas is also expected to emblazon some planes with Yes signs to urge Australians to vote Yes when the referendum is held later this year.”

And also the timing of the referendum from article:

“The referendum will be held in the final three months of the year with the AFL and NRL finals expected to showcase support for recognition.”

So sporting codes also promoting this. Wouldn’t it be nice if people stopped going to the footy?

See article here: https://www.news.com.au/national/anthony-albanese-to-recruit-indigenous-superstars-to-yes-vote/news-story/0dd230f62403a8cf6e445a98294a8d11

From Bliskitt